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This will be a <strong> SHORT</strong> story that I told Nani that I would do about our "life" lol. There are a little bisexual content in this. I am not bisexual, but I am very comfortable with my sexuality. So, why not kiss a b*tch in fiction? Lol. It ain't like I'm doing this sh*t for real. Anyway, this is what boredom gets you. Enjoy or don't enjoy! Idgaf! lol


<a href="">I</a> laid in the bed watching <a href="">him</a> prepare to walk away. This was our tenth time arguing today. Especially over something stupid as f*ck. I just didn’t understand him. He would lie to me over sh*t he shouldn’t and that’s when I started going the f*ck off at his ass. He love calling me crazy, but he made me this way. We been together for three years and he STILL can’t be upfront with me? I’m tired of this bullsh*t. I watched him pack his sh*t and started to laugh in his damn face. Now, that made him madder. He HATED when I laughed at him when he was so-called serious. Him being serious is what made me laugh. This nigga STAY packing his sh*t, but NEVER go nowhere. So, this was very routine. And what the f*ck I’mma do? Get on my knees and beg him to stay? Why do that when he’s gonna be running right back to my ass.

I giggled louder, while getting up and helping him pack some of sh*t in boxes. That’s when he pushed me slightly, “Breana, move the f*ck out the way! Don’t touch my sh*t!” I laughed, “Oh really Michael? Really? You sure you don’t want me to call U-Haul? I’m sure they don’t mind coming and helping you.” He dropped the boxes and came rushing towards me with anger. He glared at me, “YOU THINK EVERYTHING IS SUCH A F*CKING JOKE! EVERYTHING IS A F*CKING COMEDY TO YO ASS! BUT I’MMA BE THE ONE TO GET THE LAST F*CKING LAUGH! I’M LEAVING BREANA!” My laughter soon faded. I looked at him seriously, “How many times have you said that sh*t though Michael?”

“IT DOESN’T F*CKING MATTER, BUT DOES IT LOOK LIKE I’M PLAYING? YOU LOSING ME! DON’T YOU SEE IT? I’M TIRED OF THIS SH*T! WE CAN’T EVEN HAVE A NORMAL CONVERSATION WITHOUT LOUD TONES AND CUSS WORDS! I’M TOO YOUNG FOR THIS SH*T; WE’RE TOO YOUNG FOR THIS SH*T. AND IF WE’RE NOT ARGUING, THEN WE’RE F*CKING. I’M TIRED OF HAVING TO F*CK YOU ALL DAY FOR US TO BE HAPPY! THIS SH*T IS JUST TOO CRAZY FOR ME!” He roared, while shaking his head and walking away with some of the boxes. I followed him downstairs, “So, you gon’ f*cking leave me when the going gets tough? Huh? Huh Mike? That’s what you’re good at now?” He placed the boxes at the door.

He then walked over to me, “Baby, why keep fighting for someone who don’t want to fight back? If the going keeps getting tough, then when will it get smooth? Breana, I love you. God knows I do. I just need time to clear my head.” “Time to clear your f*cking head? Nigga, what the f*ck you mean? Well, go sleep in the guest room or on the damn couch! Go smoke a blunt and then come back! But DON’T f*cking leave me! I f*cking love you Michael and I’m not letting you go!” I shouted, walking to the door. “Bree, please let’s not do this. Okay? And besides, this will be some good news for you to tell Nani. I bet she’d be happy to know we’re broken up now. So, she can have you all to her f*cking self!” He spat, now shaking his head.

“Nani? We’re just friends Michael! You know I don’t even swing that damn way! We’re only friends! And baby, please! Think about this sh*t!” I spat on the verge of tears. He chuckled slightly, “Bree, who the f*ck you fooling? I’m no f*cking dummy! I see the way she looks at you, but it’s not even about her right now. Baby, I love you and I won’t be gone for long.” “OH YOU F*CKING LOVE ME? BUT YOU LEAVING ME? F*CK YOU! GET THE F*CK OUT OF HERE B*TCH! LOVE ME THEN HO!” I roared, now crying. He shook his head and planted a kiss on my lips. He pushed me out of the doorway and then carried his boxes out of the door. “Hey Ty, what’s going on?” Michael or ‘Ty’ looked at me, then at <a href="">her</a> walk through the door. He chuckled, while shaking his head, “What’s up Nani? Ask your ‘best friend’!”

He then walked out the door, now slamming it. I sat on the couch crying my eyes out. Nallely or Nani was my best friend. Well, lately we have been fooling around. We only kissed and hugged. She made me feel wanted and like I was heavenly or something. I never thought I would ever look at a girl this way. It hurts because Ty knew all about our secret relationship. It would only be sooner or later when her boyfriend Cole finds out too. “Bree, what’s wrong hun?” She asked, while placing her arm around me. “Everything. Mike knows about us. He just broke up with me. And he’s moving out!” I spat, now crying on her shoulder. She kissed my tears away slowly and then cuffed my face, “I’m here for you. No matter what. You know that. I told you to leave him a long time ago! But you didn’t wanna listen! Now, we can be together.”

