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Dance For You (Part 2 of Strip) *Updated 10/13

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It had been 2 years since Tyrique and Benji got married. Their business had taken off, their marriage was going smoothly- things couldn’t be any better…

“Come on baby, we gotta get ready to meet Soso and Kenji for lunch.”
Rico pulled a pillow over his head.
“Why can’t they come out here babe? It’s barely 8 a.m., I’m exhausted.” He hated the 4 hour drive.
“This was your idea Ty. And you’re the one that wanted to stay up all night watching The Godfather. I told you to go to bed. Get up,” she said as she smacked him on the butt. “I’m already ready.”
“You still on your period?” he asked, hoping for some morning sex to get him up and going.
He rolled over and looked at her.
“D**n…Is it heavy?”
“What? I’m horny Benji. I hate not being able to have it when I want it.”
“You’ve gone longer than a week without it before, you’ll be fine.”
“…I asked the doctor and he said-“
“I’m not having sex on my period.”
“F**k man.”
He got up and stomped over to the bathroom. Benji laughed and thought to herself. He’d never asked her for head before and they’d been together for almost 3 years…but once she opened that can of worms, he’d want it more often…
When she heard the water turn off, she walked into the bathroom and sat on the toilet cover.
“What’s up?” Rico asked, as he began to brush his teeth.
Benji rubbed him through his towel.
“What are you doing?”
“Taking care of my man.”
When he was hard, she pulled him in front of her and unwrapped his towel. He looked down at her.
“Baby, you don’t have t-“
“Shh.” She kissed the tip. “Just don’t touch my hair! I don’t want to have to straighten it again.”


That slore of a btch better not
Come around or soso.gonna fck her
Delusional ass up lol...i hope
She ain't get none of Rico.seed
and im a kick her I da.stomach
Smh at Chantelle...ugh

Run it

finally! ibeen waitin! can chantelle
die now?? ok lol RUN IT PLZ!

At least she knows the truth about what happened with Rico. That's great! I think the baby will be fine. :) Lets see what happens tho. Update Soon

run it

reallyy though b****!?
im glad she found him && know whts up


see thats the kinda s*** thatll make me kill a b****. Like you really want my man that bad that you gonna drug him & try to blackmail him moaning on my damn voicemail? yeah I would be in jail for murder. Benji better handle that hoe chantelle when she get out the hospital. Rico gonna remember who it was! He probably feel like s***, smh. it wasnt his fault tho.

oh thank God Kenji found Rico . poor Benji was going through it. I'm at least glad the truth is out and she knows he didn't cheat on her but was drugged. I hope they catch Chantelles ratchet ass. AWW I just pray the baby will be okay. Well I know he's gonna be okay. He's a fighter like his parents. I can't wait till Rico meets his son. So glad you updated yay. RUN IT!!

