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Beautiful Mistake

Intro : Done

I watched as the girls did their dances on the poles and rolled my eyes in jealousy. Oh let me introduce myself, my name is Aaliyah Dana Haughton and I’m 18. I work in a dance studio because dancing is my passion and I have a 1 month old daughter named Tiara by my ex boyfriend Trey Songz. I love to dance, but with my daughter and all I barely have the time to live my teenage life. I finished up for the day and grabbed my gym bag then left to get my daughter from day care and went home to Trey. He was sitting on the couch with 1 of his girlfriends and Tiara started crying.

“Yo could you shut her the f*** up??”
“Trey you know she‘s sick.”
“So!! Shut her up or get the f*** out.”

I rolled my eyes and went upstairs to my room that I shared with Tiara. I took her tiny body out her car seat and rocked her as the tears flowed from my eyes. Getting with Trey was a Beautiful Mistake . .

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Ch. 25 :

When we got home we got right down to round 2, 3, 4, and 5. We got in the tub and just laid there for a while.

“How much do you love me??”
“More than words could explain.”

I stayed quiet.

“What’s wrong??”
“Don’t lie to me.”
“…Its just sometimes I wonder what are you doing when youre away from me…”
“Thinking of you. Missing you.”
“Who do you be with??”
“My niggas. What’s with all the questions??”
“I don’t know.”
“Do you have doubts about my love for you??”

He picked me up and turned me around bringing me down onto his ‘piece’ so he was inside me.

“Let me show you just how much I really love you.”

He kissed me and from there we went more rounds, but this time it wasn't angry sex it was making love. <3

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Ch. 24 :

I looked her up and down then she walked closer to Chris and whispered something in his ear. He looked at her like she was crazy.

“I told you I have a girl.”
“Well I don’t see her around.”
“b**** I’m right here.”

She looked passed me like I was invisible.

“Like I said. I don’t see her anywhere.”

I nodded my head and just knocked the s*** out of her. We started fighting, but of course I was beating that ass. When Chris pulled me off of her I kicked her in the face with the heel of my shoe. He put me over his shoulder and carried me upstairs to a secluded area. He sat me down and no matter how much I tried to get up he wouldn’t let me.

“No let me get at her. b**** gunna try to play me who the f*** does she think she is?!”
“Aaliyah calm down.”
“No Chris I WONT calm down!!”

I looked at him like he was crazy.

“Who the f*** are you yelling at like that?! Im not some little ass girl Chris. Believe that!!”

He shook his head and pulled me onto his lap then kissed me. I gave in and kissed him back. He got up and closed the door then locked it and we f***ed right there.

(Hour Later)

I got off him panting and put my clothes back on.


We both said then laughed. After we both were dressed we went to the bathroom and fixed ourselves up then went back downstairs like nothing ever happened. Angry sex is the best sex ;)

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Ch. 23 :

(That Night)

We shopped all day and dropped Tiara off at mama’s house around 8 instead. When we got home we went our separate ways to get ready.

“You ready yet??”

Chris asked from the bedroom.

“What time is it??”
“Oh. No I‘m not ready.”
“Damn yo what the f*** you doing in there??”
“Getting ready now leave me alone.”

I still had my robe on as I curled my long hair and pinned it up. After that was done I put on all my smell goods then added accessories to my outfit. I only had on a bra and a thong though. I took off my robe then Chris opened the bathroom door.


He just stared at me licking his lips. I rolled my eyes and tried to push him out, but he pulled me to him and started kissing on me. I moaned and I was almost ready to give in, but then his phone rang. He groaned and walked out then I closed the door and locked it. I finished getting ready then walked out and Chris’ jaw dropped.


He said and I closed his mouth for him then walked out with him following.

( Party )

I was dancing with some guy while Chris was dancing with some girl. When I looked over at Chris some b**** was grinding on him and shaking her ass on him. I excused myself from the guy and walked over to them.

“Excuse you.”

I said to the girl and she stood up looking at me.

“You‘re excused b****.”

Chris got between us.

“Ashley this is my girlfriend and baby mama Aaliyah. Aaliyah this is my old friend from middle school Ashley.”

Ashley rolled her eyes and told Chris she would see him later then walked away. I looked at him and folded my arms.

“I thought there was no problem with us dancing with other people.”

He said pulling me to him as ‘I’ll Make Love To You’ came on.

“There isn’t, but you don’t see me grinding on any other guys.”
“I wasn’t grinding on her.”
“She was grinding on you and you didn’t do anything to stop her.”
“Baby we were just dancing.”

I went to pull away from him, but he pulled me back and kissed me. I sighed and laid my head on his shoulder.

“I just don’t like seeing girls dance on you like that.”
“Ok bae it wont happen again.”
“I love you.”
“I love you more.”

We were enjoying each other until some girl walked over to us.

“Hey Chris.”

She said. We both looked at her and he sighed.

“Krystal what do you want??”

She looked me up and down and smirked then looked back at Chris. I could tell this night wont be ending on a pretty note.

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Ch. 22 :

Chris picked me up and carried me into our bedroom kicking the door shut and tossing me on the bed.

“Baby be easy.”
“I‘m sorry bae.”

He kissed my forehead, then my cheeks, my lips, and down to my neck. I wrapped my legs around him and stared into his eyes.

“Make love to me.”
“I got you baby.”

He kissed me sensually.

(Hours Later)

We got out the shower and changed the sheets then got in bed. We cuddled up next to each other and said I love you then went to sleep.


