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<em>"I truly never meant to hurt you.
the times we shared, all the nights underneath the stars
Those memories I'll cherish & hold on to forever.
I have so much respect & care for you,
but at the end of the day; that's just not enough,
Forgive me. I can't explain how hard this is for me
tears in my eyes as I write this.
I never wanted to come in between you two,
Hope you really do understand that
but the truth of the matter is .."<em>

<em>I'm madly,head over heels,in-love with your brother. <em>

<em>Sincerely, Your Pinky
Keep your head up,
always & forever much love.<em>
<strong><em>- C.яоsϵ<em><strong>

<a href="">тнe ѕтorylιne</a>


thanks guys
i've been so busy today
im glad i decided to check this
because i thought it wudn't get any runs
but anyways def updating later

interesting. . .


Cant wait to see what happens!

this is really really good
im curious to see who's getting hurt
but that video clip of tyga and chris whew!
*fans self* lol
Run it!!

thats good

Thanks :)

Dng I lik it realli deep n sincere