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I wish Christopher Maurice Brown would be my prom date

I don't have a date to prom which sucks =/ But ever since 6th grade I've always wanted Chris Breezy to be my prom date. I've always wanted to chill with him and spent a day with him, let alone meet him face to face. I love Chris Brown so much! People at school knows he's my babe♥ I've been faithful to him BEFORE he came out. It's the way he clenches his jaw and his jaw bone is so defined. His chocolate brown eyes shimmering like a topaz. His freckles...OH GOD HIS FRECKLES! ♥ He's just so yummy. And his silly out going personality. I wish he was just my friend in real life. I would truly be honored. But we're wayyy off topic. Prom. So it's my senior year and prom is May 19th. It's silly to think a celebrity would read your post on a forum, randomly show up to your house, and surprise you with the honor of being your prom date. It's happened before so who knows. A girl can only dream...♥


lol right. thats everybody dream