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chatroom :)) who online

hmmm. . .

prettyy bad b****es
all in this b****





maaaan uuuuugh!!!
im <strong>BORED</strong>!!!

who on???

Bout to clock out,I have two finals to type up!

Nothing, just tryna type an add

hey dany
hey summer

what's poppin

I just dont know what to do with him.

I should just let kae have him

Hey, So So!

That's just what they do! Mutha fukas get on your nerves any shape or form!
My play brothers get on my never!

I also don't believe Trey would approve?

Hey soso.

And yeah Summer Chris been getting on my nerves

I just might let you have him

YOOOOOOOOOOOO! What's goodie?!

I was, cause apperently he f***ing to where I get him???
I was just a little confused?

You talking to me Summer

Awe, Bree...I thought you f***ed wit her?

Yeah, well continue to let her keep you company.

ayye bree i like Tyy's new video
he looks good in it!

dont be like tht BreeBoo
you knw i lovee you
she just keeps me companyy whn you && J cant

&& yuuuurp Summer i think hes PMS'in

Yea yea....

Dan, is really that bad???

you knw she dnt mean nothing to me


Blehhhhhh @ Nani

idk . .
she jealous && junk

Why not?

it took me a while
so i understand
but Bree dnt want me to hang arnd her

Thats good, i'm still working on it

ehh i use to but i jus let it go
it was too much energyy
buuuut i still dnt listen to her
music bleh
we just chill && junk

Ugh, I strongly dislike her

no no
express your thought Bree

yeeeeaaah Rih, D

When you say Robyn, do you mean Rih??

Cuz.... I'mma keep my thoughts to myself lol.

he needs to come home soon
whyy the face Bree??

Robyn?????? -___________-