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Famous Arranged Marriage

( Intro )

"Sweetie could you change your clothes into something more proper??"
"For what??"
"We're going out."
"I think I look cute and so did everyone else today."

I stood in the mirror looking at my tight shorts and my fitting top then at my sandals. My outfits always showed off my curves and my mom hated that. She said i was fat, but my grandmother always said I was thick and she loved it before she passed.

"Sweetie they only say that because they have to. You actually look very slutty."
"Just because I like my curves and I wanna show them off that makes me slutty!?"
"Well yes. Now go change so we can go out."
"No. You can go by your damn self and I’ll go out with my friends."

I went up to my room and locked the door. I changed into a cute short skirt, but not too short and and a half shirt with a "v" cut showing off my big boobs a little then I put on sandals. I did my hair up in curls and added a little body glitter then changed my accessories and walked downstairs.

"Channel could you come in here for a minute please??"

I rolled my eyes and walked into the living room. Sitting on my couch was Chris Brown, his mom, his manager, and Tyga. I had to pinch myself a little to make sure I wasn't dreaming. I kept my composure so I didn't look like a groupie even though I was madly in love with Chris.

"Hi everybody. Mom whats going on??"
"Have a seat sweetie."

My phone rang so i excused myself.

"girl I'm outside."

I let my best friend Bianca in and we walked into the living room. She nearly fainted when she saw them. Just like how I'm in love with Chris that's how she is with Tyga.

"Girl what is my husband doing here??"
"I don't know."

We both sat down and waited for my mom to continue.

"Well Chanell Chris' family and ours go way back to a line of arranged marriages.
"You and Chris are arranged to be married."

I almost fainted.


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sorry bout ur injury get better soon!
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I've been quite busy with school & my personal life

Good & bad news

Bad = I'm on crutches

Good = I'll be home so I'll be able to write !

No, you should RUN this story.

Should I dump this story??

Sorry ya I've been having a lot of personal problems lately

I'll update when I get home ..

2 New Stories called : Don't Judge Me & Sweet Love .. Make sure you check them out and tell me what you think!!!!!!!!!

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Hey everybody. Sorry I haven't updated in so long. My computer is acting so f***ing stupid it's crazy. I'm actually typing this from my phone. I would update from here, but I messed up my middle finger on my left hand & due to that it's VERY difficult to type =[. Please don't stop reading I'll update as soon as I can!

Much love * Mimi

new reader. lol he should be really inspired.:)

love the story ma! RUN THIS s***!!! Hurry up and write more!

Aww theyre soo cute!! Update like nowww. Lol

Update in a little while =]

At's wassup Let a b**** know yo mans taken. LOL at Chris Jr. poppin up in the studio, they some freaks.In the studio tho, Chris was sho ready to clear it out fo'real lol. Ha Rhianna yeah you see who he's with huh boo. RUN IT!!!

lol i bet he is inspired

run ittt

lol hell yea show her wats up n chris a freak lol run it

( 33 ) -

He was sitting on a stool in there and somehow managed to pull me up onto his lap so I was facing him. My arms were around his neck and his were around my waist.

“Don‘t even worry about her. I know what‘s on ya mind, but f*** her. She‘s not my wife or the 1 I’m in love with. You are and that will never change. Stop stressing it. If I wanted her I would‘ve had her. Trust. But look who‘s in my arms on my lap right now. That big ass diamond ring should be enough reminder.”

I laughed and playfully hit his arm.

“Who told you to get such a big ring.”
“My baby deserves nothing, but the best all day every day. If I got it better believe so does my wife.”

I smiled and kissed him. He kissed me back and as it got more intense he held me tighter and I felt Chris Jr begin to poke me a little.

“I know you feel that.”

He whispered seductively in my ear.

“I do, but we‘re in a studio and we‘re not alone.”
“I can have this room cleared out 2.2”

I smirked.

“You know how we do. You won‘t be finishing anything today.”

He smirked also.

“True that. When it comes to you I gotta make sure I put it down.”
“You never fail to do that. Trust baby.”

We kissed then I sorta massaged Chris Jr thru his pants while kissing him. Eventually he groaned and began to relax some.

“I promise when we get home it‘s going DOWN.”

I said seductively in his ear, kissing the tat behind it. He grabbed my ass and squeezed it tight.

“Oh you already know.”
“Good. Can‘t wait.”

We kissed again then I got off of him beginning to walk out. He smacked my ass hard making it jiggle then smirked and licked his lips. Rihanna walked back in rolling her eyes. The producer spoke to Chris thru the intercom thingy.

“Oh most deff.”

Chris said speaking into the mic then bit his lip and winked at me. I winked back and sat down watching my man do his thang.

Update in a little while =]

See Rhi Rhi want that ass beat lol. Dont be touching on Chris like that dude. Channell let that hoe know he's taken....

o no the f*** that b**** didnt she betta chill the f*** out i wonder wat chris bout to say to her lol he a sneaky motha f***a

( 32 ) -

Chris and I just chilled then took a shower together and headed to the studio. We walked in and his manager, Tyga, Mijo, Bianca, and some other guys were in there. She kind of screamed when she saw me and ran up to me giving me a tight hug since we haven’t seen each other or spoken since my wedding.

“OMG girl look at you you‘re practically glowing!!”
“When you just came off of the most magical honeymoon and you‘re married to the man you‘re in love with. This is how you feel.”
“I see. I can‘t wait until I get married.”
“You will.”

I looked behind her at Tyga who was talking to Chris in private. We both sat down getting some glances from other guys although they all knew we were taken.

“So how does it feel to be Mrs. Brown??”

She asked as we got comfortable.

“I can‘t even begin to gather the feeling into words. He‘s … I can‘t.”

She smiled big in happiness for me. Chris kissed me then walked into the booth and Tyga lifted Bianca on his lap as he sat down next to us. We talked for a while then the door opened and Rihanna walked in. I rolled my eyes as she smiled a c**ky smile and walked over to his manager hugging her.

“Why is that b**** here??”

I asked nobody in particular. Tina motioned for Rihanna to go ahead and walk into the booth with Chris. I gritted my teeth a little then Tina walked over.

“They‘re doing the remix to her song ‘Birthday Cake’ that’s all.”
“If she oversteps the line she‘s gone.”
“She better be.”

Her and Chris talked a little then did some vocals warm-ups. Then they began doing some writing and I would notice her touch his arm a certain way or bite her lip when he licked his lips as he wrote. He shook his head and looked up speaking into his mic.

“I need some inspiration.”
“Do whatever you have to do.”

The guy doing the music said.

“Baby come here real quick please.”

Chris said back. I smirked and stood up walking into the booth. He put his arms around my waist then turned to her.

“Rihanna could you give us some privacy??”

She rolled her eyes and sucked her teeth on the low then gave him a fake smile.

“ANYTHING for you Chris.”

She winked at him and ran her hand down his arm then walked out switching extra hard. He turned off his mic after the door closed.

Update coming in a little while.

omg yay u wrote more n wat chris said was so sweet i love this story run it more please

Aww Chris's words were so beautiful. He's an amazing husband already. And it was sweet of him to invite her to come to work with him, thats love and its good they can spends as much time together as possible. RUN IT!!