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Dreaming with a Broken Heart **Updated 11/10

I've decided to say thank you to some of my loyal readers by writing short stories for them. This first one is for Nani and Soso (and possibly Gigi Monroe, depending on where the story takes me).

<strong><em>Dreaming with a Broken Heart
Inspired and influenced by Nani and Soso, written by me :)</em></strong>

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<a href="">Jermaine</a>


awwwwe Dom ..
such a sweetheart :)

damnit i KNEW it!!
i wonder if she'll keep it. . .

Shad is a f***ing asxwipee
how tf he gon do her like tht
fcking heartless bastard

ugh! someonee shld def fck him

RUNS asap

Sofia walked out of the nurse’s office and plopped down in the chair next to Dominic.
“What did she say?”
“I’m pregnant.”
“Ohhh,” he covered his mouth with his hand to hide his smile. “What?”
She shrugged her shoulders helplessly and her eyes watered.
“How could this happen? What am I gonna do? My parents are gonna kill me. How could I be so stupid?”
“D*mn, that sucks.”
“What do you think Shad will say?”
Dominic laughed and got up, leaving the health center.
“Seriously Dom. What do you think?” She followed him.
“You’re better off breaking up with him and dealing with it on your own.”
When he realized Sofia was still walking in the same direction as him, he assumed she was going back home.
“Look, just because I went with you to the health center doesn’t mean that we’re cool now.”
“I’m not having the best afternoon Dom, give me a break ok?”
Dom slowed his pace and walked three steps behind her the rest of the way. When they got up to their floor, he opened the door to his apartment and she followed him in. She walked over to Shad’s room and opened the door.
“Shad! What the hell?”
Shad peeked around the naked girl that was sitting on top of him.
“F*ck,” he mumbled.
The girl turned around and smiled at Sofia.
“I’ll meet you downstairs baby, gimme a minute.”
“Don’t keep me waiting too long.” She kissed him before she got up and pulled her sundress over her head. She grabbed her shoes and her purse and brushed past Sofia.
“Seriously Shad?”
Shad pulled on his basketball shorts.
“What Sofia?”
“What you mean ‘what’? How could you do this to me?”
“I told you I had no problem getting it elsewhere Sofia. You barely give it up and when you do, you don’t even do nothing except lay there. That sh*t’s played out.”
He put on his sneakers.
“Why are you being so nonchalant about this? Do you even feel bad?”
“Why would I feel bad?”
“Because you cheated on your girlfriend, the girl you claimed to love!”
“You’re not my girlfriend.” He pulled on a tee and walked into the kitchen.
“Are you heard of hearing today? My girlfriend takes care of me, gives me what I want, spoils me. You started getting cheap so I filled your position.”
Sofia couldn’t believe what she was hearing.
“If that’s the case then why you still been coming over and pushing me to sleep with you?”
“P*ssy is p*ssy baby.”
“Was our whole relationship a lie? Were you just using me?”
Shad shrugged his shoulders and opened a bottle of water.
“I swear if I wasn’t pregnant I’d kick your a*s right now!”
“Pregnant?” Shad laughed. “Who’s the father?”
“You are Shad! I was only sleeping with you!”
“Mm. Get rid of it.”
“Excuse me?”
“I’m not taking care of a baby Sofia. I’m young and sexy, I’m tryna do my thing. I’m not slowing down to raise a kid with you. Get an abortion.”
She couldn’t believe that Shad was the person who was talking to her. How could she have been so blind?”
“You’re disgusting.”
“And you dated me. I don’t wanna get child support papers from you in the future. If you can’t handle taking care of that situation, I’ll handle it for you.” He turned from her and walked out the door.
Sofia broke down. She should’ve opened her eyes. They tried to warn her and she wouldn’t listen.
Dominic walked into the kitchen.
“Please Dominic, I don’t need any crap right now.”
“I’m not hear for that. I heard what happened…I’m sorry.”
“Yeah, right.”
“No, I really am. I wouldn’t wish this situation on anyone. I assumed you would find out but I didn’t think it would end like this.”
He helped her up off the ground and hugged her.
“How could I be so dumb?”
“You weren’t being dumb, just naïve. You didn’t know any better. He took advantage of you.”
“Yeah but you and Nani tried to warn me-“
“You were in love, it happens.” He rubbed her back. “You’re gonna be alright.”
She wiped her face.
“Thanks Dom.”
“Don’t mention it. What I’m trying to figure out though is what happened to the girl who kicked me in my cajones the first day that she moved in. She would’ve f*cked him up.” He smiled at her and she laughed.
“I don’t know, but she’ll never leave again. Can you help me trash his room?”
“Trash it?”
“I mean, get my stuff and the stuff thought I bought him while accidentally knocking over and destroying everything that he owns?”
“Um…I’ll help you get your things and then I’ll supervise so that you don’t get hurt.”
“Sounds good to me.”
He followed her to his room and she went to work.

