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Dance For You (Part 2 of Strip) *Updated 10/13

<a href="">Strip (Part 1)</a>

It had been 2 years since Tyrique and Benji got married. Their business had taken off, their marriage was going smoothly- things couldn’t be any better…

“Come on baby, we gotta get ready to meet Soso and Kenji for lunch.”
Rico pulled a pillow over his head.
“Why can’t they come out here babe? It’s barely 8 a.m., I’m exhausted.” He hated the 4 hour drive.
“This was your idea Ty. And you’re the one that wanted to stay up all night watching The Godfather. I told you to go to bed. Get up,” she said as she smacked him on the butt. “I’m already ready.”
“You still on your period?” he asked, hoping for some morning sex to get him up and going.
He rolled over and looked at her.
“D**n…Is it heavy?”
“What? I’m horny Benji. I hate not being able to have it when I want it.”
“You’ve gone longer than a week without it before, you’ll be fine.”
“…I asked the doctor and he said-“
“I’m not having sex on my period.”
“F**k man.”
He got up and stomped over to the bathroom. Benji laughed and thought to herself. He’d never asked her for head before and they’d been together for almost 3 years…but once she opened that can of worms, he’d want it more often…
When she heard the water turn off, she walked into the bathroom and sat on the toilet cover.
“What’s up?” Rico asked, as he began to brush his teeth.
Benji rubbed him through his towel.
“What are you doing?”
“Taking care of my man.”
When he was hard, she pulled him in front of her and unwrapped his towel. He looked down at her.
“Baby, you don’t have t-“
“Shh.” She kissed the tip. “Just don’t touch my hair! I don’t want to have to straighten it again.”


damn ben u f***ed up now he dnt care if u love him or nt and he bout to chang the locks on yo ass

Rico stopped at the hardware store and picked up some locks before he went home that morning. He barely got any rest, just kept running the situation through his mind. The more he thought about it, the angrier he got. Benji’s car was still gone, and so was Kenji’s. Sofia was asleep in the nursery with Toshi.
“Sof, wake up.” He tapped her shoulder.
She opened her eyes and sat up.
“Glad you came back. What time is it?”
“Almost 10. Go sleep in the guest room.” He peeked into Toshi’s crib.
“You wanna talk?” she asked, standing up.
“There’s nothing to talk about. You go lay down.”
Sofia folded up the blanket she was using and headed for the guest room. Before she went in, she turned to Rico.
“She does love you.”
Rico nodded his head and walked back downstairs. At this point, he didn't really care.

Rico drove around aimlessly for hours, thinking about his marriage. Had things really gotten so bad that Benji needed to find comfort with someone else? He knew things were a little off but he never imagined it would come to this. Christmas was coming up, one of the happiest seasons of the year, and his life was crumbling down to nothing.
Sofia called him for the fourth time and he ignored the call. Soon after, he got a text from her.
<strong>At least let us know you’re alive.</strong>
<em>I’m alive.</em>
<strong>Come back.</strong>
<em>Is Benji home?</em>
<strong>No, but I have a feeling she will be soon. You guys are gonna need to talk. Christmas is in a couple of days. Toshi’s first.</strong>
Rico sighed and dropped his phone into the cup holder. Toshi wouldn’t remember this Christmas but he would. Of course he would want to look back and enjoy the memory of their first Christmas as a family but he knew this wasn’t gonna be fixed in a matter of days.
He got off at the next exit and checked into a hotel. He needed to get a little rest and prepare himself for whatever he was gonna walk into in the morning.

@shai yeah girl... all in one sitting lol this story is bomb as f***...

@tash ctfu! lol, thanks for reading. did you read part 1?


New reader! Got damn I got so much to say but they are all curse words. I will f*** them two niggas up if they don't get their dumb ass s*** together. The f*** is wrong with benji?! The b**** don't know how to talk s*** out?! Ugh... b****es like that get on my nerves. Then this nigga Rico. I'll punch that nigga in the throat too... Nigga go find your wife and stop crying like a b**** and if he go cheat....Smh... They need to get they f***ing lives together bad life or not... Ugh...

