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the Real Husbands

<strong>...of Hollywood
<em>w/ Real Talk hosted by Kevin Hart</em></strong>

....::::.... <strong>Cast</strong> ....::::....

Jermaine Cole | Alexis Jordan

Chris Brown | Zoe Saldana-Brown

Mike Stevenson | Tinashe Kachingwe-Stevenson

Trey Neverson | Keri Hilson

Romeo Miller | Kelly Rowland-Miller

Shad Moss | Jennifer Hudson-Moss

& Kevin Hart | Tami Roman



Romeo was in the kitchen cooking dinner with his son Kyle for the family when his mother-in-law and parents come in. “Hey big bro,” Cymphonique walks in.

“Hey lil sis,” he hugs her.

“Nephew!” She rubs Kyle’s head. “What’s really good? I hope you doing good in school lil boy.”

Kyle smiles. “You ain’t too much older than me, Miss 26.”

“Shut up Lil 16! I’m still older than you! Boy… Getcha head back in that cookbook! Please! Make me a plate! I’m hungry!” She laughs.

“What’s up with you,” Romeo asks looking through the cabinets. “I’m just cooking. Nothing much, C.”

“A little too much, if you ask me,” his father walks in. “Hey son.”

“Sup pops,” they give each other a quick hug. “Momma Kristen is tired so I’m doing her a favor, me and Kyle. It’s the least I can do other than passing the ball on the field. She already done helped with Kyle for the longest and now the twins.”

“I understand ya,” his father leans on the counter. “Me and Niquee just came to check in on ya. Ain’t heard from ya in a while.”

“Yeah, I been practicing for the season coming up,” Romeo says. “And going to Kyle’s practices. He got games that I try to make it to so… That’s pretty much it, and then we both pitch in on making dinner.”

“Glad to hear you’re still being responsible about something in this marriage,” his father says.

“Thanks. I really try to keep up my half of the bargain.”

Cymphonique sighs. “So where is that…woman?” She asks, looking at Romeo. “Kyle go get the twins!”

“You go get em,” Kyle groans.

“Kyle,” Romeo says. “Go get em.”

“But they sleep!”

“Boy…” Cymponique looked at him. “Who you yelling at?”

Kristen walks into the kitchen. “Hello, everybody, and no the twins are not sleep. Go get them while I make their bottles, please, Kyle.”

“Alright,” Kyle takes off his apron and leaves out of the kitchen to get the twins.

“Kelly is out at a book-signing,” Romeo tells his family.

“Yeah, she’s been promoting her book at a lot of book-signings all over the states,” Kristen says while going into the fridge. “I really hope that after she gets done with this book promo that she just settles down to take care of the twins because I’m getting too old for this, honey. I am tired.”

“And you think that your own daughter would know you,” Romeo shakes his head.

“A got damn shame. Just a fckn shame, man. I’d feel sorry for you,” Cymphonique smiled; “but I know that you know how Kelly is and you love with her all of your heart. Nothing I can do about that.”

“Yeah, you tried to make it work,” his father says. “That’s the most you can do. All you can do is try.”

“And now I’m tired of trying. I’m a get this divorce paper work done, and I’m moving on. Simple as that, you know.”

“Fa real,” Cymphonique agrees. “Do that. Please. Find a woman who loves you back. Do us all that favor.”


Shad was filming a scene on the set of One Last Touch when the director yelled. “CUT! Cut, cu- Shad, what was that?! C’mon man! Put some heart into it! What’s going on with you this week?! Let’s do it, again! 3, 2, AND! Action!”

Jennifer walks onto the set smiling and watches from the side. She stood next to the direction. She clapped when Shad finished the scene and then walked off to hug her. “Hey, baby!”

“Hey,” he kissed her. “What are you doing up here?”

“I called to tell you that I was coming, but you didn’t answer so I figured you were filming,” she tells him. They walk to his dressing room and sit down on the couch. “You did great. Like always. I’m so proud of you baby for staying on the show. The fans love you.”

“I know,” he sighs and wipes his face. “It’s the…unwanted fans that are the problem.”

“You mean groupies! The hoes! The stalkers!” She laughs. “Well I got something for they ass today!”

Shad laughs, too. “Bae, I’m telling you! Like seriously! This chick is crazy! Psy-” Someone knocked on the door. “Who is it?”

“Thompson,” a female voice.

“I’m busy! Come back another time.”

“But I need to speak with you about our dinner date! Open up, please baby.”

Shad looked crazy. “This is the sht that I’m talking about,” he whispered. “She be making sht up! Like she is straight obsessed with me! Talking about some damn dinner date! Btch I aint tell yo ass to make no reservations! I don’t even talk to yo ass! Why tf is you making up conversations! She pyscho!”

“Oh she don’t know pyscho!” Jennifer got up and opened the door. “Sweetie, my husband and I are busy. Got it? Get it! Bye!” She slams the door, sighs, and goes to sit back down. “I swear if she knocks on that door I’m stick my foot up her ass, and they are gonna have to drag me off the production set.”

There was another knock. “Shad, we really need to talk! It’s about the baby! I’m pregnant, and we have to go over the nursery room plans and about you moving into our new house! Fck your wife! You don’t love her! You love me! You said so yourself last night when we made love! Did you tell your wife that?! Huh?! That you came over to our place that you bought and made love to me after proposing to me because I’m pregnant with your baby?!”

Shad throws his head back and slaps his face, keeping his hand there. “THIS BTCH!” He throws up his arms.