Awwww Jermaine

smh Sofia . . .Sofia wht tf is gng on
in tht head of yours you clearlyy know this
nigga is no good but you still push Dom
awayy && tryy to hold on to tht no good asz nigga
&& on top of tht he mightvee gotten you preggoo

smdh i havee no words for her . . .thank God Dom is
at least gng to take her to get help

as for me && J lol
i cant wait until school is over whoop whoop
&& yeeeeah myy dad is acting likee a lil child
but its understandablee he doesnt want to hear
abt his daughter having sex lol
smh tht hoee thought she was gon get some of him
nah hoee thought wrong!

iLovee this byy the wayy Shai!!
you're an amazing writer hun

“I miss you so much Red.”
“I know baby, I miss you too. Only two more weeks of school left.” Nani smiled. “Thank God for Skype and Facetime.”
“It’s cool but I can’t wait to hold you in my arms again.”
“You must be alone ‘cause you’re usually not this mushy in front of people.”
Jermaine laughed.
“I am but even if I wasn’t, I still would’ve said it,” he said. “I miss my girl, I’m not ashamed to admit that.”
“You know what I miss?” She smirked and Jermaine let out a small chuckle.
“He misses you too. He needs a hug real bad.”
“You wanna do something?”
“Something like what?”
She smiled and adjusted her webcam.
“I know that smile Red. Nah, chill.”
“Come on bae. Live a little.”
“Nah. If you’re Pops walks in I won’t have to worry about living a little, I’ll be dead- a lot.”
“Why would he walk in? You’re in your room.”
“You know how he is man, he can pop up anywhere. Besides, people hack into webcams. I don’t want our business out there for the world to see.”
Nani picked up her phone and texted him. He read it and laughed.
“You always tryna be on some freaknasty sh*t.”
“You love it.”
“I do, in person.” He texted her something back.
Nani sucked her teeth.
“See, you just as nasty bae! Ugh, why you say stuff like that when you can’t deliver?”
“You know I’ll take care of it when I see you.”
“Yeah, but why you gotta bring it up now? Ugh, hold on.”
“Where you going?”
“You got me all hot and bothered now. I’m gonna go take a cold shower.”
Jermaine laughed.
“Sit down girl, it ain’t that serious. How’s school?”
“It’s ok…finals start in two days.”
“You better study and do good. I don’t want your pops thinking that us being together is a distraction.”
“Speaking of, why didn’t you tell me that he knew about us?”
“You never asked and you never wanted to talk about it.”
“Thank you for talking to him.”
“Of course. I would want someone to do the same for me.”
“Is he giving you any grief about it?”
“Nah, we don’t bring it up. Especially since he found out we were having sex. I think that was too much for him. Hold on baby, someone’s at the door.”
“It’s ok. Just call me back. I gotta get my laundry anyway.”
“Aight, talk to you in a lil’ bit.”
He got up to answer the door and Nani was about to end the session when she heard a females voice. She hid her video so that only her picture was showing and listened.
“I didn’t order room service,” Jermaine said.
“This is complimentary.” The woman walked in and stood with her back to the camera.
“You’re not in uniform. You don’t work for the hotel, do you?”
“You’re right, I don’t.”
“Yeah, I’m good. Thanks anyway though.”
“Come on J. I went through so much to get up here, the least you could do is humor me.”
“How’s that?”
She pulled of her dress and tossed it to the floor.
“I think you can figure it out.”
Jermaine picked up her dress and shoved it in her arms.
“Forreal, I’m good. And you need to go.”
He walked behind her and pushed her through the open door.
“You’re really gonna deny free p*ssy?”
“First off, all p*ssy that comes my way is free. Second, I got a girl and she gives me all the p*ssy I need. Put your clothes back on before someone sees you and you get embarrassed.”
He shut the door and you could hear her yelling on the other side.
“N*gga, the only one that’s gonna be embarrassed is you. Wait ‘til Worldstar, TMZ and all of those sites hear that J. Cole is gay! You gonna be sorry that you didn’t f*ck me!”
Jermaine laughed and walked back over to his computer to call Nani back. He saw that their call was still in session.
She made her video visible again and smiled at him.
“I love you Jermaine.”
“You been here the whole time?”
She nodded her head.
“I thought I closed the window…I’m sorry about that. I didn’t-“
“I heard it all baby, I know. I’m just glad that you made the right choice.”
“I told you I was always faithful baby.”
“I know…now what’s this about all the free p*ssy that’s coming your way?”
She smiled at him.