I damn near slapped her and looked at her crazy, “B*tch you crazy? You got a man! And so did I before we walked out that damn door! I’m not gay Nani! You’re fun, but I don’t wanna be with you.” She looked at me as if she was hurt. She hopped off the couch and glared at me, now folding her arms. “What the f*ck you mean by that? I told you that I’m willing to leave him for you Breana! But you’re the selfish b*tch who didn’t wanna give up Ty for me! And you’re not gay! And neither am I! We’re bi! That’s a difference!” She growled, now shaking her head at me. I looked at her with disgust, “Why the f*ck would I give up some good d*ck for a fake one? Hell naw b*tch! And that’s your dumb ass! Didn’t nobody tell you to give that nigga up! And I am NOT bi! I am straight. You’re just my experimentation!”

She shot me a disgust glare, “I’m just a toy to you?! A F*CKING SCIENCE EXPERIENT?! HUH? YOU ARE SO F*CKING SELFISH BREE! ALL YOU CARE ABOUT IS YOU! YOU DON’T EVEN REALIZE THAT I AM IN LOVE WITH YOU! YOU STUPID, SELFISH B*TCH!” She was now in full tears. “Oh really Nani? Just blame every f*cking thing on me! Like ALWAYS! I am a selfish b*tch, but you knew that sh*t before we even got caught up in this bullsh*t! Don’t play f*cking dumb now!” I roared harshly. “PLAY DUMB? BREANA I NEVER ASKED YOU FOR SH*T! I ONLY THING I HAVE EVER WANTED WAS YOUR HEART! AND YOU CAN’T EVEN GIVE ME THAT?! MAN, F*CK YOU. I DON’T KNOW WHY I PUT UP WITH YOU!” Nani yelled, now heading out the door. I felt my tears slowly fall. I ran to the door, “Nani don’t leave me. You’re all I have. I’m so sorry for now loving you like you want me to. Just don’t leave me. Please.”

She looked at me, while I wiped her tears away. She closed the door and walked into my arms. “I love you too,” I whispered. Her eyes widened, “What did you just say?” “I said I love you too,” I repeated. She started to cry harder, “That’s the first time you have ever told me that!” “Oh God! Please Nani! Stop all this damn crying! You been real emotional lately! What the f*ck wrong with you?!” “It’s not really my fault Bree. I’m pregnant.” That’s when my eyes bucked, “YOU’RE WHAT?!”


lmao you aint donee till
I sayy so!!


Mane fuuuuuuuck y'all! Lol.

I'm done with you freaky ass broads.

maaan Robyn aint do ish to you

&& no no not fck me
fck you nigga lol



I wanna cuss both of these bitxhes out !!!! Lol f*ck them though....

And especially Robyn ho ass.

I don't like this shid!!!!!!!!!

"Come on Bree." "Nah I'm good over here. Yall have fun." I pulled my shades over my eyes attempting to take a nap. "Does she always act like this?" Robyn tried to whisper to Nani. "Like what?" "Do hot and cold?" "She's usually only like this with Mike. Somethings probably bothering her." "Hmm I was starting to think that she didn't like me again." "Nah it's not that, she's just got a lot on her mind." These two couldn't whisper for s***. "I can hear you both, I just don't wanna get in there right now. I'm sorry." "It's okay Bree, me and Ro understand. We just want to make sure you're having a good time and don't feel left out." "I'm having fun you guys. I'll be back I need something to drink."

I drunk from my glass and stared out the window at Robyn and Nani. They seemed to be having so much fun and carefree, but I can't figure out why I'm not. "Its hard in the begining but I promise it'll get easier." I jumped and turned around, "Is it that noticeable?" "Yeah, but isn't this what you wanted?" "I wanted Nani, Robyn was just like a . . .bonus." "Stop thinking so hard, Bree. Go on out there and have fun, we finna head out for a lil bit." He turned to leave and I stood in the kitchen a little longer before going back outside.

"Um yall b****es just couldn't wait, could yall?" They broke their kiss and smiled up at me. "Sorry Bree," Nani smiled up at meand winked. "Stop damn smiling at me." "Sorry Bree I forgot." Her and Robyn got out of thehot tub and into the pool. "Why can't she smile at you, Bree?" "Cause Ion like that s*** and she know it." "It's just a smile." "With her sneaky ass it's never just a smile." Robyn looked over to Nani whi was biting her lip at me. "No, Nani!" "Coe on! You didn't wanna getin the hot tub get in here, NOW!" I loved when she was so damn forceful but I still wasn't getting in. "No, damn!" She rolled her eys and swam up to Robyn kissing her as she undid her bikini top and Robyn did hers tossing it out of the pool to the side. "NO! I'm still not doing it!" She shrugged, her hands disappeared under the water resurfscing minutes later with both their bottoms. She led Robyn to the pool wall still very much into the kiss. "Got Damn it! I'm gon kick her f***ing ass later on," I mumbked before diving into the pool to join them.