Run it...

Oh thank good ness they found her. Sophia and Kenji are good lol. Sofia and her fake accent lo.l WTF made Benji run to her ex boyfriend? Where is Rico's ass at? I hope Kenji can get her to be reasonalble and come home. RUN IT!!!

benji know she wrong...
but at least they found out
where her tweakin ass went
smh, i hope she still there
by the time kenji get there
and rico needa bring his ass
back his baby needs his father
until the momma gets back
toshi probably getting tired
of sofia lol

run it

Sofia stood on her feet when Kenji entered the room.
“Did you find Rico, babe?”
“No,” he replied. “And I don’t know where else to look. How could he just disappear like that?”
“He’s going through a lot right now babe. He-“
“It’s not just him that’s going through it Sofia! My sister is missing.” He sat on the couch and leaned on his knees. “My baby sister is missing and I can’t do anything about it. I can’t even be upset like I wanna be because I gotta keep it together for her husband. This situation is bad baby. It’s real bad.”
Sofia knelt in front of him and held his face in her hands. She looked into his eyes and saw all the emotion he was holding in.
“Baby, let it out.” She stroked his face. “Rico’s not here, it’s just me. Let it out.”
He moved her hands away and looked away from her. She sat next to him on the couch and rubbed his back, her chin on his shoulder.
“Kenji, it’s ok to be strong for the people around you. But it’s also ok to breakdown, to cry, to release all the stuff that’s burdening you inside.”
“Crying isn’t going to make anything better.”
“It’ll make you feel better, help you clear your head, straighten out your thoughts. Come on babe.”
She sat back on the couch and pulled him towards her. He gave in and laid his head in her lap.
“Talk to me.” She rubbed his head gently.
“I’m afraid Sofia.”
“That she’s hurt?”
He nodded his head and she felt tears hit her leg.
“When we were younger, she—life was hard on her. When things go wrong, she doesn’t deal with them in the best way. Disappearing like this isn’t like her. I don’t know what kind of mental state she’s in…if she’s running from something, what if she feels like she can’t get away and she does something drastic?”
“I don’t think things will get that far babe.”
“But you don’t know. None of us do.”
“I know that as a mother, nothing is more important than my child. To feel your baby growing inside of you is like nothing you will experience anywhere else. To look into his eyes for the first time- you just know that they are the reason you are alive. Benji may have checked out for a little bit, but she won’t do anything stupid. Everything else aside, she loves Toshi more than anything else in this world.”
Kenji prayed she was right.
Sofia leaned over and kissed his temple.
“Things will work out.”
He turned to face her.
“How do you know?”
“I can feel it. Are you sure you can’t think of anywhere else she’d be?”
“We checked all those places before we came out here.”
“Benji’s not shy, she knows a ton of people. Someone has to know where she is. Who do you think she would trust enough to tell, or even go stay with?”
Kenji sat up.
“Say that again.”
“…someone has to know where she is?”