“Please don’t drop me on the lift,” Sofia said as she finished her stretches.
“As much as I can’t stand you, I’m not willing to sacrifice my grade just to sabotage you and make you look stupider than you already do on your own.”
“When are you gonna stop treating me like this Dominic?”
“I’m not treating you like anything. If you were of importance to me, then I’d be treating you like something. But since you’re not, I’m gonna continue to do and say whatever I want, just like I do with everyone else.”
He turned from her and walked out onto the stage. They were doing their final performance of their dance routine for the professor and the rest of the class. The whole time, all Dominic could think of was how betrayed he felt. Yeah, they weren’t together at the time but he felt like she should’ve told him. It would’ve been one thing for her to be seeing a completely different guy but the fact that it was his roommate made blew his mind. Had he known that she was seeing Shad, he would’ve dealt with the situation. Truthfully, he felt sorry for her. True to his nature, Shad was still messing with other girls. He even had the audacity to bring them back to the apartment. Sofia either chose not to believe it or was just too oblivious to see it, either way he wasn’t about to tell her. That’s the life she chose.
Sofia didn’t know what to do with herself. She really cared for him but she wasn’t happy with Shad anymore and was growing increasingly annoyed with him. She kept telling herself that they were just going through a rough patch and that they were just seeing each other too much, things would get better. She ended up having sex with him that night and often afterwards, even though she didn’t want to. It wasn’t the way she thought it would be and he always guilted her into it. Being with him had become a chore and it was starting to get to her.

When the song ended the teacher and the class stood up and clapped.
“I see you took my advice. So much passion! The chemistry between you two is amazing. You really captured the emotion in the song. If I didn’t know any better, I’d say you too had history.” The professor smiled.
“Pfft, not in a million years,” Dominic said.
Sofia’s smile faded and she rolled her eyes.
“Thank you Professor,” she said.
The Professor nodded.
“Your grade will be up in a couple of days.”
The two of them exited the stage and went into the locker room.
“Not too long ago you were trying to get with me,” Sofia said. “And now it’s ‘not in a million years’? Grow up Dominic.”
“Grow up? I wasn’t the one playing games Sofia!” He threw his hands up. “I don’t even know why I’m wasting my breath on you.”
He grabbed his stuff and went to change in one of the rooms. Sofia did the same, but started feeling sick. She made it as far as one of the trashcans and threw up. When Dominic was finished, he headed for the door but couldn’t walk out. He turned towards her.
“You good?”
She stood up and held her stomach.
“I’m fine.”
She threw up again.
“I’m fine Dominic! I think it’s just my nerves and all that being tossed around.”
“Fine.” He turned to leave and made it to the door when he heard her throw up again. He walked back over. “I can’t just leave you here, clearly you aren’t well. Grab your stuff and I’ll walk you to the health center.”
She looked up at him.
“Oh, now you wanna be my friend?”
His expression hardened.
“Grab ya sh*t and let’s go man. I’m tryna do you a favor and you over here throwing sh*t in my face. Come the f*ck on.” He walked over to the door and held it open.
She grabbed her things and walked out.

runs runs runs



shad asz isusing you homeyy
smh get a grip && you BETTER not sleep with
him smh
tryying to makee her feel guiltyy likee it
her fault youre an asz

&& awwwee i got myy boo YAYY MEE
&& uhn uhn cams reallyy though dad
. . . . he caught us lol J clda told me tht he
tld him got me nervous for nothing
&& smh myy dad is childish talking abt "lalalala"
reallyy nigga lmao

cant wait for J to comee back
or i go see him
cant wait for Sodf to see that hes a JERK ugh