I got up and showered then got dressed and walked back into the bedroom as Chris was getting off the phone.

“Who was that??”
“Tyga. He‘s having a party and wants us to come thru.”
“You can go. I gotta stay with Tiara.”
“Momma said she‘ll keep her for the night and we can get her tomorrow.”
“That’s fine I guess. What time is the party??”
“9, but you know nobody shows up on time so we‘ll probably go around 9:30 or 10:00. We dropping Tiara off around 7 though.”
“I don’t wanna bring her too late. Plus I have some other plans before we go.”

He got up and kissed me then Tiara walked in our room.

“Mama. Dada.”
“Good morning honey.”

I kissed her cheeks then Chris picked her up.

“Are you hungry??”

He asked.

“How about we go out for breakfast then do some shopping??”

He said looking from me to Tiara.

“I‘m cool with that. You gunna get her dressed??”
“Since you‘re already dressed you can do it while I go shower.”

I took Tiara and washed her up then got her dressed and packed her overnight bag. After that I gave her a banana and we waited for Chris. His phone rang so I opened it and it was a text from some girl talking about she cant wait until tonight. I shook my head and tossed his phone back on the bed then he got out the shower and came in.

“I heard my phone. Who was it??”
“Some trick named Krystal talking about she cant wait until tonight. Who is she Chris??”
“This crazy b-”

He looked at Tiara who was caught up in Dora.

“She‘s this crazy chick that keeps stalking me. Before I met you me and her used to mess around. When I got serious with you I cut all the girls off including her and she didn’t take it too well. Ever since then she‘s been stalking me non stop.”
“Why didn’t you tell me this??”

He sprayed some Axe and began getting dressed.

“I didn’t want you to worry or try to do something crazy. I‘m telling you now there‘s going to be A LOT of chicks at Tyga‘s party who still want me, but please don’t worry about that. You know you’re the ONLY woman I want and that wont ever change. I love you and our daughter.”
“If 1 of those chicks-”
“You’re not doing anything. Understand??”
“Don’t talk to me like I’m Tiara Chris.”

He shook his head and finished getting dressed then we left.

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21 :

I sat on the porch and just started thinking then Chris sat next to me.

“She kissed me.”
“I know.”
“Then why did you leave me??”
“Chris it still hurt to see another girl kissing you and you barely did anything to stop her.”
“Yes I did. I honestly didn‘t want to physically hurt her so I didn‘t use all my strength to get her off. I‘m 6‘3 and she‘s 5‘4 which could have caused a lot of pain on her part.”
“Whatever Chris.”

He pulled me close to him and just held me.

“Baby I would NEVER intentionally hurt you. I love you too damn much to ever do that and I‘m so sorry about what happened. I didn‘t want her back then and I don‘t want her now. Baby please forgive me.”
“…..I forgive you Chris, but if it happens again-”
“It won‘t baby and I can promise you that.”

I looked into his eyes then put my hand on his face and kissed him. He pulled me closer and then after a while we broke apart smiling.

“I love you Aaliyah.”
“I love you too Chris.”

Tiara ran out the house and onto the porch then I looked towards the street and saw Trey walking up to the porch. I sighed as Chris and I stood up.

“Trey what are you doing here??”
“My girl asked me to come thru.”
“Hey baby.”

We turned around and saw Regina walking outside. I rolled my eyes, pulled Chris to me, and we walked back inside Mama’s house as he picked up our daughter. We stayed for a few hours and had fun then decided to call it a night and head home. Chris parked his car in his drive way then crossed the street and came inside using his key. I had just put Tiara in the tub when Chris walked in the bathroom.

“Getting ready for bed princess??”

Chris asked as he sat on the toilet and I bathed her.

“Yes dada.”

He looked at me and licked his lips. I blushed and finished cleaning her up, then got her dressed into her pajamas and she was sleep within 10 minutes.

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20 :

It’s been half an hour and Tiara was sleeping on Chris’ bed, but he still wasn’t up here yet. I got up and walked to the guest room to see if Neisha was in there. I opened the door and saw Chris up against the will and Regina kissing him. My heart dropped.


He managed to push her off and looked at me.


I just ran out the room and went into his. I picked up Tiara and began walking down the stairs with tears just falling. I heard him running behind me and calling my name. I walked straight to my car, put Tiara in her car seat, and pulled off.

(3 Days Later)

I haven’t seen or spoken to Chris, but Tiara is missing him like crazy so I drove to Mama Joyce’s house. I got out and got Tiara then walked inside since she had me a key made. Regina and her friends were in the living room, Neisha and Tootie were in the hallway, Chris and Tyga along with Rick and some other guys were in the backyard.

“Daddy is in the back sweetie.”

She hopped out my arms and ran out the back door.


I heard her call out.


Since I knew she was with him I walked over to Neisha and Tootie then we went into the kitchen where Mama Joyce was.

“Hey sweetie.”
“Hey mama.”

We hugged and we all sat down.

“How have you been??”
“Hurting, but I still manage to get up every morning and put a smile on my face for Tiara. She missed her daddy so I just decided to bring her here.”
“She kissed him.”
“I know, but he didn‘t stop her until I walked in the room.”
“He actually did try to stop her before, but she just took control I guess.”
“It just hurt and why is she here anyway??”
“Her mama wants me to watch her while she‘s out.”
“How old is she??”
“Same age as you.”

Chris walked into the kitchen with Tiara on his back.

“My grand baby!!”

Mama said as she took Tiara from him.

“Um can we talk??”

Chris said looking at me, but I just got up and went to the front porch.

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