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It's the first day of summer and also the hottest day in Brooklyn to date topping the temperature at 100 degrees. On 67th and McAllister Street is where our story takes place and what our characters call home. On both sides of the street were rows of Brownstones and at each corner a little mini market or a church stood in its place. Brown Eagle High had officially closed it's doors for the next two months preparing for next year and the elementary school playgrounds laid in silence.

I woke up to the sound of my alarm going off at 8:30 A.M. the time that I usually get up to go to work; but instead I hit the snooze button bundling back up in my soft comfy bed sheets. Of course 10 minutes later my mom came in through the door nudging me on the shoulder. "Chris wake up, time to get up; there's some things that I'm gonna need your help with today." she said. I rolled onto my side pleading with my puppy dog eyes but ma wasn't having it and threw the sheets off of me. "Boy I am not kidding, hurry up and get dressed." was all she said to me before leaving my room again.

I was sitting in my room counting my money and tips from working as a pizza delivery boy at the local pizzeria; over 260.00 bucks from the last two weeks. Once I got done counting my money I went into my friend Patrick's room; he always hates it when I bother him while he's sleeping but I don't care lol. I leaned over his shoulder playing with his lips. "Rico...why do you always bother me when I'm sleeping?!" he said with a scruffy voice. "Wake up dude it's summertime" "Stop breathing down my neck man..I'ma get a lock one day and kick your ass out Rico." "What's the matter dude you don't like hanging out with ya boy Rico anymore?"
"Rico it's early..and this is the first time that I'll actually get to sleep in. Don't you gotta go to work man?" "Nope. Heading out to Jojo's" "Go brush your teeth, your breath stinks." Patrick said covering his head with the pillow. "I brushed my teeth, that's your upper lip"

It was an early morning for Venus as she stood in her fully body mirror talking with her best friend Kimmy on the phone. All that Venus had on was a fitted white tee and some pink booty shorts. "...early morning for you isn't it?" Kimmy said. "I guess..I'm so glad that classes are over, now I can start relaxing. Speaking of which wanna hang out at the Mt. Water Park today?" she said. "Cool, I was gonna go shopping for a new bathing suit anyways." Kimmy said with a giggle.
"Why don't I come with you? I was thinking the same thing." "Can't wait." "Now I should tell you I got a little thick around the waist and I got this cute belly button piercing so don't be jelly." Kimmy said with a giggle. "(Laughs) a little thick? Girl don't even start, but anyways I gotta get dressed. Meet ya at the mall in 30 minutes?" Venus said. "Alright, see ya later" Kimmy said. Looking at the time Venus jumped into the shower quickly, got out, dried and lotioned and went into her closet to pull an outfit out. It was a chill day for Venus so she just decided to wear her light blue skinny jeans on, some red, black and yellow J's, and her black tee that slightly showed her midriff and cherry belly button piercing. To top it off she threw a black and red snapback on and left her hair curly. "Damn, if I was a boy I'd date myself lol" she said. After applying some mango peach lip gloss on she grabbed her phone and keys and was out the door.


Chris-18, funny but a little on the c**ky side when it comes to women
Patrick-19, Rico's best friend and mentor on everything. A little bit of a drama king in the morning times but all in all a good friend
Rico-18, the jokester behind Chris and best friend to Patrick
Aubrey-19, good head on his shoulders, cares about his girlfriend Nicki and wants to achieve success as a rapper

Kimmy-18, Venus's best friend and the soon to be love interest of Chris. Goofy, down to earth, smart and speaks her mind.
Nicki-19, Aubrey's girlfriend who in return loves him to death and is willing to do anything to make him happy. Wants to achieve success as a model
Jojo-19, the bad-ass girl on the block and Rico's soon to be love interest. Unlike most girls who cry when they break their nails Jojo is tough as nails but has a soft side unknown to others
Venus-17, the youngest and best friend to Kimmy and soon to be love interest of Patrick. Bright, goofy, down to earth and sympathetic.

Other Characters (More to Come)
Elizabeth 'Liz'- Kimmy's childhood friend
Anthony-Jojo's cheating ex-boyfriend

In the course of one summer, the lives of these eight people will change for the better or worse. Old flames, New Relationships, Fame, Pregnancy, Heartache, Fights, Late night parties all resulting to a climax CRASH COLLISION.

More to come, run it! <3


Run It! <3

Run It! <3


I must've been tired because by the time I woke up it was already 1:38 P.M. in the afternoon. It was an unusual feeling because he was slowly beginning to get use to Rico waking him up but then of course it would be stupid of him to do so. Feeling energized I jumped out of the bed, showered, dressed and hopped downstairs to fix myself a late breakfast. We were beginning to get low on supplies; first chance we get we need to get groceries, so I grabbed a bagel from the pantry and got some cream cheese from the fridge. The house was unusually quiet, not that I don't mind that, but I was beginning to wonder where Rico would've ran off to. Like clockwork, I heard the front door open and shut and Rico came running into the kitchen and grabbed a bottled water.
"Hey Pat" Rico said sitting down at the kitchen table. "Well hey...where were you?" I asked as I took two bites from my bagel; "Jojo and them wanted a round at the court early this morning so I've been playing ball since 11." Rico said resting his head on the table. "I'm surprised that you didn't hear me leave" Rico said looking up at him. "Naw, I just woke a few minutes ago. Last night was fun, can't wait to do it again." Patrick said, smiling to himself. "I could understand that, seeing that you were getting a little comfortable with ole girl with the curls." Rico laughed. "So what? Sue me lol. Rico this girl does something to me, I don't know what it is I just can't explain it." Patrick said. "..Did you hit it?" Rico said; "No..I kissed her last night after I dropped her off at her house,that was about it." He said smiling back at the kiss.