The nurse walked into Benji’s room and over towards her bedside table. Benji opened her eyes and looked up at her.
“Oh, you’re awake.”
“Did my husband come yet?”
“Not that I know of. But maybe he called you? I took the liberty of charging your phone for you.” She pulled it out of her pocket and handed it to her. “I thought you might need it.”
“Thank you.” Benji turned her phone on and sat up. “How’s my son?”
“Not much has changed but he’s not doing any worse so that’s good. I believe he’s sleeping right now.”
“Can I go see him?”
“I think you should stay in bed-“
Benji rolled her eyes and pulled her covers back.
“No one’s gonna stop me from seeing my son when I want to see him.”
“Ok ok. Let me at least get you a wheelchair.”
The nurse left the room and came back with the wheelchair. She wheeled Benji down the hall and to the nursery. Before she left, she helped Benji wash her hands positioned her in front of Toshiro‘s incubator.
Benji pressed her hand against the incubator. It killed her to watch her little baby boy be in there with tubes coming out of everywhere, so tiny and frail.
She put one of her hands through the slot on the side and stroked his tiny hand.
“You’re named after your grandfather you know. He was really strong, really determined. You’re gonna be okay. Mommy and daddy are waiting for you.” She thought about Tyrique and looked at her phone to see if he called. She had no missed calls but she did have a new voicemail. She dialed the number and waited for the message to play.
When the nurse took Benji back to her room, Sofia and Kenji were there waiting for her.
“What’s wrong Benji?” Kenji asked. “Why are you crying?”
Benji waved him off and got into her bed. She pulled the cover over head.
“I don’t wanna see anyone right now.”
“What happened?” Sofia asked the nurse.
“I’m not sure. I took her down to the nursery and when I went back to get her she was crying. It could just be her nerves and anxiety. Just give her some time.”
“Benji, I need to tell you something about Tyrique.”
“F*ck Tyrique, Kenji!! I don’t care about him!”
Sofia walked over to her.
“You don’t mean that Bennie. What’s wrong?”
“He wasn’t here for me when I was in labor ‘cause he was f*cking some other b*tch!”
“You got it all wrong Benji.”
“Do I Kenji?” she sat up and called her voicemail. “Then what the f*ck is this?” She put the phone on speaker and held it in the air.
The shock on Sofia and Kenji’s face was more than clear as they listened to the voicemail.
“How could he do this to me?”
“I know this is gonna sound bizarre Benji, but it’s the truth. Tyrique was drugged tonight, most likely by the girl in that voicemail. I found him passed out in his car.”
Benji looked at him, processing what he was saying.
“Seriously. Do you honestly think that he would cheat on you? And if you listen to the voicemail, he’s completely silent. All you hear is her.”
“Yeah Bennie.” Sofia put her hand on her shoulder.” I know it’s gross but I’ve heard you two going at it- Tyrique is not the quietest guy.”
Benji sniffed and wiped her eyes; they were making a lot of sense.
“Is he okay?”
“Yeah. They moved him out of the ER. He should be awake in a little bit.”
“Do they know who did it?” She asked, leaning back.
“No. But I’m sure they can make some guesses with that voicemail.”
“I can’t believe this…I thought you guys were together Kenji. How’d this happen?”
“I don’t know. He said he wanted to stay and have another drink and he’d meet us back at the hotel. He’s gonna be okay though. I know he’ll rush over here as soon as he wakes up. Did the Doctors say why you went into labor so early?”
“They’re not sure. It could be a number of things.”
“…is the baby- is he gonna-“
“He’ll be fine Kenji, I know he will. He’s gonna be a fighter just like daddy.”
Kenji kissed her forehead.
“I’m sorry we missed it.”
“It’s ok, it wasn’t you guys’ fault. You should get back to Tyrique so he’s not alone when he comes to.”
Kenji nodded his head.
“You’re right, I’ll see y’all in a couple of hours.”
He kissed Sofia and headed back to Rico.

Sofia waited in the hallway for Kenji to find her. Kenji called a little after Benji gave birth and told Sofia that he was in the ER with Tyrique, but he couldn’t tell her what was wrong.
“What happened Kenji?” she asked him as he approached her.
“I found him passed out in his car down the street from the bar we were at. I called the Police and they sent an ambulance to bring him to the hospital. They did some tests on him and found drugs in his system.”
“Wait, wait, wait. He was on drugs?”
“No, they think someone drugged him. I forget what they called it but it was like a modified form of the date rape drug.”
“Oh my god. People still do that? I didn’t even know they used them on guys…who would do that to Tyrique? Wait, do you think a man-“
“Nah. When the doctors checked him out, they didn’t see any signs of foul play that would suggest it was a man. Besides, they searched his pockets and found a pair of panties…he’s ok though. They said he should be awake in a couple more hours. How’s Benji?”
“Exhausted, upset…when the baby was born she was happy and she was smiling but when they took the baby to the nursery she cried until she fell asleep. The baby is as healthy as he can be for being 3 months early but he’s gonna be in here for a while.”
“Did you tell her about Tyrique?”
“No, I didn’t want her to start freaking out.”
“Someone’s gotta tell her…"

run this asap!

This b*tch is freakin pathetic! She drugged him! She's like the blonde b*tch from the movie obsessed! Benji's in labor and her brother and husband are not with her. Damn I cant wait to see what happens next! Update Soon

OMG I can't believe this is happening. Chantelle really is psycho, she actually drugged him and why the hell did the guys leave him in the first place.... I can't believe Benji's in labor it's too soon. Please let someone find Rico before the worse happens OMG. Benji will be devistated when she hears that voicemail. Im getting all upset now lol.... RUN IT!!!

:O why is this happening now?!?! Ugh Chantelle, Rico don't want you, why would she drug him?! Desperate ho! I really hope Rico does not miss the birth of his child and I hope Kenji can find him!! RUN THIS PLEASE!!!!

