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The Princess And I(New Story)

okay this has to be like my 13th story on here smh and i know i've said this before but im sticking with this one and 3 others.i had to sit down and think to myself what sotries would be good enough to draw me out of my boredom enough to sign on and atleast post an add every two days and this is one of them (BTW I NEED 2 ONLY 2 PPL FOR THIS STORY SO YEAH)with out futher a'do i present <strong>The Princess And I<strong>


"daddy i just dont understand ... why do i have to marry ... im only 16 what do i know of being a wife...why not zeema" I asked."but he choosed you my dear <a href="">Nefitari</a> and yes you no nothing of being a wife but you will..remember your kingdom needs you more than ever right now...your mother was only 13 when she and i married "my father <a href=",r:2,s:0&tx=81&ty=74">King Ha'Zuel</a> said."yeah and we see what a sucess that was"i mummered.My father turned around with force and slapped me "dont disrespect your mother that way ... god rest her soul"he yelled into my face.I stood there holding my stinging cheek trying to keep the tears from falling slowly i could feel myself starting to hate the man that stood before me."now if your done with all your smart remarks you must go up and get ready your prince will soon be here"he said as he dismissed me with a wave of his hand.I stormed up the stairs into my room slamming the door behind me.i started to cry as i thought of how unfair my life has turned out to be. born into royalty i havent been allowed to play with other little kids outside of my kingdom.ive never had a bike,never been allowd to run jump or climb on things in fear of my scaring my legs or face.suddenley there was a knock at my door and in walked my sister <a href="">Zeema</a> . "knock knock time to get dressed my dear"she chimmed carrying in my dress for the night."i dont want to"i said as i sat up and than pouted."i know my dear but we want to make an good impress for your future husband dont we"she said with a knowing smile."youve seen him already havent you"i aasked eyeing her."yes girl and let me tell you is fione"she said with a high pitch snicker.i rolled my eyes and said "whatever still dont mean ima pretend to like this"."fine by meeee...just hurry up they'll be here in 20 minutes"she said as closed my door.i looked over at the <a href="">dress</a> my sister had left and shook my head."for the sake of my kingdom"i keep repeating to myself as i got ready....





Thats all I could think of.

Run it.

ayye ayye
im just telling it how it
is lmao

damn Nic yo whoring asz
lol it was prollyy Tyyga


damn nic just get around
the whole palace why dontcha!
lmao nuh uh nani gossipin ass.
good info tho, if she ever
get in trouble there's a comeback
to knockin a wife off.


WTF why everybody plotting against me

Smh she creepin on the prince!!

Run it like DMC!!!

we all sat around the table just eatting quietly with out sayiing a word for an hour and a half till my father said "you know why dont us men go into the next room and let the ladies get better aquatint ".Issa,Taj,and Kazi got up and walked into the next room while my father gave me a look that said "you better play nice" as he than walked into the next room after them."Sooooo"Zeema said.i just looked at her and rolled my eyes as i took a sip from my glass."if i may speak i understand your hostilatity but Prince Kazi is a great man and i speak that being his very 1st wife"said Nani." it doesnt bother you that not only one but now two other women will also have your husband"i asked."no i mean at 1st it did but now i welcome it its as if i were gettin a new sister"sha said with a grin."do any of you have childern?"asked Zeema."yes i have two girls while Nani has 3"said Nicole."what no boys"i asked curiously."None of us have been able to produce a boy which is why i think hes excited to marry you ...........he hopes maybe you'll be able too"said nicole with a snicker as she walked away in search of the bathroom."please dont mind her ...she tad bit full of her self"said Nani."i can tell"Zeema said with attuide as she looked off in the direction nicole had went."dnt pay any mind .... i dont...besides i have my own way of keeping nicole in line when its needed"Nani said." so"i asked."well dont say i told you but nicole may be the 2nd wife of prince kazi but shes a 1st class whore"Nani said shaking her head.Zeema and me sat there in confusion and shocked and asked her to explain more."well lets just say nicole been busy with one of your two guests other than the prince .....matter of fact her last child is his not the prince's but dont say i told you"Nani whispered the last part as the men walked back in."shall we go out to the garden to talk"asked Prince Kazi as he extended a hand to me.i took it and began to walk away not really wanting to go but to find out who it was nicole was sleeping with ...that kind of information just may help me in the long run.......



adding around 3 so run it

my male names need to switch..
drayson(issa thompson)


Just when I thought he could actually get it...

He comes out that he has two wives.


Run it.

This nigga has two wives!

WTF *shakes head*



I wonder how they dress?!?

Run this..

Wow run it I lov it dis is crazy how tf he gon hav two wives wt I'm his wife I cnt believe this

damn he got TWO wives...
and his friend n brotha

run it

awwwwe no jermaine
well its cool lol
i just hope we all get along lol


this nice and i would like
to be in it.!

kahmyah(letoya luckett)
issa thompson(drayson)

"your highness Prince Kazi has arrived"a servant annouced."very well"King Ha'Zuel said as he waved him away."dont not embrass me"he mummered forcefully to me.I just rolled my eyes and sighed as Zeema grasp my hand under table as sign of support. <a href="">He</a> walked in followed by two men and two women."good evening" he said to my father as they shook hands."you must be Zeema"he said smiling as he than kissed my sister's hand.Zeema being Zeema she let out the most unflattering laugh.I shook my head in embrassment.He finally turned to me and said "and you must be my lovely wife to be"smiling even wider."good evening"i said as i bowed.He stopped me and said "no need to bow to me you shall soon be a part of my family and my family does not bow"."umm hmm"my father said as he cleared his throat"i dont mean to pry but i must know who are these men and women you have brought to my home"."oh yes please excuse my rudeness this man here is my brother <a href="">Issa</a> and this is a very close friend of mines <a href="">Prince Taj</a>.They both shook my father hand as he extended a graceous greeting."and this two women are my wives <a href="">Nicole</a> and <a href="">Nani</a> .once he said that i started choking on my water."are you okay"zeema asked as she patted my back."im fine"i said as i gave a scolding eye to Kazi."i do sincerly extend my apologies i should have informed you all before time i do hope that you accept"he said giving me a pitiful father cut me off before i could speak and said "theres no need both me and my daughters know that many great men in our hertiage have taken more than one wife ..come please you all follow me to the dining area i've had a lovely meal prepared for us all"he said as than left to lead the way.Zeema gave me a look that said she had no clue but i just brushed it off.It didnt matter if she didnt or did anyway."this is for my kingdom" i repeated in my mind as i followed everyone off to dinner....

(p.s srry nani no j.cole in this story boo boo =p lol)

oh damn she young
runs I like!!!!!

can I be in it too?


dang she only 16? whoa...
maybe she'll like
him and it just might work
out after all

run it

The dress didn't show up, but this is interesting.

Run this..

Ok can I b one of the ppl n run it this is good