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This will be a <strong> SHORT</strong> story that I told Nani that I would do about our "life" lol. There are a little bisexual content in this. I am not bisexual, but I am very comfortable with my sexuality. So, why not kiss a b*tch in fiction? Lol. It ain't like I'm doing this sh*t for real. Anyway, this is what boredom gets you. Enjoy or don't enjoy! Idgaf! lol


<a href="">I</a> laid in the bed watching <a href="">him</a> prepare to walk away. This was our tenth time arguing today. Especially over something stupid as f*ck. I just didn’t understand him. He would lie to me over sh*t he shouldn’t and that’s when I started going the f*ck off at his ass. He love calling me crazy, but he made me this way. We been together for three years and he STILL can’t be upfront with me? I’m tired of this bullsh*t. I watched him pack his sh*t and started to laugh in his damn face. Now, that made him madder. He HATED when I laughed at him when he was so-called serious. Him being serious is what made me laugh. This nigga STAY packing his sh*t, but NEVER go nowhere. So, this was very routine. And what the f*ck I’mma do? Get on my knees and beg him to stay? Why do that when he’s gonna be running right back to my ass.

I giggled louder, while getting up and helping him pack some of sh*t in boxes. That’s when he pushed me slightly, “Breana, move the f*ck out the way! Don’t touch my sh*t!” I laughed, “Oh really Michael? Really? You sure you don’t want me to call U-Haul? I’m sure they don’t mind coming and helping you.” He dropped the boxes and came rushing towards me with anger. He glared at me, “YOU THINK EVERYTHING IS SUCH A F*CKING JOKE! EVERYTHING IS A F*CKING COMEDY TO YO ASS! BUT I’MMA BE THE ONE TO GET THE LAST F*CKING LAUGH! I’M LEAVING BREANA!” My laughter soon faded. I looked at him seriously, “How many times have you said that sh*t though Michael?”

“IT DOESN’T F*CKING MATTER, BUT DOES IT LOOK LIKE I’M PLAYING? YOU LOSING ME! DON’T YOU SEE IT? I’M TIRED OF THIS SH*T! WE CAN’T EVEN HAVE A NORMAL CONVERSATION WITHOUT LOUD TONES AND CUSS WORDS! I’M TOO YOUNG FOR THIS SH*T; WE’RE TOO YOUNG FOR THIS SH*T. AND IF WE’RE NOT ARGUING, THEN WE’RE F*CKING. I’M TIRED OF HAVING TO F*CK YOU ALL DAY FOR US TO BE HAPPY! THIS SH*T IS JUST TOO CRAZY FOR ME!” He roared, while shaking his head and walking away with some of the boxes. I followed him downstairs, “So, you gon’ f*cking leave me when the going gets tough? Huh? Huh Mike? That’s what you’re good at now?” He placed the boxes at the door.

He then walked over to me, “Baby, why keep fighting for someone who don’t want to fight back? If the going keeps getting tough, then when will it get smooth? Breana, I love you. God knows I do. I just need time to clear my head.” “Time to clear your f*cking head? Nigga, what the f*ck you mean? Well, go sleep in the guest room or on the damn couch! Go smoke a blunt and then come back! But DON’T f*cking leave me! I f*cking love you Michael and I’m not letting you go!” I shouted, walking to the door. “Bree, please let’s not do this. Okay? And besides, this will be some good news for you to tell Nani. I bet she’d be happy to know we’re broken up now. So, she can have you all to her f*cking self!” He spat, now shaking his head.

“Nani? We’re just friends Michael! You know I don’t even swing that damn way! We’re only friends! And baby, please! Think about this sh*t!” I spat on the verge of tears. He chuckled slightly, “Bree, who the f*ck you fooling? I’m no f*cking dummy! I see the way she looks at you, but it’s not even about her right now. Baby, I love you and I won’t be gone for long.” “OH YOU F*CKING LOVE ME? BUT YOU LEAVING ME? F*CK YOU! GET THE F*CK OUT OF HERE B*TCH! LOVE ME THEN HO!” I roared, now crying. He shook his head and planted a kiss on my lips. He pushed me out of the doorway and then carried his boxes out of the door. “Hey Ty, what’s going on?” Michael or ‘Ty’ looked at me, then at <a href="">her</a> walk through the door. He chuckled, while shaking his head, “What’s up Nani? Ask your ‘best friend’!”

