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Beautiful Mistake

Intro : Done

I watched as the girls did their dances on the poles and rolled my eyes in jealousy. Oh let me introduce myself, my name is Aaliyah Dana Haughton and I’m 18. I work in a dance studio because dancing is my passion and I have a 1 month old daughter named Tiara by my ex boyfriend Trey Songz. I love to dance, but with my daughter and all I barely have the time to live my teenage life. I finished up for the day and grabbed my gym bag then left to get my daughter from day care and went home to Trey. He was sitting on the couch with 1 of his girlfriends and Tiara started crying.

“Yo could you shut her the f*** up??”
“Trey you know she‘s sick.”
“So!! Shut her up or get the f*** out.”

I rolled my eyes and went upstairs to my room that I shared with Tiara. I took her tiny body out her car seat and rocked her as the tears flowed from my eyes. Getting with Trey was a Beautiful Mistake . .

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That is so cute that Chris wants to help out and be there.Him and liyah is adorable,but wth that fool Trey doing there

i love how chris treats liyah and the baby and he sang my song. i swear if chris ever sung dat to me it wuld b over.. panties on da floor lmao. run it

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I lov it run it Chris so sweet n WTF is trey doin there

oh s***
its about to go down *kevin hart voice*

Ru It

13 :

After I changed into pajamas Chris stripped down to his boxers and we got under the covers cuddling.

“She likes you.”
“How you know??”
“She didn‘t cry not once while you held her. Usually she cries up a storm. How did you get so natural??”
“Honestly I don‘t know. My mom said that it just come naturally for me.”
“Well I‘m glad.”
“Yeah me too.”

He pulled me closer to him and kissed my neck.

“You staying with me tonight??”
“Only if you want me to.”

I turned to face him.

“I do.”

I whispered against his lips then kissed him.


I woke up before Chris and brushed my teeth then showered.

“Baby do you have-”
“I already set out an extra toothbrush for you on the sink.”
“No problem.”

I turned off the shower and got my towel then wrapped it around me and stepped out.

“How did you sleep??”
“Good. You??”
“Great because I was cuddling with you.”

I giggled and walked into my walk in closet then closed the door and got dressed. Once I was dressed I walked back out and he was coming out the bathroom.

“Do you wanna eat before you go??”
“Yeah, but I‘ll cook.”
“Baby you‘re so sweet.”
“I know.”

We kissed then checked on Tiara and went downstairs. He went into the kitchen and I chilled in the living room. Once he was done we ate and joked then he went back across the street to shower and get freshened up. While he was gone I fed Tiara and got her dressed for the day then we chilled on the couch. Chris came back half an hour later and we decided to just spend the day here. We were having fun until the doorbell rang.

“Baby could you hold her??”
“Yeah shawty.”

I handed her to him and stood up walking out the room to the front door. I opened it and couldn’t believe who I was seeing.


Run it

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I lov it run it Chris Knew them that's wow he is so sweet n nice he handled her with care lik it was her child

*Tears Tears*
how sweet thats not even his kid and
he act more like a father to her then trey ever did.

Run It

12 :

I ended up on a team with Chris and Tyga. In the end we won 15 to 3 and the boys were impressed with me. Surprisingly I didn’t get very sweaty even though I played just as hard as the boys. Chris and I walked upstairs to his room and I freshened up in his bathroom while he used the other down the hall. Once we were done we met back up in his room.

“I didn‘t know you could ball.”
“Yeah. Coming up I was a tomboy, but when I got with Trey that changed.”
“I see. Well you‘re still gorges to me either way.”
“Awwww thanks boo.”
“Come on.”

He grabbed my hand and we went back outside to eat.


Chris and I stayed at his mom’s house until 9 then we left leaving everyone else because they came together. Chris parked his car in his garage then walked me to my door.

“I hope you had fun today.”
“Yes I really did.”
“My family loves you, especially my mom.”
“Yeah I love them too and I‘m not even your girl.”

He pulled me close to him and stared in my eyes.


He leaned down for a kiss when we heard a horn. I looked over at Wayne and Nicki.

