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<em>"An outbreak of disruptive madness, amongst students at Essex High School....Group of ѕopнoмore girls held accountable according to school officials." <em>

Аlтнoυgн ιт мade тнe evenιng, вreaĸιng newѕ - we really weren'т тнe oneѕ вeнιnd тнe ιnғaмoυѕ; "вυrnιng aѕн", вυт we were deғιnιтely тнe oneѕ ѕιттιng ιn prιncιpal gaѕтon oғғιce ғaυlтιng тнe вlaмe --

oвvιoυѕly we were ѕeт υp.

тнe "вυrnιng aѕн" waѕ ѕoмeone'ѕ ιмιтaтιon oғ a вυrn вooĸ onlιne. А вlog тнaт grew ѕυcceѕѕ over nιgнт. ιт conѕιѕтed oғ rυмorѕ, allegaтιonѕ, pιcтυreѕ, мade-υp ѕтorιeѕ...Аnd oғ coυrѕe -lιeѕ aвoυт тнe ѕтυdenт вody!

ѕoмe aѕѕнole oғ a genιυѕ ѕaт вeнιnd a coмpυтer and cнoѕe ιт'ѕ vιcтιм wιѕely. ιт deғιnιтely rυιned ғrιendѕнιpѕ, alтered repυтaтιonѕ, and мade a мocĸery oғ oυr ѕcнool.

& тнe worѕт parт oғ ιт all ....мy gιrlѕ and ι were ғalѕely accυѕed oғ тнe вlaмe.

вυт ιт doeѕn'т мaттer

yoυ ĸnow wнy?

вecaυѕe [payвacĸ] ιѕ a вιтcн!


Run it like DMC!!!!

Why they blaming her for Cleondra going to the hospital? what happened? Damn these girls is live on channel 5 at this party.

I remember reading that story, can't wait to see your half! RUN IT

Omg I wonder what happened
It'd really goof so far

I wonder what happened

Run it

<em> cally lol thanks it feels good to have yo support and yeah we gotta do it again<em>

<em> only person who already know this story and is in it again is Lauren, I don't wanna change to much so she remain her same role :)<em>




So are the ppl who signed up still in it??

<em>im still "secret"...but the original story girl name was "manhattan" i like the original name but "secret" goes better with the burn book story..her name kinda connects to the burn book since its suppose to be full of juicy secrets on the blog which kinda turns into a counter argument later on against her lol.<em>

:-( I hope I don't die

Run it

aww s*** wtf happen????
Um who is who since you changed the names?

Run it

<em>He focused his gaze on my pussy,I reacted by kicking his hand straight outta me. His eyes darted up at mines. "Ima grown ass woman," I informed him. "Yo fingers ain't capable of doing what your d*** can do for me." Glancing up at him "the grinch" smile crept across his face. The pills and liquor had me so fcked up that he started to actually look like dat little green motherf***a.<em>

<em>His eyes traveled down his body and I followed them, caught completely off guard by the erected d*** that stood straight out of his boxers. My buzz got excited as I immediately grabbed it, but he pushed my hand away. "If you a big girl like you say you is," he pulled me up to him. "You can ride it, while im holding you standing up!" he suggested, and an evil smile appeared across my face. I never turned down a challenge.<em>

<em>............I must've passed out because I awoke sprawled across the bed half naked.<em>

<em>"Thank goodness!" I heard someone sigh, opening my eyes. Aaliyah rushed over to me and started rubbing my face with a cold wet towel, I snatched the sheets up to cover myself. I had the worst headache ever, even her soft voice aggravated me. "What the hell happened?" I asked covering my ears. "What time is it?"<em>

<em>"You guys!" She yelled to the closed bedroom door. "She finally woke up." I looked around barely recognizing the guest room, wondering who la loca was talking to. The door brushed open and in walked Lauren, Nicole, Justin, Mike and Tiffany. Lauren and Nicole both rushed me, giving me a hug. "Stupid hoe you scared us!'"She snapped embracing me. "Get the hell up, yall!" Justin voice brought us back to reality. "Yeah mami, we gotta get to the hospital" Tiffany added as Nicole rubbed my shoulder. "What happened!" I held my head immediately nervous as worries entered my stomach. "It's Cleondra!" Mike spoke, "She had to be rushed to the hospital three hours ago." He pointed to the clock that read 4:23 on the wall.<em>

<em>"And bxtch it's all your fxckin fault!" Lauren quickly blamed me. Instantly I felt bad, because I already knew it was. They all exited the room and I got dressed, knowing the next stop would be to the hospital.<em>

Damn I need to find me some damn d*** up in there lol where are the tall sexy ballers at up in this b**** lol

Run it

<em>"Come on!" He rushed. "I found a room!" The pretty faced stranger yelled right before lifting me back up on his shoulder.<em>