“She’s about to be a gone btch!” Jennifer takes off her earrings and heels. She goes to open the door back. Teairra Mari stood there smiling. “Honey,” she smiles. “Honey, honey, honey…my man, my husband does not WANT your crazy, psycho, ass! Now I told yo ass to step off the first muthafckn time when I slammed the door in your stupid ass face! But by all means, act dumb and continue to try and piss off the one person on this whole set, right now, that is not about to put up with your sht! So guess what?”


“You asked for a date with my husband, right? You’d like that wouldn’t you?”

“Very much. Now if you would excuse him, I would like to speak to my man!”

“Btch I ain’t excusing sht to your obsessed ass!”

“You are so jealous! Well fine!” She spits on Jennifer. “You ignorant-” Jennifer punches Teairra Mari in the face, making her fall back into the wall. “My nose is bleeding! You broke my nose! You crazy btch!”

“That’s not the only thing that’s gonna be bleeding!” Jennifer ran over to Teairra Mari, pulled her up by her hair, and whooped her up and down the halls of the production set.

@thuli_rae :) happy to make you laugh with my khart work

You have Kevin's character on point, I'm killing myself laughing out here.


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Mike walks through the doors of his home after a long morning of being in a meeting about his female clothing line. “BABY!” He yells, putting his duffle bag down on the bottom of the stairs. He looks upstairs. “TiTi, KiKi, SiSi! Where y’all at?!”

“I’m up here, bae…” Tinashe walks to the top of the stairs. “The girls are in the basement with their friends dancing to music and doing their homework and nails. Girl talk and stuff.”

“Oh ok,” he jogs upstairs to hug and kiss Tinashe. “What you been doing,” he follows her to their master bedroom.

“Just in phone meetings for a few clients, checking on the girls every hour. I was about to make a run to the store. I’m glad you got here. I need to get some ingredients. The girls want chicken tacos and I don’t think I have everything. So… I’m a go do that,” she slips on her shoes. “I’ll wait until after you take a shower to go. I’ll just hang around downstairs with the kids.”

“iight,” he goes into the bathroom to take a shower. Tinashe leaves out of the room. He hops in under the warm water and gets out, puts on some fresh clothes - t-shirt, jogging pants, socks with no shoes, and heads downstairs into the basement where the girls had him make a lounge to hang and play with their friends. They had a big screen television, Play Station 3, XBOX 460, Wii, PSP’s, Nintendo DS’s, and a stereo system, a two-lane bowling alley, and a pool table. “What’s going on, little ladies?!” He came down the steps.

“DADDY?!” The triplets asked and yelled.

“What?” He walked behind the couch they were sitting on and hugged them and gave them kisses on the forehead.

“Can we go to the Mindless Behavior, Justin Beiber, Jawaan Harris, Diggy Simmons, and OMG Girlz concert?!” Kierra asked.

“Um.. I guess. Sure.”

“And can we get backstage passes?!” Sierra asked.

“How many is we?” he asks.

“Just six of us,” Tierra says. “Pleasssssssssssssssse daddy!”

“First I better hear that y’all did your homework while y’all up here watching 106 and park.”

“Yes, they did it.” Tinashe says. “I made sure of it. Well, I’m about to go to the store. Y’all want some snacks?” She gets up and they yell out certain things. “Okay. I’ll be back.”

Mike follows her upstairs and closes the basement door behind him. “You already know what my snack is,” he grins.

“Man, I gotchu later!” Tinashe laughs walking out the door.

Mike laughs, too, on his way outside to the garage to get the lawn mower. The lawn needed maintenance so he got to cutting the front lawn. Just because he was off of work doesn’t mean he was done with any other jobs.

<strong>Episode 4.2</strong>

Trey pulls up to his in-laws mansion, and parks in front of the doors in the circle driveway. His mother in-law opens the doors, and a butler comes out with Tyler’s bags to put them in the trunk. “I got them,” Trey hops out and takes the bags to put them in the front seat. “Where’s Tyler,” he goes up to the doors, asking his mother-in-law, Karen.

“He’s coming,” she smiles. “He’s with his grandpa. Isn’t quite ready to leave, yet.”

“Well, he can stay a bit longer if you want him to. I don’t mind sticking around.”

“That would be lovely, but Roger has a doctor’s appointment to get to and we don’t want to leave him with the nannies. Keri is out shopping with her girlfriend,” she sighs. “Again,” she shakes her head. “So are you really thinking about getting back with her? I wouldn’t be surprised if you weren’t, but it would be nice for Tyler to have his parents together, again.”

“Sorry, Mrs. Hilson, but it’s not gonna happen. I’ve moved on, and I’m actually engaged to someone.”

“Oh really,” she smiles. “What’s the lovely lady look like?”

“Well you might know her. She’s an actress - Halle Berry,” he smiles.

“Wow… She’s quite a catch for you, young man. How’d you get her to talk to someone like yourself?”

“Well, we were both at the park, and I found out she lives around my neighborhood.”

“The one Keri bought you.”

“Yes, and she was with her daughter Nahla. Tyler ran over to play with the little girl, and I went over to get Tyler. Halle walked over to talk to me, and we got to know each other. Began dating, and now we’re engaged.”

“Does Keri know?”

“…No. I haven’t told her, yet.”

“Well, I’m sure she wouldn’t care, anyway.”

Roger comes down the huge hall towards the foyer where Trey and his wife were standing holding Tyler out in his arms making airplane noises. “Who’s that?! Who’s that?!”

“DADDY!” Tyler says.