<em>HaHa Bree!!! lol</em>

im prollyy add todayy

Okay, I'm all caught up..,

ummm the moment me & Mike had the park was cute til Nani called & interrupted. And I would've called tha b*tch back and told her, "F*ck you three times ho!" And then hung up in her face. I don't like this shid that's going on... Naw, I'm
not cool with this. I shouldn't have been mean to her though, but still she needs to respect when I'm with my man. I'm not down with this freaky ass sh*t. That Robyn b*tch along with the rest of the swingers can kiss my ass. I want my normal relationship back. And my best friend back. I'm not cool with this at all. -______________- Nani & I shouldn't ever mess around. If we didn't, this shid wouldn't happen. And I don't like the way Mike took up for her like that. Idgaf, I'm YOUR woman & if I don't wanna do something, respect it & stfu! She's not your b*tch, I am! Smh, all these b*tches in this are looney tunes. Smh.

"Bree what are you doing right now, at this moment?" "Nothing we're watching tv." "We as in . . . you and Ty?" I rolled my eyes and shifted around in Mike's embrace. "No me and the people in my pocket, Nani. Who the hell you think?" "Damn don't shoot me down I was just asking." "What can I help you with, Nani?" "Well, Robyn and Chris invited us to chill at their house." I sucked my teeth and looked at the phone, "What the f*** for?" "You know what I don't know what the f*** has gotten into you these past few days but ever since you got Mike back up under your f***ing thumb you been real rude to me and her both. But you know what f*** it and f*** you." I heard my phone beep in my ear meaning she had hung up, slowly I took the phone away from my ear placing it on to the coffee table.

Mike moved around and sighed, "I'm not gonna act like I didn't just hear that." "Well, I would really like it if you did." "Why you being so mean to her? I told you I was cool with it and now you acting like she stole yo cookies or some s***. What's up with you?" Throwing his arms from around me I got up walking towards the stairs, "I told you I want you to act like you ain't hear s***. What you can't follow simple f***ing directions." "You treating yo best friend like s***! The one you was willing to lose me for and you want me to forget that s***. Get yo ass back down here so we can talk." "No Michael you're not my father I don't have to do s***. Piss off." Once I got to the room I laid down to take a short nap before Mike came and woke me up.

"Bree come on get up." I felt Mike shaking me violently. "Mike leave me the f*** alone, I'm not getting up." "Yeah yo ass is. I called Nani and got the address. They expecting us in 20 minutes. Now get the f*** up so we can go." Infuriated I got up and stared at him hard, "Why the f*** did you do that?" "Because you need to stop being mean to that girl like she did s*** to you. Get ya purse and s*** and let's be out." He snatched my purse and phone up handing it to me pushing me out the bedroom door in the process.

After driving in silence all the way to Robyn's house. I went to get out but Mike pulled me bac in and pecked my lips. "I love you Bree. But you can't treat your friends like this. When we get in there you need to apologize to hear for being like that." I smirked and stared into his eyes, "Yes Daddy Dearest." "Aye don't be a smartass, you know there's a consequence for s*** like that." "Yeah whatever I ain't scared. Can we get out now?" 'Yeah come on."

As we walked up to the front door the door opened and Robyn and Nani stood there. Robyn with a smile and Nani with a grimace. "Hey Bree, I'm glad yall decided to come. Hi Mike I'm Robyn." She hugged me and Mike once we made it to the door. "Hey Mike." Nani smiled at him and hugged him, he kissed her head and let go. "What's up girl. I missed you." "Hey Ro. Hey Nani." We all entered the house and walked toward the living room. "Chris, J we have another male for yall to mingle with." They both stood and spoke. "Hey you must be Bree, I'm Chris, Robyn's husband." He hugged me with one arm and dapped Mike with the other, "What's up man? J was just telling me about you." "Well, we'll be in the kitchen and you boys stay out here, do whatever it is that you do."

***The Boys***

"Welcome to the club man." Chris joked as he flipped th television ti MTV Jams. "Yeah, I ain't no bout this s*** though man." "It gets easier man," Jermaine assured him. "How are you not upset about any of this s***, J?" "I mean Chris I love Nallely and I'm willing to do whatever it is that makes her happy." Chris and Mike shared looks and busted out laughing. "Her pussy must be gold, if she got you b****ing out like that." J pushed Mike playfully, "I mean yeah the pussy good, how you think she attracted Ro and Bree but thats only a small factor for me. Nallely is my heart, I'd give her the world if I could." Chris nd Mike nodded agreeing with him. "So what exactly do we get out of this?"