I looked up at the building's address that Anthony had given me; the location was in a broken down neighborhood, many of the buildings were either burned out or warehouses. Swallowing big, I walked in through the doors and walked up to the elevator pressing the 'Up' button. The doors slid open and I stepped inside to press the "6" button and the elevator doors slid shut. The numbers changed as I passed each floor until I reached the 6th; the doors slid open again and I stepped off. Anthony said that he'd be in the loft nearest to the fire exit where his studio was; my footsteps echoed in the empty hall until I reached a door that was near the fire exit. I pressed the door bell ringing anyone who was there of my prescence. Minutes later I hear someone coming to the door and opening it, Anthony stood there. "Well...I see you decided to come by. Come on in" He allowed me to enter the tiny loft studio as he shut the door behind me; the tiny staircase creaked underneath my feet as I walked each step. I was now on the upper deck of the loft; it was pretty big and there was lots of cluttered objects laying around. "Have a seat...drink?" Anthony asked; " I'm fine" "Trust me, if you have a drink it'll help loosen some nerves." Anthony said. "Fine, I guess it won't hurt to have a little sip." He disappeared into the kitchen and I found a seat at a round table; ontop of the table was many photos that Anthony had taken, I must've looked at every picture there was but one photo stuck out. It was old and worn out with two little boys standing close to one another; Nicki eyed the photo to get a closer look and noticed that the little boy looked like him and that the other looked like...Aubrey?
"Hey.." Anthony said catching Nicki off-guard, she jumped at the sound of his voice before calming down. She slipped the old photo in her purse where she'd confront Aubrey about it later on. "I got you a bottled water" he said handing it to her; Nicki grabbed the bottle from his hand and thanked him.
"So...what finally made you come over?" Anthony asked. "(Sighs) my boyfriend and I had a fight over it and so I got tired and decided to do it on my own." Nicki said sipping on her water; "I mean, how is it fair for him to do all this stuff to help make his dream come true and I can't do the same?" I said getting up to stand by the window. "Sounds to me like the guy's a little overprotective." Anthony said; "Not really, I mean he can be over the top but he means well." Nicki said.

Chris and I spent the entire afternoon at the beach; we talked about this and that and we got in the water a few times. Although we've been talking for a day and a half the chemistry between him and I is off the hook; it was not normal for me to be feeling a guy like Chris so quick, but there's something about him that just draws my full attention. Right now the sun is setting and we're just hanging out on the boardwalk leaning against the railing. "Today was really cool, it was great hanging with you again Kimmy." Chris said. "I know..(Laughing) I can't believe you screamed like a girl when that piece of seaweed wrapped around your ankle, oh my gosh that was too funny" Kimmy said trying to catch her breath. "Uhh huh okay, I see you got jokes" Chris said smartly. "Aww..don't get mad" Kimmy said lightly slapping Chris's shoulder but he grabbed her hand and rubbed her knuckles with his thumb. Their eye connected before pulling away; "Look, I know it seems hella early to be even saying this but uhm..I'm really digging you Kimmy...hard." Chris said. Kimmy looked up into Chris's eyes and smiled; "You might think a n***a crazy for even saying that but I mean that and I--" Kimmy cut Chris off pressing her lips against his; she placed her hands on each side of his face and his hands rested at her small waist.

The Kiss:<a href="" title="karrueche-tran-and-chris-brown-kissing-photo_344x344 by Artistic Prophetess, on Flickr"><img src="" width="344" height="344" alt="karrueche-tran-and-chris-brown-kissing-photo_344x344"></a>+

He pulled away, caught off guard by the kiss; he'd been wanting to kiss Kimmy but didn't want to rush the situation. She smiled even bigger at his shocked expression and he bursted in a laugh. "What was that for?" Chris asked. "I don't know, it seemed like a romantic moment. I've always wanted to kiss a guy on the beach during sunset." Kimmy blushed. He stroked her chin and pulled her in for another kiss this time with tongue. "Well your wish is my command" Chris said pulling away from her lips.

Patrick and Venus share a kiss!!! Yayyyy!!
Very thoughtful of him to walk her home

Aubrey needs to be more supported of Nicki regardless of the outcome. Let her learn from her own mistakes.

Lol i like the "Clueless" scene in the mall.

Chris to the rescueeee!!!


*New Update*

After I blew up on Nicki last night I just left her house; she can be stubborn sometimes and I usually have to talk her down in situations on when we can't agree. It gets on my nerves how she tries to make any little issue into a big unnecessary mess; don't get me wrong I still love that girl and always will but she just pushes my buttons.