“Where is he?!” Benji shouted. “I can’t do this without him Sofia. Find him!”
“Bennie calm down. Kenji’s got it under control ok? I’m sure they’ll be here any minute.”
“Ok Benjiro, we’re gonna move you up to labor and delivery now,” the Dr. said.
“No, I have to wait for my husband.”
“The baby’s not gonna wait. When he arrives, we’ll send him to your room.”
“I’m on it Bennie. I’ll meet you upstairs.”
As the nurses moved Benji’s bed upstairs, Sofia got on the phone with Kenji.
“Baby, where are you?”
“I’m still looking for Tyrique. His phone’s going straight to voicemail.”
“Well did you check the bar you guys were at?”
“I’m on my way there now. How’s Benjiro?”
“She’s freaking out. They moved her up to prep her for delivery. She’ll freak even more if both her brother and her husband aren’t here for her Kenji.”
“Baby I know but I can’t just stop looking for him. What if something happened?”
“Then call the police for help, I don’t know. But whatever you do, do it quick. Call me when you’re on your way.”
They hung up and Sofia headed to Benji’s room, praying that nothing had happened to Tyrique and that Kenji would find him and get him to the hospital before Benji gave birth.

“My phone,” Rico said.
“You want your phone back? It’s kinda messed up that you would talk to your wife while you’re about to f*ck another woman Tyrique.”
She kissed him and unbuckled his pants.
“I love my wife.”
“I knew I should’ve put another pill in your drink. Stop talking about her so much.”
“Why are you doing this?”
“Don’t act like that baby. You already have an erection, it’s gonna happen. All you have to do is relax.” She laughed. “It’s not really like you have a choice.”
She pulled him out and lowered herself onto him. She smiled.
“Amazing. You know, you really shouldn’t keep this all to yourself.” She began to ride him.
“Oh my god! You want to talk to her so bad? Fine.” She picked up his phone and dialed her number. It went straight to voicemail. Chantelle smiled and covered Rico’s mouth. “Let’s play a little game with your wife,” she whispered in his ear. “You think she’ll recognize my voice if I’m moaning your name?”

“You want another daiquiri Sofia?” Benji asked from the kitchen.
“Nooo,” Sofia laughed. “It’s been a while since I got to actually have a drink, load it up!”
Benji laughed and poured some liquor into the blender. Sofia walked into the kitchen and leaned against the counter.
“This is nice,” she said.
“Yeah….I wonder what the guys are doing.”
“Come on Bennie, it’s a <em>girls</em> weekend.”
“I know but me and Tyrique haven’t been apart longer than a couple of hours in a long time…I miss him.” She rubbed her belly. “The baby misses him too, maybe we should give him a call.”
“Uh uh. Come on.” She grabbed her hand and led her back to the living room. “Let’s get back to our movie and good conversation.”
“Don’t you miss Kenji?”
“Of course I do, but I need this break. Between him and Kimmie, I am worn out. You’ll understand once you pop that baby out. You guys ready?”
“I guess so. His room’s all done and we pick up a couple things from the store every now and then. I think after the baby shower we’ll be all set. I know Tyrique is counting down the days.” She started laughing.
“Excited to be a dad?”
“What? Yeah, that too. But he’s growing this belly,” she laughed harder. “He’s growing this pregnancy belly, it’s hilarious.
“Is that what that is? I thought he was getting a beer belly.”
“No matter what he does, he can’t get rid of it.”
The two of them shared a laugh.
“That’s still my baby though.”
Sofia giggled.
“Bennie, I think you laughed so hard that you peed.”
Benji stood up and looked at the seat.
“I guess I did…I didn’t even feel it.”
“The joys of being pregnant. You go get changed, I’ll clean off the cushion.”
Benji laughed as she walked towards the stairs.
“I’m glad Tyrique and Kenji weren’t here. They would’ve clowned me so much.”
“Trust me, I know.”
After getting changed, Benji walked back downstairs. When she got to the living room, she felt a sharp pain that caused her to grab the couch.
“You ok?” Sofia asked.
Benji nodded her head.
“Yeah, I’ve been having this pain for a couple of hours. It’ll go away in a little bit.”
Sofia walked over to her.
“You’ve been having them for a couple of hours?”
“Yeah. First it was like once an hour but now it’s like every 15 minutes.”
“Benjiro, I think you’re in labor.”
“What? No, it’s too early.”
“That doesn’t mean anything. If these pains are getting closer and closer together, they’re probably contractions.”
“It could just be Braxton hicks contractions right?”
“Yeah but just to be safe, I think we should get you to a hospital.”
Benji nodded her head.
“You have an overnight bag just in case?”
“There’s already one in my car. Are you ok to drive?”
“Yeah, I barely had any of my second drink.”
After getting settled in the car, Benji tried to call Tyrique.
“Baby,” he said into the receiver.
“Hey baby. Me and Sofia are on the way to the hospital. We’re not sure but I might be in labor.”
“Benji, I love you.”
“I love you too Ty. Is everything ok? You sound kinda funny.”
“I’m sorry baby.”
“Sorry for what? Tyrique, what’s going on?”
The line went dead.
“What did he say?” Sofia asked.
“He said that he loves me…something’s not right.”
“Call Kenji.”
Benji called Kenji and anxiously waited for him to pick up the phone.
“What’s up sis?”
“I might be going into labor so me and Sofia are going down to the hospital.”
“You want us to meet you there?”
“Not yet. If it’s for sure, we’ll call you.”
“Where’s Tyrique? I called him and spoke to him for like 30 seconds before his line went dead.”
“He should be on his way back from the bar. I’ll take care of it.”
“Ok. Love y-“ Her phone died. “Well,” she said to Sofia, “my battery’s died.”
“I have my phone, it’s ok.”
“I’m worried about Tyrique, Sofia. Something wasn’t right in his voice.”
“He’s fine Bennie. Let’s just focus on you and the baby.”

