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This will be a <strong> SHORT</strong> story that I told Nani that I would do about our "life" lol. There are a little bisexual content in this. I am not bisexual, but I am very comfortable with my sexuality. So, why not kiss a b*tch in fiction? Lol. It ain't like I'm doing this sh*t for real. Anyway, this is what boredom gets you. Enjoy or don't enjoy! Idgaf! lol


<a href="">I</a> laid in the bed watching <a href="">him</a> prepare to walk away. This was our tenth time arguing today. Especially over something stupid as f*ck. I just didn’t understand him. He would lie to me over sh*t he shouldn’t and that’s when I started going the f*ck off at his ass. He love calling me crazy, but he made me this way. We been together for three years and he STILL can’t be upfront with me? I’m tired of this bullsh*t. I watched him pack his sh*t and started to laugh in his damn face. Now, that made him madder. He HATED when I laughed at him when he was so-called serious. Him being serious is what made me laugh. This nigga STAY packing his sh*t, but NEVER go nowhere. So, this was very routine. And what the f*ck I’mma do? Get on my knees and beg him to stay? Why do that when he’s gonna be running right back to my ass.

I giggled louder, while getting up and helping him pack some of sh*t in boxes. That’s when he pushed me slightly, “Breana, move the f*ck out the way! Don’t touch my sh*t!” I laughed, “Oh really Michael? Really? You sure you don’t want me to call U-Haul? I’m sure they don’t mind coming and helping you.” He dropped the boxes and came rushing towards me with anger. He glared at me, “YOU THINK EVERYTHING IS SUCH A F*CKING JOKE! EVERYTHING IS A F*CKING COMEDY TO YO ASS! BUT I’MMA BE THE ONE TO GET THE LAST F*CKING LAUGH! I’M LEAVING BREANA!” My laughter soon faded. I looked at him seriously, “How many times have you said that sh*t though Michael?”

“IT DOESN’T F*CKING MATTER, BUT DOES IT LOOK LIKE I’M PLAYING? YOU LOSING ME! DON’T YOU SEE IT? I’M TIRED OF THIS SH*T! WE CAN’T EVEN HAVE A NORMAL CONVERSATION WITHOUT LOUD TONES AND CUSS WORDS! I’M TOO YOUNG FOR THIS SH*T; WE’RE TOO YOUNG FOR THIS SH*T. AND IF WE’RE NOT ARGUING, THEN WE’RE F*CKING. I’M TIRED OF HAVING TO F*CK YOU ALL DAY FOR US TO BE HAPPY! THIS SH*T IS JUST TOO CRAZY FOR ME!” He roared, while shaking his head and walking away with some of the boxes. I followed him downstairs, “So, you gon’ f*cking leave me when the going gets tough? Huh? Huh Mike? That’s what you’re good at now?” He placed the boxes at the door.

He then walked over to me, “Baby, why keep fighting for someone who don’t want to fight back? If the going keeps getting tough, then when will it get smooth? Breana, I love you. God knows I do. I just need time to clear my head.” “Time to clear your f*cking head? Nigga, what the f*ck you mean? Well, go sleep in the guest room or on the damn couch! Go smoke a blunt and then come back! But DON’T f*cking leave me! I f*cking love you Michael and I’m not letting you go!” I shouted, walking to the door. “Bree, please let’s not do this. Okay? And besides, this will be some good news for you to tell Nani. I bet she’d be happy to know we’re broken up now. So, she can have you all to her f*cking self!” He spat, now shaking his head.

“Nani? We’re just friends Michael! You know I don’t even swing that damn way! We’re only friends! And baby, please! Think about this sh*t!” I spat on the verge of tears. He chuckled slightly, “Bree, who the f*ck you fooling? I’m no f*cking dummy! I see the way she looks at you, but it’s not even about her right now. Baby, I love you and I won’t be gone for long.” “OH YOU F*CKING LOVE ME? BUT YOU LEAVING ME? F*CK YOU! GET THE F*CK OUT OF HERE B*TCH! LOVE ME THEN HO!” I roared, now crying. He shook his head and planted a kiss on my lips. He pushed me out of the doorway and then carried his boxes out of the door. “Hey Ty, what’s going on?” Michael or ‘Ty’ looked at me, then at <a href="">her</a> walk through the door. He chuckled, while shaking his head, “What’s up Nani? Ask your ‘best friend’!”