This story is so good

Jermaine and Nani lay side by side, face to face staring into each other’s eyes. Jermaine reached over and stroked her face.
“The more I’m around you, the more I fall in love with you,” he said softly.
“You’re just saying that ‘cause I let you smash.”
“You know I don’t say things if I don’t mean them Red. I’m serious. I’ve loved you for a while but lately, I’ve been falling <em>in</em> love with you.”
He kissed her nose.
“Why’d you have to say that before you leave J?”
“Same reason why you had to put it on me before I left. You felt the time was right. What am I supposed to do without you for 5 months?”
“We could meet up on your off days. I’ll be on vacation soon so it won’t be too much of a problem.” She kissed him. “But let’s worry about that later. We’ve got three more hours before you have to leave and I want you to show me how much you love me.” She pulled him on top of her and bit his lip.
He reached for his pants and pulled out a condom.
“I really should be mad that you have that.”
“I always bring one when I come see you, just in case. Always be prepared right?”
“Mhmm. If I hear that you hooked up with some groupies on the road, I’m gonna hunt you down and castrate you.”
He laughed.
“No need for that Red, it’s not my style. I’m always faithful. You on the other hand…”
She hit his arm.
“Jermaine, that was a low blow!”
“I’m playing baby, I’m playing.” He kissed her. “Besides, you know my loving is too good for you to stray. Especially after this, I’m ‘bout to tear this kitty up.”
He kissed her neck.
“Wait, did you hear that?” she asked.
“What are you talking about?”
“I swear someone just called my name. Ssh.”
“Nani!” They heard someone yell.
“Sh*t, is that my dad?”
“What? Why would your Pops be here?”
“Nani,” they called again.
“D*mn, d*mn, d*mn!”
Nani pushed Jermaine off of her and he fell to the floor.
“F*ck Red, d*mn.”
“I’m sorry, just be quiet and stay down.”
“Baby, this is ridiculous. Let’s just get dressed and-”
The door opened and Nani’s father stood in the doorway.
“Hey <a href="">Daddy</a>, what are you doing here?”
“I think a better question is what is your bra doing in the living room?”
“Uh….I dropped it when I was doing laundry.”
He looked at her and crossed his arms.
“You know that I know everything right?”
“Daddy, did you install the cameras in here again?”
“No but I clearly should since you feel the need to lie to me.”
“I don’t...”
“Then tell me Nani, what are you doing?”
“I was sleeping. Did you need something?”
“Mhmm. Yeah. Why don’t you and Jermaine get dressed. This is uncomfortable for me.”
“What?” She laughed nervously. “Daddy, Jermaine’s not here.”
Sean sighed and shook his head.
“When will you learn? Jermaine?”
“Yeah Sean,” Jermaine said, standing up. He had managed to pull on his boxers and pants.
“Let me talk to you out here.”
Jermaine grabbed his shirt and walked into the living room.
“Put some clothes on,” Sean said before closing the door.
Nani’s face was red with embarrassment.
“My fault Sean,” Jermaine said.
“I’d rather not talk about what you were in there doing with my daughter. You guys are adults and I can’t stop her from…exploring her womanhood. I trust that you’re being responsible and I’m just gonna leave it at that. But if you hurt my daughter, you’ll be dealt with. Understand?”
“Yeah, I got you.”
“Good. I’m here because we booked an earlier flight so we have to leave now. Everyone tried to call you but you weren’t picking up your phone; now we know why.”
Nani walked out and ignored making eye contact with her father.
“I don’t wanna hear it. All I’ve ever asked is that you be honest with me. Why can’t you seem to do that?”
“This is an awkward situation Daddy. The truth would’ve been more awkward than a lie. Would you really have wanted me to say that I was getting ready to have sex?”
“La la la la,” Sean sang, turning away from her. “I don’t want to hear that. I’ll meet you in the car Jermaine.”
He turned to leave and Nani walked over to Jermaine.
“They moved up the flight so I gotta bounce now.”
“Was he mad at you?”
“Don’t worry about that.” He pecked her lips and hugged her tightly. “I’ma miss you Red.”
“I’ma miss you too. Facetime me when you’re free tomorrow?”
“You know it.”
She handed him his sweater but he didn’t take it.
“You keep it; hold it when you miss me at night.” He smiled at her heart fluttered.
She held it to her face and smiled as she watched him walk to the door.
“Hey,” she said.
He turned.
“I love you.”
He smiled.
“I love you too.”
Not long after he shut the door was there a knock. Nani opened it.
“What’s wrong?”
“I forgot something.”
He kissed her passionately and lifted her off the floor.
“You sure you have to leave right right now?” she asked when he put her down.
“Yeah. You’re dad’s outside remember?”
She jumped back.
“Yeah, you should go.”
“…one more kiss?”
Nani nodded her head and kissed him again. The horn beeped outside and he pulled away.
“Later Red.”
He backed up slowly to the door. When he was gone, Nani shut the door and melted to the floor.