When he got in the car, Rico rubbed his eyes and blinked a couple times; his vision was getting blurry.
“I didn’t have that much to drink,” he thought to himself. “Maybe I’m just tired.”
“I really appreciate this,” Chantelle said as she climbed in the front seat.
“What are you doing?” Rico asked. “Get in the back.”
“You sure you want me to do that?”
He attempted to put the keys in the ignition but failed and dropped them out of his hand.
“Here, let me get that for you.”
Instead of getting his keys, Chantelle reached over him and reclined his seat.
“You don’t look so good Rico, you ok?”
She climbed on top of him and kissed his neck.
“Chill Chantelle, what are you doing?” he slurred.
“I’m sorry that it had to be like this, but it was the only way."

“Hey, we’re about to head out,” Kenji said. “You sure you good?”
“Yeah, I’ll meet y’all back at the hotel,” Rico replied.
“Aight, call me if anything.”
They dapped up and Rico turned back to the bar. He was spending the weekend with Kenji and a couple of his boys just to have some guy time while Sofia was back home with Benji having a girls weekend. Benji was three months away from her due date and Rico was trying his hardest not to let her see that he was freaking out. He let her think that he had it all together but he was panicking. What if he messed up and ruined the baby forever? What if he was a horrible father? These were the kinds of thoughts that were constantly running through his head.
He finished off his beer and closed out his tab at the bar.
“Hey handsome, can I buy you a drink before you leave?” A female voice said from behind him.
Rico looked over his shoulder to see Chantelle.
“What are you doing here?” he asked. “Are you stalking me?”
“Wouldn’t matter if I said I wasn’t, you wouldn’t believe me. But since I’m here, let me get you a drink.”
She waved over the bartender and ordered two Red Bull and Vodkas.
“Nah, I’ll pass. I need to go anyway.”
The bartender put their drinks in front of them.
“Come on Rico, what’s the harm? I just want to make amends and apologize for making passes at you. Consider it a truce.”
When she picked up her drink, she let a pill capsule fall from the palm of her hand into the glass. She stirred it around a little bit.
“Fine, but I’ll pay for my own. I don’t want you thinking that I owe you <em>anything</em>.”
He picked his drink up and she clinked them together.
“Cheers.” She pretended to take a sip.
After placing his drink down, Rico turned and looked at the crowd.
“So how’s Benji?” Chantelle asked, switching her glass with his.
“That’s good to hear. How’s the baby?”
“I see you’re a man of few words tonight.”
“I don’t have much to say.”
“Ok…well, let’s finish our drinks and then I’ll be out of your hair.
Rico nodded his head and downed his drink. If that’s all it took to get rid of her, he’d do it.
“Aight yo, I’m out.” He tossed some cash on the counter and stood up.
“Wait, can you give me a ride to my car?”
Rico rolled his eyes.
“It’s a couple blocks away, I don’t wanna walk by myself; it’s late.”
“Where are the people you came here with?”
“They already left. I’ll be good, I promise.”
Rico sucked his teeth. As much as he couldn’t stand her, he’d feel bad if something happened because he didn’t help her out.
“Fine, you can sit in the back.”

