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Mini 'Sode o01. <a href="">Nani Cole</a>

<em> Narrator:


Wednesday July 2,2011 At 2:30 Gun Shots Where Heard In The Two Story Home Of Jermanie And Nani Cole.The events that night may have been an accident but they would forever change their lives.Next On Snapped<em>

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Nani cole orignally Nani Carter Was An Child Brought Up With Little to No Family Structure.Being the only daughter of famous entertainers Jay-z And Beyonce Nani's Life Was Far From Normal.<em>

<em> <a href="">Jennifer Wright,Journalist</a>:Being Both Her parents were entertainers they would tour alot which meant they left her home alone with a much of maids and nannies.something that isnt all that great being child offten at times long for the connection with atleast one of their parents.<em>

<em> Narrator: Growing up and often being left alone Nani grew very close to one of the Maids.<em>

<em> <a href="">Heather Smith,Former Maid/Caretaker</a>: i love nani she was a bright child very loving and warm never gave any trouble.we have grown very very close over the years i view her as an adopted daughter.what happened was a pure mistake.shes not a murder.

<em> Narrator: When Nani finally did start highschool she was a very well rounded girl,cheerleader,class president,and and the school chior.she and numerous friends and was were popular with the guys.<em>

<em> <a href="">Nariah Kelp,Close Friend</a>:Nani was always a bright person someone who would pull you out of any funk you were in.<em>

<em> Narrator: Nani truely was a bright bright she caught the attention of the star Quarter Back of the school.<em>

<em> <a href="">Jermanie Cole,Husband of Nani Cole</a>:when we first met was like all the bad in my world didnt matter anymore.she was the only thing that matter to me and i just wanted to make her happy.<em>

<em> Narrator: all through out high school and college Nani and Jermanie Seem Unstoppable And they Were August 23, 2008 They Married and A year later May 5,2009 Their daughter was born.<em>

<em>Heather Smith:i never seened her so happy before it seemed that she finally had the family she wanted all her life.<em>

<em> Narrator: yes nani had the family she as a child was so desperately missing.only thing she had no cluenjust how fast things would fall apart and how bad things would get.Next on snapped<em>

<strong>Commerical Break<strong>

<Em> Narrator:Nani and just came home from visting her parents home with her and jermanie's daughter <a href="">Quelly</a> .After laying their daughter down in her bed Nani heard a noise comming from the guest bedroom.She began walking towward the room not realizing what lied behind the door.<em>

<em>Jennifer Wright: as she gets closer to the door she thinks she needs a weapon just in case its an intruder so she goes to her and and her husband's bedroom and grabs his .45 and walks back.kicks open the door to find another woman on top of her husband.<em>

<em> Narrator: nani claims she doesnt know what happened next just that everything went black and she she pulled the trigger<em>

<em>Jermanie:she was just standing there shooting ...she had this blank expression on her face i really do believe she didnt know what was going wasnt her fault.<em>

<em>Narrator: Jumping into the line of fire Jermanie was struck in his abdomen and upper arm.<em>

<em> <a href="">James Benniet,Lawyer of Nani Cole</a>:once she seen that her husband had been hit she stoped shooting and rushed to his side and called 911.<em>

<em> Nariah Kelp:she didnt mean to hurt him honestly she didnt.despite what he did she loved him and would never want to kill him.<em>

<em> Narrator:when police turned up at the seane Nani turned her self in without hesitation. she was arrsted and booked for attempted murder and assault with a deadly weapon and could be facing up to 20 to life for the attempted murder alone.<em>

<strong>commericial break<strong>

<em>narrator:finally 3 months later Nani cole's day in court had come.with her friends relatives and husband sitting on her side.<em>

<em> Jennifer Wright:prosecution thought they had a case cause even if she didnt intend to cause harm to her husband she did how ever intend to kill the woman he was with.<em>

<em>Narrator: the prosecution called witness such a forensic technician,therapist,and the woman from that night all to prove Nani cole was fully aware of what she wanted to do and what she had done and had only pretended to care that her husband was hurt to get sympathy from the court.<em>

<em>James Benniet: the prosecution knew they had no case but decided to try to make Nani look as much as a monster as they possiblely could.<Em>

<em> Narrator:when Defense took over friends,family,and even Jermanie took the stand in defense and if that wasnt enough so did Nani her self.<em>