He then walked out the door, now slamming it. I sat on the couch crying my eyes out. Nallely or Nani was my best friend. Well, lately we have been fooling around. We only kissed and hugged. She made me feel wanted and like I was heavenly or something. I never thought I would ever look at a girl this way. It hurts because Ty knew all about our secret relationship. It would only be sooner or later when her boyfriend Cole finds out too. “Bree, what’s wrong hun?” She asked, while placing her arm around me. “Everything. Mike knows about us. He just broke up with me. And he’s moving out!” I spat, now crying on her shoulder. She kissed my tears away slowly and then cuffed my face, “I’m here for you. No matter what. You know that. I told you to leave him a long time ago! But you didn’t wanna listen! Now, we can be together.”

I damn near slapped her and looked at her crazy, “B*tch you crazy? You got a man! And so did I before we walked out that damn door! I’m not gay Nani! You’re fun, but I don’t wanna be with you.” She looked at me as if she was hurt. She hopped off the couch and glared at me, now folding her arms. “What the f*ck you mean by that? I told you that I’m willing to leave him for you Breana! But you’re the selfish b*tch who didn’t wanna give up Ty for me! And you’re not gay! And neither am I! We’re bi! That’s a difference!” She growled, now shaking her head at me. I looked at her with disgust, “Why the f*ck would I give up some good d*ck for a fake one? Hell naw b*tch! And that’s your dumb ass! Didn’t nobody tell you to give that nigga up! And I am NOT bi! I am straight. You’re just my experimentation!”

She shot me a disgust glare, “I’m just a toy to you?! A F*CKING SCIENCE EXPERIENT?! HUH? YOU ARE SO F*CKING SELFISH BREE! ALL YOU CARE ABOUT IS YOU! YOU DON’T EVEN REALIZE THAT I AM IN LOVE WITH YOU! YOU STUPID, SELFISH B*TCH!” She was now in full tears. “Oh really Nani? Just blame every f*cking thing on me! Like ALWAYS! I am a selfish b*tch, but you knew that sh*t before we even got caught up in this bullsh*t! Don’t play f*cking dumb now!” I roared harshly. “PLAY DUMB? BREANA I NEVER ASKED YOU FOR SH*T! I ONLY THING I HAVE EVER WANTED WAS YOUR HEART! AND YOU CAN’T EVEN GIVE ME THAT?! MAN, F*CK YOU. I DON’T KNOW WHY I PUT UP WITH YOU!” Nani yelled, now heading out the door. I felt my tears slowly fall. I ran to the door, “Nani don’t leave me. You’re all I have. I’m so sorry for now loving you like you want me to. Just don’t leave me. Please.”

She looked at me, while I wiped her tears away. She closed the door and walked into my arms. “I love you too,” I whispered. Her eyes widened, “What did you just say?” “I said I love you too,” I repeated. She started to cry harder, “That’s the first time you have ever told me that!” “Oh God! Please Nani! Stop all this damn crying! You been real emotional lately! What the f*ck wrong with you?!” “It’s not really my fault Bree. I’m pregnant.” That’s when my eyes bucked, “YOU’RE WHAT?!”


ok so I caught up and basically...
this s*** is crazy.
all this back and forth nonsense.
i would just be like f*** it and just choose Mike.
Cuz it's obvious that Bree is feeling him more anyway.
Nani brings her excitement but Mike is her world.
nothing can compare to that and that why Nani need to stop
messing with Bree crazy ass.
I think that this is just a mess.
but i am excited to see how they'll clean it up.
Run it!

just had to let you know I'm about to start reading.
and btw...


*giggles and smiles*


I finally did that shid!!! Ugh!!! She not worth me hurting my relationship lol... Ughhhh! And she f*cking da shid out f Cole???? Mannnnnn. I f*cked up!!!!