Roger puts Tyler down to let him run to Trey. “Good morning, young man. How have you been? Good, I hope.”

“Yes sir,” Trey nods. “And yourself?”

“Not too good,” he sighs. “Going to a doctor’s appointment. I’m sure my wife already told you. We should be leaving now, actually.” He looks at his wife putting Tyler in the car seat in the back seat of Trey’s Benz. “Keri told us that you were talking, again. I know last time you were both here and having a good time. I hope it means something.”

Trey kept a straight face. “In all honesty, Mr. Hilson, I can’t deal with your daughter’s shopping sprees every day of the week and partying, and take care of Tyler. I’m not about to handle two kids. Tyler is enough as it is.”

Roger nods. “I understand. Keri does still act like a child, like she has no responsibility. Even after having Tyler,” he says. They both look at Tyler strapped into his car seat playing with a toy plane. “I’m so ashamed of raising such a spoiled little brat, but that’s my baby girl. I’ll give her the world, and I still do. I know I shouldn’t, but it’s far too late, now. I should’ve listened to Karen when we first began spoiling her.”

“Yes, you should have,” his wife walked back up to the doors, folding her arms under her chest. “Well, take care.” She hugs Trey. “And good luck with… The new joys in your life,” she smiles.

“I will. Thank you. Bye. Y’all take care,” he walks to his car. “Especially you, Roger. Good luck at the doctor’s appointment,” he gets in the car. “Wave bye-bye to grandma and pa pa,” he starts the ignition.

“Bye-bye!” Tyler waves.

“Bye!” Roger and Karen wave back. “Take care,” Roger says.

Trey honks and then drives off. “Ice cream?!”

“I CWEEM!” Tyler yells and claps. “Yay! I CWEEM! I Cweeeeeeem!”

thanks yall i'm a try to add again soon
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Rih . . . .tf man
Why is,she dng this
Like you jelly belly cause he moved on
Get tht sh*t together

Chris you got a daughter
yeah you gotta,wrk to takee care or her
But gah damn nigga you act likee
you dnt have kids

Even your fckng gf or wife whtevr she is
spends time wirh her


Rih . . . .tf man
Why is,she dng this
Like you jelly belly cause he moved on
Get tht sh*t together

Chris you got a daughter
yeah you gotta,wrk to takee care or her
But gah damn nigga you act likee
you dnt have kids

Even your fckng gf or wife whtevr she is
spends time wirh her


i remember this story

kevin is a trip thou chocolate drop my boo boo lmaoo

and chris need to get his s*** together and be a better dad

and wth is up wit rih tryna destroy j's happiness
smhh bitter b****es i tell ya


run it

thanks nana

<strong>EPISODE 4.1</strong>

Jermaine came back to New York and went to his million dollar loft that he now shared with Alexis. She was there with her sister Beyonce, and parents - Matthew and Tina Knowles, and his own mom Sheryl hanging out in the living room with their newborn boy Jermaine Alex Cole Jr. “Hello, hello!” He walked into the living room, setting his bags down.

“Hey,” Sheryl smiled, getting up to give him a hug. “We missed you, honey.”

“I know. I missed y’all too,” he kisses her on the cheek, then hugs Beyonce, Tina, shakes Mathew’s hand, and then hugs Alexis and kisses her. The nanny was holding the baby, but handed him off to Beyonce, and left out of the living room. He sat down next to Alexis and wrapped his arms around her. Everybody sat back down. “What goes on,” he asks.

“Have you seen the news?” Beyonce asks, raising her eyebrows staring at him with a smirk on her face.

“No,” he looks at her. “I just been in my zone, thinking about the next game and coming back to see family. I haven’t check the news or blogs. Why? What’s going on?”

“Your ex-fiancee Rihanna is coming out with a book and you’re featured in it!” She said in a sarcastic voice with excitement.

“She’s making it an urban fiction book,” Alexis shakes her head. “She already posted a preview on the internet.”

Jermaine eyes bulged out. “Naw…”

“Yes,” Alexis nods, shaking her head.

“There’s nothing we can really do, but keep our minds positive…” Tina says, “and ignore this little girl. Let’s not say anything to encourage her to do anything else or come out with anything she might have up her sleeve. Okay, because this is already stirring up some mess as it as in the media.”

“And that might be?” Alexis looks at her mother. “What are you saying that she might throw a sex tape out there or something?!”

“Who knows what she has,” Sheryl says. “Hopefully nothing more than this stupid book,” she sighs.

“Females are sneaky these days, sis.” Beyonce says. “No dis, J, but you know what I’m talking about. You may not have been up to it, but she could have some…things and you not know about it.”

“I hear you,” he sighs. “I hope not. I made sure I was careful, and I never did anything to the girl but break off the engagement because she was doing the most! And then I found Alexis, got with her, and I guess she mad because I’m engaged to her now and we have a baby and are about to get married.”

“Well fck her jealous ass,” Beyonce says. “Fck her! You’re in love with my sister and there’s nothing she can do to stop that! If you loved her, that love is long gone now! So she needs to the move the fck on!”

“Bey, calm down.” Matthew says.

Beyonce rolls her eyes. “She can sit the fck down with her magic tricks because they old af, and all I know is that my little sister is happy with you, and we’re gonna support y’all till the fullest, till the end, till death do y’all part,” they all agree and move pass the subject to J’s game and other things in their lives.