<Em>Heather Smith:she told them she may have meant to kill the owman she wont lie about that but it was only because she never had a family before and wasnt about to let someone take away the one piece of happiness she had in her life.<em>

<em>Narrator:the jury went in deleberation that eveing and only spent 2 hours till they came back with a veridict.<Em>

<em>Judge:in the case of State Vs Nani Cole On charges of Assualt with a deadly weapon how do you find?<em>

<em>Jury:we find the defendant not guilty. <em>

<em>:and on the charge of Attempted murder how do you find? <em>

<em>Jury:we find the defendant Guilty . <em>

<em>Jennifer Wright:at that momment you could hear a hush just come over everyone in the court room everyone was in shocked.<em>

<em> Nariah Kelp:i couldnt believe it they made it seem as if she were let go she'd do it again.i still cant believe it till this day.<em>

<em>Narrator:at her sentence hearing her husband asked the court for a lessend sentence.<em>

<em>Jermaine Cole:i didnt want her to go at all but since she had to i didnt want her gone for to long.<em>

<em>Narrator:Nani cole was sentence to 20 years in prison being Eligable for Parole in 2018.<em>

<strong>*THE END*<strong>



Awe I'm glad she won!
He had it coming
Run it!

awwwwe tht was fckd
up of him

yayy she got off

run it

Mini 'Sode o03. <a href="">Glenna Hedlund</a>



Thursday April 23 2010 2:30 Glenna Hedlund was taken out of her surban home handcuffed.the scene inside was one of the most guresome crime
scene PA Detictives have seen thus far.WHat could have driven a mother of two to do such a on snapped.

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<em>Narrator:Glenna Hedlund Formerly known as Glenna Shakur was born to Rapper Tupac Shakur who died when she was at the age of 3.Her mother not being able to take care of her alone
shipped her off to grandma shakur at the age of five.

<em> <a href="">Katie Mc'Dowell,Reporter</a> :her grandma pretty much became glenna's mom and they got along as
much as any mother and daughter would.

<em>Narrator: throughout her adloscents and teen years glenna wasnt as social as other kids until she met her husband Garette Hedlund in her sophormore year of college.She thought it was love
at first sight.

<em> <a href="">Dective George Staniza</a> : he came across an all americian gentle man always willing to lend a helping hand to glenna.

<em> Narrator:but there was another side to garette glenna soon discovered after she gave birth to thier 1st born christopher.

<em> <a href="">John Carter,One Of Glenna's Lawyers</a> :he became very domineering and physically emotionally and mentally abusive to her.installing the same
behavior into their son christopher along the way.

<em> Narrator:shortly after they gave birth to another boy christian and garette had the same plan for him as well.

<em> Glenna Hedlund :he would beat me in front of our childern telling them this was the way they were to treat women.that we more no more than an item and nesscarity.that he was all i had that noone would ever want someone as useless as me.

<em> Narrator: glenna wasnt the only one who had endured the brutality from garette,his former wife Jasmine had along once been in her shoes.

<em> <a href="">Jasmine Golden,Ex-Wife</a> : we married very young so at first i thought that was the way men were
suppose to treat their wife it wasnt until about our 2nd year of marriage i had the courage to get up and leave before it got any worse.

<em> Narrator: it wouldnt be long till glenna found her courage either but it wasnt the courage to leave it was the courage to do something no one could ever possibley on snapped.

<strong> Commerical Break <strong>

<em> Narrator: April 23 2010 2:30 a call came in to 911 it was a child's voice saying that their father had been hurt and that their mother was covered in blood.

<em> glenna Hedlund:i just coudlnt let him hurt me anymore i couldnt let our childern go on thinking that was okay i just couldnt i couldnt.

<em> Narrator: when the police arrived the found garette hedlund laying on the floor with mulitple stab wounds and glenna huddled in a corner still holding on to the piece of glass she had used on he husband.

<em> John Carter: to her it seemed as the only way out.the only way she could be sure that her and and her childern would be safe and never have to see him again.

<em> Narrator: police arrrested glenna at the scene and charged her with 1st degree murder against her husband.back at the station glenna refused to talk.