“No. You said she’s not shy.” Kenji stood up as he tried to order his thoughts. “Shy. Chey, Cheyenne. Benji does know a ton of people but she only trusts a handful. And I know for fact that the only guys she trusts are me and Tyrique.”
“So, Rico said she was with a guy and he thinks they’re sleeping together. That rules out Kendrick. I would assume so anyway. After my pops died. Benji started dating her first boyfriend Cheyemme. They were inseparable. He was the only guy she ever dated that she really trusted, felt safe around.”
“You think she’s with him? That was years ago Kenji. Are they even still in touch?”
“I don’t babe but it’s worth a shot. It’s all I got right now.”
“Well do you have his phone number? An address?”
“No but google might. Come on.”
He walked down to the office and Sofia followed.
“You think you can hack into her Facebook?”
Sofia gasped.
“Come on Sof, I know you’re an expert at it. You can hack anything, always could. Why you think I was attracted to you?”
“’Cause I was cute.”
“And who would expect a cutie like you to be able to do something like that? You’re a genius when it comes to that.” He handed her Benji’s laptop. “See if they’re friends, if they sent each other messages or something.”
He sat at the desk and searched for contact info through google.
“Their first message was like 4 years ago. They don’t talk a lot, things seem to be pretty cordial.”
“I knew you were good babe, that was fast. Did he send her his phone number?”
“Haha, she was already logged in.” Sofia sat the laptop in front of him. “There’s his address and phone number.”
Kenji picked up the phone and dialed the number.
“Babe, it’s almost 3 in the morning. He’s probably sleeping.”
“We’ll deal with that if he answers.”
Sofia snatched the phone and answered in a fake accent.
“Hello?” he answered.
“Oh, you sound cute. What’s your name sugar?”
“What are you doing?” Kenji mouthed. Sofia ignored him.
“Chey…who’s this?”
“Sexy name. Yeah, I’m calling from Harry’s Pizza. Somebody from this number called and ordered a pizza to this address but it’s not coming up in the drivers gps. This is 26 Westbrook Road, Apt. 6 right?.”
“Yeah, this is that address but that’s weird, I didn’t order anything. Benji! Did you order from a pizza shop?”
“No,” Sofia heard her answer from the background.
“Sorry doll, I must’ve called back the wrong number. Call me sometime Chey ok?”
Chey laughed.
Sofia hung up the phone.
“What was that?” Kenji asked.
“It’s the right number and address and Benji’s there. Well, unless there’s someone else named Benji.”
“See how smart you are?” He wrote down the address and stuffed it in this pocket. “It’s about an hour and a half from here. You gonna be alright here by yourself?”
“I’ll be fine.”
“Ok. Keep an eye out for Rico.”
He went to kiss her and she turned her head.
“What’s that about?”
“I don’t want you thinking of me as a hacker.”
“You forreal babe?”
“I didn’t mean it like that babe. I meant that you’re good at figuring things out, getting to the bottom of things. Come on, don’t be like this. Not now.”
Sofia rolled her eyes and kissed him.
“Go get your sister.”
“I’ll be back before the sun comes up.”
Kenji ran out to his car, anxious to get to Benji. Sofia grabbed her phone and tried to call Rico. Hopefully she could track him down before Kenji got back.