“How come you never wanna come over to my place?” <a href="">Shad</a> asked <a href="|franciaraisaintotheblue2premiernbsk1bf.jpg">Sofia</a> as they walked down the hall.
“’Cause you know Dominic hates me.”
“He’s just jealous of us. That shouldn’t stop you from coming over.”
Her phone buzzed and she looked at it.
“Who is it?”
“She’s here?”
“Word? I’m cool with going to your place then.”
“Mhmm. We’re not doing anything.”
“Yeah yeah, I know.”
Shad followed her inside and went to the kitchen.
“I’m hungry baby. Why don’t y’all never have anything to eat in here?” he asked as he went through the fridge.
“We always have food, you just don’t like it.”
“’Cause it’s all healthy food. Can you order me something?”
“Yeah Shad. Just call up and order it and I’ll pay.” She walked into her bedroom and sat at her desk.
“You want something?” He plopped down on her bed.
“No, I’m fine.”
Shad ordered his food and searched through the app store on his phone.
“Babe, this phone is chips. Why couldn’t you get me the iPhone?”
She turned to look at him.
“You’re lucky you have a phone at all Shad. If you want an iPhone, save up your money and buy one. I don’t even have an iPhone, why would I get you one?”
“Yo, what’s with the attitude?”
“I don’t have an attitude. It’s just that you’re sounding really ungrateful.”
“I’m ungrateful? You don’t even say thank you to me when I put gas in <em>your</em> car. But I’m ungrateful.”
She turned back towards her desk.
“If you didn’t use all my gas you wouldn’t have to do that.”
She sighed.
“I don’t wanna fight Shad. Can we just drop it?”
“Whatever yo.”
“I’m going to make a phone call to my parents.” She tossed some money on the desk. “That’s for your food.”
Sofia talked to her parents for almost twenty minutes before she hung up and hopped in the shower. When Shad’s food came, he ate it in the living room while he watched the game. Sofia put on her glasses and sat on the couch opposite him, looking through her Kindle.
“Hey, I’m sorry.”
“It’s fine Shad.”
“Don’t brush it off. For real, I’m sorry.” He sat next to her.
“Shad, everything I do for you I do because I care and I like to make you happy. Don’t make me regret it.”
“I know baby.” He kissed her. “I’m sorry, honestly. I don’t know what I was thinking.” He kissed her again. “Forgive me?”
“I love you.”
She smiled.
“I love you too.”
He started kissing her again. When she got into it he tried to lay her back on the couch.
“Calm down Shad.”
“Come on baby, just go with it.”
“I don’t want to. I’m not ready.”
“What the f*ck Sofia? What are we doing then?”
He stood up and looked down at her.
“You knew it was gonna be like this in the beginning Shad and you said you wouldn’t pressure me.”
“F*ck all that. You’re in an adult relationship Sofia, this is what happens. We have sex. I’m not 13 anymore and making out isn’t gonna cut it for me. How long do you expect me to wait? There are plenty of girls out there that are willing to put out if you’re not.”
Sofia’s mouth dropped.
“Seriously Shad?”
He tossed his arms up and shrugged his shoulders.
“You need to leave.”
She walked to her room and slammed her door. She couldn’t believe he would say that to her. Shad gathered his thoughts before heading towards her room. He walked over and sat next to her on the bed. He leaned over her shoulder and kissed her cheek.
“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean that.”
She pushed him off.
“Go away!”
“D*mn Sofia, I’m just frustrated. I wouldn’t step out on you like that. Come on, look at me.”
He tried to turn her around but she wouldn’t budge.
“Go home Shad.”
He couldn’t turn her so he climbed on top of her the way she was and kissed her cheek.
“I’m sorry baby. I didn’t mean it like that. Of course I don’t wanna pressure you but I’m just trying to keep it real with you. How you expect me to be able to keep my cool when you’re my girl? Have you seen yourself? You’re bad.” He kissed her neck. “You said yourself that you like to make me happy. Didn’t you mean that?”
She turned and looked at him, he readjusted.
“Of course I did. But-“
“Then what’s the problem? What would make me happy right now is making love to my woman. Is that so bad?”
“No but it’s not that simple.”
“It is for me. If you really loved me like you claim you do, you’d do it.”
“I’d do anything to prove that I loved you. Why is it so hard for you?”
“You’ve had sex before Shad, and you’re a guy. It’s different for me.”
He rolled off of her and sat on the bed.
“If the tables were turned, I wouldn’t deny you.”
He got up and headed towards the living room.
“Where are you going?” she asked.
<em>“There are plenty of girls out there that are willing to put out if you’re not.”</em> His words echoed in her mind.
“Wait Shad.”