Ughh run it.

Me and Nani sat in my bedroom watching television—well I was watching she seemed zoned out. ”Nani, you okay?” “I’m fine, Breana.” I rolled my eyes and grabbed her hand, caressing it. “Let my hand go before your man comes in here and you get in trouble,” she snatched her hand away and slid away from me. “You really about to act like that, Nallely?” “I meant what I said earlier, Bree. When you know what you want let me but until then I’m not finna play this back and forth, cat and mouse game with you. I refuse.” “Bae, come on now. Stop being like that. You said it yourself I don’t know what I want yet.” “I know what I said Breana you don’t have to remind me.” I sighed and ran my fingers through my hair. “How long are you gonna be mad at me, Nani?” She shrugged her shoulders and continued staring off. “I love you.” She looked at me quickly then back at whatever the hell she was looking at. “I love you as well Breana.” I got up from my spot on the bed and sat in front of the edge between her legs and finished looking at television. “Why are you over here?” “Because I want to be closer to you, even if you are mad at me.” “Okay whatever, stay there I really don’t care.” We sat in silence then I started to run my hands up and down her smooth legs. “Stop Bree.” “I’m not doing anything, Nani.” “Yes the hell you are and I’m not in the mood.” Her ass was lying; she’s always in the mood she just being stubborn as hell. “Alright babe, I hear you. I’ll be right back I’m about to go check on the boys.” She nodded still not looking in my direction.

“Yall okay down here?” I stood behind the sofa with my hands on Mike’s shoulders. “Yeah we good baby. Yall good?” “Yeah we okay, Nani’s about to braid my hair into pony tails.” “Oh aight, we gon play two more games then we’ll be on up there, baby girl.” I smiled and rolled my eyes behind his back, “Alright baby, it won’t take that long for her to braid my hair so she’ll probably already be in the room waiting for you, J.” Tyga nodded and Jermaine looked back at me momentarily and smiled. I smiled and made my way back upstairs. I went to our bathroom and got my comb and grease so she could do my hair.