Chris pulled up to the Velvet Lounge in LA in a rented out Benz. He gets out and the valet takes his car. Zoe was sitting on the outside strip of the restaurant. He approached her as she stood up. “Lookin’ good, Beautiful,” he smiles and hugs her.

“And you look handsome,” Zoe says as they sit down. The waiter comes and takes their orders. “So… What’s going on?”

“Well, Cori is with my mother out in Virginia for the weekend.” Chris tells Zoe, “She’s going to have a slumber party with her cousins.”

“Glad to hear that she’s at least spending time with somebody other than her classmates,” Zoe digs into her salad.

“Well, excuse me for having a job! I guess you’re the only one in this relationship that can travel and go do what the fck you gotta do to make your money and pay your bills, while I sit at home with our daughter who’s looking at me like I’m the bad guy.” He takes a sip of his beer. “Excuse…tf outta me! Please do!”

“You’re still the same old Chris,” she shakes her head smiling. “Look, I don’t mind you working at the tattoo parlor and maybe having an art show up in New York every…once or twice a month. My problem is you being at the tattoo shop <em>all the time</em>! I mean you know your clients better than you know your own daughter! Even I spend- And yes! I travel the world because that’s the job that I chose to do! That’s my passion! My dream! Just like you have yours with the tattoo salon, I have mine with speaking to people! It’s what comes with my career, Christopher!” She drinks some water. “And even I…spend time with our daughter when I can. I’m not always thinking, ‘oh I have to do this event, and I must speak at this event’. No! And neither do you have to take every client that walks through your door. It’s not a priority. Our daughter is. She’s more important that you tatting up someone’s body. So you get your sht together or I will stop living my dreams if I have to and take full custody of Cori so that you can go live your dream and party with ratchet females.”

“That’s not what I want, and you know that.”

“Then get it together!” She pounded the table. “Please! Get yourself together,” she hissed. “We both need our jobs. Want…to be in the careers we’ve chosen, and I know it’s hard. It’s addicting. It’s our passion! We love to do what we do, and we want to be the best in what we do! It’s who we are, but it’s what we have, now, and that’s a way bigger and more important responsibility to take care of. Understand that you’re losing your daughter. She loves you and wants to spend time with you! She talks to me about you all the time, and how you both used to do everything together! Everything! But you… You started hanging out at the tattoo parlor every day, all day. Taking art jobs every weekend. Sending her to your mothers, my parents! Do you know how hard it is for a kid to move all the way to Florida because her grandparents have to come from South America to live in a place that I had to buy just to take care of their grandchild because we’re both busy doing our jobs and move to a new school and make new friends?! Do you know… how it feels to leave your friends that you knew since pre-school to go to a new school, plus not be with your parents, and…and to deal with that? Do you know?!”

“No, I don’t know, and I understand what you’re saying. I will cut my hours at the tattoo salon. I’ll start taking art jobs once or twice a month. I promise. You don’t have to stop living your dream.”

“And you’ll stop partying and start acting like a father. You don’t need to party! The only party you need to be at is with the family on a holiday. That’s it. You don’t see me going out and drinking and partying with my friends. Because I know that it’s not about having fun with my friends just because they’re still single or don’t have kids and want to hang with me. If they want to talk with me or see me, then they can call me or we can meet up for lunch or something. It doesn’t have to be all that, and for you to be bringing random women back to the house every night… How dare you? How do you <em>really</em> think that makes Cori feel about us? It hurts her. She used to think that we were getting back together, and now… She’s talking about <strong>wanting</strong>, <em>wanting</em> Christopher, for us to get a divorce. That hurts my heart,” Zoe put her hand over her heart. “Mine…because we’re only separated. Not divorced, yet, but separated meaning we still have a chance. We can still be together, but I won’t deal with your priorities. I can’t,” she wipes her tears away. “Do us both a favor and just focus on having a better relationship with our daughter. That’s all I ask. Please. I don’t beg for anything from you, but I am begging you to be there for our daughter,” she looks away while drinking her water.

Chris nods. “I will be. I promise.”

“Okay,” she sighs. “All right. I’m praying,” she smiles and holds his hand. “Be a better father. I know you can be better. You will be great and show her that you can be there. I know it.”

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Run it

<strong>I ain’t tryna throw down! Chocolate Droppa don’t play!</strong>
lmfao myy fave linee!!!

theyy better get up
off J just causee he dnt anna cheat

Mikee smh eeh if yo wifee
dnt gaf . . . do you booboo

Chris . . smh reallyy
your daughter comes FIRST nigga
not tht damn job

oooh who Roe new girl!

Shad wife gon tear tht
bulding DOWN lmao


<strong>EPISODE 3 - Real Talk with Kevin Hart</strong>

Kevin got the poker table ready. “Yo baby! You ready to get up outta here?”

“Yeah,” Tami walks out of the bedroom dressed. “I’m going to hang with the girls, so have fun with the guys.” She kisses him. “See you later, baby.”

“Alright,” he sighs and stares at the table. “An hour of poker and guy talk with these boring ass nggas. I don’t know why I thought of this sht. I must’ve been high as hell that day,” he shook his head. A few minutes pass and all the guys start coming over and sit at the table. “So Tami made food for us. Enjoy it, max it, hog it. Whatever tf, just don’t throw sht on me! Or my alter ego is gonna have a problem, and I’m tryna have a good time tonight! I ain’t tryna throw down! Chocolate Droppa don’t play! So let’s behave like men.”

“iight,” the guys all agreed, laughing.

“Now, let’s talk about our problems. I know y’all got some. So what’s going on, fellas?” Kevin asks. “Who wants to start it off, and I’m not talking about the game.”

