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Dance For You (Part 2 of Strip) *Updated 10/13

<a href="">Strip (Part 1)</a>

It had been 2 years since Tyrique and Benji got married. Their business had taken off, their marriage was going smoothly- things couldn’t be any better…

“Come on baby, we gotta get ready to meet Soso and Kenji for lunch.”
Rico pulled a pillow over his head.
“Why can’t they come out here babe? It’s barely 8 a.m., I’m exhausted.” He hated the 4 hour drive.
“This was your idea Ty. And you’re the one that wanted to stay up all night watching The Godfather. I told you to go to bed. Get up,” she said as she smacked him on the butt. “I’m already ready.”
“You still on your period?” he asked, hoping for some morning sex to get him up and going.
He rolled over and looked at her.
“D**n…Is it heavy?”
“What? I’m horny Benji. I hate not being able to have it when I want it.”
“You’ve gone longer than a week without it before, you’ll be fine.”
“…I asked the doctor and he said-“
“I’m not having sex on my period.”
“F**k man.”
He got up and stomped over to the bathroom. Benji laughed and thought to herself. He’d never asked her for head before and they’d been together for almost 3 years…but once she opened that can of worms, he’d want it more often…
When she heard the water turn off, she walked into the bathroom and sat on the toilet cover.
“What’s up?” Rico asked, as he began to brush his teeth.
Benji rubbed him through his towel.
“What are you doing?”
“Taking care of my man.”
When he was hard, she pulled him in front of her and unwrapped his towel. He looked down at her.
“Baby, you don’t have t-“
“Shh.” She kissed the tip. “Just don’t touch my hair! I don’t want to have to straighten it again.”


They're a sweet couple. I believe him but like her,im skeptical. Sex will only mess up her healing.Stay faithful Rico! Update Soon

“That was amazing,” Rico said into Benji’s ear before kissing his neck.
“It was…” Benji said, agreeing with him.
She followed him upstairs and into the shower. After they washed up she dried off, lotioned up, threw on a nightgown and climbed into the bed. Rico joined her shortly after.
“What’s her name?” Benji asked.
“Who?” Rico asked, applying some lotion to his arms.
“Tyrique, a week ago the thought of having sex with me while I’m pregnant freaked you out. You just f*cked me like it was the last time you would ever have sex. You’ve never done that before. What happened at the studio today? Who is she?”
Rico sat back on the bed and looked at her.
“I knew that chick was up to something! I could tell by the way she was looking at me.”
“Nothing happened baby. Well it did but not like that. She made a pass at me and I rejected her.”
“Did you kiss?”
“No. Not even a little bit.”
He then proceeded to tell her the story exactly how it happened.
“F*cking tramp. Anyone else make a pass at you?”
“No. Other than her, none of the ladies have changed.”
They all admired him from a distance but stayed in their places.
“I’m coming with you tomorrow.”
“I’ve already decided Tyrique. I’ll just handle the front desk and stuff. I need to get out of the house anyway. Thank you for telling me.” She kissed him and squeezed his jaw. “Don’t you ever come home and f*ck me with another b*tch on your mind, you hear me?”
He smiled.
“I love it when you get like this.”
“I’m serious Tyrique.”
“It wasn’t even like that baby. When I was rushing home, I was thinking about you. When I was kissing you, I was thinking about you-“
“Yeah but it took her to get you to think about me like that again. I don’t like that.”
“You trust that I’ll never cheat on you right?” he asked, playing with her fingers.
“You better not.”
He kissed her neck.
“I love you.”
“Mm, I love you too.”
He snuggled up behind her and rested his hand on her growing baby bump. She believed him but a part of her was still skeptical. She wondered how many men were successful in their attempt to stay faithful to their pregnant other half. Tyrique struggled with not being able to have sex while she was menstruating, what he was gonna do when he’d have to go for longer than a week?


i finallyy got
caught up && ish


Run It

Poor baby (Rico) gettin sympathy pains. Lol Theyre having a baby boy! :) Chantelle is ratchet. She really needs to fall back like forreal. Benji needs to look over whats going on hell. She betta stop that b****! Update Soon

Adding today.

