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Dance For You (Part 2 of Strip) *Updated 10/13

<a href="">Strip (Part 1)</a>

It had been 2 years since Tyrique and Benji got married. Their business had taken off, their marriage was going smoothly- things couldn’t be any better…

“Come on baby, we gotta get ready to meet Soso and Kenji for lunch.”
Rico pulled a pillow over his head.
“Why can’t they come out here babe? It’s barely 8 a.m., I’m exhausted.” He hated the 4 hour drive.
“This was your idea Ty. And you’re the one that wanted to stay up all night watching The Godfather. I told you to go to bed. Get up,” she said as she smacked him on the butt. “I’m already ready.”
“You still on your period?” he asked, hoping for some morning sex to get him up and going.
He rolled over and looked at her.
“D**n…Is it heavy?”
“What? I’m horny Benji. I hate not being able to have it when I want it.”
“You’ve gone longer than a week without it before, you’ll be fine.”
“…I asked the doctor and he said-“
“I’m not having sex on my period.”
“F**k man.”
He got up and stomped over to the bathroom. Benji laughed and thought to herself. He’d never asked her for head before and they’d been together for almost 3 years…but once she opened that can of worms, he’d want it more often…
When she heard the water turn off, she walked into the bathroom and sat on the toilet cover.
“What’s up?” Rico asked, as he began to brush his teeth.
Benji rubbed him through his towel.
“What are you doing?”
“Taking care of my man.”
When he was hard, she pulled him in front of her and unwrapped his towel. He looked down at her.
“Baby, you don’t have t-“
“Shh.” She kissed the tip. “Just don’t touch my hair! I don’t want to have to straighten it again.”


@soso hahaha! i was just thinking that! i'm mad 'cause i can't remember where it came from! do you?

work it benben!
that's what's up.
i like this business
rico bouta tear dat ass up!

run it

Benji walked into the <a href="">pole dance studio</a> and surveyed the crowd. There were always a lot of people the first day…they didn’t all make it to the end.
“Good evening ladies, and gentleman.”
“My name’s Kendrick. Surprised?”
“Not at all. We’ve had a couple of men join this class…most of them just wanted to watch but we’ve had some that really wanted to learn. Which are you?”
Kendrick laughed.
“Honey, ain’t nothing in here for me. I got a delicious man at home that I’m doing this for.”
Benji smiled.
“Welcome Kendrick. Welcome, everyone, to Ais***eru Studios. I see a couple of familiar faces from our other classes, welcome back. To the newbies, my name is Benji. The most important thing know is that this is a judgment free zone, especially in the pole dancing class. It’s not easy for people to come and try something like this and we like to encourage everyone. Be sure to wear something that you move in and that you’re comfortable in. I’ve found that even during practice it’s better to have as much skin showing as possible so that there’s something to provide friction while you’re on the pole. Those of you wearing pants should be ok for today, we’re just gonna hit some basics. But next time, make sure you’re prepared. Any questions?”
“What does Ais***eru mean?” someone asked.
“It means ‘I Love You’ in Japanese. Anyone else?”
“How old are you?”
“I turned 21 a couple of months ago. Any more questions?”
“If y’all ain’t gonna ask, I will,” Kendirck said. “Who is that hunk of a man downstairs?”
Benji smiled.
“That’s the…co-owner. He’ll be downstairs in a little bit to help with a demonstration. Ok, let’s get started. The first thing we do is wipe down our poles,” she started handing out some towels and spray. “They get cleaned every night but some people are more comfortable knowing that they’ve cleaned it themselves. At the end of this class, there will be an exhibition, just in time for Valentine’s day. You’re allowed to invite anyone you want, significant others are usually the choice, and you’ll perform a routine. One as a class and one individually.”
When everyone finished, Benji collected the towels and began leading them in stretches.
“Pole dancing is an art. Yes, it’s very sensual, but there’s more to it than you think. It requires stamina and strength. If you don’t have the upper arm strength, you might want to start lifting weights while you’re taking the class-“
“Or you can sign up for one of our workout classes,” Tyrique said as he entered the room.
“Everyone, this is Tyrique.”
“Hey Tyrique,” the class said.
“I’m gonna show you some of the things you’ll be able to do by the end of this pole dancing class. It’s a workout but you can always have fun with it.”
Rico grabbed a chair and sat down. Benji pulled off her t-shirt, adjusted her sports bra and took off her socks.
“Word to the wise, don’t dance for someone in heels before attempting to practice in them. When dancing for a special someone, you want to make sure that they’re relaxed and comfortable.”
She pushed play and Take You Down filled the room. She walked over to Tyrique and walked around him, stopping behind him. She kissed his neck and ran her hands down his chest. Before making her way to the pole, she pulled up his shirt and flashed his abs to the class. She did a brief routine on the pole and mixed in some lap dance moves before the song ended. When it was over, she ended hanging upside down on the pole. Rico walked over to her and she kissed him.
“I hate when you put me through this,” he whispered. “This is torture.”
“You’re clear for take-off tonight,” she replied.
“Word? I’ma tear you up when we get home.”
She smiled and kissed him again before dropping her legs
“Thanks Tyrique,” she said.
“No problem.” He smacked her on the butt and headed for the stairs. “Bye class.”
“Bye,” they all replied, still shocked.
“Ready to get started?” Benji asked.
Everyone raised their hands.
“Umm…what was that?” Kendrick asked.
“That make out session you had with Mr. Sexy.”
“Oh, that was nothing.”
“Nothing? We all saw that party going on in his pants when he got up. You banging him, ain’t you?”
Benji laughed. Kendrick was definitely gonna make this class interesting.
“Well, that is kind of my responsibility as his wife.”
“You lying.”
Benji held up her left and flashed her ring.
“Two years.”
“D**n girl! Did you get that rock doing the things you bought to teach us?” one of the women asked.
“No, he actually didn’t see any of that until after I got the rock. Enough about me, let’s get started so you can get your money’s worth.”