He then walked out the door, now slamming it. I sat on the couch crying my eyes out. Nallely or Nani was my best friend. Well, lately we have been fooling around. We only kissed and hugged. She made me feel wanted and like I was heavenly or something. I never thought I would ever look at a girl this way. It hurts because Ty knew all about our secret relationship. It would only be sooner or later when her boyfriend Cole finds out too. “Bree, what’s wrong hun?” She asked, while placing her arm around me. “Everything. Mike knows about us. He just broke up with me. And he’s moving out!” I spat, now crying on her shoulder. She kissed my tears away slowly and then cuffed my face, “I’m here for you. No matter what. You know that. I told you to leave him a long time ago! But you didn’t wanna listen! Now, we can be together.”

I damn near slapped her and looked at her crazy, “B*tch you crazy? You got a man! And so did I before we walked out that damn door! I’m not gay Nani! You’re fun, but I don’t wanna be with you.” She looked at me as if she was hurt. She hopped off the couch and glared at me, now folding her arms. “What the f*ck you mean by that? I told you that I’m willing to leave him for you Breana! But you’re the selfish b*tch who didn’t wanna give up Ty for me! And you’re not gay! And neither am I! We’re bi! That’s a difference!” She growled, now shaking her head at me. I looked at her with disgust, “Why the f*ck would I give up some good d*ck for a fake one? Hell naw b*tch! And that’s your dumb ass! Didn’t nobody tell you to give that nigga up! And I am NOT bi! I am straight. You’re just my experimentation!”

She shot me a disgust glare, “I’m just a toy to you?! A F*CKING SCIENCE EXPERIENT?! HUH? YOU ARE SO F*CKING SELFISH BREE! ALL YOU CARE ABOUT IS YOU! YOU DON’T EVEN REALIZE THAT I AM IN LOVE WITH YOU! YOU STUPID, SELFISH B*TCH!” She was now in full tears. “Oh really Nani? Just blame every f*cking thing on me! Like ALWAYS! I am a selfish b*tch, but you knew that sh*t before we even got caught up in this bullsh*t! Don’t play f*cking dumb now!” I roared harshly. “PLAY DUMB? BREANA I NEVER ASKED YOU FOR SH*T! I ONLY THING I HAVE EVER WANTED WAS YOUR HEART! AND YOU CAN’T EVEN GIVE ME THAT?! MAN, F*CK YOU. I DON’T KNOW WHY I PUT UP WITH YOU!” Nani yelled, now heading out the door. I felt my tears slowly fall. I ran to the door, “Nani don’t leave me. You’re all I have. I’m so sorry for now loving you like you want me to. Just don’t leave me. Please.”

She looked at me, while I wiped her tears away. She closed the door and walked into my arms. “I love you too,” I whispered. Her eyes widened, “What did you just say?” “I said I love you too,” I repeated. She started to cry harder, “That’s the first time you have ever told me that!” “Oh God! Please Nani! Stop all this damn crying! You been real emotional lately! What the f*ck wrong with you?!” “It’s not really my fault Bree. I’m pregnant.” That’s when my eyes bucked, “YOU’RE WHAT?!”


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Damn right! I own her lol. Ughhh, my lying ass! I'm lying to my f*cking man and shid!!!!! UGh!!!! lol, but I'mma run it soon.



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I'm telling mommy!!!!!!

The Next Day. . .