<em>"Noo!" Cleondra yelled out of no where. She seemed to be the only one sober. "Your not finna have sex with her, she dont even know you!" She yelled as she tried to yank me off his shoulder. He put me down and I instantly snapped. "Cleo why the f*** you gotta act like your so motherly!, quit tryna tell run my life and find you some d*** up in here! I dont even know why you claim G.I.G you dont even have what it takes to be one of us! You never do s***." I rolled my eyes disgustingly while snatching his hand up. "Now let's go find that room!" I smiled as he trailed me.<em>

<em>He didnt waste no time as we entered the empty guest room, he eased my skirt up and ripped my thongs off in a split second which caused me to giggle. "Damn so you strong aint it!" I teased as I fondled to the bed, as he cut on the light. "Noooo!" I slurred "Better with the lights off."<em>

<em>He shook his head, as he walked towards me."Nawl, I been dreaming about dat pussy for a minute, I gotta see how dat monkey gon react when im feeding it this banana." He smirked. "mojo jo jo" I yelled as we both busted out laughing. "Your silly." He smiled taking a seat next to me. Although I was intoxicated I could tell that for a couple of seconds he got side-tracked. He leaned over to me and I closed my eyes puckering my lips, but instead he kissed my forehead.<em>

<em>I shot eyes at him. "Noooo" I whined "Kiss me right here." I brought my lips up to his face & He passionately kissed me, then ended it with a sloppy kiss as he tugged at my bottom lip with his teeth. It felt good, I kept my eyes shut the entire time. He pulled away, "Damn you done got so big, you done grew up on me!" He looked down at me. I ignored him, "Kiss me right here," I demanded unsnapping my bra, he paused. I grabbed his chin bringing his face to my titties. "You was just all up on me out there!" I moaned as he sucked hardly on my nipple. "Now you wanna act shy, behind closed doors." I paused in between my words as I continued leaning back.<em>

<em>He open my legs, catching a glimpse of my wetness dancing slowly across my thighs, before I forced em back together. "Unh Un" He stood up, easing his self in between my legs. He then lifted my leg up on his shoulder with his hand and with the other hand he fingers party-ed in my clit.<em>

Okay cool that party is CRazyyy smh lol
Run it

<em><a href="">I</a> was so fxckin wasted, I didn't care about tonguing this stranger. He was so sexy and I was so wet, sitting on top of Lauren's mom counter, the party and the people around us just sorta disappeared. Before I knew it, I started undressing myself. "Nawl ma, not right here" He whispered in my ear,grabbing my neck seductively.<em>

<em>"We can do it ....right here ...we can do it... right ova there" my words slurred as he pick me up and carried me across his shoulder. The house was so packed with Essex High School students and even college students that decided to crash the party. We stumbled thru a bunch of kids, before he finally decided to put me down. I heard him ask Lauren for an empty room, then there was a loud cheer behind us. Lauren, and I turned around and a group of guys were all yelling and cheering on Shai with their cellphones out. I smiled at the thought of my girl cranking up the party with her dance skills, then my blurry vision cleared. She wasn't dancing she was... sucking the hell outta some dude's d***.<em>

<em>"YEAAAA BXTCHHHHH" a girl loudly yelled over the noise, and our attention went to her, it was Nicole, she was so wasted she stood on top of the dining glass table, and her short dress was pulled up above her waist. All the goodies were out!! I slapped myself in the face trying to hold my head, at the crazy-ness my girls were doing, But hey expect the unexpected when ever you hit a G.I.G party ..I swear them gurls gone be getting it!<em>

Okay just Run it

Okay just Run it

<em><strong>Okay okay, change of plans a LITTLE........This girl I helped come up with a story on here, I basically came up with the story plot and character personalities and she wrote out the story herself. Her name is cally and she is an excellent writer..I was waiting to get her permission off facebook to revamp the story "Around the wayy girls". Now she just finally wrote me back and was like hell yeah go for imma edit and post the adds from her story and pick up where she left off...which would be me going into my burn book story ok gott it! So there is no confusion! Her story goes good with's basically a about a group of bad azz girls as well. Trust me it's gon be a BANGA! :) im changing the names in her story to fit you all ..and if your a character in her old story already then welcome to the second half!<strong.<em>

lmao chris got issues lol

run it

Chris a damn fool

Run it

Change of post.

naмe: Miya Chanell
age: 16
ѕcнool organιzaтιonѕ/clυвѕ/aтнleтιc: Captain of the Dance team|Student body president| and Yearbook
вoyғrιend: NO but I have someone liking me

Name:Aaliyah Clarkson
Organization:Student Council and color guard
Boyfriend:No but wishes she had one:/

Name: Lauren
School Org:Basketball,cheerleading,dance,honor society!

naмe: Shai Parks
age: 16
ѕcнool organιzaтιonѕ/clυвѕ/aтнleтιc: basketball, volleyball, step
вoyғrιend: yeѕ

Yayyyy cant wait!! :) thanks for the part!!

Need more girls but im bout to start adding!

Name Nicole Aka nic
School organizations Dance
Boyfriend yes