..::::.. J. Cole ..::::..
He sat in Kevin’s bedroom talking into the video camera. “Coming over to Kev’s place and talking is like letting a weight off my shoulders. I really needed to talk about what happened at my last game.”

“So while I was getting ready to get back into the game-” Jermaine started to speak.

“This was the one in LA,” Kevin asks.

“Yeah,” Jermaine nods. “I was at the hotel suite about to get some rest and someone knocks on my door. I go to the door thinking it’s a complimentary dinner basket or something, and it’s some fckin groupies! Twins, at that!”

“Twins?” Mike asked.

“So you fcked em right?” Trey asked, guessing.

“Nah,” Jermaine shook his head no. “I told em what it was and closed the door in they face!”

“Bullsht,” Chris says. “That’s total bullsht! Two sexy ass twins come to your hotel room and you slam the door in their face?! You’re lying. What really happened? I’ll tell you what I think really happened? You ain’t had none of Ale’s pussy since she was pregnant, and you let the twins suck ya dck. THEN you told them what it really was and slammed the door in they face!”

Jermaine laughed. “Ah… That sht was real funny, but no.”

“What would you do if she found out,” Romeo asks.

“Find out that I slammed the door on two groupies,” Jermaine asks.

“No that you fcked em,” Kevin says. “Yeah, that you closed the door, fool!”

“Sht she’d be happy, but still be mad. Probably would’ve thought I lead them up there or something.”

“Well, we know yo faithful ass ain’t do that sht.” Chris says.

“Speaking of faithful,” Kevin clears his throat. “I know your ass is faithful to the muthafckn dance floor with yo party addict ass! Plus you a work-a-holic! Shame…on you for that sht!”

..::::.. Chris Brown ..::::..
He sat in the confessional room on the bed wiping his face. “I know that I have a problem with not saying no to customers, but it’s money, you know. I just feel like it’s my obligation to make my clients happy and to do as much as I can and as best as I can. And well, that sht takes time.”

“How the hell are you gonna choose a client over picking up your daughter,” Jermaine asks.

“What the hell were you thinking, man?” Kevin asks.

“Like really,” Romeo says. “That sht is not cool.”

“At all, my homie.” Shad shakes his head. “You be tweakin.”

“If I’m a pay my muthafckin bills, then I’m a take care of my clients! It’s as simple as that,” Chris states.

“But that’s your daughter, though, man.” Mike says. “She probably think your work is more important than her.”

“I know yo ass not talking!” Trey tells Mike.

..::::.. Tyga ..::::..
He smiled sitting in the confessional. “Um… I know it’s not safe nor cool to be bringing my kids to the set while I’m working. But sometimes I don’t have time to be doing extra sht like dropping them off with their grandparents or making calls. I have a tight schedule. I can‘t be late on anything. Deadlines make it hard, and if I don‘t get sht done within a certain time then I don‘t sign a check. So yeah, I did the sht.”
“So you brought your daughters…” Kevin looks at Mike, “around booty models?”

“Ebony models, you mean?” Mike corrected him. “No, they stayed in an empty dressing room.”

“Why you had to correct him, though?” Shad asks.

“Yeah. Why does it bother you whether it’s booty or ebony,” Romeo asks.

“Because booty to him!” Trey says. “Booty models to him are females who just keep it simple with bikini’s and lingerie and fck him. Ebony models are runway models who give him no play.”

Mike smiles. “Look, Tinashe came and picked them up. She didn’t have a problem with it.”

“Sht, Zoe would’ve had a damn fit if I did the sht,” Chris says.

“Of course, she would. She’s a motivational speaker! Duh!” Kevin smacks his forehead. “It’s obvious she would. That’s her job to talk positive sht, and having kids at the job around sht like that isn’t positive.’

“But Tinashe is in the business,” Mike says. “She knows this type of sht goes on.”

“Alright, so tell me if this sht is supposed to happen,” Trey says.

..::::.. Trey Songs ..::::..
Trey sat on the edge of the bed, rubbing the back of his neck. “I know that Keri is the mother of my child and all, but sometimes she acts like she doesn’t think of our son. That’s why I broke up with her. She’s selfish as hell. I need to ask the fellas if we should get back together after she told her parents we were talking again.”

“Just because y’all talking don’t mean that y’all getting back together!” Romeo says.

“Of course you would speak upon getting back with somebody,” Chris says.

“But for real, she tried to make it seem like something was still there,” Trey says.

“Is something still there,” Jermaine asks.

“What is this ‘something’, first of all?” Kevin asks. “Like is it fire, coal, what?”

“What the fck is coal,” Shad laughs.

“It means that ain’t sht else happening,” Kevin says. “The fire is out. Done burning. Not able to be relit. That’s what the fck that means.”

“I think it might still be fire,” Trey says.

“Sht then light it back up and see what happens,” Mike says.

“I tried that,” Romeo shook his head. “Same sht happened. I don’t know. It’s different with everybody.”

“Was it different with you,” Trey asks Chris.

“I mean… Zoe isn’t the selfish one in my situation. I’m the one who’s thinking about other people, and not necessarily myself.”

“I never thought about myself. Always about Kelly,” Romeo says.

..::::.. Romeo Miller ..::::..
He sat in the confessional pacing back and forth.

“So she came to Kyle’s practice to get back with you,” Mike asks.

“Basically,” Romeo nods.

“You not thinking about getting back with her, are you?” Kevin asks.