Lmao and Rico and his sympathy pains LOL. And him being scared to have sex with Benji at first. That Chantell chick better fall back and he better not give in to temptation. Run It!!!

Chantelle better stay away from Rico; he is happily married to Benji!! And that's nice they are going to name their baby after Benji's father :) RUN IT!!!!

chantelle needa fall back rico want <a href=>sex in the kitchen</a> lmao

That nasty tramp!

Run this..

N what was her father's name again?

O wow Ty is so dramatic he needs help lol he makes me laugh run it I love it n chantelle needs to gtfo

that stank hoe
needa leave Rico
alone! he don't
wan ya ass btch!

run it

"Good job toady guys. I'll see you all next time," Rico said, signaling the end of his dance class."
The people all filed out, except for one.
"Um, excuse me Tyrique?"
Rico turned and around and got nervous. He'd been avoiding this girl for the last couple of weeks and she just wouldn't leave him alone. Ever since Benjiro stopped doing classes at the studio, she'd been coming in in skimpy outfits. He couldn't not like at her, he was a man. He never had any intention of taking her up on her advances though.
"What's up <a href="">Chantelle</a>?"
"I have an audition coming up and I was wondering if you'd critique my routine."
"Ok. Make it quick."
Chantelle popped her music into the cd player and began her routine. Rico watched her and began to remember how Benji used to dance and how her body used to look; her frame was petite like Chantelle's. He missed that.
"So, what'd you think?" Chantelle asked when she finished.
"It was good but you should have some more fluidity in your movements. Make it smooth. And straighten out your back when you bend."
"What do you mean?" She bent over and looked at herself in the mirror.
He walked up behind her and pushed her back in the middle and pulled her shoulders back.
"Keep it straight, don't hunch over."
She smiled at him through the mirror and he realized what she was smiling at. He had one hand on her thigh and the other on her shoulder; it definitely looked like a compromising situation.
He jumped back.
"Yeah, you get it though. I gotta lock up now."
"I saw how you watched me when I danced," she said as she circled him. "You like what you see?"
"I'll see you later, Chantelle."
She walked up behind him and grabbed his junk.
"So you did like what you saw? Let's see if we can get him all the way up."
She started massaging him and as much as he knew it was wrong, he couldn't push her away.
She turned him around and pushed him into the wall.
"You're a big boy huh?"
She went to kiss him and he turned away.
"I'm married Chantelle. You know that."
"So? She doesn't have to know."
"But I will."
He pushed her away and opened the door.
She sucked her teeth and walked out. Rico shut and locked the door, thankful that he didn't do anything he would've regretted. When he got home, he went straight to Benji and kissed her.
"I love you."
"I love you too babe. What's wrong?"
"Nothing. I just need you."
He pulled off her underwear and turned her around to face the counter.
"In the kitchen Ty? Let's go upstairs."
"No. I need you now."