wow ben you f***n up hun you jus had yo son y you runin frm yo fam like that smh and for a nigga at that im disappointed benji and rico y would you leave to wen you no the mother of yo child is missn you dnt need to be to i dnt care how upset you is you stay wit yo child run it

f*** now both parents are gone!
ugh benji pissin me off real sht
like she with some other nigga
and she say she need time like
how much time damn seh couldve
came to me and talked, hell she
couldve went to a therapist not
just run off. hopefully its with
the gay dude from the studio and
not anyone else cause if it is
rique aint do anything to deserve
this treatment. benji wrong af

Run It

Man whats going on in Benji's head, she's having the worse case of postpartum depression I've ever seen. Shes left her family which includes her infant son and husband. She wont tell him where she's at or whats wrong and she's with another man, yeah she may not be sleeping with dude, but she's wrong for doing Rico like this. She needs to get professional help not run away from the situation. Where the heck is she? And now where the hell did Rico go? Man these two I tell ya... RUN IT!!!

Rico went in the bathroom and washed his face. He sat on the toilet and looked up towards the sky.
"God, I know it's been a while and I hate to come like this but I need your help. Please. At least just let me know if she's ok or not..."
Rico's phone rang and it was a private number.
Rico's heart started pacing and he stood up.
"Benji? Baby are you ok?"
"Why'd you leave Benji?"
"Please just come home. Where are you? I'm coming to get you-"
"Tyrique! Please."
Rico sat back down and stopped talking.
"I'm sorry I just up and left...I just needed to go."
"Why Benjiro?"
"I just needed to."
"Come home Ro. Whatever it is, we can fix it. I promise you, I'll fix it. I need you here with me."
Benji sniffled.
"Is Toshi ok?"
"...he's better now. Sofia got him to calm down and go to sleep. Benji-"
"I just need some time Tyrique..."
"Are you safe?"
"Are you alone?"
She hesitated before she answered.
"Are you with a man?"
Benji was silent. Rico stood up and clenched his jaw.
"Did you leave me and our son to be with another man? Benjiro I swear to-"
"It's not like that Tyrique."
"Then what is it like Benjiro!? Huh!?"
"Stop raising your voice," she said softly.
"Please, tell me what it's like! I wake up and you're not here. I don't here from you all day and it's because you're out with some other n*gga!? Y'all f*cking? Huh!? Answer me Benji!"
Benji cried softly into the receiver.
The line went dead and Rico threw his phone to the ground.
"F*CK!" he screamed, punching the wall.
Kenji opened the door.
"What's going on?"
"Your sister called me."
"She good?"
"Where's she at?"
"F*ck if I know. Maybe she'll call you and explain to you why she left her family to go lay up with another n*gga."
He pushed past Kenji and walked down the hall.
"What?" Kenji asked, confused. "She said that?"
"I asked her if she was with a man and she didn't deny that it was. Figure it out."
"That doesn't mean that she's having an affair-"
Rico sat on the couch.
"How many guy friends have you seen her hang out with Kenji? Close to none. So it's not a friend. It's been months since we made love to each other, that's not normal for us. She's not even interested anymore. So there has to be someone else who's keeping her attention."
"Maybe you're overreacting-"
"How would you feel if this was happening to you and Sofia, Kenji?"
"...that doesn't mean it's the right way to react."
Rico sucked his teeth and leaned back, his hand over his eyes.
"Rique, all I'm saying is that you shouldn't jump to conclusions. Do you honestly think she would cheat on you?"
"The way things have been recently, anything's possible."
"You don't believe that."
"I don't know what to believe anymore."
Rico got up and headed for the door.
"Where you going?" Kenji asked, following him.
"For a drive."
"Hold up, I'll come with you. Let me just tell Sofia."
"Nah, I'm good alone K. I'll be back in a little bit."
He grabbed his keys and left the house. Kenji wondered whether or not he should follow him. When he didn't come back in 30 minutes, Kenji went to find him.

oooooo im super happy yu added to this!!!!!
omg! :))))))) plz plz plz add again! iloved
these few adds....plz add again! ihope benji
is ok and ihope she comes bak RUN IT! YES PLZ

benji need to quit fckn round man
she bout to drive kenji and ty insane
this is not cool at all. maybe
she just taking a breather but damn
she could've told some damn body. ugh!

Run it

omg wth wrong wit her wer she at her hubby goin crazy run it

OMG where the hell is Benji? she got Rico A mess at home. Everybodys worried about her. What's wrong with her.Post pardem? Stress? I hope Rico can calm down. Glad Kenji and Sofia came over. Please let her tell him she's okay and she's coming home.... RUN IT!!!

Rico hadn't heard heard from Benji all day. He called her, texted her and even drove by some of the places he thought she could be but came up empty. He called Kenji and he and Sofia were on their way over but it felt like they couldn't get there fast enough. It was going on 1 a.m. and he was extremely worried. Toshi was restless and crying off and on but Rico couldn't get him to go to sleep.