“Braid my hair please boo.” “Sit down.” I sat back between her legs and she greased through my hair first then parted it down the middle. After she started on the first braid she began talking, “I’m not mad at you anymore, Bree. I’m just a little hurt.” “Why?” “Because I know that you love Mike more than me and I don’t like it. It’s like every time me and you discuss ‘us’ you always find some way to throw Mike in my face. You remember how you felt when you saw Jermaine kissing me and his hands were all over me?” I balled my fists up remembering what happen in the kitchen then let them go, “Yeah I remember.” “Well that’s what I feel every time you do that s*** to me even though I don’t show it.” She placed a rubber band on the end of the braid and led my head the opposite way to do the other. I placed my hands back on her legs rubbing over them in slow soft circles, “I’m sorry, Nani; I didn’t know that it hurt you like that.” “Yeah well it’s okay, I love you any way boo,” I knew she was smiling without actually looking at her. Nani was ALWAYS smiling no matter what was wrong with her. She neared the end of the braid and popped me with the comb on my shoulder. “The f***, Nani?” “That’s for yelling at me earlier in front of Ty and J.” I smiled and continued rubbing her legs, “s*** my bad, but I was mad.” “So nigga, “she joked putting the rubber band on. “Alright, turn around and face me so I can make sure it’s even and your edges look good, boo.” I got on my knees and turned around facing her—well her stomach. She put a small amount of grease on my edges around my forehead and by my ears. She placed her hands on my ears and softly pushed my head down and closer to her. I felt her hands run over my braids putting grease on them and then her finger down my part. She pulled me closer to her so she could get the back of my hair. I licked my lips and laughed, “You know my face is like right near your pussy, right Nani?” She laughed loud, “I only did it so I could get to the back of your head without having to make you turn around again.” “Yeah, uh huh.” “Forreal . . . I meant it when I said I wasn’t in the mood just because I ain’t mad don’t mean you getting s***.” “And that’s you’re final answer?” “Yup,” she laughed as she placed a thin layer of grease on the back of my head. I reached my hand up and rubbed along her pussy outside of her shorts. “Ssss Bree cut that s*** out. I told you I ain’t in the mood.” I smiled and looked up at her. “You don’t have to be in the mood, I just wanna try something.” She looked at me with her eyebrows raised and chuckled, “Yeah okay Bree, you not gon put ya face down there so don’t even hype me up.” “How you know I won’t?” “Because whenever I ask you to you tell me ‘I ain’t putting my face nowhere near ya pussy, Nani’,” she mimicked me laughing. “Just shut ya ass up and let me do what I’m doing, Nani.” “Whatever mane . . . just make sure ya man don’ walk in here. Cause if he do I ain’t in it.” I got up to lock the door then when back to my position between her legs., eye level with her nether parts pulled her shorts down and saw she wasn’t wearing panties. “Hmm . . . no panties?” She looked down at me and smiled, “You know I hardly ever where them.” I nodded and stuck my fingers between her folds, she moaned out spreading her legs wider for me. I stuck my middle finger in her hole and used my other hand to rub her pearl. “Bree, Mmm noooo,” she moaned softly trying to move my hands. I swatted them away and continued. I slipped another finger into her and she screamed out, but I’m sure Ty couldn’t hear it. “Can I taste it bae?” She propped herself up on her elbows and stared in my face, “What? Mmm Bree you and I both know you don’t do that.” “Shut up and take this s***, Nani.” “It’s like that?” “Yup now lay the f*** back.” She stared at me hard but laid back. With my fingers I separated her lips and examined her pussy, how pink it was . . . how wet she was—the normal s***. I didn’t know exactly what I was doing but I went in head first with my tongue out. I flicked my tongue around her clit then down her folds. Her hips bucked and she tried to slide away from me. I wrapped my arms around her thighs and locked her down, “Uhn uhn yo ass ain’t goin nowhere. You been wantin this so you gon take it.” I attacked her pussy slurping, licking and nibbling at her pussy. She bucked up under me but I hadn’t turned her loose and didn’t plan on it. She put her hand on the back of my hand and pushed my face deeper into her as she grinded her hips. “Mmm f*** Bree. . . right there.” I replaced my tongue with my fingers, “Cum for me Nani.” I watched her pinch her own nipples moan and bite her lip, “Mmm I am baby.” “Ion see s*** Nani. I’m sure the boys will be done any minute.” I chuckled and watched her turn red. “Then make me cum, Bree. s***!” She whined still bucking her hips at me. I put my face back between her thighs and f***ed her with my tongue until I felt her cum on my tongue. Once she was doing I went up to her face and kissed her in the mouth. I pulled away and handed her shorts back.

“b****, you taste good,” I joked. She pulled her shorts up and flopped back on the bed. “You would’ve already known that if you wouldn’t have been scared.” She laughed and I lay beside her on the bed on my stomach. “Shut yo ass up, you lucky I did that s***.” I felt her sit on my legs and rub my back, “Why did you do it bae?” “I just wanted to know what it was like, try some new s***,” my voice was muffled from laying my head in the pillow.” “Oh okay,” she massaged my back, moving her hands lower and lower till they rested on my ass. “If you wanted to touch my ass you didn’t have to beat around the bush.” “Whatever,” she laughed squeezing my ass, “If I wanted to only touch your ass I woulda did just that.” “Yeah, yeah whatever.”

It was quiet while she massaged down to my thighs, I felt her hands creeping up my leg then on my area. I sighed and bit my lip as she rubbed her hand in a circle massaging my clit through my pants. She sat up and tapped my shoulder to turn around—I obliged. She moved to kiss my neck but stopped short and got up returning to her spot at the edge of the bed. “Nani, what the f***?” She looks at me and placed her finger to her lips signaling with her eyes towards the door. She quickly turned back to the television then the door opened.

“Aye Nani, J said he waiting on you.” Mike walked in the room laughing. She nodded and got up from the bed stretching. “Alright, night Bree . . . Night Tigger.” They play fought for a few seconds until she gave up and walked out.