There was 6 weeks left in the semester and spring fever was setting in. Everyone was ready to go on summer break. Nani and Jermaine had begun dating, and as far as she was concerned her father didn’t need to know. She didn’t know that Jermaine had a talk with him and told him how he they felt about each other. Even though he wasn’t happy about it, he wanted his daughter to be happy. Sofia and Shad were still together, despite the fact that he was using her. Nani tried to open her eyes to it but she couldn’t see it; all she knew was that she was in love for the first time. Nothing could knock her off of the cloud she was floating on. Not even Dominic’s attitude towards her. Ever since that night he saw them together, he’d been a jerk towards Sofia. They hadn’t rehearsed for their class and she was worried that he’d bailed on her completely.
“Did you finish your presentation?” <a href="">Jermaine</a> asked <a href="">Nani</a> when she sat on his lap.
“Pretty much. I just need to-“
“Go finish it.
“J,” she whined.
“Nah Red. Come on, your school work is important.”
“And so are you. You’re leaving me in a couple of hours and you’re gonna be on tour for months. I already haven’t seen you in forever. I just wanna spend some time with you.”
“And you will. Why put it off when you can just finish it now? I’m gonna go lay down and when you’re done you can join me.”
“Fine,” she pouted.
She got up and he grabbed her wrist gently.
“Where’s my kiss?”
She kissed him and he patted her on her butt as she walked back to the table. He laid down on the couch and popped his headphones in, waiting for her to finish.
When she did, she walked back over to the couch to find him sleeping.
“Jermaine! Wake up.” She jumped on top of him and hit his chest.
“Chill Red! D*mn.” He rubbed his chest and sat up.
“Why’d you fall asleep you jerk? It was only 20 minutes.”
“I’m sorry baby, I’m a little tired.” He kissed her. “I was just taking a nap.”
“Aaw, my baby’s tired?” She kissed him. “Poor thing. Hopefully,” she pushed his shoulders back down to the couch, “ he’s not too tired to take care of me before he leaves.” She kissed his neck.
“What you saying?”
“I’m saying that I should probably text Sofia and tell her not to come downstairs tonight.”
“Don’t play with me Red. You been denying me since Valentine’s Day; I can’t take another let down.”
“You can lay here and think what you want. I’m gonna go to the bedroom.”
Jermaine sat up and watched her walk to the room.
“Red,” he called.
She didn’t respond, but when he saw her bra come flying out the door onto the floor, that was all the answer he needed. He jumped off the couch and ran to the room.

“You wanna come in and chill?” Shad asked, leaning his body closer to Sofia’s.
“I can’t,” she replied, leaning against the wall. “I really gotta get back to my work.”
“You can’t make an exception for your boyfriend?” He stroked her cheek with his thumb and she smiled.
<a href="">Dominic </a> opened the door with the trash bag in his hand.
“Oh my fault, I didn’t mean to interrupt; I didn’t know you was out here.”
“It’s cool. I’m just talking to my girl.”
Dominic laughed.
“Which one?”
Shad stood straight and moved his body from in front of Sofia. She looked at the ground and Dominic clenched his teeth together.
“Word? Congratulations. Y’all feel free to finish up, I was just taking the trash out.”
Shad gave him the head nod and turned his attention back to Sofia.
“I really should go now.”
“Aight. Can I at least have a kiss goodnight?”
She nodded her head and pecked his lips.
“What was that? I’m your man now baby, you gotta kiss me forreal.”
He pushed his body against hers and kissed her deeply. She enjoyed it for a while but when his hands started roaming, she stopped him.
He sighed and opened his door.
“I’ll see you in the morning.”
When he shut his door Sofia breathed deeply.
“I should’ve thought this through,” she thought. “What am I gonna say to Dominic?”
As she put her key in her door, Dominic emerged back into the hallway.
“…do you wanna talk?” she asked.
“What’s there to talk about? You played me.”
“I didn’t mean for this to happen.”
“I’m just curious as to how many times you blew me off to go f*ck with him. If you wasn’t feeling me you should’ve just said that in the beginning instead of leading me on. Did you guys work on study sheets together?”
“No, he took me to dinner.”
“Right. You couldn’t make time for me ‘cause you was too busy tryna get with that n*gga huh? It’s cool. I ain’t even mad. I wouldn’t want to be with a hoe that’s tryna get with me and my roommate at the same time anyway.”
“That’s uncalled for Dominic.”
“Would you rather me call you a b*tch? Have a good f*cking life Sofia. And when he dogs you out, ‘cause he will, don’t say you weren’t warned. You made the wrong choice.”
He walked into the apartment and slammed the door behind him.

Nani walked to her upstairs apartment with Jermaine close on her heels.
“You really not gonna let me hit Red?”
“Nope.” She waited for him to walk in after her and shut the door. “We can talk about sleeping together again when you’re ready to be in a relationship with me. If you can’t commit to having all of me, you’re certainly not gonna get part of me.”
“Oh what? Somebody got a new outlook on things huh?” He sat on the counter.
“Well, maturity comes with new insight. I would expect you to know that.”
“You think you’re ready for us?” He pulled her in front of him.
“I think you need to ask yourself that question.”
He kissed her.
“Guess I got some thinking to do.”


awwwe i wonder how Sofia gon tell
damn she had two but i think Shad using her


awwe he remembered!!!
but uhn uhn nigga you is not slick!!!!


b**** ass Shad man
He just gonna try to use her for her money
She should just be with Dom smh
Jermaine n Nani
I'm gonna need for him to figure out what he wants
Because its not fair to anybody at all
But anyways
Run It!