"Bree. . babe wake up," I heard Nani cooe softly while nudging me. I rolled over and looked at her sleepily to see her dressed. "Where are you going?" I sat up and she handed me my phone. "Mike sent you a message this morning saying he'd be here at 10 and well it's about 9:30 so I need to be getting outta here. I don't wanna cause any more problems then I already have." I flipped the cover back and hopped of the bed standing in front of her. "I'm glad he's coming home soon but I don't want you to leave yet, Nani." She stood slightly on her tip toes and cupped my face staring directly into my eyes, "Apparently I need to leave, Bree. You're not sure of what you want yet. Me and J are secure with what I want, we're just waiting on you. But that doesn't mean I want you to rush into a decision. Take your time, Ill be waiting for your answer. I love you." She kissed me and slowly let my face go. She glanced at me one last time before dissapearing out of my room. I stood taking in what Nani had just told me so I didn't follow behind her. The sound of my front door closing snapped me out of my thoughts. "Damn, I gotta get my s*** together," I said outloud.

I stripped the sheets off the bed and replaced them with chocolate ones and the matching blue and chocolate comforter then sprayed the room with light scented febreeze. I took the sheets downstairs to the laundry room to wash. After closing the lid, I bent my head down letting my hair fall in front of my fce, thinking. Seconds later I felt arms wrap around my waist. At first I thought Nani had came back but when I felt the tight grip I knew it was Ty. I turned around and threw my arms around him.

"Babe! I missed you so much!" I kissed him all over his face causing him to laugh outloud. "I missed yo crazy ass, too. But come meet me in the living room we gotta talk about this. s*** ain't all good that fast bae." I released my arms from around his neck and he turned to leave. I fidgeted with my hands and said a quick prayer before following out the same way he did.

I sat on the sofa next to him, tossing my feet into his lap and scooting closer to him. "You wanted to talk, bae. So let's talk." He took his hat off, tossing it on the coffee table and looked at me. "Bree, before I come home for good you need to tell me something." "Anything, Ty." "And you promise you won't lie to me." "I promise." He sighed hard, "Aight. Do you love Nani?" I laughed, "Of course I love her. She's my best friend." "No Breana, NO! You know what I mean. Do you love Nani the way you love me?" "No babe. She is ONLY my friend. I could never love her like I do you." Lie Number One, I said in my head. He nodded and stared off, "I know you and her flirt alot, I'm not okay with it but I know it happens. But have yall ever kissed?" "No, Ty." Lie Number Two. "Have yall had sex? Head included." I gasps and scooted back a bit, "Michael, you know me better than that! Nani may be Bi but I am NOT! I would never disgrace our relationship or me and Nani's friendship by having ANY type of sex with her!" "I'm sorry bae. I just needed to know for sure," He pulled me closer to him by my legs and scooped me into his lap kissing my face. He buried his face into my neck while tears cascaded down my face, Lie Number Three.

"Babe, I'm finna go take a quick nap. That train ride was uncomfortable as hell. You comin?" I got up and turned away from him so he wouldn't see my tears, "Yeah babe. Lemme just get some juice and I'll be right up." "Aight."

I stood there for a few minutes after he dissapeared up the stairs to cleanse myself of my tears, my fears and my worries. I honestly didn't know what was happening to me but what I did know was I didn't want it to stop. I washed my tears away and composed myself then headed up to our bedroom.

I opened the door and didn't see Ty but I heard the water running in the bathroom. I took this chance to check my phone since Ty doesn't allow phones during anytime that we spin together. I saw that I had a new text from Nani.


I hope everything goes well for you two. As much as I'd like to have you to myself I know that you probably need to be with Mike. At this point you're too confused to possibly deal with me and him. . .you're just too new to the game. But whenever you're ready to start where we left off I'll be waiting. Oan. . .I'ma get ya ass back from last night b****! Love you BreeBoo! Enjoy your man!

I typed a simple I love you and a smiley face and sent the message off. As I sat down my phone Mike came out the bathroom dressed and came walking towards our bed. He dived in hands first and pulled me closer to him once he was all the way in. "Ilove you Bree." "I love you too Ty." "I think you should invite J and Nani over for dinner later." My eyes bucked out my head slightly as I turned to look in his eye, "Are you sure?" "Yeah, now that I know there's nothing between you and her I feel comfortable having her here again. And I ain't seen my nigga J in a minute. We neda kick it." I shrugged and turned back over, "Aight then nigga. If that's what you want. I'll call them after our nap." I closed my eyes, saying another prayer to myself before I drifted off to sleep along with Mike. I hope this doesn't come back to bite me in the ass, I thought as I drifted off to sleep. . . .

i aint singing no damn rihanna!!