When the doorbell rang, Rico answered it with a crying Toshi in his arms.
"Still haven't heard from her?" Kenji asked, walking in.
"Nah man. Where is she?"
"We'll find her man, I'm sure she's fine."
"Here, let me take little man," Sofia said, taking Toshi from Rico and heading for the kitchen. "How long has he been crying?"
"I don't know, almost 3 hours?" Rico walked into the kitchen. "He stops and then he starts up again. I've never had a problem with him before."
Sofia mixed some formula in a bottle.
"He hates formula Sof."
"That's just because he's never had it with Tia Sofi, huh Toshi?" She bounced him in her arms. "I'll take care of him Rique. Go talk to Kenji."
Rico sighed and ran his hand over his head.
"The bottle warmer is in the nursery. Thanks Sofia."
Sofia smiled and nodded before grabbing the bottle and heading up to Toshi's room. Kenji walked into the kitchen.
"You want something to drink?" Rico asked, grabbing a bottle of Hennesey.
"Nah, I'm good. You good?"
Rico nodded and poured some liquor into a glass. He took a sip and rested it back on the counter, his hand still around it. He rested his other hand on the counter and leaned over, eyes closed. Kenji watched him, carefully.
"You aight?" he asked.
Rico sniffed and exhaled deeply. Kenji walked and over and placed his hand on his shoulder.
"Come on, let's sit down for a minute."
Rico didn't budge, just gripped the counter and his glass tighter.
"Everything's gonna be fine T."
In a split second, Rico lifted his hand and threw his glass across the room. Kenji jumped as it shattered against the wall and turned back to find a sobbing Rico sliding down to the floor.
"Everything's not gonna be ok Kenji! My wife is missing! You know her past, how am I supposed to think she's ok? Huh?"
"Because she's not that girl anymore Tyrique. Yeah, she didn't always deal with stress the best but she's changed, you know that."
Rico shook his head in disagreement and rested it in his hands, on his knees.
"You haven't seen her lately man, she's not the Benjiro I know. She's changed." He started crying again. "I should've noticed earlier, I should've done something sooner."
"Calm down T."
"I can't! If something happens to her, it'll be my fault!" He jumped up and headed for the door. "I gotta find her."
Kenji ran in front of him.
"Move Kenji."
"You can't do it right now. You're not thinking straight."
"I gotta find my wife!"
"She's my sister, I know what you're going through. Sit down, we'll call the cops-"
"I already did. They said that since she's not a minor and it hasn't been 48 hours, I can't file a missing persons report."
"Everything ok?" Sofia asked, walking slowly into the hall.
Rico turned his back to her and wiped his face with his shirt.
"It's fine baby," Kenji replied. "Can you just give us a minute?"
Sofia nodded and walked back upstairs.
"I'm sorry K. I been trying to keep it together all day but-"
"Don't be sorry. I get it. Go in the bathroom and finish having your moment. We'll think of something when you come back."
Rico nodded and went to the bathroom. Kenji exhaled and scratched his head.
"Help us out here Pops," he said softly.

Rico went in the bathroom and washed his face. He sat on the toilet and looked at the sky.
"God, I know it's been a while and I hate to come like this but I need your help. Please. At least just let me know if she's ok or not."
Rico's phone rang and it was a private number.
Rico's heart started pacing and he stood up.

i hope she hasnt ran awayfrm her fam seens he dnt no wer she at run it

YAY you added: WTH is going on with Benji, it's like she cant stand to be around her husband anymore. They're usually always so passonate and loving toward each other, and she just aint into it these days. Is she really tripping about the whole Chantelle situation, is that why she doesnt wanna be intimate with her Rico? Ewl Rico drinks her breast milk? Lil nasty... Im glad Soso helpful and I hope that by her keeping Toshi that maybe Rico and Benji can rekindle theyre love or at least figure out what bothering her...Get it together Benji. Loved the add. Run It!!!

omg wtf benji! i hope she hasn't gone
back to her old self. man...she just needs
a break. that's all. thank goodness sofia
offered to take care of toshi cause ty and
benji really need to talk

Run It

After their bath, Rico dressed Toshi in an outfit that matched his own and he put Toshi in his bouncer while he prepared breakfast. When he was done, he popped it into the oven to keep it warm and grabbed a jar of food for Toshi.
“I bet you’re hungry too huh?” He sat down in front of him. “How about some bananas?”
He opened up the jar and stirred the bananas around before feeding Toshi. When he finished, he put a couple of Cheerios down and went to call Benji. It had been almost 2 hours since he got up and he hadn’t heard from her, not even a response to his text. She didn't answer so he left a message as he walked back over to Toshi.