"Nani, don't ignore Bree. She's been talking to you for five minutes." Nani rolled her eyes at me and stayed quiet. "Nani, stop being difficult!" I stepped closer to Nani, "I got it Ro. Thanks though." "I'm sorry, Nallely. Forreal, I am. I don't know what's been getting into me. But that's no excuse I shouldn't treat you like s***. You accept my apology?" She looked up at me in my eyes I felt like she could see inot my soul. "Yeah Bree, I guess I forgive you. But if you ever treat me like s*** again I swear I'm kicking your ass." "Alright Nani Damn!" She stood on her tiptoes and kissed me. "Hey I got a good idea!" "Damn, Ro it's like having anouther Nani. Yo ass is always happy too!" "Oh get over it Bree. Trust me you'll love it, she bit her lip and eyed me, "But anyway I was gonna say we should go get in the hot tub and relax." "I'm down but no freaky s***." "We can't make any promises," Robyn and Nani laughed walking out infront of me. "Thank God, Mike doesn't give a f*** anymore."


Imma read it... My bad.

Me and Mike rode in silence until we got to the park--our park. We got out together and headed towards the swing set, I sat in the swing and he pushed me slowly. "I remember the first time I pushed you on this swing. We were 17, I was dealing and you had snuck out of your parents house because of a fight." My hair blew in the wind as he pushed me and I smiled. "Yeah I remember that night too. My parents had made me so mad but that was always. I came out here crying just looking at the stars because I knew no one would understand what was going on." "Yeah and I was posted out here trying to chill in between sales when I heard low sobs and my mind got the best of me." "Then I felt someone start to slowly push me and I wanted to get mad and cuss." "But I felt your body tense and I started to speak to you calmly. I think it was," his voice trailed off and I continued for him. "Don't be afraid I won't hurt you, I know the pain of life and those tears you cry. I wouldn't dare be another reason that you cry. I'll hold your hand and hug you tight." He laughed lowly and spoke. "I know we don't know each other but hearing your sobs I was drawn to you. Geting to know you is more than a blessing I want to be the one next to you." "Then you asked my name and I did the same." The swing stopped and i felt him run his hand through my hair, "From then on it was me and you. So forgive me if I dont warm up to your idea but I'll think on it." I jumped from the swing to his arms, "Thats nt a yes yet, Bree." "I know but at least you're gonna think about it."


yo asz had me add && you aint read it!

“Bree! Sweetheart, I’m here! Are you okay?” I heard her footsteps, accompanied with an extra pair of footsteps I figured belonged to J, coming towards the kitchen. She saw me and kneeled down next to me, pulling me into her. “Bree, you’re crying, you never cry. What’s wrong?” Sobbing into her breasts, I tried to make coherent sentences but gave up and melted against her. “I know you’re upset baby but tell me what’s wrong, please. I’m worried.” I pulled away and stared into her face with tears running. “Ro, come help me get her up please.”

I saw Robyn walk into the kitchen through blurred vision, she and Nani pulled me up and helped me to the sofa. I laid down, putting my head into her lap while Robyn sat in the love seat across from us. “I told him about us and being in a relationship and he—he looked at me like I was disgusting, he told me I was disgusting. An—and to stay away from you, after he blew up he just punched the wall next to me and left.” Nani stroked my hair and stared quietly at me. “Baby, me and J told you that this might happen honey. Give him time, I know that he’ll come around.”

I stared at her amazed at how she could make any situation have a good ending. She bent down to kiss me and I accepted. She stuck her tongue in my mouth massaging hers against mine. I was enjoying the kiss until I felt hands on my arm; I pulled away and looked straight into <a href="">Robyn's</a> eyes.

“Bree, I know you probably don’t like me but I know what you’re going through. Chris wasn’t like Jermaine in this situation either, he reacted just like Mike did but worse. He took Christina and left for like a month, wouldn’t let me see her or anything until he accepted that this is what I truly wanted and how I am. He accepted me because he loves me.” I sat up and stared at her face seeing the real raw emotion. “It’s not that I don’t like you, Robyn. I’m just a little protective over this b**** right here.” We all laughed and Robyn grabbed my hand, “Well since I know that you don’t wanna kill me and we can be friends call me Ro please.” I nodded laughing and she pulled me into a hug and kissed me.

“Hey! I helped too! Don’t I get a kiss?”

I turned to face Nani’s pouting face, “Come here Nani, damn you always getting jealous and s***.” I kissed her and she stuck her tongue out and played with mine, I felt Robyn’s hand creep up my thigh and concentrate on my clit through my shorts. It felt good that I didn’t care about us potentially having a threesome until my phone rung.
I moved my hand from under Nani’s dress and grabbed my phone from my pocket.