Rico need to stop tweakin

run it

“You need me to bring you something babe?” Benji asked as she walked into the bathroom.
Rico rolled his eyes at her.
“You’ve done enough.”
Benji laughed and sat next to him.
“This isn’t my fault, I didn’t ask for you to get it.”
“No one ever told me about this sympathy pain crap. And why couldn’t I just get like hardened nipples, cravings, or even the weight gain-“
“…You kind of do have the weight gain part Ty.”
“And now she’s calling me fat.. I’m over here yacking my life into the toilet and she’s calling me fat. You’re so sweet Benjiro.”
“You’re so sensitive baby, calm down. I didn’t mean to hurt your feelings.”
She kissed his cheek.
“I’m sorry baby.”
Tyrique flushed the toilet and got up to wash his hands and brush his teeth.
“I get morning sickness too you know.”
“You’re supposed to! You’re the one that’s pregnant! Not me.”
“Well, it’s <em>our</em> baby right? I think it’s very fair that you get to go through this with me. All guys should have to go through this.”
Benji laughed and walked out of the bathroom. Rico walked past the mirror and stopped. He poked at his stomach and jiggled his arms.
“What are you doing?”
“My abs are gone. I’m losing all my muscle…I am getting fat.”
“You’re not serious.”
“Look at me Benji! I’m gross.”
She walked over to him and kissed his chest.
“You’re still sexy to me baby. Gimme kiss.” He bent down and she pecked his lips. “You wanna fool around?”
“Eew Ro, no!”
“Why not?”
“Because there’s a baby in there…what if I poke him in the eye or something?”
“You won’t.”
“No.” He shook his head. “I’m not in the mood anyway.”
“Oh my god, you’re no fun anymore. I’ll meet you in the car.”
She left and Rico pulled on his shirt. After grabbing his phone, keys and wallet, he headed to the car. When they got to the doctor’s office, they got settled in the room and waited for the doctor to come in.
“Good morning!” the doctor said when she entered the room. “How are you?”
“Miserable,” Rico said.
“Don’t mind him Dr. Lahens,” Benji said. “He’s just having a tough time dealing with the sympathy pains.”
“She doesn’t understand Dr. Lahens. She thinks it’s a joke, she doesn’t know what I’m going through.”
“I don’t know what you’re going through?! Hello, I have a human being growing inside of me! I’m going through everything that you’re going through Tyrique.”
Dr. Lahens just smiled and applied some gel to Benji’s stomach and the probe for the ultrasound.
“Everything looks good,” she said as she moved the probe around. “Has anything changed that you’re concerned about? Any questions?”
“Is it possible for me to grow a pregnancy belly?” Rico asked. “’Cause my belly’s starting to poke out a little bit-“
“Really babe?”
“No Benjiro, that’s a very valid question,” Dr. Lahens said. “Some men who experience sympathy pains can grow what appears to be a baby bump. It’s not something that we can tell right now but you might notice a change in the next couple of months, but it’s nothing to be worried about. It’ll go away.”
“Why is this happening to me?” Rico said, leaning his head against the wall.
“Tyrique, you really should look at this as something positive. You guys are just that connected…it really is quite amazing.”
Benji looked at Rico and smiled at him; he leaned over and kissed her on the forehead.
“Thank you Dr.,” Benji said, looking back at her.
“My husband went through it too, I know how it is. Now are you guys ready to know the sex of your baby?”
“Speaking of sex-“
“Benji,” Rico said.
“What’s the problem?” Dr. Lahens asked.
“He won’t have sex with me because he’s afraid that it’s gonna harm the baby.”
“It freaks me out too much. How am I gonna perform if I’m worried about poking the baby in the face or something? I don’t understand why she wants to have sex so much anyway. Even when I do get in the mood, I see her belly and the feeling goes away.”
“Trust me, you guys won’t harm the baby. Like I said I didn’t see anything weird in the ultrasound so from a safety perspective you’re fine. It’s extremely common for women to experience an increased sex drive during their second trimester. There are a loto of different things going on in Benjiro’s body, including a surge in hormones; she can’t help herself. Now how you guys choose to deal with it is entirely up to you.”
“No more excuses Tyrique,” Benji said. “You can tell us the sex now Dr.”
“Ok. You see that, right there?” She pointed to the screen.
“Is that a-“
“Mhmm. It’s a boy.”
“I knew it,” Rico said.
“Any names in mind?” Dr. Lahens asked as she wiped of Benji’s belly.
Rico smiled and grabbed Benji’s hand.
“How about Toshiro?"
“Really babe?”
“Is that your father’s name?” Dr. Lahens asked.
Benji nodded her head.
“He passed away a couple of years ago.”
“I’m sorry to hear that. That’s a nice way to pay homage to him.”
Benji wiped the tears that started falling from her eyes.
“I’ll leave you guys alone. See you soon.”
Dr. Lahens left and Rico sat Benji up and hugged her.
“Don’t cry Ro.”
“I miss him so much. It’s not fair; he should be here for this.”
“I know bae.” He rubbed her back.
“It’s my fault that he’s not.”
“No it’s not.”
“Yes it is. I was being a brat when I called him to come get me.”
“That wasn’t your fault bae. The roads were slippery and it was snowing really bad.”
“He shouldn’t have been driving that late, that far. If he didn’t come get me, he’d still be alive.”
“That doesn’t mean it was your fault. It was just his time to go.”
“Our son’s never gonna know his Grandfather.”
“Yes he is. You still have your memories and tons of pictures. He’ll know him the way that you did and he’ll love him as much as you did.” He dried her eyes with a tissue. “Ok?”
She nodded her head.
“Thanks baby.”
He helped her down off the table and they headed out to the car.