Aubrey made me so mad after he walked out on me last night; why is that I can't make one measily little decision on my own to help launch my career in modeling and yet Aubrey gets to do whatever he wants in order to pursue his rapping career. Anthony doesn't seem like the type of guy to try anything with me; he knows that I have a boyfriend and he most likely has a girlfriend. I'm sorry Aubrey, but you can't stop me from makin this decision; I flipped open my I-Phone and scrolled through the contact list where I saved Anthony's phone number and dialed it. I know what I'm doing, what's the worse that can happen?

*At the Mall*

Chris was just walking out of the Footlocker after buying the new A6 Jordans when he saw Venus walking with another girl. "V!" He called out to her; Venus smiled up at him and walked into his direction pulling him in for a hug. "Hey you. Last night's party was banging huh?" Venus said. "I know right, who's this?" "Oh I'm Liz, I'm Kimmy's friend; me and Venus were just getting to know each other." "Uhm, where's Kimmy by the way?" "She happened to run into some random guys at the Gelato and escorted them right over there." Venus said pointing her finger in the direction; Kimmy was sitting on the railing while talking up a storm with two guys. "Wow, so tell me what do you think about me and Kimmy dating?" Chris asked.
"I think you should go for it; besides the vibe between you and her at the party last night was on" "Really?" Chris said looking in the direction of Kimmy who was still talking with the guys. "Can they please be a little more generic?" Liz said rolling her eyes at the guys; Suddenly they heard Kimmy screaming as they looked back to see the two men holding Kimmy over the railing.

"Oh My God" Venus said, Chris ran over with speed as he passed through shocked shoppers coming up to the guys as they pulled Kimmy back up. Kimmy had a traumatized look on her face but slowly calmed down as she jumped into Chris's arms before racing back to Venus and Liz. "YOU a**hole" Chris screamed at the two laughing guys, he pushed one of them against the railing. "Chill man, it was just a joke" One guy said; "OH REALLY?! Somebody could get killed!" he said before pushing the same guy again and going back to check on Kimmy.

"Kimmy you okay?" Chris said wrapping his shoulder around her; "Yeah I'm fine. We were just talking and laughing and the next thing I knew they had me leaning over the railing screaming for help while they laughed in my face." Kimmy said slighly panicky but not as frightened as she was. "It's okay, but Kimmy you gotta be careful sometimes; they could've lost their grip and you would've fell. I'd lose my damn mind if anything ever happened to you." Chris said openly admitting his feelings. " you mean that?" Kimmy said taken aback; He looked her in the eyes before lightly grabbing her hand and rubbed her knuckles with his thumb, "On the real."

"..I-I uhm.." Kimmy struggled to get the words out but Chris spoke up. "No need to say anything, but I meant what I said." "Well Chris the only thing I have TO say is thanks for saving my life back there..and if it's any constollation, I feel the same way as well." Kimmy said openly admitting her feeling. Just then Liz and Venus came up to them; "Hey Kimmy we're gonna leave so you two can have some alone time." "Alright, I guess I'll talk to ya'll later on tonight" Kimmy said; they hugged before leaving Kimmy and Chris alone. "Hey ma dude" Chris turned around to see the two dudes from earlier.

"We're sorry man, we didn't mean to hurt her or anything; it's our fault" one guy said. "Yeah we didn't mean to scare lil' mama or anything we just took it too far." "No sweat man, I ain't got beef with ya'll" Chris said dapping the two men. "But I swear, this wifey and she means a lot to me" "No biggie man. Thanks for understanding" then the two guys took off. "Did you just call me wifey?" Kimmy said giggling; Chris blushed as he'd forgotten that she'd been standing there. "Aww 'Reesy, you're cute when you get embarassed. Come on, lets go to the beach."

Run It! <3


I laid back in the pool chair area finishing up the small blunt in my hand; Patrick had gone somewhere else so I was on my own for the moment. Realizing that I hadn't spoken to Jojo since I left her house this morning I shot her a quick text; it was probably late and I wouldn't get a response until the morning but my phone lit up with Jojo's name flashing across the screen.
Jojo: damn Rico, you must be bored as hell
Rico: I am. This party's boring as hell without you
Jojo: I wanted to go but you know how my moms is. BTW my Abuelita told me to tell you 'Hola'
Rico: LOL tell her I said 'Hola' back. How was the family reunion?
Jojo: Ugh, don't even get me started I have all summer to tell you. Anyways what's up?
Rico: Can't a nigga holla back without being interrogated? LOL
Jojo: Whatever. Listen I'm tired, I'mma hit you back in the A.M. 1
Rico: 1
He slipped his phone back into his pocket and butted his smoldering remain of a blunt before getting up from his chair and going back inside the house. People were beginning to leave so it was best for Rico to head on home hisself