“Nah,” he smiles. “I’m actually talking to somebody.”

“Like talking-talking or fcking-talking,” Chris asks.

“Just talking,” Romeo smiles.

“What’s her name?” Shad asks. “Who is this mystery lady?”

“Ms. Anonymous. That’s who,” Romeo says.

“That ain’t right,” Kevin shakes his head. “Not cool Ro.”

“Leavin ya boys out,” Trey shakes his head. “We just tryna help you just in case ya ass get fcked up again!”

“Fck around and pick up another Kelly,” Mike says.

Shad laughs. “There’s this chick up at the show,” he rubs his chin. “She said she thinks she could fck me better than Jennifer.” He looks up at the guys.

“WHAT!” All the guys yell.

..:::.. Bow Wow ..::::..
He walks in the confessional, sits down, shakes his head, and then walks back out.

“She thinks she’s hot sht, and that‘s just ain‘t what it is,” Shad says.

“What does she look like?” Chris asks.

Shad passes his phone with the picture of his co-worker. “DAMN!” Kevin says. “You hit this?”

“Hell naw!” Shad shakes his head no. “She iight, but she damn sure ain’t better than Jennifer.”

“Lemme see,” Jermaine asks.

“Ngga you passed up twins! Hell n’all you can’t see!” Mike takes the phone and looks. “Spshh. I seen better,” he hands it to Trey.

“Yeah,” Trey looks at it for a few seconds and then passes it to Chris.

“Mm, she look like she the sneaky type.” Chris hands the phone back. “So she stalking?”

“Hell yeah.” Shad wipes his face. “I told Jennifer, and she told me she’s gonna come up to the set and have a talk with her.”

“You know what that means,” Mike says. “Tinashe done came up to the job before,” he smiles.

“Tore that btch down, too, I bet!” Romeo laughs.

“What do you think she’s gonna do,” Jermaine asks.

“Sht whoop her ass,” Shad smiles. “This chick has an attitude on her and will try Jennifer, and y‘all know Jennifer don’t play no bullsht. She’ll straight mollywop a hoe. Chicago representa - my baby goes hard.”

“All of our women go hard,” Jermaine says. “Boss women.”

“So is that all,” Kevin asks. “Cause I don’t have no problems. I’m divorced. I got joint custody of the kids. My new girlfriend is fckn me right every night! I’m good! Set.”

“Then let’s get back into the game,” Romeo says.

I love Chris and Shad, so over portective!
I can see being like Tinshae??? Come home and can't get no love???

Cole shouldn't have let them get as far as they did, but at least he stopped 'em?

Really Shad picked up Shai? Isn't he a little to short for all that? She was probably taller then him by the time she was three! Lol

Run It

Mike was in the middle of doing a photo shoot when he stopped so the model could change. He went to one of the dressing rooms where he left his daughters to do their homework. “Y’all getting work done?”

“Yeah,” they all say.

“Good. Y’all momma should be here-”

Tinashe clears her throat. “I am here,” she smiles and hugs him “Miss me?”

“Of course, baby.” Mike kisses Tinashe.

“Auuugh,” Kerria scrunches up her nose.

“Ewwww, gross!” Sierra covers her mouth.

“I swear you guys are too much sometimes! Like really?” Tierra rolls her eyes.

Tinshe yanks her head back. “Well it’s nice to see you all too! I get back from a month of work and I gets no love! I feel hurt,” she pouts. Her daughters run up to her and hug her. “That’s better,” she giggles.

Mike smiles and walks back to the set. “Ready on set!” He yells. The model comes back out.


Romeo sat in the bleachers watching Kyle playing on the field. “Yes!” He clapped as his son made a touch down.

“Lookin’ good,” Kelly walks up the steps and sits down next to him smiling.

“What’re you doing here?”

“I can’t come to my own son’s practice? Ro I feel like you don’t even want me around anymore.”

“You pushed yourself away, Kels. I tried to love you. You ain’t want it. I mean what’s the point of being married if we’re not in love?”

“Because it’s always the part of rekindling our love and re-lighting the fire that once burned,” she stared at him. “Divorce is not the answer.”

Romeo kept his eyes on the field. “I gave you so many chances, Kels. I’m tired of waiting on you to love me back. It’s time to move on,” he stood up and made his way down to the field. “Good job!” He gave hi-fives to the players and dapped Kyle. “My boy!”

“Ayeee,” Kyle does the dougie. He looked up at his mom. “Come here!”

Kelly smiled and made her way down to hug her son. “Oooh you’re sweaty and nasty. You need to take a shower,” she pinches her nose and laughs with him.

“You coming to my game this Saturday,” he asks.

“Yes, I am.” Kelly looks at Romeo. “If it’s okay with your dad that I get to treat you out afterwards.”

“It’s iight,” Romeo says.

“Cool,” Kyle smiles and walks over to his teammates. “Who’s house?!” The team yelled the school’s team name as they all walked off the field.

“I’m going to the house to see my babies. Where are you headed,” Kelly asks.

“Taking the team out for pizza,” Romeo rubs the back of his neck.

“Oh. Well, see you whenever. Bye,” she walks off.

Romeo watches her walk away and then answers his phone. “Talk to me.”


Shad pulled up to Jennifer’s pastry shop, Angel Cakes. Shai ran out the front doors. “Daddy!” He smiled and got out the car.

“Hey baby,” he hugs her. “You helping your mother?”

“Yeah, we made a batch of cupcakes for someone’s wedding. She let me decorate them all.”