She gave him head. I know he liked that s***. Lol It's good that Soso and Kenji are working things out. Taking things slow is good for them. :) I see Rico is really nervous about anything dealing with babies. Hmmm Update Soon

Ty needs to stop I understand Bt he cnt hav everything his way

i honestly think she is pregnant. idk, i juss thought that she acted a lil weird when Sofia asked her if she was preg if Tyrique would ask her to give it up, and then her thoughts at the end "Benji was concerned that she didn’t know the answer to that question. She usually knew how Tyrique would react to certain things but not this time."

she betta stay on the birth control.... runs

@niquee just out of curiosity, what do you think she's really doing?

Smh, i get the feeling Benji aint bein completely honest.... But i love it, and im curious to see how this all will turn out
Run it.

Aww there happily married too sweet. So happy for Soso and Kenji(with his fine azz) baby on board...maybe yay. Aww Kenji please her man for the first time ever thats what I like about there relationship compromise. I'm a lil mad tho that Rico wants to wait to have a baby but doesnt want Kenji on the pill, somebodys gotta take precautions since he aint. I hope they do get pregnant asap, a baby will be a nice blessing for them and I know they could handle it. I do like that they manage to talk things out in there relationship never go to sleep mad at each other. Loved it. Run IT!!!

Dang. I understand him, but I hope he changes his mind.

They are soo cute, & I'm sure they'll be able to provide for the baby ;D

Run this..

Aww I'm happy that everyone is happy for right now. Ummm Kenji O_O!!!! Good Lawd he is fine af!!!! Lol I wasn't prepared to see Dustin from now Audio (B5) on here looking so right!! Lol I just wasn't. I'm glad they talked about the baby situation. Ty doesn't want a baby, but he hates condoms and doesn't want her taking birth control. WTH do you think is gonna happen Rico?! smh Get it together. I know he'll be a good father. Run it.

im glad theyy talked abt it

noooooow babies can come
into the pic
Tyy need a male figure to talk
to abt ht. . . mayybe Ken can help


*wipes forehead*
glad that's out the way!
lol they'll be iigh if
that ever happens. aunty
soso will baby sit! sht
wait they gonna be busy
with they on baby. nvm

run it!

I am glad they talked it out!! Rico is caring, most men don't really think about how birth control effects the female. Rico shouldn't be scared, I think he would make a great father and Benji a good mother! RUN IT!!

After lunch, the couples hung out for a little bit at Kenji's and then Rico and Benji headed home. When they got there, Rico heard Benji's phone go off. When he walked in the kitchen, Benji had her bag dumped out on the counter.

"Looking for something?" he asked.
"Nothing big. I just misplaced something."
She ran upstairs and started searching on the closet floor. Rico walked in the room and sat at the foot of the bed.
"Was that the reminder for your birth control pills?" he asked.
Benji turned to look at him and he pulled them out of his pocket.
"Where did you get those?"
"They fell out of your purse."
Benji walked over to him and held out her hand.
"Can I have them please."
"Don't start Tyrique."
"I thought we talked about this Benjiro."
Benji rolled her eyes and turned to leave the bedroom.
"I don't need you lecturing me Tyrique."
He followed her downstairs.
"It's not a lecture. How could you not tell me? You know how I feel about birth control."
"You don't want kids so why does it matter?"
"You know I want kids, just not right now. I don't want anything foreign going into your body that could make it difficult to conceive later on down the line."
"Plenty of women are on birth control and have no problems conceiving later on."
"That's good for them; I'm not married to them, I'm married to you. Whether you want to accept it or not, your womb will bear our family. It's part of my duty as your husband and lover to be concerned with how it's being affected."
"What else do you expect me to do? You said yourself that we can't handle having a baby right now, so I'm making sure that that doesn't happen."
"There are other ways to prevent pregnancy."
"Like what? Condoms? You don't even like wearing them! You always complain about how they feel and most of the time you end up taking them off."
"...ok. But I pull out-"
"Really? You're a grown man Tyrique. You should know by now that that doesn't guarantee anything. Since you're slacking on your part, I have to make sure I'm not on mine."
Rico felt bad. He didn't realize that he put all the responsibility on her.
"I did it for you Tyrique."
In Benji's mind, her desire to have a baby was outweighed by her desire to make Tyrique happy.
"For me? I never asked you to go on birth control; I never would."
"I know how much the business means to you. Me getting pregnant would mess a lot of things up, it would interfere with cash flow...I didn't want you to have to sacrifice anything."
Now he really felt bad. He sat on the couch.
"Come here Ro."
Benji walked over to him and sat on his lap.
"First off, I will never put money or work before you. Ever. Second, it's <em>our</em> business and if you were to get pregnant, it'd be <em>our</em> baby. Everything we do is a joint venture. And I'd sacrifice anything for you, you know that. I'm sorry that I've been careless, I never thought about it from your point of view. I'll be more responsible, but you have to promise to stop taking these."
"What if we slip up and I get pregnant?"
Tyrique was silent. He didn't have an answer for her. He did want to have children with Benji in like 3 years. He was terrified of being a father. He just learned how to be a good boyfriend and then a good husband. Learning how to be a father was a different ball game. You can't afford to mess up when you're in charge of someone's life. He didn't know the first thing about being a father.
"We'll cross that bridge when we get there. Hopefully it won't be soon."
Benji sighed.
"I'll stop taking the pill."
He kissed her cheek and she got up and slowly left the room. Tyrique wiped his sweaty palms on his pants, hoping that he wouldn't have to have this talk again any time soon.