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bree...i think in a
past were a
great lezzy...and you
were in love and you
and you wrote romance
novels about it all
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NaNa sings Rihanna's
"Where Have You Been"

I've been everywhere, man
Looking for someone
Someone who can please me
Love me all night long
I've been everywhere, man
Looking for you babe
Looking for you babe
Searching for you babe

Where have you been?
Cause I never see you out
Are you hiding from me, yeah?
Somewhere in the crowd

Where have you been?
All my life, all my life
Where have you been, all my life?
Where have you been, all my life?
Where have you been, all my life?
Where have you been, all my life?

Where have you been, all my life?

You can have all you want
Any way, any day
To show me where you are tonight

lmao aight i got you

Lmao @ Nani... ehhh, Rihanna got me drunk one night... Uhh.. LONG STORY lol... Nahhh, I'mma virgin to this shid lol. AND HELL YEAH IT'S YOUR TURN!!!

Lmao @ Soso... Damn right... she can't do you like me or Tyga. Lol

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bet Bree could do me better
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you buls***ting!!
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playying with myy emotions!!

awe im glad he's coming
around to the thought of me
tht yall good again

wit yo over aggreesive asz!

happiness all around


<em> Hours later… </em>

After watching TV and cuddling with Nani, I walked upstairs and headed to the shower. Nani followed behind me. I stripped out of my clothes and turned on the shower. I stepped in. Nani soon came out of her clothes and joined me. I couldn’t help, but love this woman. Sometimes, she pissed me off but she always seemed to make me happy afterwards. I still couldn’t believe she was pregnant and didn’t tell me. That sh*t got under my skin. She lucky she did what she did ‘cuz I would’ve swatted her ass like a fly. I shook my head thinking about how we even got to this damn point. Nallely and I were never supposed to be sharing showers, kissing, and hugging like this. What the f*ck was happening to me? I shook the feeling off as we finished showering together. We got out and dried each other off. I grabbed a towel and wrapped it around my body. I now headed to my room and pulled out something to sleep in. I threw Nani one of my long t-shirts, “Put this on. You don’t need no bra or panties tonight.”

She grabbed the shirt and raised her eyebrow, “Oh really?” “Yes, really! Now put it on! I’m about to call Mike. Make sure you tell J where you at,” I stated, while getting dressed and then walking out of the room. I wondered what I could say to Mike without actually pissing him off. I missed him so much and I wanted him to know that. I dialed his number and he answered on the third ring annoyed, “What do you want Bree?” “To say that I am sorry. Sorry for not taking you seriously and playing with your emotions. I love you Michael. I honestly do and I am so sorry for hurting you. You were the best that ever happened to me. Baby, please come back home. Don’t be gone for long,” I retorted, on the verge of tears. He sighed loudly, “Breana, just because you feed me some Hallmark card don’t mean that I’m gonna come running back to you like I ALWAYS do. I meant what I said. I want space. I’m not gonna be gone for long. Just give me time to myself and I’ll let you know if we still have a relationship.”

That’s when my throat clogged up with fear. My eyes started watering. It didn’t work this time. He wasn’t buying sh*t I was selling. That was a long silence until he finally broke it, “Bree? Bree? Are you still there?” I quickly wiped my tears and cleared my throat so he wouldn’t know that I was crying. “Y-yeah, I’m still here. I guess I’ll let you go,” I cried, unable to hold my tears. “Bree, are you crying?” He asked. “No,” I lied, while looking at the wall. “Why you lying to me? Bae, I’m not tryna make you cry. God knows how in love I am with you. I’ll do anything for you and you know that. Stop making this hard,” He replied in a hurt tone. “Mike, what the f*ck you mean? My heart hurts right now,” I wailed louder. He breathed heavily for about 3 minutes. I looked at the phone because I didn’t know if he was still on the phone or what.