they so funny n cute run it

Yea she's pregnant. Chris damn near had a panic attack finding out about the baby. Imagine when the child arrives. Damn Update Soon

Yay Benjis preggers. Awe Im glad she told Rico. I wonder why he was scared/not ready for a Baby? Too happy for them. Run It!

Yea it was awkward timing to tell Rico when he was about to climax lol, but Benji had to tell him sometime!! I am sure he is nervous, but I am just glad he didn't flip out. I like his enthusiasm for the baby though. RUN IT!!!!

Yay she's preggers I'm glad he didn't flip out run it

how she gonna do
that in the middle of sex?!
lmao but yay she did it

run it

It’s been about two weeks since Benji found out she was pregnant. She went to see her doctor a couple days after she spoke with Sofia and her mother and it was confirmed. She knew that she needed to tell Rico but she never found the right time. She managed to hide her morning sickness and slowly growing belly but it was getting harder and she couldn’t keep it up anymore. She was going to tell him, she’d just have to soften him up first.
“I love you Tyrique,” Benji said as she bucked her hips.
“I love you too Ro,” Tyrique said as stroked her thighs.
“You promise?”
“Yeah baby. What’s with all the talking? We busy here.”
Benji stopped talking and continued to ride him.
“D*mn baby, you been practicing without me?”
She watched him closely, waiting for his face to signal that he was about to explode.
“Sh*t Ro.”
“Hold on baby.”
“I’m coming baby. Mmm.” His eyes closed and he gripped her hips tightly.
“Baby, I’m pregnant.”
He was frozen for a while and then he relaxed into the bed. When it hit him, he opened his eyes and leaned up on his elbows.
“Wait. What?”
“I’m pregnant.”
“Benji…are you sure?”
“Yeah. My mom and Sofia expected at the baby shower…I went to the hospital a couple of days ago. I’m 8 weeks.”
Tyrique laid back down and put his hand on his forehead.
“Babe, you’re not breathing. You ok?” she asked.
He picked her up off of him and sat her on the bed.
“Pregnant.” He got up and started pacing the floor.
Benji watched him.
“Are you sure? Maybe the test was wrong…did you go see a different doctor?...maybe your hormones are off…you can’t be pregnant….Pregnant? No…it must be a mistake…You can’t be, I would’ve noticed…”
He was talking a mile a minute and was breathing really heavy. He grabbed his chest and leaned against the dresser.
“I can’t breathe,” he said as he started to hyperventilate. “Am I having a heart attack?”
Benji ran over to him.
“What is it??”
“My chest hurts. Look at my hands Benji,” he held them out and they were shaking. “What the f**k?”
“Sit down Tyrique.”
“No, we need to go to the hospital.”
He walked to the stairs and she followed him.
“Babe, you’re naked.”
“I don’t care. I could be dying!”
“You’re not dying Tyrique, I think you’re just having a panic attack. Come here.”
She took him into the kitchen and handed him a paper bag.
“Breathe into it.”