Nani moved to my neck and Robyn continued to rub my clit while I talked, “He—hello?” “Aye baby, what you doing?” I tried to keep my moans to a minimum and talk to Mike. “Nothing just sitting here waiting for you to come back.” We both sighed I’m sure for different reasons, “Well, I’ll be by in a few minutes to get you so we can ride and talk. Is that okay with you?” I nodded biting down on my lip hard, “You still there baby?” “Mmm—mmhm, yeah baby that’s fine with me.” “Aight well I’ll be there in like 10 minutes.” “Okay baby see you then.”

Both Nani and Robyn pulled away from me and smiled, “Ro I guess we better go, Bree and her man got some making up to do.” They both kissed me and Robyn walked out to the car first, “Call or text me and let me know how it went.” “You know I will, Nani.” She grabbed my face and kissed my forehead, “Good luck, even though you won’t need it, and I love you pretty girl.” Smiling small I caressed her face, “Love you too b****.” She laughed and pushed me playfully, “Yo ass know how to ruin a damn moment! I’m leaving heffa!” I laughed and stepped onto the porch waiting for Mike to come scoop me.

Nani aint do shxt lol



Michael i-i-is leaving me???????

And J is cool with us being together?

WHAT TYPE OF F U C K E R Y is this?????

I JUST CANNOT deal with this shid today.


Maaaaan, he reacted like I would expect him to.

Michael, I truly love you and this shid hurts me..... The fact that I destroyed our relationship over some pussy. Yuck. I'm disgusted in myself too lol.

MAAAAAANNNN! Look what you did Nani!!!!!! Lol.

im abt to fixx the tyypos

“I missed you today though, Ley.” “Awwe I missed you too baby.” Jermaine bent to kiss her, it started off as a peck but progressed into them making out. Once Jermaine climbed between her legs I decided it was time to go. “Bree, wait,” Nani called out to me. “Um yes?” “I want you to stay.”

I turned around staring at her, “Um Nani, we ain’t doing no damn threesomes.” She laughed and pushed J up a little and walked towards me. “We’re not at that stage yet, boo. Don’t worry. I want you to say so we can all talk, you got a big task and we’re gonna help you.” “Ugh fine but no slick s***,” I eyed her closely as she laughed. “Come sit down, B. I can help you, Ley don’t know what she talking about.” I sat on the bed quietly with my head down, the choice I made could destroy everything me and Mike had been building for these last few years but I don’t regret it and won’t ever take it back. I love Nallely, not more than Mike he has my heart, but I do love her and I hope he can accept that. If he loves me like he says he does then he’ll accept me and her.

“Are you sure this is the choice you want, Bree?” “Yeah J. If it wasn’t I wouldn’t be here.” He sighed and wrapped his arm around my shoulder, “Then you know that there is a possibility that Mike won’t accept this as a lifestyle and leave you.” My eyes watered at the thought of Mike leaving me, “I don’t want him to leave me but I can’t keep lying to him. I’m so tired of lying about the way I feel.” Nani wiped my tears and made me look at her, “listen, if Mike loves you like we all know he does he will accept you bisexual and all. And if not you know that I’m here and so is J.” After she said bisexual that’s the only thing that echoed loudly in my head, I never thought that this would be my life.

“Bree, are you okay?” I nodded at J as I wiped my eyes, “I’m fine I just can’t believe any of this.” “Believe what, B?” “That I’m in love with and f***ed my best friend, her fiancée is okay with it and I’m—I’m,” my voice trailed off not being able to say what I should have. “You’re bisexual, Bree and so am I. Say it honey.” We stared into each other’s eyes, J rubbed my back for reassurance, “I’m . . . I’m bisexual.” She smiled and pulled me into a hug and kissed me, “Yay! You finally said it out loud! I’m so proud of you!” Me and J laughed at her, “Baby calm down. We still gotta help her.” “Sorry sorry, I’m just excited she would never admit to it before.” “Maybe she wasn’t ready, you had to give her time.” “I mean yeah baby I gave her time but she—,” I raised my hand cutting them off. “Um I’m sitting right here. I can hear both of you.”

“Aight so I’m finna tell you how you need to approach this with Mike. He ain’t the best nigga to confess s*** to but I know how to get him to listen.” Nani hopped up and ran to her closet, “I’ve got the perfect outfit.” “Hold that thought Bree.” J walked over to her closet pulling the door up and locked it, making me laugh. “That’s mean as f***, J.” “What can I say, B, I been around you too long,” he sat back in his spot next to me laughing, “Aight but s*** just start with something like this . . . .”