He finally responded, “F*ck! Dammit Bree! I hate how you manipulate my f*cking emotions like this! Can you sleep without me or Nani gon’ keep you company?” “Michael, are you being a smartass?” I questioned, raising my voice a little. “Answer the damn question Breana! Sh*t!” He snapped, causing me to look around the room mouth agape. “I want you to f*cking hold me and keep me company!” I shouted. “I can’t babe… I’m like a few hours away from NYC. The next train doesn’t come ‘til tomorrow. I guess Nani just gon’ have to do tonight.” I sighed disappointedly, “I don’t want her to do! Baby, I want you right now!” “Breana, don’t act like you don’t want to be around her all of a sudden. Anyway, I’m heading to bed. I love you so much. See you like tomorrow afternoon,” He spat.

“I love you so much more baby. Mwah!” I cooed. He pretended to kiss me back, “Aight love. I’ll be dreaming about you.” I smiled, while wiping my tears, “I’ll be dreaming about you too baby.” “Aight baby, night!” He replied. “Night,” I retorted, now hanging up. Only Michael got me acting so damn bipolar like this! Ugh, but I loved the hell out of that man! I was now ready to go to bed. So, I walked back into the room and saw Nani lying under the covers. “Did you tell Cole?” I asked, while walking over to the bed. “Yeah, he says it’s cool. You make everything right with you and Mike?” “I guess! He won’t be home ‘til tomorrow though,” I stated sadly. “Oh, cool I guess… You ready for bed?” She asked, now turning the lights off.

“Mmhmm,” I remarked, while walking over to my nightstand and pulling out my vibrating dildo. She didn’t know what I had in store for her ass. I placed it behind my back and crawled into the bed. I slowly opened her legs and felt her pussy. She wasn’t wearing any panties like I asked. That’s when a smile crept on my face. “Mmm, don’t stop Bree,” She moaned. “Oh, I won’t b*tch,” I replied, while shoving the dildo into her pussy. She moaned loudly now, “MMMM F*CK! YES BABY!” “Say my name b*tch,” I grunted in her ear, while moving the dildo in and out of her. “Nooooo,” She shrieked. “NO?! YOU GON’ DISOBEY ME?!” I yelled, while f*cking her harder with the toy. She screamed, “BREANAAAAAAAA!”

A smug grin was now showcased on my face, “That’s right baby… Mmm, you so f*cking wet.” “Mmm, yeah…. F*CK ME BREE! F*CK WITH ME WITH THAT BIG D*CK!” She moaned loudly. I laughed, while f*cking her with the toy faster, “You a trip bae, but damn… You so tight.” I stopped and pulled the shirt over her head. I flicked my tongue over her breasts, while inserting the toy into her. “Mmm, baby,” I moaned in her ear. I sucked on her breasts, while f*cking her faster than ever. She screamed, “MMMMMM F*CK BREE. YES BABY! YES! MAKE ME CUM! MAKE ME F*CKING CUM!” I sucked on her breasts harder, while she shook vigorously. She was cumming. I continued until she came all over the toy. I smiled and pulled the toy and licked off some of the juices, “Damn b*tch. You taste really good. Taste this sh*t.”

I forced the dildo into her mouth. She sucked it like she was sucking a real d*ck, “Mmmmm…” I then snatched the toy away from her and placed it in my drawer. “Mmm, Bree. That was good. Come lick it,” She moaned, while opening her legs wider. “Hell no b*tch! I ain’t doing sh*t! Besides, you on punishment!” I roared, while pulling the covers over me. “For what?” She asked in disbelief. “Umm, for not telling me your ass was pregnant! That’s the f*ck what!” I roared. I could see her rolling her eyes clearly in the dark, “Not my fault. Yo ass should’ve noticed.” I didn’t feel like arguing with her ass. I’d end up smacking the f*ck out of her. I just kissed her ear, “Goodnight. I love you.” “Yeah, yeah. I love you too,” She retorted. I wrapped my arms around her and then drifted off to sleep.

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“Oh God! Please Nani! Stop all this damn crying! You been real emotional lately! What the f*ck wrong with you?!” “It’s not really my fault Bree. I’m pregnant.” That’s when my eyes bucked, “YOU’RE WHAT?!”