Venus stared at me with a cute smile on her face; her friend whispered something into her ear before leaving us alone in the kitchen. "So you think I'm sexy huh?" Patrick said grabbing the salt shaker on the kitchen counter. "I didn't mean for you to hear that and I don't appreciate you eavesdropping on my conversation" Venus said with a smirk. "My apologies. How come you walked off the way you did? You didn't let me thank you for the dance" Patrick said setting the salt shaker down. Venus turned to face him with her back leaning against the kitchen sink; "I didn't mean to, I'm sorry about that. You were making me feel nervous" "You weren't the only one" Patrick said admitting out loud.
Venus was about to get in another word but Freddy B. came into the kitchen; "Yo, just so you know shutdown is in like 5 minutes." "Alright ma dude; Party was mad hype." "No problem" Patrick and Freddy dapped before getting back into the conversation. "Hey Venus I-" "Yes Pat?" Venus said c**king her head slightly to the side. "Do you like movies?" Patrick asked. "Of course" "Oh 'cause I was wondering know..if you ever want to hang out with a nigga at the movies well...*sighs* do you wanna go to the movies with me?" Patrick said finally spitting the words out. Venus giggled at Patrick's nerdiness; "Yeah I thought so. Nice meeting you Venus" Patrick said feeling defeat. "Wait! Do you have a pen?" Venus asked Pat; "No, why?" he said turning around. "Because I was going to write down my number so you can call me"
Patrick's eyes rose in surprise. "Soo...does that mean you accept my offer to take you out?" He said in a confirming voice. "Yeah, so you get my number too." Venus said biting her lip softly; since he had no pen to write her number down Patrick gave her his number. "Alright ya'll, party's over" Freddy B said. "I'll call you in the morning" Venus said; "Let me walk you back, it's too dangerous for a woman to be walking by herself at this time of night." "No that's okay I don't live far from here just two blocks down. Besides my friend's waiting on me so I can make the trip." Venus said.

"Venus please, I'll feel ten times better if I see you home that way I don't have to carry a weight on my shoulders" Patrick said. "Tsk..okay" Venus said; they grabbed their coats leaving Freddy's house as they took the two block trip home. Kimmy was texting away to Liz about the party and to Chris and how much fun each other's company was. Patrick received the message from Rico that he'd left the party and would be already at home which was a good sign for Patrick as he himself was becoming exhausted.

Once they'd reached their block Patrick and Venus dropped Kimmy off at her house and then going onto Venus's house. They trudged up the huge stairs standing outside the door. "Do you feel better now that I'm alive and well?" Venus laughed. "Yeah. I'm surprised that you live on this block I've never seen you around." "Yeah well I don't go out all the time and when I do it's mostly with Kimmy or my dad. I better get inside" Venus dug into her purse grabbing her house key and sticking it in to unlock the door. "(Sighs) well goodnight Patrick and thanks again for walking Kimmy and I back" "No problem." She smiled at him before opening the door but Patrick grabbed her hand lightly pulling her to him. They gazed in each other's eyes before sharing a kiss underneath the porch light. Venus pulled away hanging her head low as she began blushing before looking back up at him. "Good night..Venus" Patrick said licking her lips at her as he walked back down the steps never taking his eyes off of her. Venus walked into the house shutting the front door behind her; she bursted in a squealing glee of joy careful not to wake up her sleeping father in the process.
It was only the first day of summer and Venus was experiencing the highlights of it and one she would not forget.

Once he was home he slunk out of his clothes leaving him in just his boxers and beater before jumping into his bed. He could hear Rico's light snoring down the hall; any other night it would've bothered Patrick but tonight the sounds of the snoring became drowned out by Patrick's thoughts flowing through his head and the kiss he shared with Venus. He smiled to himself before shutting his eyes and falling asleep

Run It! <3

haha these guys be popping out
of no where first chris now patrick
but awe kim and chris are adorable
and patrick is just sexy
as well as rico and lets not forget
aubrey and of course chris whoo!
i love the male characters lol
anyways run it!!

Lol Patrick came out of nowhere!! Venus better get on that. Dont be scurred lol

And Chris and Kimmy...I love their chemistry!!



It seemed as though Kimmy and Chris were hitting off quite well, I knew Chris liked her and she liked him back so it wasn't a surprise when I saw them snuggled up together near the pool area. The party was banging; everynow and then a guy would ask me to dance but most of the time I was on the sidelines jamming to the music. "Hello again" a voice spoke up to me, I raised my head to see Patrick smiling at me. "Hey you...feeling better?" I asked; he chuckled at my response before saying, "A little. I was gonna come ask you to dance with me."
Maxwell's "Woman's Worth" was softly playing in the background as the partygoers coupled together for a slow dance. "I don't know" I said putting my head down; "I'm not into slow dances that much"

"Please?" Patrick said holding his hand out, I smiled and said; "What the hell." I grabbed his hand as he led me to the dancefloor; the lights in the living room had dimmed to a dark red and all I could see was the slight silhouettes against the walls. Patrick pulled me in closer placing his right hand on the small of my back as he laced fingers with mine, I laid my head against his chest feeling his faint heartbeat. We danced as if we were the only two people in the world, the music was swelling up to a huge climax as my eyes interlocked with Patricks'. Though his eyes were still a little red I couldn't help but fall deeply in love with his beautiful brown eyes staring back into me.

And then...the song stopped playing and the lights were cut back on; we stepped back from one another as the awkwardness seeped in. "Uhh, thanks for the dance I appreciate it" I walked off before he could say 'Thank you.'