<em> Jasmine Golden:i understand the pain she went through so i dont hold any grudge i just wish she hadnt choose that route that she had made a better desicision

<em> George Staniza:when we got to the station mrs.hedlund refused to talk and had ask to make her phone call.there wasnt much we could do being that we had found her at the crime scene with the body and weapon.

<em> Narrator:but the pa law enforcement had no idea what they truely were getting into and just how hard glenna hedlund would fight for her freedom.

<strong>commericial break<strong>

<em> narrator:Novemember 15th glenna hedlund went into court charged of 1st degree against her husband garette hedlund but she wasnt alone along with her was a all star team of lawyers and her plea was self defense.

<em> George Staniza:we werent expecting that but we felt that we had a strong case against mrs.hedlund and that the jury would see behind all the smoke and mirrors

<em> Narrator: the prosecution wasted no time trying to to tear apart glenna's reputation and claim of self defense.

<em> John carter:there wasnt much they could do we had evidence and witness to support mrs.hedlund's claims of abuse even her eldest son was willing to take the stand in his mother's defense.

<em> Narrator:and even thought to much dismay of glenna hedlund christopher hedlund did just that.

<em> Jasmine Golden:i believe the prosecution thought they were going to get him to trip up maybe say something as if glenna was the one in the wrong but he didnt he told the truth and nothing but.

<em> Narrator:it wasnt long till the jury went to the back to come to a verdict and 2 hours later they did just that but it wasnt a verdict most people were expecting

<em> Judge:in the case of glenna hedlund charged with 1st degree murder how do you find.

<em> Jury:we the jury find the defendant not gulity

<em> Glenna Hedlund:at first i thought i heard them wrong until my son hugged me and said i had was the best momment of my life i thank god everyday for that.

<em> John Carter:i believe they saw the true crime behind it all what she had endured for those years were more than enough time served.

<em> Narrator:Glenna now resides in Nevada with both her sons,she hasnt remarried and doesnt plan on to.

RUN IT b****Es!!


srry pudshin the time back i need my nap adds shud b up by 10

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@ nani I know
That was crazy !

damn Nae
yo ass went ALL
the wayy in

you aint have to stab
tht man like
kill your daughter tht
was like OVERKILL

damn. . .damn . .
nice tryy for the insanityy
plea tho


&& i SWEAR i was
just watching Oxyygen lmao
these are GOOD Sexxii Lexxii!!!!

OMG! i was f*cking pyscho lol

it felt like i was watching oxygen

forreal, that was good.


Run this! Waiting on mine! :)

more runs -__________-

Run it, can't wait to read more!


Mini 'Sode o02. <a href="">Shardonnay Steveson</a>


Los Angles

Saturday January 23,2009 At3:30 in the afternoon the police where called to griffin pl. by a neighbor reporting a foul odor comming from their nieghbor's house next door.
what they found inside was a gruesome scence that would not only shake the core of this town.but start a nation wide hunt for a child and on snapped.

<strong>Goes to commercial break<strong>

<em>Narrator:Shardonnay Steveson Was born the only daughter out of two childern to Odessa and George Jacobs.Her life was anything but a fairy tale.Negelected by her father for not being a boy and ignored by her mother for not being the daughter she wanted.she didnt have that many people to turn to.<em>

<em> <a href="">Hazel Jackson,Family Friend</a>:shardonny was a quiet child she never really said anything pretty up until her teens she didnt participate in school activites and didnt really have any friends.<em>

<em>Narrator: all throught out shardonnay's childhood to up in her teens she was considered a black sheep didnt seem to fit into anywhere until she met micheal in her junior year of highschool<em>

<em> <a href="">Lance Farhann,Lawyer Of Shardonnay</a>: what we have here is a child who was neglected not only by her parets but my her community she hadnt develop the right skills in learning how to deal with life situtations cause life had failed her even after she met her husband.<em>

<em> Narrator: by the end of her highschool years shardonnay had become pregnant with her and micheal's daughter <a href="">Ay'ianna</a> shortly become she gave birth they married into what would seem to be an okay relationship.<em>

<em> <a href="">SHane Jacobs,Brother Of Shardonnay</a>:i was a bit skeptical when she told she was getting married. i knew she had issuses that she hadnt quite worked on but she always tols me she fine and everything was fine.<em>

<em> Narrator: but things were far from fine.shortly after giving birth shardonnay says micheal started to change.he would drink,berate her,beat her,even sometimes rape her.<em>