She backed away and fidgeted with her fingers, "I'm Pregnant, Bree. Me and J are having a baby." I looked away from her and laughed out of anger, "Are you f***ing serious Nani? I mean, honestly. You just made this big ass scene because you thought I was toying around with you and all along yo ass been pregnant! WHAT THE f*** KINDA s*** IS THAT NALLELY?" She jumped hearing me raise my voice and tears started to fall. "I'm sorry Bree but that was why I came over to tell you the news. But then all of this happened and I got sidetracked." "That's bulls*** Nani. I probably just lost the love of my life and now I'm losing you too?"

I plopped back down onto my sofa and put my head in my hands. She sat next to me and wrap her arms around me. "You haven't lost me, Bree. Just because I'm pregnant doesn't mean I'm not gonna be around you anymore." "Nani, move." I felt her kiss my neck, "Nope, you know you don't want me to." She grabbed my face and turned it so we were face to face. She had a huge smile plastered on hers; I pushed her. "Get yo happy ass away from me." She laughed and moved closer to me, "I know what wil make you feel better." I looked at her like she had two heads, "If you don't get yo freaky ass away from me. Nani, I'm not playing with you." "You don't even know what it is Bree. And I promise if you don't like it, I'll stop." I looked at her unsure, "You promise?" "Rainbow Scout's Honor," she said holding up three fingers. "Ugh! Fine. Whatever." She quealed and clapped her hands, "Yay! Lay back for me boo." I laid back hesitantly then she laid next to me. I'm so glad, Ty had brought this big ass couch, I thought to myself.

After a few seconds of laying there silently she turned onto her side so she was facing me, she put her soft hand onto my stomach and began stroking me. It was a little strange but I relaxed because her hands felt so good against my skin. She moved her hand onto my chest and stroked across, pinching my nipples as she got to them.

"You ready?". She smiled as she cupped my breasts with both hands, "Let's get this off." Nani pulled at my shirt and I lifted myself up so she could pull it off. She put it to one side then continued to play with both my breasts. I had never been with her this way we only kissed and hugged, but I was definitely enjoying it.

She lowered her soft lips onto mine and kissed me gently. Slowly, she moved her kisses down my jaw, then my neck and then down to my chest. As her lips met my now hard nipples, she licked, kissed and bit them lightly. Whenever she was sucking one nipple with her mouth, she would play with the other between her fingertips. Her actions were beginning to really get me wet.

"That feels so good, bay." I sighed as she sucked my nipple into her mouth.

Then she moved away from my nipples and kissed down my belly until she reached the top of my panties. Nani looked up at me and I nodded in approval. She stroked her hands between my thighs and kissed my clit through the panties. After a minute of this she pulled my panties down and put them to one side. She kissed up my thigh up to my pussy lips then she stuck her warm tongue between them, making me moan so loud. She licked and sucked all around my pussy and I had to bite my lip from screaming out in pleasure. Her hand moved up until it met my pussy, she pushed a finger into me and pumped it in and out slowly as she licked away at my hard clit.

"s***. . .Oh My God Nani!" I exhaled.

She continued to lick and suck at me while her fingers wiggled in and out of me. I thought I was going to pass out.

"Make me cum, Nani! Don't stop." I squealed as I felt my orgasm fighting to get out.

Nani moved one hand onto my chest and one onto my clit as she shoved her tongue into my pussy.

"I'm cumming!" I shouted as I let my orgasm take over my entire body. She continued to lick me until I stopped shaking and my breathing became regular. She moved away from my pussy and I sat up, so our lips could meet. We shared a passionate kiss and I could taste my juices on her tongue.

"So, you feel better?" I looked at her with a goofy expression on my face, "What you think smartass?" "Mmm, I don't know but the way you screamed my name says alot," she says c**kily. "Whatever. You staying the night?" "Um yeah. Just let me call J. And you need to call Mike, forreal ion wanna break yall up like this." I looked into her eyes and saw that she was being sincere, "Alright I'll call him after I shower."

Nana did this chapter lol... Aughhhh I like it lmao.



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