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a new (perhaps unusual) fan...

I'm a 40 year old "white" guy who joined recently. I have two beautiful daughters ages 6 and 12 and one of my most enjoyable moments is when I (try) to dance with them. Forever is perhaps my favorite song that we dance to. This song and its video just brings out a certain happiness and joy that is inexplicable. I am aware of Chris's past and this gives me more of a reason to be a fan...not because of what happened but because of Chris's ability to handle the situation and keep moving forward. As we gain more life experience we tend to view this and all situations with a more cautious eye.... As my daughters get older I look forward to using this a an opportunity to talk to them, probably less about any violence issues, and more about forgiveness.

Now...let me grab these kids and dance a little. And continue my jealousy at Chris's unbelievable talent.