Mike slid out of his gym shorts and laid down next to me, kissing my forehead before he started to flip through the channels. “You had fun tonight, Mike?” he nodded smiling, “Yeah I really did. Me and J got caught up and s***; you know Nani pregnant?” I nodded. “Oh well he just told me downstairs, I’m excited he asked me to be God Daddy.” I laid my head on his chest, “Awe babe that’s good.” “Yeah I know. I’m sorry for accusing you and Nani of that s***. i don’t know what I was thinking, Bree.” “It’s okay, Mike. Really it’s okay.”

He nodded and focused his attention on the television. I stuck my hand in his boxers massaging his d***, “Bree cut it out.” I ignored him and kept going. “I’m not playing Bree. Not tonight. I’ve had the longest two days and I’m tired as f*** right now.” I smacked my teeth and rolled my eyes, “Fine Mike. But I’m waking yo ass up in the morning.” He laughed and flipped the television off, “Aight baby girl I got you . . . I’m going to sleep though. Gimmie a kiss.” I leaned up and kissed him trying to slip my hand back into his boxers but he caught it. “Good night Breana.” He smiled and pulled the covers up over us. “Fine, well I’ma go downstairs and watch tv so I don’t keep you up.” “Aight, wake me when you get back in the bed.” “Aight Daddy . . . good night.” I stepped out the room and shut the door tight.

As I walked pass the guest room where Jermaine and Nani were sleeping and noticed the door was slightly ajar. My nosey side came out when I decided to see what they were doing. Nani lay on top of him as he held her while they talked.

“Come on Ley, they not gonna know.” She giggled softly while he touched on her ass, “Yes they will Jermaine. They will hear me.” He slapped her ass hard, “Girl you know Ty sleep like a f***in rock and Bree don’t care.” She sat up in his lap and winded her hips. I watched him bite his lip and pull her tank over her head exposing her titties. She eased off his lap pulling his shorts and gym shorts off letting his d*** spring out of them. He tugged at the shorts then ripped them off of her—I should have been mad about my shorts but a part of me couldn’t make myself be angry. Jermaine pulled Nani on top of him easing her onto his d***. A small moan escaped her mouth, it sent an electric charge through my body—that same moan that drove me crazy every time we were together. I watched her as she f***ed him, the way her titties bounced with her every movement.

I decided tto walk away before I got myself into something that would get us all killed. I slipped back into bed with Ty and he wrapped his arms around me holding me tight. I laid there thinking about how deep this hole I had dug had gotten—oddly enough though my fear level of getting caught isn’t as high as it probably should be.

Lmao @ ...and bring the boy
uh uh bree outs JERMAINE boo!
And smh at nani raping beer lol
auuugh ty just dont know

If you say so... Lol

lol no one is worried abt yo asz!!


Maaaaaan ughhhh I should show yo ass I ain't playing!!!! Lol

lmao choke who??
*looks arond*
not i!!!


&& i aint evil gua!!

Ughhhhhhhhhhhhh that conniving little b*tch lol. Ughh! She just had to be sooooo damn evil man. I should've choked her tf out. And wow...... They spending the night???? Maaaaan WTF gon' happen????? Lol

“Are you sure you want them to come over, Ty?” I asked him holding my phone in my hand. “Yeah Bree. For the tenth time.” “Uh don’t get smart nigga.” He cracked a smile, “Yeah aight bae. Whatever you want.” Smiling I dialed Nani’s number and placed the phone to my ear. After a few rings she picked up. I heard her giggling uncontrollably and rolled my eyes.

“Nani, if you’re gonna answer the phone you better say something,” I yelled into the phone. “I’m . . . I’m so—sorry. He’s tickling . . . me,” she spoke in between laughs. “Ugh! Tell that nigga to cut that s*** out you on the phone.” “Stop J. Stoooop, Bree wants to talk,” there was a slight pause, “Alright. Now what’s up babybop?” “Ugh, don’t call me that s***.” “Look, did you call to be a b**** for no reason or do you actually want something?” “Damn, my bad. I was just calling to invite you and J over for dinner.” “Huh? Say what now?” I laughed out, “Ty wants you both to come over.” “Is this a trap? Is he gonna kill us, Bree?” “No stupid! He just misses you guys. Be here at 7, bring the boy.” “Bree, his name is Jermaine call him that. You don’t hear me calling Ty a gecko.” “Alright. Alright. s***! Just bring your ass and Jermaine.” “Okay. See you then.” I hung up and laid back on the bed with Ty.

