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<3 After The Storm <3 *Short Story*

<em> "what the f*** Chas you think i didnt see you b**** i saw you .. that nigga was all over you you think im f***ing stupid" <a href="">He</a> screammed pushing down more on the gas peddle."can you just chill out justin please your waking up <a href="">Destiny</a> and slow down" I said."no f*** that you think im stupid you think you gonna play me b**** ...iight i got something for your ass"he yelled going faster."mommy daddy... whats going on"destiny asked rubbing her sleepy eyes."nothing baby just put on your seat belt"i said looking back at her."justin please its not what you think he was in my face but i had told him to back off you know i love you i would never hurt you"i said trying to plead with him.he just laughed evilly and got faster."you learn if not in this life then the next b****"."what are you talking about" i asked frighten.with that he open up his car door and jumped out."mommy"destiny screammed as we crushed straight through the brigde wall and plunged into water below.i grabbed her hand as water began to fill the car believing that our end had truely come then i blacked out"<em>

<em>if you all please fasten your seat belts we're about to land"<em> the poilet annouced over the intercom. <a href="">I</a> sat up in my seat and wiped my eyes. as i looked out the window beside my i couldnt help but wonder what life had in store for me in the future all i knew was that my past was hell and i was glad it was over....atleast i think it is.

<strong>Tittle Credit:Nicole<strong>


Awe poor Destiney...her father is f***ed up I feel for her and her mother.
She was baby she didn't desver that.

I was wrong for the attitude...
Really that was rude mom how you only gone watch only one grandchild?

Damn, I was wondering what could've happened to Destiny :/

That's sooo sad!

I hope she finds that son of a b**** so she can beat his ass!


& dang, someone's getting jealous.

I wonder what's going to happen.

Run this..

I got out of my cab in front of this <a href="">beautiful house</a> . Almost immediately i felt out of play i turned to try to walk away until i hear "omg chasity is that you".i turned around to find my cousin <a href="">Nicole</a> running down the driveway with her arms opened wide.once she reached me we embraced both smiling from ear to ear "omg you've changed so much"she said."i can only hope"i responded.there was a brief momment of silence till she said"im sorry about destiny".i shook my head and closed my eyes to keep the tears from comming "its okay really"i said plastering on a fake grin."well come on inside i have a couple of friends over and i want you to meet them"she said grabbing my hand pulling me behind into the house.once we got inside we placed my luggage by the stair case leading up stairs and went down stairs into what i thought would be a basement but was <a href="">indoor pool area</a> ."hey guys this is my cousin chasity i been i talking about"nicole said placing me infront of her.i did a small wave while place a small grin on my face."hey im <a href="">Lauren</a> and thats my boo boo bear <a href="">jermaine</a>" she said.I looked over and seen a guy wave and figured thats who she meant. "Im <a href="">Oshyn</a> and thats my boyfriend <a href="">drake</a>"another girl said.i waved over to him and felt someone behind me burning a hole in my neck so turned to see <a href="">her</a> <a href="">him</a> and i guess her <a href="">little one</a> . "um who is this"she asked giving me a stank look."would you just chill this is my cousin chasity i told you about"nicole said shaking her hand. the guy by her picked up the little girl and came over and extended his hand "hi im christopher"he said with a grin."hi"i said shaking his hand.i guess old girl didnt like that cause she cleared her throat loudly and said"oh well im summer".i just nodded and turned my attention else where."whats desiree doing here"asked drake."my mom would only agree to watch ayrian"summer said rolling her eyes."hey guys i found the jack pot"some guy yelled comming down the stairs with 3 bags full of boozes."oh chas this is my boyfriend <a href="">mike</a> "said nicole."hey cuz" he said comming over giving me a hug."ummm hey" i said not expecting that at all."well before we go unnoticed im <a href="">Sara</a> thats <a href="">Glena</a> over theres thats my man <a href="***-On-My-Mind-Lyrics.jpg">Shad</a> and her boo <a href="">Trey</a> "she said in one breath."well now that everyone ia aqutained lets get faded"mike yelled.

RUN IT(srry if its short i'll add again before the night is over)

That son of a b****!

I would've pulled his ass back in the car!

Run this.