“Mike, where you at?” “I’m in the kitchen, boo!” After placing my keys and purse on the stand next to the door I trudged slowly to him trying to get all my thoughts together. He met me at the threshold kissing me. “How’s Nani doing?” “She’s much better, got her to laugh and smile today. I feel accomplished.” He smiled and walked over to the fridge to get a Strawberry Shortcake Ice Cream Bar, “That’s good baby. I’m proud of you, you’re a really good friend.” I smiled and looked down momentarily mentally preparing myself for what was about to happen. “Baby, can we talk?” he sucked the last little bit of ice cream off the stick and threw it away, “Yeah, what’s up?” We stood across from each other, the island separating us. “I really don’t know how to say this or introduce this idea to you but I’m gonna try but you have to promise to hear me out.” He smiled softly and eyed me, “Baby, you know you can tell me anything. I love you and you my girl, tell me what’s up.”

Hearing that and seeing him smile made me feel uneasy but I know I have to do this. “You know how you said that you thought that me and Nani had something going on?” He made a screw face and nodded. “Well, I lied to you. It started out just simple kissing and innocent flirting but since the day you left me we’ve been messing around. I’m sorry that I lied to you but baby I didn’t wanna hurt you.” He said nothing just watched me, I figured I might as well tell him the rest, “And before you say anything I need to tell you the rest. I love Nallely, I love you more than anything and anybody but I love her as well. I didn’t expect for any of this to happen but it did. I want you to at least think about letting Nani into our relationship, Jermaine doesn’t mind me and her being together at all so baby I want you to have an open mind please.” I looked down as tears fell and waited for him to respond.

He chuckled softly and banged his fists on the counter causing me to jump. He walked slowly towards me. “So not only did you lie to me about having a relationship with Nallely other than your regular friendship, but you and her been f***ing which means you’re a f***ing <strong>dyke</strong> and now you want me to be okay with you f***ing her?” I trembled staring into the eyes staring back at me, all I saw was anger and a small amount of hurt. “Baby, just listen to what I’m saying. I love her and you love her and they love us, just think about it please.” He moved his face closer to mine, “You’re a f***ing <strong>DYKE</strong>, Bree! I like alota different s***, but for my girl somebody I want to be my wife to be a DYKE is some other s***! do you know how disgusted I am with you right now?” I cried hearing those words come from his lips, “Baby, I’m sorry. I’m so sorry but I am bisexual and I want you to accept that because you love me.”

He smiled and backed up a little, I started to move but his I saw his fist flying towards me; it collided with the wall next to my head. “You stay the f*** away from Nallely, do you understand that s***? You weren’t like this before she came around.” “Michael, I love Nani! And I love you too! Just please baby! Think about it, for me please!” He looked at me like he was disgusted and hurt, I saw no more anger. He pointed his finger at me shaking it slightly but then dropped it and walked out the kitchen then the front door. I slid to the floor and called the person that’s always there for me. . . .

lol yes ma'am


Run this since you back :D


*innocent smile*


damn thas fcked up nani
lost her baby but i see
she got ro checking her out
and she checking bree out!
if i aint know any better
Nani would try to get a 3some
w/ bree and ro if not then
just j and bree or mike and bree
SMH! fckn freaky asses!

Run It

UMMMMMMM...... WTF???!!! LMAO!

UH UH!!!!!!!!!





And Robyn hmm...... whatever lol.....

I'm glad she's okay now..... BUT WTF?!!!


After I made sure she was knocked out I scooted from up under her, “J, let me talk to you outside.” We walked out the room and leaned against the wall opposite of each other. “What up Bree?” His voice had become hoarse and raspy from crying. “How you holding up?” “I’m alright, just tryna make sure Ley is as comfortable and okay as she can be right now.”

I nodded and bit my lip trying to think of my next move. “Its alright Bree. I know that you don’t know what to say, I got it. You don’t have to.” “I just . . . I feel horrible that two people that I love are hurting like this and I can’t do a thing about it.” “Two?” I looked at J and smiled slightly, “I may not act like it but I care about you, J. Nani loves you so I have no choice but to care about and love you too. You’re in my life as much as I’m in yours.” He nodded, “Yeah, I feel you. Love you too Bree. What did you wanna talk about though? Ley’s gonna have a fit if she wakes up and me and you not in there.” I rubbed my arms trying to force the words out of my mouth, “I’m worried, Jermaine. She might not ever be the same after this. And I just wanna help her but I don’t know how.” “She’ll eventually be okay but no for a while. We’re gonna have a funeral for Jada and go to therapy. You’re welcome to see if she’d like you to come with us or yall two can go together. I know how much she means to you. Just because you love Mike more and she loves me more does not mean that me and him don’t know yall share a bond that we could never possibly understand.”

I stared at Jermaine with my mouth slightly open. Since him and Nani had been together I hadn’t made it a point to actually carry on a conversation with him but now I’m regretting that.

