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Chino Hills | new story by a newbie (:

chapter 1.

<em> <a href="">I</a> twirled a finger through my hair, inspecting it as i sighed, waiting for the bell to ring.</em>

<em>I grinned as i looked up ahead, seeing my bestfriend doing the same.</em>

<em>The bell rang loudly, snapping me out of a daze as i put my bag on, before walking out the class quickly. Shaela, my best friend, was waiting for me outside the class. Upon seeing me, she smiled lsightly before c**king her head, signaling me to walk faster. I complied to her wishes, and we walked through the halls to get to the lunch area, gossiping about this and that.</em>

<em>We walked past a group of girls and we got quiet, our faces scowling a them without a second thought. It was out of habit. Our school, La Chino, was racially divided and it was obvious. OUr city is actually called Chino Hills, but among my friends it was La Chino. </em>

<em> Browns vs. Blacks. Hispanic descent vs. African American Descent, and if you were mixed, like Shaela and I, you chose a side. It was petty, i admit, but you get used to it.</em>

<em>I chose Browns, the Hispanic descent, because i lived with my mom's side of the family, and they were dominican. My dad was black and white, and he lived in Virginia. </em>

<em>As Shaela and I got our lunch, we were joined by other girls. We all sat at a table, tlaking in spanish, something we did often. We just gossiped, taking about he-say-she-say and novellas. While we ate, a fight broke out a few feet from us. Four guys, two against two. One was my boyfriend. I stood with Shaela, egging my baby on. But pretty soon, i was in the mix fighting some girl too. All i knew was that she was black, and was throwing punches at me. So i fought back.</em>

<em> You get used to leavin school right after a fight, it prevents suspension and detentions, along with unwanted questions from my family. Right now i sat in the car with Shaela, my boyfriend Marco and his friend. We were driving away from the school to Marco's ouse, to nurse our wounds and kick back.</em>

<em> Life wasn't bad, just divided. Sometimes it felt like we were in a gang, repping out street against other people. I've been jumped before because of the side i chose, and i've watched other girls get jumped. I'm proud to say i haven't jumped a girl before, but i still felt bad.</em>

<em>But i just move on and get over it, because unless i get out of La Chino i can't change anything.</em>