“Hmm…where is your mother Toshi?” He crossed his arms and tapped his chin, trying to think of where she could be.

The next morning Rico woke up alone. As far as he knew, Benji didn’t have any plans for the day so he wasn’t sure where she was. He texted her before he and walked down to the nursery where he found Toshi trying to pull himself up in the crib.
“Hey little man. I think it’s too soon for you to be trying to do that.” He reached in and picked him up.
Toshi smiled and blew some spit bubbles before pressing his mouth to Rico’s face. Rico laughed and wiped the spit from his cheek.
“I always love morning kisses from you.” He patted his diaper and walked to the changing table. “Mommy didn’t have time to change your diaper before she left huh? How ‘bout you come take a bath with daddy and then we’ll make mommy breakfast? How does that sound?”
Toshi made a motorboat sound with his mouth and started jumping in Rico’s arms.
“Guess that sounds good huh? Okie dokie.” He grabbed Toshi’s towel and bassinet and headed to the bathtub.

Benji yawned and rubbed her eyes as Rico lay on top of her, trying to enjoy himself. Benji looked down at her watch and Rico rolled his eyes.
“Forreal Ro?”
“What Tyrique?”
“You’ve been just lying there this whole time. And now you’re yawning and checking your watch?”
“I told you I was tired Ty.”
He sucked his teeth.
“Forget it.”
He pulled out and got up.
“Come on, just finish.”
“There’s no point now. You not being into it completely turned me off.”
He walked into the bathroom and shut the door behind him. Benji grabbed her body pillow and wrapped herself around it, crying softly. She didn’t know what was wrong with her, but she just didn’t feel right.

“Hey Rique, how’d operation cuddy go?” Sofia asked when he walked back into the studio.
Rico looked at her and she laughed.
“I guess it was a bust huh?”
“Complete fail. She would barely give me a kiss.” He walked behind the desk and sat in the extra chair. “You think this could have something to do with what happened with Chantelle?”
“What would make you think that?”
“She’s been real distant ever since. It’s like she’s here, but she’s not really here. And every time I try to touch her, she snatches away from me.”
“I mean, she just had a baby Tyrique. I was a little down after I had Kimmie. I didn’t feel attractive, I was super self-conscious- I just didn’t feel the same, you know? I think I remember reading something that said that it’s common for women who give birth to preemie’s are more likely to experience PTSD, maybe you guys should look into that. I really doubt that it has anything to do with Chantelle, that wasn’t even your fault.”
Rico spun around in the chair and thought about what she said. He didn’t want that to be the case, but it was worth looking into.
“Thanks Sofia. Any messages while I was out?”
“Yeah. The temp agency said they’ll send someone over tomorrow.”
“Thanks for filling in for me, I appreciate it.”
“No problem. With Kimmie at daycare and Kenji working, I get bored being at home all the time.” She looked down at the calendar. “When are you guys closing for the holidays? Christmas is next Thursday.”
“I think I’ll just close up after Friday. I gotta spend some time at home, see what’s really going on.”
“You think it’s still good idea for us to come down?”
“Yeah, she might need to be around family. I’ll keep you guys posted.”
“If you want, I can watch Toshiro for you for a while so you guys can be alone. Maybe this weekemd? I can even take care of the temp tomorrow and Friday and you can just stay home. It’s not that busy anyway, most of the people have been coming in for the weights.”
“Yeah, that might work…aight, let me tie up some things around here and make sure you’re good. Thanks Sof.”
“Don’t mention it."