“Oh ok. That sounds fun,” they walked in the shop. A couple of customers gasped and asked for pictures with him. He politely declined but they could take photos of him. “Jenni,” he walks in the back with Shai on his back.

“Hey,” Jennifer smiles as she mixed a batch of cake mix. “Taste this,” she takes a spoon of mix batter and puts it in Shad’s face. He tastes it. “Good right?”

“Yeah. Don’t tease me, baby, I’ll steal the whole bowl!” He laughs and sets Shai down. “Where’s my sugar?”

Jennifer gives him a kiss and then goes to pour the batter in a cake pan. “You got your things, Shai?”

“Yes,” she walks out from the back storage room with her bags. “I’m ready dad. Let’s go. Bye mom,” she hugs Jennifer.

“Don’t forget your cookies,” Jennifer bends and grabs a plastic clear box with a batch of oatmeal cookies in it. “Here you go,” she hands them and kisses Shai on the forehead. “I’ll see you tonight. Start dinner for me, k?”

“Alright,” Shai hugs her and leaves with Shad. “I made the volleyball team!” She jumps up and down.

“That’s good, Shai. I’m proud of you. Did you homework?” They got in his Benz.

“Yeah. Can I go to the movies with some friends? I’ll be back before 8! I promise.”

“Alright. I’ll drop you off and pick you up at exactly 8. I’ll even be there early so I better not catch you coming from somewhere else.” He drives off.

“I’ll be good. Don’t worry.”


<strong>Run IT</strong>

<strong>EPISODE 2</strong>

Jermaine just landed in Los Angeles and was settling into his hotel. Someone knocks on the door. He went o open it, and twin females stood there with their hair in sloppy pony tails, wearing his number 7 jerseys cut in half showing their flat bellies, and shorts. “Well what do we have here,” he smiles crossing his hands over his chest.

“Your number one fans,” one said.

“Oh really?”

“Yeah,” the other one said. “I’m Cherry, and that’s my sister Kiwi. We’re 18.” They both step up to J and feel all over him. One twin puts her hand under his shirt and the other in his pants.

“Hoooo, ayeeeee. Ladies, I’m sorry. I’m a happily engaged man.” He pushes them off of him. “I mean y’all look good af, but I’m faithfully, committed. So stop all that touchy feely sht.”

“Aweee,” they pout. “Please,” they beg. “We just wanna come in for a few minutes.”

“Trust me, if you was to come in here y’all would stay more than a few minutes. Have a nice day.” He closes the door and wipes his forehead. “Damn that was close,” he goes back to the bed and lays down turning the television on. He flips through the channel and leaves it on Cartoon Network that was playing Looney Tunes. It wasn’t even 4 yet. The game started at 8. He wasn’t leaving until 6. “Couple of hours to sleep,” he sighs and picks up his phone to text: ‘I love you and JC Jr. See you soon’,” and falls asleep.


Chris pulled up to Corinthian’s school to pick her up. She was sitting on a bench tapping her leg and checking her phone. He was twenty minutes late. “I’m so sorry baby. Daddy had to finish up on a client,” he looks at her as she gets in the car.

“Yea…” She puts on her seatbelt. “You always do.”

He drives off. “You want to go to the mall?”

“With you?”

“What’s so wrong with me taking my daughter shopping?”

“You’re overprotective, dad. I can’t buy anything with you there. A boy can’t even pass by without you glaring at him.”

“You’re 14, Cori. I don’t want you dating any boys. I know what they’re thinking.”

“Not every boy is thinking about sex.”

“Who talked to you about sex,” he asks glancing over at her while at a stop light.

“Um, mom. She does speak about it to teens across the country. Why not start with me first, she said.”

“Because you’re too damn young to know about sex.”

“She’s coming out with a book called Boys, Books, and Beverages. I gave her some ideas for it, too. I can’t wait until it comes together.”

Chris stared out the window as he drove off. “I’m a have a talk with your mother.”


Trey sat in his living room watching his son run around the table. “Slow down boy!”

Tyler laughed and ran into Trey’s lap. “Mommy!”

“No I’m Daddy! Say Daddy.” He waited for an answer. “…I swear I think you hate me lil man.”

“Mommy!” He looks pass Trey and then runs around the couch to hug Keri’s legs and get picked up.

Trey glanced over his shoulder at Keri dressed in a c**ktail dress. “Aw it was you. Shopping spree?”

“Don’t I always do that before I come over here,” she asks walking around the couch. “Hey baby,” she smothered Tyler with kisses. “Mommy missed you!”

“kissie!” He smiles and pecks his mother on the lips.

“What’re you doing tonight,” Keri bounced Tyler on her lap.


Keri rolled her eyes. “My dad wants to see Tyler. Why don’t you stop by the party tonight?”

“Why don’t you just take him with you?”

“Because I’m in the Lam. It’s not fit for babies. I just came to see my son and let you know about the party. Be there. Bye,” she kisses Tyler and then sets him down to leave. “Go to your daddy.” Tyler ran to Trey and he picked him while she leaves.

“Good thing you love yo damn momma cause I can’t do that sht no more,” he sighs.

<em>- will add again later</em>

i'll add tomorrow.

Run IT. LMAO. Kev's too much I swear.

like it, love it..

