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Beautiful Mistake

Intro : Done

I watched as the girls did their dances on the poles and rolled my eyes in jealousy. Oh let me introduce myself, my name is Aaliyah Dana Haughton and I’m 18. I work in a dance studio because dancing is my passion and I have a 1 month old daughter named Tiara by my ex boyfriend Trey Songz. I love to dance, but with my daughter and all I barely have the time to live my teenage life. I finished up for the day and grabbed my gym bag then left to get my daughter from day care and went home to Trey. He was sitting on the couch with 1 of his girlfriends and Tiara started crying.

“Yo could you shut her the f*** up??”
“Trey you know she‘s sick.”
“So!! Shut her up or get the f*** out.”

I rolled my eyes and went upstairs to my room that I shared with Tiara. I took her tiny body out her car seat and rocked her as the tears flowed from my eyes. Getting with Trey was a Beautiful Mistake . .

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Ch. 31 :

Chris wouldn’t answer my phone calls or anything for the last few weeks. Luckily I turned out not to be pregnant and I texted him telling him that, but all he said was bye. I know I hurt him I know I did, but Lord knows I miss him so much. I knew Tiara was at his house so I walked over there and knocked on the door.

“Daddy somebody is at the door.”
“Ok stay right there and I‘ll be right back.”

He walked to the door and looked thru the peep hole then sighed.

“I told you I don’t want anything to do with you yo besides Tiara.”
“Is that mommy?!”

Tiara asked running up to the door.


She opened the door and jumped into my arms. She was dressed in sweats and she had paint on her.

“Hey sweetie.”
“Hi mommy. Did you come to help me and daddy do my room??”
“Uh no I actually came to talk to daddy.”
“Are we going to be a family again??”

She asked with hope in her eyes.

“…We‘ll see…”
“Go ahead and finish choosing the next color you want to paint the other side while mommy and I talk.”
“Ok daddy.”

She kissed my cheek then I put her down and she ran to her room.

“Come on.”

Chris also had on sweats and some yellow paint on the front. We went and sat down in the kitchen.

“What colors are her room??”
“She wants pink, yellow, and blue.”
“Oh ok.”
“Lets cut the lil s***. What do you want Aaliyah??”
“Chris I miss you. Bad.”
“What Trey wasn’t enough for you??”
“I didn’t even want Trey from the beginning. All I wanted and all I still want is you.”
“Then why did you sleep with him??”
“I was hurting. I really did think that you were cheating on me. I went out with the girls 1 night and saw him. He bought me a few drinks and I started telling him about how hurt I was then he said he could make me feel better. I woke up the next morning naked and when I asked about the condom he said he didn’t wear 1.”
“How could you do that to me?? It‘s 1 thing to cheat at all, but then to cheat on me with HIM is a different level.”

He shook his head.

“I’m so sorry Chris I really am. I wish I could change it, but I cant and I understand if you no longer love me anymore.”

I said quietly and he sighed.

“Aaliyah my love is too deep for you to ever stop loving you. No matter what you do.”
“Then take me back. Please. I wanna be a family again and you know Tiara does too.”
“It‘s not that easy.”

I walked over to him and put my arms around his neck then put my head on his shoulder.

“I know, but I need you Chris. I really do.”
“What’s up with you and Trey??”
“Nothing. The last time I spoke to him was when I told him I wasn’t pregnant and the last time I spoke to him before that was the night at the club.”

He turned around and looked me in my eyes.

“Promise me you wont hurt me like that again.”
“I promise you.”
“…Aiight…We can give us a try again.”

I smiled and he wrapped his arms around me giving me a long deep kiss. I have my family back and I hope it stays this way.

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Ch. 30 :

When I finally go home Chris was sitting on his porch with his friends so Kat and I decided to just chill on my porch room.

“You need to tell him before he gets the wrong idea. I mean he DID see you with Trey.”
“I know. I just don’t know how to do it.”

I shook my head and looked down just staring at my hands.

“Well you better figure it out quick because here he comes.”

I looked up fast and sure enough Chris was walking across the street to my house. When he got here Kat stood up.

“Hey Chris.”
“Wassup Kat.”

They gave each other a lil hug then Kat said she would call me later and left. He just stood there staring at me.

“What Chris??”
“Wassup with you and ol boy??”
“Don’t play dumb with me Aaliyah you know damn well I‘m talking about Trey.”
“Then why was he all on you like that?? Is he the reason you questioning us??”
“No. Chris I need to tell you something.”
“…Can we go inside and talk??”

We went inside my house and I closed the door. We sat down in the living room and I took a deep breath.

“Chris please I’m begging you just…Just hear me out.”
“Just get to it Aaliyah.”

The tears started before I even began telling him.

“I…I…I…I slept with Trey and I might be pregnant…The baby could his or yours…Chris I’m sor-”

He flipped the table over and repeatedly punched the wall. I’ve never seen Chris so angry. He turned to me and grabbed me, but didn’t hit me.

“You mean to tell me YOU‘RE the 1 who was CHEATING?! Is that why you kept accusing me?!”

I couldn’t even talk all I did was cry.

“On top of that it was with that nigga and you might be PREGNANT by him?!?!?!?!”

Still all I could do was cry. He tossed me on the couch and ran out the house slamming the door.

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Ch. 29 :

The girls dragged me out the house that night to the club so that’s where I was. I just so happened to look up and saw Chris sitting at the bar. I walked over to Kat and pointed him out.

“I thought he had Tiara like he always does.”
“I did too.”