A couple of weeks had passed and Sofia was deep into her studies. She had spent so much time doing work that she hadn’t really interacted with neither Shad nor Dominic much except for texts and class. Nani was also really busy with school work but the thought of getting back with Jermaine stayed in the back of her mind. She had ended things with Michael and even though she was lonely, she felt better.

“The piece is good, but you’re putting the wrong emotion into it.”
“What do you mean Professor Clark?” Sofia asked her professor.
“The music portrays a story of sadness and pain, but you’re smiling. Work on that.”
Professor Clark left the room and Sofia grabbed her towel. Dominic walked up behind her and put his hands on her hips.
“If he didn’t want us to smile, he should’ve paired us with different people.”
He kissed her shoulder and she wriggled out of his embrace.
“Why do you do that every time I get close to you?”
Sofia shrugged her shoulders.
“I don’t know. I’m still a little uncomfortable.”
She pulled on her sweater and grabbed her bag.
“If you relax with me, you’d get comfortable.”
He pulled her to him and went to kiss her but she turned her face.
“Come on Dom, stop.”
He let her go and went to grab his things.
“You let me practically feel you up when we’re dancing together but as soon as the music is off, you’re off limits.” He picked up his backpack. “Wait, are you seeing someone?”
“Not really…why’d you ask?”
“What does not really mean?”
“Exactly what I said. Anyway, performing is different.”
“Mmm…you got plans tonight?”
He opened the door and let her walk through first.
“Midterms are coming up. I gotta start studying- make my study sheets and flashcards.”
Dom smiled. He loved how geeky she was, especially since he knew that the girl that kneed him in the balls the first day they met was still in there.
“You can’t make time for me? You know I been tryna chill with you since the party; I wanna get to know you better.”
“I wanna get to know you better too but I just don’t have the time right now Dom.”
He was extremely interested in getting to know Sofia but he was getting annoyed with her continuously pushing him away.
“Aight yo, whatever. I gotta get to my next class. I’ll see you later.”
He kissed her on the cheek and walked away.

Later on that night, Sofia was doing work at her desk when she heard a knock at the door. When she opened the door her mouth dropped.
“Who’s at the door girl?” Nani asked, walking into the living room.
“J- J- J-,“ she stuttered.
“What’s up Red?”
Nani opened the door wider and tried to conceal the smile that wanted to spread across her face.
“What are you doing here Jermaine?”
“Come on, you know we got a Valentine’s Day tradition.” He held up a bag of food and some DVDs. “Can I come in?”
Nani nodded her head and stepped to the side.
“This is my roommate Sofia. Sofia, this is Jermaine.”
“Nice to meet you Sofia.”
He shook her hand and Sofia smiled.
“Can you rap something for me?”
“You got some gifts you need help with?”
“No, I mean-“
“I know baby girl, I was just playing. Maybe later on; I really wanna spend some time with Red right now.”
“Why do you call her that?”
“’Cause she’s a red bone. You know, light skinned.”
“Ohhh. Well…you guys have a good time.” Sofia smiled and gave Nani a thumbs up when she past her.
Nani took Jermaine downstairs and Sofia went back to her room. Not too long after there was another knock on the door. Sofia answered it and was surprised to see Shad.
“What’s up?”
“Come on, I’m taking you out.”
“For what?”
“Valentine’s Day, duh.”
“I’m doing homework.”
“You can do it later. Go change.”
He stepped inside and shut the door.
“I’m not taking no for an answer. You got 5 minutes.”

“You want another drink?” Nani asked as she popped the next movie into the dvd player.
“Nah, I’m good,” Jermaine replied. He leaned back on the couch and put his feet up on the coffee table.
Nani sat back down in her seat and pressed play on the remote.
“Why do you keep sitting so far away?” Jermaine asked.
“I don’t know what you’re talking about.”
“Yes you do Red. You scared to sit next to me?”
“Then come over here.”
“For what?”
“I just want you next to me.”
She got up and sat on the opposite end of the couch.
“What? I’m closer right?”
He pulled her ankle and she swatted him away.
“Come on.” He started tapping her and they started play fighting.
After a couple of minutes he pinned her down.
“I win.”
“Because I let you,” she said. “You know I could flip you right now if I really wanted to.”
She locked her legs around him tightly and flipped him onto his back.
“Why do you always underestimate me?”
“I don’t, I just like to see you get forceful.”
He sat up and leaned against the couch. She went to get up and he pulled her back down.
He rested his head on her chest and ran his hands up the back of her shirt. She moved his hands away.
“Don’t do that.”
“I miss you Red,” he said, running his hands through her hair. “I been going crazy without you.”
“This was what you wanted, remember?”
“I know but maybe I made a mistake.”
He kissed her and pulled her hair gently; that always drove her crazy.
“Don’t do this Jermaine,” she said as he laid her back and kissed her neck.
“I wanna be close to you Red. Haven’t you missed me?”
He blew softly in her ear.
“This isn’t fair.”
“Just relax baby.”