Six months had passed since Benji gave birth to Toshiro. He was home and doing well, growing more and more every day. Chantelle ended up being caught and serving time for what she did to Rico and he and Benji tried to forget that it ever happened- well more so Benji since Rico’s memory of that night was foggy anyway. The studio was closed for a couple of weeks so that Rico could help Benji with the baby but business was good as usual when it opened back up. Benji wasn’t adjusting to motherhood as quickly as she liked but she was doing her best.

Benji was straightening up the kitchen when Rico walked in.
“Hey sugar lips,” he said as he walked towards her. He kneeled down for a kiss and she walked past him.
“Hey,” she said, quickly.
“Dang, no kiss bae?”
“Sorry Ty, I’m just busy right now.”
He walked up behind her and grabbed her hips as she wiped the counter down.
“It’s ok.” He leaned over her shoulder and poked his lips out.
She twisted her mouth to the side and barely kissed him, not stopping what she was doing.
“Watch out,” she said, trying to move from under him.
“That’s it?”
“I told you I’m busy Tyrique.”
“Too busy to give your husband a real kiss?” He placed his hands on the counter, trapping her.
She sighed.
“Tyrique, I’ve been up with the Toshi since 3 and I just got him back to sleep. I don’t know how long he’s gonna stay asleep so I’ve gotta get some things done around the house.”
“You can just wait ‘til I get home tonight.” He began kissing her neck. “You know I’ll watch him.”
“No, I’m in my groove and I wanna do it now. What are you doing here anyway?”
“I’m on my lunch break. Thought I’d come home and have a quick play date with my wife.”
He tugged at her shirt and she pushed him away.
“Not gonna happen.”
She turned around and he looked at her with puppy dog eyes.
“Come on baby, it’s been a while.”
“No it hasn’t. And I told you I got stuff to do.”
He sucked his teeth and dropped his head in disappointment.
“Fine. Later then?”
She sighed.
“Yes, I promise. Now let me go please.”
“Gimme a kiss first.”
She rolled her eyes.
“Honestly Ty?”
“I’m waiting. And if you don’t do it right, I’m not letting you go.”
She raised up on her tippy toes and kissed him the way he liked.
“That’s better. You want some help while I’m here?”
“No, you’ll just mess everything up. I’ll do it myself.”
“You sure?”
He stepped back and she began to unload the dishwasher. He walked over to the fridge and began moving stuff around.
“Did you pump for the afternoon yet?”
“…where’s my milk?”
“Tyrique, the last thing on my mind is filling up a thermos for you every time I pump.”
“So…there’s no milk in here for me then?”
Benji ignored him and stepped in front of him, fixing the things he moved around in the fridge.
“Can…you go pump some for me?”
She cut her eyes at him over her shoulder.
“You serious?”
“I’m just asking babe. I knew coming home for some cuddy probably wasn’t gonna go my way, but I don’t even get no milk?”
“You’re starting to annoy me Tyrique.” She went back to the dishwasher. “You need to go back to work now.”
“I’m sorry baby. Why are you so moody lately, lighten up.”
He went to touch her shoulders and she yanked away. He looked at her confused.
“What’s up with you Ro? Talk to me.”
“I’m fine.”
She walked out of the kitchen and he followed her.
“Baby, what’s wrong?”
He reached for her arm and she swung around and smacked his arm away.
“I’m fine Tyrique!” she yelled. “Ok? I’m fine,” she said softer.
He looked at her, worried.
“You want me to stay?”
“No. Go back to work.”
She held her hand up.
“Tyrique, please. I’m fine ok?”
“…ok. Ok. Call me if you need anything aight?”
She nodded her head and rubbed her arms. He kissed her gently on the forehead and stroked her cheek.
“I love you Benjiro.”
“Yeah, I know.”
Toshiro started crying and she sighed. Rico looked towards the stairs and back at Benji.
“I got it. Go back to work.”
She turned and walked upstairs. Rico reluctantly went back to work.

damn rrrrrrruuuuunnn it