Chris and I spent most of the time near the pool area as we carried on our conversation; I had lost track of the time because soon after I looked at my watch and it was almost 11. "Oh curfew" Chris said before collecting himself; I really didn't want Chris to go because we were having so much fun and there was this chemistry between us. "I really wish you didn't have to go..I had fun with you tonight." Kimmy said locking Chris's arm into a hug. "I had fun with you tonight Kimmy" he said pulling her close to him. "Well I--" "I wanna see you again" Chris said cutting Kimmy off. "You do?" Kimmy asked, "Of're smart, you're beautiful, you have this loving personality and you're not fake like some of the girls I've dated in the past. I've learned so much about you tonight and if you let me I want to get to know you more. So can I see you again?" Chris said never breaking his gaze away. "Chris you didn't have to say all that..but I deeply appreciate it. Why don't we meet up at the Mt. Water Park this Sunday? Venus has been wanting to go so badly" Kimmy said.
"I'll be there. Look I gotta go" and then he kissed me on the cheek as a form of sympathy and respect before going back to walk into the house. "Bye 'Reesy" Kimmy called out, he turned his head and smiled before walking back inside.

Minutes Later
Kimmy walked back into the house and into the kitchen where Venus was dapping herself in some cool water. She leaned against the refridgerator in ectasy before saying; "I'm in love." Venus laughed before remarking "Uh no duh Sherlocke, I saw you and him gettin cozy out near the pool." "Oh V, this feeling I have inside is too hard for me to deny! He told me I was smart, beautiful--" "And you are! Kimmy the guy is gaga for you..and I knew he did when he first laid eyes on you." Venus said. "Yeah you're the way how come you got Ice Age 5 going on, what's up?" Kimmy said laughing.

"Whoo! Girl I just danced with the most sexiest guy ever, his name's Patrick--" "Uh oh, looks like somebody's getting the fever" Kimmy joked. "Girl whatever, after that dance I felt something inside and he was making nervous and hot at the same time." Venus confessed while blushing. "I wouldn't be too embarassed; Patrick seems like a nice guy. Maybe you should get to know him" Kimmy said grabbing a handful of pretzels. "I know, but I'm so scared to talk to him, I'm afraid that I'll end up babbling like a complete dork and make a fool out of myself." "Not at all. I'm just surprised you find me sexy" Patrick said making Venus jump.

Run It! <3


I'm SO sorry for not updating! Update is coming tomorrow for sure!

Run It! <3

Your sidenotes be helpin me out girl!! lol

I loved how they connect so quickly. He didnt come on strong at all. He really just wants to get to know HER! <3

When I saw the name Peanut I automatically thought of Jody's babymama off BabyBoy LMAO!!! Until i saw Hoopz face lol.

Anyways, run this girl!!


Wanting to get to know Kimmy Chris took her to a secluded part of the house for a little bit of privacy. Finding an empty bedroom Chris shut the door behind him after letting Kimmy go in first. In Kimmy's mind she was expecting Chris to toot it and boot it but the thought was pushed out of her head as they sat comfortably on the bed with her sitting near the edge of the bed. "Scoot over..I won't bite, I promise" he said placing his hand over his heart. Kimmy scooted closer to Chris and laid back against the headboard.

"So tell me about yourself" Chris said leaning back against the headboard as well. "Lets see I'm 18 turning 19 in September which makes me a Virgo lol. I'm part Vietnamese and African-American; my dad's from a little village in South Africa as well as my mom. They met when they first came to this country and fell in love with each other. I'm an only child and that's about it. What about you?" Kimmy said drinking some punch.

"Pretty much like your story except I have an older brother Mijo but he lives in L.A.; my parents separated when I was 10 so it's just me and my mom and I'm turning 19 next month on the 5th" Chris said. "Well happy early birthday" Kimmy said patting him on the back. "Thanks..I was thinking about having a party but I thought 'nah, I'll just spend it with my mom' "I'll spend it with you" "(Laughs) you're funny Kimmy" "No I'm being dead serious lol. We should go have a fun day" "Kimmy I think the punch is getting to you lol" Chris said taking the punch from Kimmy's hand. "Yeah maybe you're right..I'm so drunk lol" Kimmy said. For another hour Kimmy and Chris just talked with each other until their groove got busted up when a couple walked in on them.

"Sorry ma dude, we thought this room was empty" the guy said; "No man it's alright we were gonna head on back downstairs anyways. Knock yourself out." Chris guided Kimmy holding her hand as they let the couple take their room. Walking back down to where the party was taking place. "It was nice talking with you" "Don't tell me you're leavin" Kimmy said with pleading eyes; "No no I don't have to be home 'til 11. I was wondering if I could have your number." Kimmy was taken aback; "Was that too much? I'm not trying nothing or anything like that, I'm just really feeling you Kimmy and I wanna spend some more time with you." After a minute of thinking Kimmy slid over her number placing it into his phone.

"Chris" a female voice called out; the sound of her voice made Chris roll his eyes in annoyance, he turned around to face his ex Peanut

<a href="" title="hoopz_nikki_alexander - 11 by SmartSite-Walker.Com Celebrities Photos.Charles Wa, on Flickr"><img src="" width="331" height="500" alt="hoopz_nikki_alexander - 11"></a>+

"Why, why Lord? Why must you torture me?" Chris said with his head up to the ceiling, Kimmy stood next to his side. "Uhm...who's this?" Kimmy asked. "I should be asking the same thing" Peanut said getting a slight attitude.