“So you know I really like you right? I know you’ve been busy with school work and we haven’t really had time to chill but I’m feeling you.”
Sofia blushed.
“I guess what I’m trying to say is…will you be my girl?”
Sofia choked on her drink.
“For real?”
“Yeah. I like you, you like me right?”
She nodded her head.
“Then what else do we need? Will you?”
Sofia swallowed hard and looked around nervously.
“What’s wrong?” he asked.
“I don’t Shad…”
“You scared?”
“Of course I’m scared. Yeah we’ve hung out a couple of times but we haven’t actually dated and you want to jump right into a relationship? And I’ve never been in a relationship before-“
He leaned over the table and kissed her.
“I know all that,” he whispered, “but I also know what I feel and I have to act on that. I got you ma.” He kissed her again before sitting down.
Sofia smiled. His kisses weren’t like Dominic’s but they still made her feel something inside.
“Ok,” she said softly.
She nodded her head. He picked up her hand and kissed it.
“Happy Valentine’s Day.”
The waiter brought the check over and he pretended to search his pockets.
“D*mn, I forgot my wallet.”
“It’s ok. I got it,” Sofia said as she pulled out her wallet.
“I’ll pay you back.”
“No, it’s ok.”
Shad smiled and winked at her; he was looking forward to more dates like this.


gonna try to run tonight.


<strong>RUNS! RUNS! RUNS! RUNS! RUNS! RUNS! RUNS!</strong>




BULLSHT! that professor
wrong af for that sht! lol
but yay more time with Dom.

damn Na Na you just gotta
have some of that Cole lovin.

Run It

i wonder wht shad
gon think abt soso && dom
buuuuut theyyre just working
together i guess lol

damn myy daddyy dnt playy no
games this niga called myy
professor lol
&& ma i aint wanna hear tht
shxt lol
but its okayy ima get myy man!!!


Sofia walked into her class and looked for an empty seat. The only one left was next to Dominic.
“Hey, I didn’t know you were in this class,” she said as she sat down.
“Yeah. We should compare schedules later, maybe we have other classes together.”
The professor approached the podium and started talking.
“How do you like your place?”
“I love it. It’s really nice; it’s nice to be away from my parents too.”
“Thank you for volunteering,” the professor said.
Sofia and Dominic looked at each other and then at him.
“Me?” she asked.
“The both of you.”
“I didn’t volunteer.”
“You were talking during my class, close enough. At the end of the semester, you will be expected to perform a piece to the song of my choice. Twice before the final performance will perform your piece so that it can be critiqued. You two are our first partners. By the next class I expect a rough draft of your performance just to show the direction you’re headed in.”
“But that’s in two days,” Sofia said.
“Precisely. Use your time wisely.”
“It’ll be fun,” Dominic whispered, grabbing her hand. “We can practice in one of the dance studios at the gym tonight.”
“I can’t,” she whispered back. “I have plans and I won’t be free until 11.”
“Ok, we can use my living room.”
“Why don’t we use mine instead?”
Dominic smiled and nodded his head in agreement.


“Hey Daddy,” Nani said into the receiver.
“Why didn’t you go to class today?”
“What are you talking about?”
“Don’t lie to me Nani. I called your professor, you better be sick.”
“I don’t want to talk to you about it Daddy.”
“What do you mean ‘you don’t want to talk to me about it’?”
“You won’t understand.”
“Try me.”
“Daddy please.”
“Talk to your daughter Sasha before I have to pay her a visit.” He handed the phone to his wife. “Hey baby, what’s wrong? Is it Michael again?”
“No, Jermaine.”
“I see. What happened?”
“He said we can’t talk anymore Ma. He said I’m too young and he doesn’t want to jeopardize things with Daddy. Can’t you talk to him?”
“To your father? Me talking to him isn’t going to solve anything. And as far as Mister goes, you just have to respect his wishes.”
“But Ma-“
“I know you like him sweetie but you gotta let him do what he needs to do.”
Nani rolled her eyes. That was not what she wanted to hear.
“I gotta go Ma.”
“Ok, be safe sweetie. I love you.”
“Love you too.”
She hung up and sucked her teeth. She was gonna find a way to get him back, she just wasn't sure how yet.