Chantelle just needs to stay away from Rico, he don't want her! He loves Benji too much to hurt her by cheating, even if she is pregnant. RUN THIS!!!!!!

Ugh I can't wait till Benji drops that baby Chantelles hoe ass is whooped period. Glad the other workers got Benjis back. Run. IT! ! Run it!

That's it Benji! As soon as you have your baby, leave the hospital and beet that b**** <em> <strong> down! </strong> </em>. Lol Update Soon

yea let kendrick physically
handle that ho! cut that btch
membership off lol auughhh
that stupid hoe need to leave
rico alone he don wan her slutty

Run It

id fck her asz up
fr fr!!


eww..Chantelle is such a b*tch!

“Hey Miss Thang, I’m so glad you decided to come back,” Kendrick said as he approached the desk.
“Hey Kennie!” Benjiro came from around the desk and gave him a hug.
“Aaw, you look so cute pregnant. When are you due?”
“September, thank you. How have you been?”
“Good. Things haven’t been the same around here without you though.”
“I can imagine.”
Chantelle walked in and smiled mischievously at Benji. Benji crossed her arms and cut her eyes at her.
“Whore bag,” she said after Chantelle passed by.
“Mhmm, you ain’t never lie,” Kendrick said. “You got time to talk?”
“Yeah, come on.”
Kendrick followed her upstairs to one of the meeting rooms and sat across from her.
“She made a pass at Tyrique.”
“Uh uh. I knew she was nasty. Me and the girls noticed a couple of women that are desperately attracted to him and we’ve been watching them for you. She’s the only one that’s made a move.”
“It’s my fault. I should’ve continued to show my face. Out of sight out of mind, right? She got me twisted, I’ll set her straight though.”
“Don’t you worry about that; we’ll take care of it for you. You just worry about having that baby.”
“Thanks Kendrick.”
“Don’t mention it. You know we love your relationship and we won’t tolerate any b*tch who tries to sabotage that. Walk with me downstairs so I can get to my cardio class.”
She appreciated Kendrick offering to take care of Chantelle but she still planned on having some words with her. She wasn’t usually a violent person but when the situation called for it, she had no problem letting her ugly side come out.
At the end of the night, while Rico was closing up Benji stood outside and waited for Chantelle.
“Hey, let me talk to you for a minute,” she said when Chantelle walked past her.
Chantelle spun around on her heels and put her hands on her hips.
“Don’t let this belly fool you. If you <em>ever</em> go near my husband again, you’ll be sorry.”
Chantelle laughed.
“Ok Mama Smurf. I’m so scared.”
“You don’t have to be scared. Just know that when I say something, I mean it.”
“Look, you don’t see the lust in his eyes when he’s around all of these women. If you were taking care of him at home, that wouldn’t be the case. I’m not going to force him into anything but if- no no, <em>when</em> your <em>husand</em> ever lets his guard down, I <em>will</em> f*ck him. I set my eyes on him a long time ago and I <em>always</em> get what I want. Neither you or your baby is gonna change that.”
“What’s going on over here?” Rico asked as he approached them.
Chantelle smiled and walked away.
“I’m gonna kill her.”
“Relax babe, she’s not worth it.”
“You should’ve heard how she was talking to me.”
“None of that matters babe.” He kissed her. “You know she’s just jealous ‘cause you got what she wants. I ain’t worried about her.”

run it

i soooooo love them together!!!

its sweet


I love how Benji knows her man so well. I'm glad Rico was honest with her and told her everything. Ats what I'm talking bout Benji set his ass straight when it comes to yall reasons of sexing. Benji better clown that Chantelle hoe when she ges there to. Rico better not stray. Run It!!!

ugh! I fckin love these two!

Run It

Awwww I just love their relationship!! I know I say that all the time, but it's true!! LOL. I hope Rico can stay faithful, I think he can, but I know it will be a challenge!! RUN IT!!!!!!!!