"What do you want P? I thought I made it specifically clear to you that I didn't want to talk to you anymore." Chris said leaning against the door post. "I know but then again you have been known to bluff sometimes so I know you didn't mean it." Peanut said feeling up against him; Kimmy just stood there with a 'WTF' expression on her face. Chris slightly nudged Peanut off of her her; "(Sighs) Look, I'm trying to have a good time tonight so please leave me and mines alone" he grabbed Kimmy's hand about to walk off but Peanut broke their holding hands standing in between them.

"You mean to tell me that you traded in this" Peanut said pointing to her curves "...for a poptart?" Peanut then pointed to Kimmy. Now if there's one thing about Kimmy is that she doesn't bite her tongue down and speaks her mind...ESPECIALLY when she's been drinking.

"Excuse me? Poptart? I'm not a poptart" Kimmy said smacking Peanut's finger away from her face. "Kimmy...don't start" "Yeah Kimmy...wouldn't want you to get that pwetty little face hurt" Peanut said in a baby voice. "I wish I could say the same for you...and by the way your toothbrush misses your ass" Kimmy said. Chris held in his laugther at that comment. "Oh you think that's funny? Well it won't be funny when I break your face in. Who do you think you are coming in between me and my man?"

Chris got that 'WTF' expression back on his face; "Excuse me Peanut, but I would NEVER in a MILLION years ever go back to you. Why don't you go f**k Anthony again?"

(Remember, Anthony is Jojo's ex-boyfriend)

"It was a time" Peanut said slightly emotional. "That's a bulls*** lie and you know it. Like I said, leave me and mines alone. Come on Kimmy" he grabbed Kimmy's hand again and made their way out to the pool area. "Fck you nigga! I don't need your ass no way!" Peanut said. Chris just threw up the deuces with no other explanation. Kimmy and Chris sat next to the pool sitting together on the reclined beach chair.

"I hope you're not mad at me Kimmy. I didn't mean for things to get ugly" Chris said. "I could never be mad at you..but who was that?" Kimmy asked. "That's my ex-girl Peanut. We broke up two days ago when I caught her cheating on me with some nigga named Anthony. His girl Jojo just dumped him yesterday after she found out."

(Author's Note: The characters do know each other's name but are NOT close friends except for Rico/Pat and Venus/Kimmy.)

"Damn that's messed up" Kimmy said. "I'm hurting but hey she ain't gonna be the last chick I ever date. Forgive me?" Chris said. "I forgive you. But the next time she calls me a poptart all hell's gonna break loose lol" Kimmy said laughing. "So violent..." Chris laughed as well

Run It! <3

lol I like the way Chris walked up on Kimmy. They both like each other cute!!!

As for well next time hopefully he wont be too high to get down on Venus. Glad she dudnt push him away.

Morrrreeee I want to see what Chris and Kimmy gonna say to each other!!!!!

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On Undale Street, Brownstone #6 was on and poppin; kids began showing up and it was barely 8:30 before the party got crazy. Inside kids were partying like there was no tomorrow before Freddy B. got up to the DJ Booth to make an annoucement.

Freddy B.: <a href="" title="396562_373327362693486_145753878784170_1448318_72216104_n by Artistic Prophetess, on Flickr"><img src="" width="378" height="480" alt="396562_373327362693486_145753878784170_1448318_72216104_n"></a>+

"Yo Everybody! I just wanna thank ya'll for showing up tonight; like I said man this party's gonna go on until whenever so enjoy yourself and's summer snitches!" Freddy said. The party cheered in agreement and the party continued on; the first two people to show up was Venus and Kimmy; Kimmy wore black leggings with rips on the front, a white tee with her light blue jean jacket and Venus had a leopard bustier with a mini navy blue skirt. "What time did Liz say that she was gonna be here?" Venus said over the loud music; "I don't know, she might not come because its her parents anniversary today. But we'll see" Kimmy said jamming to the music. "Lets go into the kitchen" Venus suggested; the two girls made their way to the back where the kitchen was; pretzels, chips and dip and spiked punch laid out on the kitchen counter and leaning up against the stove was Chris. "(Gasps) OMG it's do I look V?" "Well Kimmy I think you look fine as hell" Chris said catching Kimmy off guard. "Oh! Thanks lol" "No problem ma. Wassup V?" "Nothing much..when did you get here?" Venus said holding a handful of pretzels. "About 30 minutes ago so I ain't been here long, as a matter of fact I was hoping you'd show up" Chris said turning his attention back to Kimmy. She blushed before playfully pushing Chris against the stove "Well I'm gonna leave you two love birds alone so you can get acquainted." Venus said with a smile; Kimmy grabbed her arm and leaned into her ear. "V don't leave me, I don't know what to say to him" Kimmy pleaded. "Girl don't worry, he really likes you. Just take your time, be yourself and everything will turn out alright." "Okay."