He pulled me into a hug and kissed my forehead. “It’ll all be okay in time, Bree. You just gotta be patient with her. As long as she knows we’re not rushing her she’ll be fine.” He let go and returned into the room. I stood out in the hall a little longer until her doctor walked up.

“Excuse me, Dr. Bradford.” “Yes, how can I help you?” “I just uh . . . I wanted to know why Jada didn’t make it.” He looked at me with his full attention, “You are family right?” “Yes sir. I’m her sister.” “Well, Nallely went into labor too early, Jada’s lungs and heart were not strong enough to work on their arm and the machines weren’t working. If the circumstances were different she would have survived but she was just too small and under developed. Her death was inevitable.” A few tears slipped from my eyes, I quickly wiped them. “So will Nani be able to have kids again?” “I more than certain she will, her body was not rejecting Jada her blood pressure and stress levels were just too high and Jada became stressed as well. Nallely is welcome to have as many children as she wants to once she heals but you and your family in there have to keep her stress and blood pressure down so that she can carry to term.” He smiled politely and walked off.

It’s been a month since Jada’s funeral, it was small the way Nani wanted it. I hadn’t heard from her in a while so I figured I’d go see here. She had given me a key so I walked right in.

“Nani, where you at girl?” No response, she must be upstairs. “I hope your ass is decent.” I joked before twisting the doorknob walking in. “Hey boo, how you been?” She stood to hug me then we both sat back down. “I’ve been good actually. Therapy, you, J and Mike helped so I’m better now,” she smiled a real smile. I admired her face, it had been so long since I’d seen her happy. “I missed you Nallely,” I spoke softly. She leaned in and kissed my cheek, “I missed you too.”

I started to ask a question but I heard another voice, “Damn Nani I leave for 15 minutes and you cheat on me.” I eyed her hard and Nani started laughing, “Robyn hush! This is Bree, you remember I was telling you about her.” “Oh this is Bree? She doesn’t look mean to me.” “Nani, what the f*** you told her about me?” “Oh well I take that back, you are kind of feisty. I’m Robyn, nice to meet you Bree.” She pulled me into a hug, rubbing my back. “Alright that’s enough, Robyn. She doesn’t like to be touched like that, she got a man.” “So do you and so do I, so what,” Robyn laughed.

“Come on sit back down Bree, Robyn isn’t staying she has to get her baby and go back home to her man.” I sat down still eyeing Robyn. “You right, I just came back to drop that juice you asked for off. I’ll talk to you later. Oh and nice meeting you Bree,” she smiled eyeing me. “Good-bye Robyn. “Bye girl. lock the door please.” “Always do.”

“Where the hell did she come from?” I snapped. “I met her at Group. She lost her baby like 6 months ago, so we had some stuff in common. What? You don’t like her?” “What yall got in common besides losing children, Nani?”

She smiled and pulled me closer than laying us back on the bed, “The same thing you and I have in common.” “Yall f***ed?” “No.” “Oh aight, good.” “She wants to though.” “And what you told her?” “That I would think about it.” I sucked my teeth and sat up glaring at her, “Why you ain’t tell her no?” “Why would I Bree?” “What you mean?” “What I mean is you ain’t made a decision yet so I can think about her question.” “I have made a decision, Nani.” “And what is it?”

I kissed her, sliding my tongue in her mouth and my hand in her shorts. I pulled away and kissed her neck, “So what does this mean Bree?” She giggled when I found her spot. “That I want you and Mike, I’m gonna find a way to talk to Mike and if he loves me like I know he does he’ll work with me.” I watched her bite her lip as I massaged her clit, “I don’t share this with nobody except J. you hear me Nani?” She nodded squirming up under me. “So you let Robyn know that. Alright?” She nodded again, sighing quietly.

“What’s up Ley!” After hearing J’s voice I moved my hand out of her and laid against her chest. He walked in the room seconds later. “Oh s***, what up Bree. I thought that was ya car.” “Hey J!” “Hey baby! I ain’t know she was coming either, she just popped up. How was work?”

He kissed her lips then my forehead and sat on the side of Nani. “It was good, got a lot done. You told her yet?” “Yeah, Robyn was here when she came.” “Oh aight. How is Robyn?” He smiled causing her to laugh. “She’s good babe, but Bree don’t like her.” “You must’ve told her what she said.” “Yeah I did.” “Ion like her she was eyeing me.” Jermaine laughed, “She was probably checkin you out, B.” “Well, she can keep dreaming cause that s*** ain’t goin down.” “Calm down, Bree.”

“I missed you today though, Ley.” “Awwe I missed you too baby.” Jermaine bent to kiss her, it started off as a peck but progressed into them making out. Once Jermaine climbed between her legs I decided it was time to go. “Bree, wait,” Nani called out to me. “Um yes?” “I want you to stay.”