<em> <a href="">Nevaeh Steveson,Sister of Micheal Steveson</a>:i dont believe that for one second my brother was a loving compassionate man he never drank and i mean never as i would know cause i would ask him out to drinks with me and he'd always say no<em>

<em> Narrator: this went on for 2 more years shardonnay says until she just night after a brutal beating she took a 9 inch knife and stabbed micheal reapeatdly over a 100 times.<em>

<em> <a href="">Kevin Small,Friend of Micheal</a>:i got a call in the middle of the night micheal had been stabbed and that shardonnay had went missing along with the baby.<em>

<em> Narrator: missing indeed she had. over a period of 6 months the whole world would be looking for shardonnay and ai'yanna but noone would expect to find owhat did once they caught up with them.<em>

<strong> Commerical Break <strong>

<em> Narrator:over a period of 6 months numerous amount of tips poured into the los angles police station all lead to dead ends except for one that came in july 20th. 1 am<em>

<em> Hazel Jackson: i had gotten a call from shardonnay saying that her micheal and the baby where tired of running at first i thought maybe i was being pranked but the more she talked i realized it was in fact shardonnay and that she truely did believe that micheal was right there with her.<em>

<em> Narrator: that wasnt the only disturbing thing.when police finally did catch up with shardonnay they discovered the infant body of her 2 year old wrapped up in the trunk.<em>

<em> Kevin small:i couldnt believe she'd do something like take micheal's life was one thing but to take her own child's ...that unforgiveable.<em>

<em> Narrator: Shardonnay was handcuffed and brought back to los angles and was charged with two counts of 1st degree murder.<em>

<em> Lance:i spoke to shardonnay later that day and upon that conversation i came to the conclusion that she was mental ill she spoke as if there were no murders and at boht her husband and daughter were waiting back home for her.<em>

<em> Shane Jacobs:i dont know what happened to my sister .. something broke her ... she isnt and wasnt in her right mind i dont believe that if she was that wouldve killed my niece or micheal.<em>

<em> Narrator:but would the court believe that ...what excatly happened to ai'yanna was shardonnay to blame for any of this.<em>

<strong>commericial break<strong>

<em> narrator:in court that day the prosecution started out telling the court room just what had happened to two year old ai'yanna steveson while she was in her mother's care.<em>

<em> Kevin Small:the corener explained that ai'yanna had been given a number of prescribtion drugs and had a seisure that cause her to choke to death on her on question is what kind of mother could sit there and watch her child die that way.

<em> Narrator: by the looks on the jury's face after shardonnay was that type of mother.the prosecution went on to dismiss all claims of abuse by calling witnesses from both families. bit by bit shardonnay's case was falling apart.<em>

<em> Neveah Steveson: she knew it was all comming to an end you could see it in her face as each person took the stand she wasnt crazy she knew excatly what she was doing.<em>

<em> Narrator:was she ...the momment everyone had been waiting for shardonnay took the stand in her own defense against her lawyers wishes.<em>

<em> Hazel Jackson:when she took the stand she deny everything she just keep saying that micheal and ai'yanna were back at the house this was all a big mistake.even after they brought out picture of there bodies she still deny it<em>

<em> Narrator:shardonnay may have appeared to have been deluntional but that didnt help her case on Sept.3.09 the jury came back with its verdict

<em> Judge:in the case of State Vs Shardonnay On charges the 1st count of Murder in the 1st Degree how do you find?

<em> Jury:we find the defendant guilty.

<em> Judge:and on the second count of 1st degree murder how do you find.

<em> Jury:we find the defendant guilty.

<em> Nevaeh Steveson:we may have justice but that will never bring back the life of my brother she stole or my niece....never*wipes a tear*<em>

<em>Lance :in this case noone really won and not only were two lives lost but three.

<em>Narrator:Shardonnay was sentence to Life in Maxium Lockup With No Parole.<em>



Awwe 20 years!
That was good
Cant wait for mine!

Wow! I didn't think she would get that much time. And it does feel like watching the show with all the witnesses and the narrator.


awe damn
20 years!!!
damn damn damb!!!

thts was good tho made
me feel like I was watching
the episode

Awe they really loved eachother!
Cam't wait to read mine!