“They coming?” “Yep. They’ll be here in two hours.” “Good. I’m looking forward to their visit.” I cut my eyes over to him, “What you mean by that Ty?” He glanced at me then back at the TV, “Nothing I’m just saying I’m looking forward to the company, babe. That’s it. Unless there’s something I should know.” “Nah babe. We good.” <em>This lying thing is becoming too natural for my taste.</em>

I bent down to take the chicken out of the oven when I felt a slap on my ass. I pulled the chicken out quickly placing it on the stove and turned expecting Ty.

“Oh it’s you,” I spoke dryly. “Damn, you feeling some type a way huh?” “Yeah. About yo ass and stop touching mine,” I snapped turning away from Nani to mash the potatoes. “I mean it wasn’t a problem last night,” she whispered into my ear wrapping her arms around my waist. “Nani, Ty just stopped being suspicious you need to move before he come in here raising hell,” I tried pushing her hands off but she only gripped my hips tighter. “Ty ain’t here so I can do what I want. Hell, if his clueless ass was here I would still do what I wanted,” she laughed evilly. “What you mean he ain’t here, Nani?” “Him and J went to Wal-Mart for some sodas and then there going to the package store. Know what that means,” I felt her smiling as she pulled me into her further. “No what?” I didn’t know why but my voice had gotten softer and my attitude had diminished. “It means we have oooooh,” she paused un-snapping my shorts sliding her hand into my panties, “about 30 minutes to do whatever . . . we . . . want.” “Nani, stooooop.” “Stop what I ain’t did nothing yet,” she replied running her finger on the outside of my pussy lips. I sighed and leaned my head back as she slid a finger into me pumping slowly. “Ssssss . . . I hate you Nani.” “I don’t believe you,” she sneered playfully as she bit on my neck. “Ye—yes . . . mmm f***. I do, I do.” “No you dooon’t,” she sung onto my ear, slipping another finger into me allowing her thumb to rub my clit. “I’ll stop if you make me believe it bae. Scream it for me.” I shook my head no, not able to open my mouth. She moved her fingers in and out of me faster, I felt myself cumming. “Say it, Bree,” she purred softly. “I hate you, Nani,” I spoke below a whisper. “Uhn uhn boo. Louder.” She quickened her pace and I felt my legs shake but I refused to give in. “I know you can’t take much more, Bree. Come on and tell me what I wanna hear.” She moved her hand that gripped my waist up my shirt, into my bra and pinched my nipple hard. “Say that s***, Bree. Let me hear it.” “Mmmm . . . f***. No! No!” I moaned out loud gripping onto the counter to hold myself up.

Then I heard Ty’s voice, “We back babe! Yall still in the kitchen?”

“You better say something fast or your man is gonna have a fit.” I didn’t wanna give in but I didn’t want Ty mad either. “I HATE YOU, NANI! f***!” I released, glazing over her fingers and she slipped her hands out of my shorts and shirt swiftly, sauntering over to the sink washing her hands, laughing. Leaving me hunched over the counter letting the rest of my orgasm flow through me.

“Bree, why were you yelling?” I didn’t say anything, just breathing slowly trying to catch my breath. “She just mad cause I snuck up on her ass,” Nani answered laughing. I shot up and gave her the evil eye. “b****, don’t look at me like that! You should have been on it!” “b**** don’t talk to me! I’ma get yo ass,” I retorted half-way playing, half not. Ty came over and kissed my forehead, “Awe bay you will be alright. Don’t beat her up, you might hurt the baby.” “Yup and then I would have to put my foot in yo ass,” Jermaine laughed looking me in the face. “Yeah well next time she sneaks up on me I’ma kick her ass in the throat.” “Well maybe you should answer next time I call your name,” Nani responded with an evil glare, “Alright men out the kitchen dinner is almost ready.” Nani flicked her hands to shoo them out. Ty walked out laughing and I watched as J pulled her into him and kissed her—tongue and all. Did she really have to do that disgusting s*** in front of me? He patted her butt and walked out. She turned to me smiling.