Kimmy unhooked Venus' arm before going back to talk to Chris; meanwhile outside Rico was chilling near the pool area with Patrick while smoking a blunt. They were both high out of their minds and was getting the munchies like crazy so Patrick insisted on going back inside to get them some snacks. While on his way to the kitchen he spotted Venus who was jamming to the music in the hallway; their eyes connected never taking them off one another. Wanting to get to know this girl Patrick made a slight u-turn back into the hallway and walked straight up to Venus.

"Uhm...h-" "My name's Venus" she said cutting Patrick off. "Patrick. You look a little young to be at a party like this how old are you?" "Seventeen"

Pat's P.O.V.
She's seventeen but has the body of a twenty year old woman; her curves were where they were supposed to be and that bustier made her boobs look bigger. I was so wrapped around this girl's body that I forgot that she was talking to me. "Pat!" "Huh, yeah?" I said snapping back to reality. "Are you okay because your eyes are you've been smoking." "Forreal?" I said; I took a look at a nearby mirror and sure enough my eyes were bloodshot red. "Uh...I gotta go" I dipset back outside with the sound of Venus' giggling behind me; what embarassment. I sat back next to Rico who was now on his second blunt and second high; I was slightly coming down from mines as I replayed the awkward conversation I had with Venus. But apparently I hadn't come down from my high enough because I then realized that I forgot I had the munchies and had forgotten to get some snacks from the kitchen.
"Pat, where the goodies at man?" Rico said now finally turning his attention to me. "Oh Sh**" I said; never again will I ever smoke a blunt with this fool lol

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News of the party spread amongst the students of Brown Eagle High from the sophmores to seniors (sorry Freshmen). The day continued to drone on as it continued to get hotter by the hour; With the eight students they trudged on to continue their various activities until the party.

Nicki and Aubrey

It was in Aubrey's plan to try to spend some time with Nicki but seeing as though she was still slightly upset about the disagreement over the phone call from earlier Aubrey just left without any obligations.

His head still spun as he thought about Kimmy; she had an undenying beauty about her from her golden blonde hair to her manicured toes. It was no doubt that Chris was feeling Kimmy more than he had expected, and he only had one chance to prove himself to be in Kimmy's good graces.


She decided to remain at home while her mother went to pick up Abuelita from the airport so as to escape the embarassment of her Abuelita's words and the constant advising words from her mother. The dress that her mom had picked out still laid across the bed but Jojo nudged it off onto the floor because it was a very ugly dress.

Rico and Patrick

Wanting to get back at Rico Patrick slipped a little man chowder in Rico's coke and lets just say that the flavor left a bad taste in Rico's mouth because Rico was later on puking his brains out in the bathroom as Patrick laughed.

Venus and Kimmy

They talked over the phone as they began laying out their clothes for the party that night until Kimmy brought up the suggestion of bringing Liz with them. Though Venus was skeptical about it she did promise to Kimmy to try and lighten up on Liz and said that it was a good idea.

As the sun finally began to go down a few hours later the neighborhood block lit up as the neighbors crept out like vampires in the night. The sounds of the music coming from Freddy's party could be heard slightly off in the distance; it almost sounded like a Project X party was taking effect.

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Venus and Kimmy

They had one more store left to go into and their most favorite store, PINK. Venus' arms were heavy from the bags she was carrying and could barely lift them up while Kimmy on the other hand didn't mind the heavy load; she worked out during the weekends so it was a good thing for situations such as this. While in the midst of shopping, Kimmy's phone buzzed with a new message; she pressed the message button and an invitation popped up reading:


It's summer snitches! What better way to celebrate is to party! LOL

Address: 2358 N. Undale Street, Brownstone #6
Time-8 'til whenever
Host-Freddy B.

Forward this message to other Brown Eagle students

"Ooh girl guess what, we got invited to a party!" Kimmy said turning to Venus with a smile. "Wow, it's a good thing we went shopping. But what about the water park?" Venus said. "We can still go if you want but we've got all summer." Kimmy said. "I guess. Who's throwing the party?" "Freddy B." "(Gasps) Freddy B.? Dude he throws the most hyped parties; I've never went to anyone of his but hearing it from other people I hear it's the bomb." Venus said. "Well then, my dearest friend; you're gonna be in for the treat of your life" Kimmy said winking an eye at her. After looking through the store Venus and Kimmy paid for their things and left; Kimmy got a PINK sweatshirt with a leopard heart in the middle and Venus got some cute ankle socks. As they were walking out across the mall Kimmy spotted the finest looking brother she'd ever seen.
"Damn girl, drool much?" Venus said with a laugh. "Sorry, but damn who's that?" "That? That's Chris, he goes to our school too. I'm surprised that you didn't know that." Venus said. "Well Venus, maybe it's because you get to meet the cute guys first before I do lol" Kimmy said playfully hitting Venus on the shoulder. "Who's that woman with him?" "That's his mom Joyce." "HOW DO YOU KNOW ALL THIS?" Kimmy said in amazement. "I use to tutor him at his house; plus his mom's good friends with my parents."