Runnn itttt


<em><strong>…Continued Episode 1.4</em></strong>

“We been to New York, been to Jersey. Just left Miami. Just landed in New Orleans. Coming to visit another good friend of mine, <a href=>Romeo Miller</a>. He plays football for the Rangers,” Kevin walks through the airport. “I never played football because I thought I was literally gonna get crushed, but when I was getting bullied in high school because I was always tryna clown somebody with my short ass, Ro was there to help me out,” he walks out of the airport. “YO! What’re you doing here?! Ro is here!” Kevin looks into the camera.

“I can’t let you come to my home and not treat my homie,” Romeo daps Kevin and they get in the car.

“And my first godchild, <a href=>Kyle</a>, is in the passenger seat,” Kevin sits in the back. “Got a grown ass man sitting in the back seat. I feel scrunched. How old are you now Kyle?”


“And you look 30! How tall is this lil boy? He taller than me? What year was I born? I believe I wasn’t… How tall?”

“I’m 6’1,” Kyle says.

“5’5 to this lil boy’s 6’1. 36 to a 16 year old. Ain’t this bout a btch? Life’s a btch! How’s <a href=>Kelly</a>?”

“She’s touring her new book,” Romeo snickered at the shade Kevin threw at Kelly, he focused on driving.

“Wow,” Kevin takes the book that Romeo handed back to him. “Dckmotized by Kelly Rowland. And it’s an urban fiction book. Bet money it’s selling like hot cakes at the beauty salon,” he smiles. “You play, Kyle?”

“Yeah, I’m on the football team.”

“You play basketball?”

“I been on everything since 6th grade. Basketball for the longest. Then I did baseball in junior high. I’ve been on the football team since freshman year in high school. I plan on staying on the team until senior.”

“My boy is good in everything he plays in,” Romeo adds.

“How…are the <a href=>twins</a>?” Kevin asks.

“Oh my god, they’re beautiful.” Romeo grins. “They’re with my mother-in-law, right now.” He parks in a mansion driveway. “Um…she’s here if you wanna see them.” They all get out and walk into the house.

“Ro’s twins are about 6 months. I haven’t seen them since they were two months,” Kevin walks into a living room where family was chilling. “Hey people. What’s going on? How ya doing?” He sits down next to Kelly’s mother. “Let me hold one.”

“Just one,” she asks smiling.

“Just one. Now gimme the names, again.”

She hands one over. “I’m giving you Rylee, and I have Roland.”

“Rylee and Roland,” he holds the baby. “They’re beautiful. I’ve missed so much. Well now the world can see what I can’t always see. Every day they grow and you just wish you can be there every step of the way,” he hands the baby back and goes into the kitchen with all of the men. “All the women in the living room and the men in the kitchen? What’s going on round here! It’s supposed to be the other way around. Southern folk boi!” Kevin shakes his head and gets in the back of a car. “Leaving New Orleans, and now I’m on a plane out to California. See all my friends are from the east coast. I’m from philly. We hate the west coast, but my boy <a href=>Shad</a> now lives in Los Angeles.” He gets on a plane and lands at LAX. “Now Shad and I used to rehearse for our high school plays together. I never made any of the roles, but when he did I would help him out,” he gets in a car and heads to a set. “Shad is working on the set of a soap opera called ‘One Last Touch’,” walks onto the set. “He’s also married to Top Pastry Chef, <a href=>Jennifer Hudson</a>. Bow Weezy!”

Shad was looking over his lines. “Kev! What‘s good in the hood?”

“Yo! Chillin on the set!” Kevin daps Shad. “What’s going on here? What’s happening in this scene?”

“My character is arguing with his parents about a decision they need to make about my brother who’s in a sticky situation.”

“Okay… What’s your character’s name?”


Kevin closes his eyes. “Scene,” he breathes. <em>“Charlie we can’t!”</em>
“There’s not another way,” Shad says. “we have to cut all ties with Greg, ma. We can’t be associated with his troubles. I’m already in a stick of mud with Sophia Marie. And if you can’t choose, then I can’t come around, anymore.
“Son, that’s ridiculous. We’ll find a way to get your brother out of this mess.”</em> Kevin shakes his head. “That’s a got damn lie! Look here, Charlie! That ngga got his ass into this sht and now he putting the hurt in my pockets! I’m sorry but his ass is grass! There, I said it! I’m done with his stupid ass!” He walks out the room’s front door and comes back in. “It’s a closet. This fake ass apartment door,” he laughs.

Shad laughs. “Kev you crazy.”

They sit on the set’s fake living room couches. “Shad, you have a teen daughter.”

“Yes. <a href=>Shai</a> is now 13. The same age as yours.”

“Right and she’s also around the same ages as Chris’ daughter Cori and a bit younger than Mike’s triplets.”


“And your wife is celebrity chef Jennifer Hudson!”

“Yes. She‘s the best.”

“Well I’m glad to hear that you’re happy.”

“Thanks man,” Shad says as they both stand up.

“All right,” Kevin hugs Shad. “I’m a let him get back to rehearsing,” he leaves off the set and gets in the car. “That was the last of my friends - The Real Husbands - and the only reason why it’s called the real husbands is because we are like Mike and Shad, were like Romeo, Chris, and myself or will be like Jermaine, and it is what it is. Real talk. Kev out.”

**<em>- now that the introductions are done, I will start off in the lives of these husbands.</em>**

LMAO, Kevin's a fool got me rolling. You got his character on point lol. Trey sexy, Mike got teenagers and ish lol. Diggin this.


The way you capture Kevin Hart is A MAY ZINGGG! lolz.. Too funny, Can picture the whole thing.. Even with the others lmaoo


lol Kevin alway makes me laugh he a fool and damn trips Mike wow thats alot