“What?” “Don’t what me. Did you have to do that disgusting s*** in front of me?” She came over and pinched my cheeks, “Awwwwe is the wittle baby jealous?” She fell out laughing but I ain’t see a damn thing funny, I pushed her off me and put the mashed potatoes into a different bowl. She sucked her teeth and hopped on the counter next to me, “Why you trippin Bree?” “The f*** you mean why I’m tripping, Nallely?” She rolled her eyes and hopped off the counter. “What you mad cause I’m showing my <strong>MAN</strong> some damn attention? When you don’t even know what the hell ya ass want, which is probably Michael!” I grabbed the bowl of potatoes and turned to her, “Grab the chicken and the rolls so you can put them on the table.” She followed me to the dining room and I closed the doors.

“Stop yelling that s*** out, Nani.” She made a screw face and threw her hands up. “You know what Bree, its becoming very clear to me that you are flip flopping around cause yo ass ain’t and I ain’t rushing you or no s*** like that but I refuse to neglect my man and wait on yo ass. YES, I love you but NO I won’t stop showing Jermaine affection cause you don’t like it. And until you can decide what you want this conversation is OVER!” We paused staring at each other, glaring. “I’m gonna get J and Ty, you get yaself together before we come back or your <em>MAN</em> will get suspicious.” She rolled her eyes, snatched the door open and walked out.

<em>After Dinner. . . </em>

“Aye Bree that was good,” Jermaine commented wiping his mouth with his napkin. “Thank you J.” “I guess me and Nani will get outta yall way . . . since its getting late and s***.” “Nigga yo ass just don’t wanna help clean up,” Ty yelled laughing. “Yeah man you right. I don’t even clean at my own house my nigga.” “s*** man I feel you. I don’t either,” Ty dapped J across the table. I got up and grabbed me and Ty’s plates about to head for the kitchen when the sound of thunder cracked through the house. Nani screamed out and grabbed Jermaine’s arm. “You scared Nani-Pooh,” I poked. “Shut up Bree! Now is not the time, you know I’m scared of that s***!” I laughed and continued taking the dishes to the kitchen. “Babe it’s alright I’ll drive carefully.” “No! No! Ty, Bree we are spending the night!” I walked back in the kitchen to get the other dishes, “I don’t really care.” J looked over at Ty, “You mind man? Cause she serious as hell.” “Nah man its cool. We can play the game and s***.”

We moved to the living room after clearing the table and changing into lounging clothes. Nani had on one of my tanks and shorts, I wore pajama pants and a tank; the boys only wore basketball shorts. Nani sat in Jermaine’s lap and I sat next to Ty with my feet in his lap. “We gon watch a movie or what?” “Nah, yall can play the game if yall want.” I shot a glare at Nani, “Um no . . . no they not.” “Awe come on, Bree! They ain’t kicked it in a minute let them have fun,” she smiled at me sweetly and I melted. “Fine. Whatever.” “Aight Ty set it up. Nani, why don’t you and Nani go do some girl stuff or some s***.”

Ty shot a warning glance my way then back at the screen, “I am bruh grab that controller and yeah, Bree yall go ahead. Don’t be gone too long though.”

I swear this man know something I don’t know. . . .


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Lmao... How you go from yelling to being all sweet and shid?

Imma try to see what I can do to tomorrow. If not, then this week.


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trap you!!

That wasn't a damn promise.... I didn't say 'I promise to add' so it wasn't a promise! Tryna trap me and shid!

earlier !!!

When I promise????


awe :(

I AIN'T promise shid! Lol.

And I kinda got writer's block right now.

ummmm you promised

you not a'posed to take
bck a promise!!!

add please
so i can :)

I ain't adding to this shid... EVER :)


run it chii

Run It PlayaPlaya

Somebody needs to run this NOW!