This add is so damn sad! Man poor Nani... I can't even relate to her situation. Man I hope she be alright... You can cry on my shoulder! I feel bad for Cole too :( Man she left too soon! R.I.P. Jada!

<em>7 Months Later . . . </em>

“Bree you need to come to the hospital!” I took the phone from my ear and looked at it. “Um for what Jermaine?” “Ley is in labor! You and Ty need to get up here!” “It’s too early though.” “I know I know just come up here she’s asking for you.” “Alright we’re coming.”

“Mike, get up! We need to go to the hospital!” “For what? You hurt or some s***?” “No nigga, Nani is going into labor!” “What? Already?” “Yes now get your ass up and lets go.”

Me and Nani hadn’t shared that type of relationship after the night they slept over. I decided she should concentrate on the baby which would give me time to figure out what I was doing. Even though we hadn’t been together in a while we remained close. She had been complaining about pains here and there but her doctor always sent her home saying it was Braxton Hicks. I don’t know if Jada would survive being born this early but I’m praying she is.

Jermaine met us at the entrance and took us up to her room. She looked so helpless and in pain; I felt horrible not being able to do anything about it.

“Baby, Bree’s here.” She turned her head slightly and tears started to stream from her eyes. I rushed over and wiped her face, “It’s gonna be okay Nani. Jada is gonna be just fine sweetie.” “My doctor said she might not, Bree. I don’t want my baby to die.” Seeing her like this broke my heart, she’s my best friend and I can’t do anything to help her besides reassure her of something that I don’t honestly believe.

“Can I get something for you, Nani?” She looked at me teary eyed, “Help me.” Tears left from my eyes as she let out a blood curdling scream. I ran outside the room to get J and Mike. “J please get somebody to help. She’s in pain.” He turned pale and went to get the nurse. Mike pulled me into a hug trying to console me. “It’s gonna be okay, Bree. It will, God will take care of them.” “What if something happens Jada? Or Nani? She’s my best friend Mike!” Before he could answer, Nani’s doctor, nurses and J ran past us.

“Mike, it’s been 3 hours what’s taking so long?” “Baby come sit down, you worryin and pacin ain’t gonna make time go faster.” “Mike, I cannot sit down! I could be losing my best friend and our Goddaughter, I can’t . . . I just . . . can’t,” my voice cracked and I broke down. “Bae, Bree come here,” he pulled me onto his lap and rocked me as I cried.

“Aye yall,” I pulled away from Mike and saw Jermaine standing in front of us but I couldn’t read his face. “What’s going on? Are they okay?” “Ley is uh okay physically.” “Thank God. What about my niece? Where is Jada?” He looked from me to Mike then back to me, his eyes started to glaze over and tears fell from his eyes. “J, forreal stop playing. Where the f*** is Jada?” “She uh . . . she died about 45 minutes ago.” The tears falling uncontrollably now, I tried to hug him but it was a one sided hug J only wrapped one arm around me. “You can go in there, the nurse should be leaving out now.” I stared at him a little longer and walked past him.

“How you feeling, Nallely? You okay?” She stared up at me with red eyes, her hair was wet from sweating so hard. “I’m fine.” “J told me what happen to Jada. Baby, I’m so sorry.” I bent to kiss her forehead and cheek. “My baby died in my arms just now Bree. My baby is gone,” her voice became shaky. I knew she was on the verge of tears that were close to falling.

“She’s you and Jermaine’s angel now, Nani. Yall can have so many more babies, sweetie. God wanted her and unfortunately he decided it too soon for any of our liking.” I got her brush and brushed her hair back off of her face, wiped her face down with a warm wash cloth and sat on the bed next to her.

“You want something to eat or drink?” “I don’t want anything except Jada, Bree. I want my baby back.” Tears started falling faster from her eyes, she looked pitiful like a lost child; this s*** was pulling at my f***ing heart strings. “Nani, I’m sorry I can’t bring her back but I’m always here you know that.” She cried harder into my chest, the door opened in walked Mike and a red faced Jermaine. I looked at Jermaine and hoped he saw the helplessness in them.

“Baby we can stay up here if you want to.” Before I could answer him, Nani did. “Please don’t leave me. Don’t anyone leave me.” More tears gushed as she squeezed me tighter. “We won’t leave you then, I promise we’re all gonna stay here with you.” Mike and Jermaine sat on the sofa inside the room, Mike staring at the TV, Jermaine staring off and me, I remained in my spot. She finally fell asleep against me but still sobbing in her sleep. I wondered if she would be the same again.

Yall secret lovers
Having asses lol

yo asz take mine for granted &&
a joke!!

im onlyy your experiment

Lol.... *side-lip* WHATEVER man! I'm just saying man. You take my love for granted!

ayye ayye
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HEY TWIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D

And THANK YOU!!! That's what I'm saying.... I love Mike WAY MORE and she KNOWS that lol.