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Small [ Casting Call ] .

I want to redo a story I started , but it somehow deleted :(

It's called , <em>Fading</em>. It's about five female friends who are the ages of 20-23 , some have been together for years and one is engaged. Some have children and some wish to become a mother. Their's twist and turns. Stripper lives, Interacial Dating and Infidelity Relationships. <strong>It's A GOOD Story</strong>

- - Cast Relationship Partners :

- Michael's Girlfreind (Also known as , Tyga) : 20yrs old.

- Drake's Girlfriend : 23yrs old , Also Stripper.

- Trey's Girlfriend : 21yrs old.

- (Whoever you choose to be your fiance`) : 23yrs old , Your fiance is white so I need your picture and his. one year ols son also.

- Chris' Girlfriend : 22yrs old , three year old daughter also.

Post your names with your choice of picture.

- Please <strong>NO</strong> Cassie pictures.

. <em>JorDyn> : )