He did and she fixed him a glass of water. A couple of minutes later, his breathing returned to normal. His hands were still shaking but his chest pains went away.
“You sure?” he asked.
She nodded her head.
“Why am I just now finding out?”
“…I was scared to tell you.”
“Why would you be scared Benjiro? I’m your husband.”
“I know but you didn’t want to have kids this soon and I saw your face the last time we talked about it, there was no kind of happiness at all…”
“What did you think I was gonna do Benji?”
“I didn’t know what you would do.”
“You gotta stop keeping stuff from me baby. Don’t you think I would’ve gone to the doctors with you?”
She looked at the floor and he took a sip of his water and crossed his arms.
“…we’re having a baby.” He smiled. “D*mn girl, you’re having my baby. Come here.”
She walked closer to him and he hugged her.
“It all makes sense now,” he said as they walked up the stairs. “The food, the hips, why you insisted on having sex in one of my t-shirts. I thought it was just because of some extra pounds.”
“You’re not upset?”
“No. How could I be? It’s no one’s fault. It was meant to be.”
He wasn’t upset at all. He was nervous as hell but he wasn’t upset.
Benji took a shower and put on a bra and pantie set. She needed to go bra shopping asap, all of her bras were too small now.
“Babe, where are you?”
“I’m in the office.”
She wrapped a towel around herself and went downstairs to his office.
“What are you doing?” she asked as she walked over to the desk.
“Looking up some baby stuff. There’s some really nice furniture up here.”
She smiled, glad that he was in the mood for preparing for it.
“I wanna show you something.”
He turned his attention towards her and she unwrapped her towel. He looked at her breasts and smiled.
“Not those baby.” She turned to the side and pointed to her belly. “This.”
“I know baby, I was just playing.” He put his hand on her stomach. “I can’t believe there’s a baby in there. He must be so tiny. Does he move?”
He kissed her belly and rested his head on it.
“I don’t know, probably. I can’t feel it though.”
He grabbed a camera out of the drawer and took a picture.
“In a couple of months, your stomachs gonna be huge…that’s crazy.”
“Don’t remind me. I already need to go bra shopping tomorrow.”
“For what?”
“Because my titties are falling out of the ones I have. I can’t walk around like this.”
“…I don’t see why not.”
“Tyrique, spillage is not sexy.”
“Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Is that as big as they’re gonna get?”
“I don’t know. The doctor said it’s different for everyone.”
“Hmm. What are you, like a D cup now?”
“I’ll find out tomorrow. Can we stop talking about them now?”
“…for now. You hungry?”
“Yeah…can you make fish tacos?”
He smiled.
“Yeah, let me just take a shower first.”
He kissed her and headed for the door.
“Hey,” he said. “We’re gonna be fine right?”
She smiled and nodded her head.
He smiled back and headed up the stairs, praying that she was right.