"Hey Venus!" a masculine voice rang out; it was Chris heading towards their way and that made Kimmy nervous. "Hey Chris, what you doing here at the mall?" Venus asked. "I'm out with my mom doing some errands. Did you hear about that party Freddy's having?" Chris said. "Yeah I did; Kimmy got the message while we were in PINK. Chris turned his head, his eyes slightly widening at how pretty Kimmy looked. "Hi I'm Chris..but I'm probably sure you know that lol" Chris said extending his hand for Kimmy to shake. "Kimmy, but you probably know that as well lol" she said with a laugh. "V I'mma be right back." and Kimmy took off to the nearest restroom. "Your friend Kimmy is beautiful." Chris said in a daze; "Well she'll be right back, why don't you tell her?" Venus said as they took a seat on the bench. "You think she got a boyfriend? I'm just asking" Chris said putting his hands up in defense. "(Laughs) No..but why are you asking me all these questions? She'll be at the party tonight why not ask her all those questions if you're interested in her." Venus said laughing. "Yeah, you're right. But look I gotta go; tell Kimmy I said it was nice meeting her. Later" Chris hugged Venus before taking off.

No sooner did Chris leave Kimmy came out from the restroom. "Did he say anything about me?" Kimmy said in curiousity; Venus laughed before saying, "He said that you're beautiful and he wants to get to know you at the party tonight. Oh he also said it was nice meeting you" Venus said checking her phone. "If I didn't know better I'd say you were trying to be a matchmaker sneaky little devil" Kimmy said pointing with a slick smile. "I know..but you love me." Venus said with a slick smile back.

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<a href="" title="aubrey-drake-graham by pinky' babee, on Flickr"><img src="" width="311" height="500" alt="aubrey-drake-graham"></a>+

When I finally got out of the shower I realized that I had a missed call from Nicki and a voicemail from her as well. I pressed the pound key and the message started playing; and it made me feel guilty because Nicki sounded so depressed while she was talking. I punched in Nicki's number and it rang three times before she answered; "Hey. I just got your message, sorry I was in the shower." he said. "It's good." she said. "Nicki...what's going on? I know there's something else you wanna tell me." Aubrey said walking into his room. "I got approached today by some guy that's a photographer; said that I have potential to be a model and he wants to do a portfolio for me...his name's Anthony and--" "Anthony? Uh baby I don't think that's a good idea." Aubrey said cutting Nicki off. "Why? I thought you were supportive of my dream just like I support yours." Nicki said. "I know and I do...but this sounds WAY too easy and this Anthony dude might be an impersonator; I don't want to see you getting hurt or used." "(Sighs)....I just need for you to trust me on this babe." Nicki pleaded. "Look I'm sorry, and I don't like having to tell you what to do but please listen and understand..don't do it." Aubrey said pleading. "Fine" Nicki said through gritted teeth, "Thank you. I'll be over there in 30 minutes for our movie marathon. bye" and then Aubrey hung up with no other objections.


<a href="" title="Tyga by MTV Music, on Flickr"><img src="" width="500" height="252" alt="Tyga"></a>+

After visiting Jojo Rico headed back to his crib and just chilled on the porch. Remembering his secret stash that he kept underneath the porch he hopped the fench and reached underneath the porch grabbing a package of cigarettes. Rico jumped the fench again taking his spot back on the porch; he popped a cig into his mouth grabbing a lighter from his pocket and lit the cigarette up. He inhaled deep before blowing a puff of smoke and coughed a little. "Boy, I know you ain't smoking?" a voice called out; Rico turned around and saw his neighbor Mother Rose sitting on her window sill making him quickly put out the cigarette. "Good morning Mother Rose" he said standing up.

Mother Rose:
<a href="" title="Pam Grier by scarypretty, on Flickr"><img src="" width="329" height="500" alt="Pam Grier"></a>+

"mhmm..Morning Rico." she said with a smile on her face; "How's Mr. Thompson?" Rico asked brushing his hands onto his jeans. "Oh please, that old fool ain't been around here in so long I could care less. What you got going on?" she said fanning herself. "Nothing, just chilling." he said with an innocent smile. "Yeah huh I could see that *laughs* just don't get into any trouble." "Mother Rose I need some advice and well, since you've been there for me since I was little I figured that you could help a n-I mean a neighbor out." Rico said catching himself from saying n***a.
"Go ahead, speak your mind." Mother Rose said. "Well see it's like this...there's this girl and me and her been tight for a while and I'm really feeling her...but the thing is I don't know if she likes me that way; and of course she just broke up with her boyfriend. What should I do?" Rico said clapping his hands together in a repeated pattern. Mother Rose smiled down at Rico and said, "You must really like this girl because the whole time that you were talking you were smiling. What's her name and what's she like?" Mother Rose said before taking a sip of lemonade.
"Her name's Josephine, Jojo for short. I don't know she seems cool, laid back and all; we even got a few things in common like basketball, movies and skateboarding." Rico said. "My advice to just let things play out, hang in the background for a little bit because you did say she just broke up with her boyfriend and yourself." Mother Rose said. "That's it?" Rico asked. "That's it" "Thanks Mother Rose." Rico said before walking up the porch steps. "Oh and Rico?" Mother Rose called out. "Yes Mother Rose?" he said. "I catch you smoking again I'mma wear your little behind out" she said with a laugh. "I won't do it anymore, I promise" he said. "Yeah alright...Lord have mercy it's hot" was all she said before back into her house.

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