She walked over there and talked to him for a few minutes then came back.

“His friends called mama and said Chris needed to go out because he hadn‘t been out since the break up. Mama agreed and said she was keeping Tiara for the night.”
“You need to talk to him.”
“Not here.”
“Then tell him ya need to talk alone.”
“I cant. Not right now.”

At that moment Trey walked up to me and put his arms around me.

“How’s my baby doing??”
“Get off of me Trey.”
“You weren’t saying that a few weeks ago.”

I shook my head then looked up and Chris was staring at us with cold eyes.

“Trey please.”

He kissed my neck then Chris got up and walked somewhere else.

“Trey stop.”

I took his arms from around me and backed away from him a little.

“What you doing here anyway?? You shouldn’t be drinking with my baby in ya tummy.”
“I don’t even know if I’m pregnant yet and it‘s not guaranteed its yours. It could be Chris‘ baby.”
“The times don’t add up shawty. Most likely it is my baby.”

I shook my head.

“I gotta go.”

I got lost in the crowd hoping I didn’t bump into Chris or Trey again.

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Ch. 28 :

( Days Later )

Chris and I worked something out thru mama. I drop Tiara off at her house Thursday night so Chris can get her then I pick her back up from mama’s house Sunday night after Chris drops her off. Mama said this is a shame because we live right across the street from each other, but neither of us wanna see each other. I just dropped Tiara off, but mama wanted me to stay and talk so Tiara went to the living room and I went into the kitchen. She set me up though because Chris was in there. When he saw me his shook his head and stood up to leave, but mama made him sit down and she made me sit across from him.

“You 2 need to settle this. It isn’t good for Tiara to be going from 1 home to the other. I‘ve talked to her and she doesn’t like it. She thinks that you 2 don’t love each other anymore and it makes her cry.”

I sighed and looked down.

“Now Aaliyah what‘s going on??”
“I was getting phone calls and letters saying that Chris was cheating on me and he didn’t claim me or Tiara.”
“Do you believe that??”
“I don’t know anymore.”

He sucked his teeth and stood up grabbing his car keys.

“I cant do this mama. I’m gone.”

She tried getting him to come back, but he just got Tiara and she gave me kisses then left with Chris.

“You’re entitled to how you feel, but this is nonsense. You know Chris loves you and Tiara with ALL his heart. He talks about ya all the time and future plans that he wants to make happen some day. Am I with him all the time?? No, but I do have ppl keeping him in check without him knowing and they all say he doesn’t even look at another female. Girls push up on him ALL the time and he ALWAYS says he has a family. You’re hurting him. Bad.”

She patted my back then walked out the kitchen. I put my head down on the table and cried. If he found out the REAL reason why I don’t know if I wanna be with him then he will be devastated...

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Ch. 27 :

When I got back home I put my bags in my house then parked Chris’ car in his drive way and walked in the house. He was in his music room singing ‘Flatline’ by Trey Songz. After a few minutes I walked in and he looked at me. I could see that he was deep in thought.


I said.

“I brought ya keys.”
“No problem.”

I put his keys on the table in the room and sat down on the couch. He came and sat next to me.

“Aaliyah keep it real with me. What’s been going on??”

I sighed.

“I‘ve been receiving blocked phone calls and anonymous letters from females saying that they‘ve been with you and that you’re cheating on me. They also said you don’t claim me or Tiara.”
“What?! When did this start happening??”
“A few days after the celebration party at momma‘s house.”
“So you think I’m cheating on you now??”
“Chris it‘s possible. s*** you could’ve had someone here before I came over.”

He shook his head and stood up.

“When I told you I love you I meant it. When I said I love Tiara I meant it. When I signed those papers to become her father I meant it. Aaliyah I don’t want anybody EXCEPT ya. I cant believe that you would even think I would step out of our relationship. I get everything I want and need from you.”
“Maybe that’s the problem. Maybe you know that you can get what you want and need from me and you know I love you so you cheated thinking it wouldn’t matter.”

He just shook his head and laughed a little.

“If that’s the case then why are you with me Aaliyah??”
“I don’t know…Maybe we need a break.”

He didn’t even look at me he just walked out the room and I let myself out the house. Leaving my set of keys to his house on his table.

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Ch. 26 :

( Morning )

I woke up still sore from the night before and Chris was in the shower. After a few minutes I finally got up and walked in joining him. He washed me and I washed him then we got out and brushed our teeth.

“Have you spoken to mama??”

I asked him.

“Yeah. She said for me to bring 3 days worth of clothes for Tiara.”
“She‘s staying for 3 more days??”
“Oh ok. Did you do it??”
“Nah I was waiting for you.”
“Maybe because I wanna take my baby out today.”
“So call her then.”

He looked at me to see if I was serious.

“Yo what’s going on with you??”

I finished brushing my teeth and walked into my room looking for something to wear.


He turned me around to face him and I saw concern all over his face.

“Baby please talk to me.”
“Chris are you cheating on me??”
“What?! No.”
“I don’t believe you.”
“Why don’t you believe me??”
“I just don’t.”

I found something cute and got dressed.

“Aaliyah do you love me??”

I didn’t say anything. He shook his head and got dressed. As he did that I packed Tiara’s clothes and her favorite stuffed animal then went out to the car and waited for him. He came out and we drove in silence. When we got there Tiara was still sleeping so we left her clothes with mama then Chris went back to the house.

“I thought we were going out.”

I said.

“You can go.”

He got out the car and walked across the street to his house then went in. I shook my head and drove off to do some shopping.

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