Benji needs to tell Rico ASAP if she is pregnant!! He shouldn't be too mad if he loves her!!! RUN IT!!!!

very tru! dnt wrap it up now!

damnz. i hope she not
gonna try and keep it
from Rico.

run it

“Why do you keep looking at me like that Ty?” Benji asked as she applied some lotion to her body.
“Like what?”
“Like I’m a piece of meat or something.”
“I’m sorry baby but I can’t help it. You getting thick.”
Benji looked at herself in the mirror. She’d noticed that she’d gained a couple pounds but she didn’t think he would notice.
“I know Tyrique,” she said softly.
“You don’t have to sound disappointed about it. I love it.” He walked over and picked her up.
“Put me down Ty, I gotta finish getting ready.”
“We can be a little late,” he said as he tugged at her bra strap.
He laid her down on the bed and climbed on top of her.
“No we can’t baby. We’re gonna hit traffic. We gotta stay on schedule.”
“Real quick babe.” He kissed her neck.
“Come on Ty. You know it’s gonna turn into more than a quickie. Later ok?”
“I can’t just-“
“But what if I-“
“Uh uh. Later.”
“Fine.” He kissed her and got up. “I’ll be downstairs.”
He went downstairs and she finished getting dressed. When she was finished she went downstairs and they headed to Kenji and Sofia’s baby shower. When they got there they said their hellos to Kenji and Sofia and went to find a seat next to Benji’s mom.
“This shower’s really nice,” Benji said. “Did you talk to her parents?”
“Yeah, they’re really sweet. How are you guys?”
“I’m gonna go get some food,” Rico said. “You guys want me to bring you something?”
“I’ll go with you baby. You want something Ma?”
“I’m fine baby, I already ate.”
“Ok. We’ll be right back.”
As they fixed their plates, Rico watched Benji pile the food on.
“Hungry baby?” he asked.
“I’m starving. I feel like I haven’t eaten all day. Hold this baby,” she handed him her plate and picked up another one.
“You gonna eat all this Ro?” he asked as they walked back to the table.
“Are you calling me fat Tyrique?”
“What? No, that’s not what I said.”
“You’re thinking it then, aren’t you?”
“No baby. Calm down.” He sat the plates on the table and sat down. “I’m gonna get us some drinks.”
“Everything ok?” her mother asked when he walked away.
“Yeah, it’s fine.”
Benji finished both plates of food that she got and Tyrique couldn’t believe it; he’d never seen her eat that much. Her mother just smiled. At the end of the shower, Benji and her mother helped Sofia bring the gifts to the car.
“What’s your due date?” Benji asked Sofia.
“About two months, so around the first week of March.”
“And what about you?” Benji’s mother asked. “When’s your due date?”
“Me?” Benji asked.
“Ma, I’m not pregnant.”
“We might not have been that close, but I know my child.”
“No,” she laughed. “I’m not pregnant.”
“Girl yes you are!" Sofia said. "Look at you. I’ve seen you wear that outfit before and you didn’t fill it out like that. You're at least 5-6 weeks. Your hips are starting to spread, your boobs are popping out of your shirt-“
“I’m not pregnant! Ok, so I’ve gained a little weight. Big deal! It happens.”
“Not to you, Bennie. You’ve got like zero percent body fat and you've always been like that.”
“Benjiro, you ate two full plates of food tonight. You’ve never done that; it was always a struggle for you to finish one plate. How far along are you?”
Benji sat on the edge of the edge of the backseat.
“I can’t be pregnant.”
“You can and you are,” her mother said. “Take a test, it’ll be positive.”
Benji put her face in her hands and cried. How could this be happening? She should’ve listened to her gut and stayed on the pill. Now what?
“Why are you crying Benjiro?” her mother asked.
“Her and Tyrique don’t really see eye to eye on the children thing right now,” Sofia said. “He wanted to wait a couple more years.”
“I’m scared to tell him.”
“Why? You guys will be fine honey,” her mother said, rubbing her back. “Trust me.”
“You ready to go baby?” Kenji asked, walking over to them with Tyrique.
“What’s going on? Why are you crying Ro?” Rico asked.
“…Our family dog passed away last night,” her mother said.
“What?” Kenji said. “We don’t have a d-“ Sofia pinched him. “Oow! What’s wrong with you Soso?”
“Oh, I’m sorry babe," Rico said.
Benji stood up.
“It’s ok, let’s go home. I’ll call you guys,” she said to Sofia and her mother. “Bye Kenji.”
Benji was quiet most of the ride home. She reclined her seat and pretended to be sleep so she wouldn’t have to talk.
“I’m sorry about your dog,” Rico said as he climbed into bed.
“It’s ok, bae.,” she said from the bathroom.
She walked out completely nude and got in the bed.
“You coming to bed like that?”
“We’re having sex, aren’t we?”
“I just figured that since your dog died…”
“It’s cool. I’m fine.”
“You sure?”
“Yeah, come on.”
He climbed on top of her and started kissing all over her body. Benji was enjoying it but she couldn’t stop thinking about the possibility of her being pregnant. She knew Rico wouldn’t ask her to do anything crazy, but she wasn’t sure how he would react to it when she told him.
“You there baby?” he asked, looking into her eyes.
“What are you thinking about?”
“Nothing. I love you Ty.”
“I love you too baby.” He kissed her and reached for a condom.
Benji laughed to herself as he put it on.
“No point in that now,” she thought.

dang. there was some movie and it went from that tear dat a*s up to tadowdup or something like that, lol. oh well.


Kendrick is too crazy haha.

Benji is a bad af & Rico loves that shid.
He had to go straight to the bathroom!

Clean up Rico!


um nah but i always
say tear dat ass UP from
Tyler Perry's character
Madea lol