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The Final Destination*

I tossed and turned in my sleep as i dreamed of death.Iv'e been having this same dream for the past month ever since I was attacked.Ever since that day i havent been the same.I quickly jumped up out of my sleep as the end of the dream was near.I always woke up at the same exact part.The gun was being pointed at my temple and the trigger was pulled.

I got out of bed and walked into the bathroom.I looked at my reflection in the mirror and i looked horrible.I havent really gotten any sleep and it was killing me physically.I turned on the fauset and splashed water onto my face.


I heard somthing fall from downstairs and i thought it was my cat Sassy.I walked downstairs to pick up the mess but what i found wasnt Sassy.I saw a man that stood atleast 6'3,lightskinned and cute in a weird way.<a href="">He</a> was dressed kind of weird.

"W-Who are you?" I wasnt really scared of him i was just very curious to how the hell he got in my house.I looked aruond the room and there was no sign of forced intry."Theres no time for questions pack your things the darkness is coming." I looked at him 1 last time before i did what i was told and went upstairs to pack my things.

I walked back downstairs to see 'him' messing with my ipod.He looked like he was having some trouble because he had it backwards and upside down."You dont know how to work an ipod?" "No i forgot its been years since i seen 1 of theses now we have holograms" "Holo what?" "Nothing lets go." He grabed my free hand and pulled me out the door.FOr some odd ass reason i trusted him.
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Sorry so boring!


found it


Chapter 3:


About 30 minutes later we slowed down on a familar block.

"What are we doing over here?" I looked up at my bestfriend Giselle's house as i noticed the same weired as motorcycle but in blue. 2 minutes later she was being pulled out the house by <a href="">him</a>.

"Hey what the hell you think you doing let go of her!" I power walked towards my friend and the guy.Before i could get to them Chris picked me up and threw me over his shoulder.I began so scream and punch him as i heard Giselle doing the same.Chris sat me on the back of his bike.


"Yes Master?"

I stoped screaming when i heard the motorcycle talk.Wait did he just call his bike Bianca? 0_0


I looked at him with fear.Now he was really starting to scare me.Who was these men and where did they come from because it was very obvious that they arent from around here.

The front of the bike transformed into a mechanical hand.I looked at it in fear and curiosity.The mechanical hand came closer to my face as it put a piece of tape over my mouth.The bike transformed back as i tried hard to take the tape off.

I looked up at Chris with pleading eyes.

"Sorry hun your screaming was giving me a headache and atleast i wont have to worry about u asking hella questions now."

I slanted my eyes at him giving him the death stare and looked across the street towards Giselle and she had a piece of tape over her mouth as well.

I tried to scream and tare the tape off but i wouldnt come off. After 5 monutes of trying to take the tape off i gave up and i heard Chris laugh.

"you cant take it off only i have the majical powers to do that sweety...The tape has a force filled on it and it only comes off on my command so if u want it off i advice u 2 just shut up and it?"

I nodded my head yes.


Andirianna's thoughts...
Wth did he just say? 0_0 *Scrathing her head*


Chapter 002:
Me and the Mystery man whos name is still unknown walked outside with my bags hung over my shoulders.I dont know what i was thinking bringing all theses damn bags i mean i didnt even know where the hell he was taking me.I guess he read my mind and he decided to help me with my bags.

When we got to the end of the drive way i saw something weird sitting there."What the hell is <a href="">that</a>?" I pointed to the weirid ass object."Thats my ride you like it?" "YOur ride? Please dont tell me this is what were riding in..." HE looked down the street and back up at me."I dont see no other vehicles on this block so ummmm.....I guess so!"

I droped my bags and pouted."But theres no seats and no handle bars..this is not safe Mr...Mr...What ever you name is!" HE chucled at my brattyness."THe name is Chris and why are you whining about everything? you always did use to drive me crazy with that..."

Wth did he just say? what does he mean i always drove him crazy with my whining? I dont know this Character...Or did i? NAw its impossible but it might be...MAybe i got really drunk and we had a one night stand? yea thats what im goin with!

"Dria...Dria...Dria..." He snapped his fingers in front of me and it snapped me out of my thoughts. "Huh?" "Are you coming?" I looked around my block one last time making sure that if something was to happen to me they would know the man that did it but the block was not hot that night.(For those who dont know what that means=Nobody was outside lol) "Yea but what about my bags?" HE looked down at them on the ground. "f*** em,ill just buy you some new s*** when we get back to Dreamlinia. "Dream What?" I asked while i hopped on the bike behind him. "Nothin know u ask a lot of damn questions."

I rolled my eyes."HOw do you drive this thing with out handle bars?" "UGH! There goes them damn questions again." "WELL SORRY THAT IM JUST CURIOUS BECAUSE IM PRACTICALLY BEING FORCED TO LEAVE MY HOME BY SOME MAN I KNOW NOTHING ABOUT!" "UGhhhhhh can u just shut up and ride damn girl u even worst in this life time!" "What?!?!" "Nothin! and btw u drive it with your mind not with your hands." With that said he sped off down the street before i reply back.
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that intro was tight! I don't care how he got into my house I'll go anywhere with his sexy a** lmao

This is hella interesting .
I wanna know what the hell is going on .
You makin hella stories too !
Run this !

nah tht was NOT boring at
all KenBear
tht was a reallyy good start!!