Run it I lov it Ty n benji so could n yay a baby

aye aye aye!!!!
lol Rico horny self
yay soso n kenji
are still together
and more thas whassup

run it

umm wait wait,. . .
is Benji lyying. . .becus
if he aint want a babyy then he
wouldnt have cared abt the bc
&& made a mental not to talk abt it

smh i hope she aint lyying
i wanna see what she gon sayy

heeeeeeyyy you used it!! lol


LOVE this already! :) Benji should definitely talk to Rico about a baby, I think they would make great parents!! And that's good Kenji and Sofia are doing good! RUN THIS!!

Benji brushed her teeth and freshened up in the bathroom as Tyrique looked for something to wear. As he was pulling different shirts out, he knocked one of Benji’s bags over. As he was putting its contents back, he came across a packet of birth control. He put them in his pocket and went about his business. He’d talk to her about them later.
Five hours later, the two arrived at the restaurant and went inside to meet Sofia and Kenji. When they found them, everyone hugged and took their seats. The waiter took their orders and brought over their drinks.
“So, how are things with you guys?” <a href="">Benji</a> asked.
<a href="">Sofia</a> smiled and leaned her head on <a href="">Kenji’s</a> shoulder.
“What’s going on?” Benji asked, taking a sip of her drink.
“We’ve got some semi-good news,” Kenji said.
“Oh my god! You’re engaged!” Benji shouted.
“No Benji," Kenji said. "And calm down. We might be pregnant.”
“That’s so exciting!” Benji shouted, getting excited all over again. “When’d you find out?”
“We have a doctor’s appointment next week, we don’t officially know if she is or not,” Kenji said.
“I’ve been feeling kind of nauseous lately and I bought a couple tests from the store yesterday,” Sofia said. “They were all positive except for one. WE won’t be really sure until I take a test at the hospital.”
“You guys ready for this?” <a href="">Rico</a> asked.
“Doesn’t matter if we are or aren’t,” Kenji replied. “If we’re pregnant than that’s what’s supposed to be; we’ll just have to roll with the punches.”
“We’re in a good place in our relationship,” Sofia said. She looked up at Kenji as she talked. “We talked about it and we know that he or she is gonna be a blessing.”
Kenji smiled at her and kissed her.
“I love you,” he whispered.
Sofia smiled and pecked his lips.
“I love you too Muffin.”
“Aaw,” Benji said. “You guys are so cute!”
“So what about you guys?” Sofia asked. “Any babies in the near future?”
Benji sat back and got quiet.
“Nah, we good for now,” Rico replied. “Right babe?”
“Mhmm. Excuse me, I need to use the restroom.”
“I’ll go with you,” Sofia said.
The two of them excused themselves from the table and headed to the bathroom.
“What’s up Bennie?” Sofia asked when Benji came out of the stall.
“Nothing,” Benji replied. She began washing her hands in the sink.
“Something’s wrong. I saw how your body language changed when I asked about babies. What’s up?”
Benji sighed and leaned against the counter.
“Tyrique doesn’t want children any time soon.”
“And you do?”
“Yeah. I thought we’d at least have one by now.”
“Have you talked to him about it?”
“When we talked, he told me how he felt. And he’s right; we’re really busy and we don’t really have the time it would take to have and raise a child right now. I didn’t tell him what I wanted, I just agreed with him.”
“You need to talk to him girl. You guys are in a partnership together, that involves compromise. And how’s he gonna know what you want if you don’t tell him?”
“I know him Sofia. He’s usually willing to compromise on anything, if not just let me have my way. But I know he’s not gonna change his mind about this.”
“If you told him you were pregnant tomorrow, you think he would ask you to get rid of it?”
“I don’t know….”
Benji was concerned that she didn’t know the answer to that question. She usually knew how Tyrique would react to certain things but not this time.