“We gotta be in the studio for the rest of the week, but I‘ll be back to get her Saturday morning.”

Wayne said as he brought Tiara inside while Nicki brought her diaper bag.

“Okay. Oh this is my future-”

Wayne and Nicki said. Wayne dapped him and Nicki hugged him.

“Ya know each other??”
“Yeah. Wayne and I do studio time together and Nicki hangs with my sister Tootie.”
“These are ya fake brother and sister you were talking about??”

Chris took the diaper bag and I took the car seat then Nicki and Wayne left. I unlocked the door and we walked in with Chris locking the door behind us.

“Follow me.”

We walked upstairs to her bedroom. He put her bag on the floor and I put her car seat on the little bed so I can take her out. She was wide awake and smiled when she saw me.

“Hello mommy‘s princess.”

I took her out and walked over to Chris.

“This is my little princess Tiara.”
“Wow. She‘s even more beautiful in person.”
“Wanna hold her while I get everything straightened out??”

I gently handed her to him and he was basically a pro at it. I put her car seat away and straightened out her crib then put away her things from her diaper bag.

“Baby where is her pampers and wipes??”
“On the side of her changing table.”

I watched as Chris walked over and changed her as if she was his daughter. It warmed my heart and then after he changed her, he got the pajamas and put them on her.

“Wayne said she already had a bath and a bottle. I‘ll sing her to sleep.”
“Thanks baby.”
“No problem.”

He sat in the rocking chair and sang “I Wanna Be” to her until she fell asleep then he laid her in her crib. We walked out and went down the hall to my room.

awww run it!! i love the bond wit chris ms joyce n liyah

I love this Run It

Run it

chris always checking her out

Run It

MORE RUNS nd I'll update tomorrow cuz im very sleepy and I dont want to give ya a crappy update . RUN IT RUN IT RUN IT

*Nite everybody =)

I lov it run it yea she went through alot

11 :

“I‘ve been a straight A student since elementary up until now even with my daughter. My mom left me with my dad when I was a few days old and he raised me up until a month ago when he passed away due to a gun. He was able to see Tiara born and hold her which I‘m glad for, but I still miss him.”
“How do you live??”
“I have a fake brother and a fake sister who just bought me my own home after my ex boyfriend kicked me out and they furnished it. They decided that they want to pay for it every month and pay for my car note even though I have a job.”
“I‘m assuming you‘re ex boyfriend is Tiara‘s dad.”
“Yeah he is. I fell in love with him at the age of 17 and I ended up pregnant the first time which is also when we broke up. He doesn‘t do anything for her like he actually disowned her.”
“OMG wow. This is so much for you to go through on your own.”
“Yeah, but I‘ve managed with the help of my fake brother, my fake sister, my best friend, and Chris.”
“He knows??”
“Yes he‘s already heard my whole life story and I‘ve heard his.”
“Has he met Tiara yet??”
“Not not yet. She‘s currently staying with my brother Wayne until Monday because he feels that I‘ve been dealing with too much on my own and I need a break.”
“He‘s right.”

There was a knock at the door.

“Who is it??”
“Me mama.”
“Come in.”

Chris walked in and closed the door behind him then came and sat behind me.

“Ewww you‘re all sweaty.”

I said as he put his arms around me.


I giggled as he tickled me.

“I really love ya laugh.”
“Ugh. I don‘t see why, but anyway what you want?? I was having a talk with Ms. Joyce.”
“Sweetie please call me mama.”

Chris was shocked.

“You never let any of the other girls call you mama.”
“They were all trashy hoes with no class and no future. She‘s the total opposite and she has definitely earned a spot in my heart and this family.”

She kissed our cheeks then got up to go finish cooking. I leaned back on Chris.

“My mom really likes you.”
“I know. She‘s everything I would want in a mom.”
“Baby ya mom doesn‘t know what she lost.”
“She doesn‘t care either.”
“You don‘t know that. You may never know the reason, but stop looking to your past. You have a bright future ahead of you and a beautiful little girl who needs you.”
“I know. Thanks Chris.”
“Anytime shawty.”

He kissed my neck and we stood up.

“Come play ball with me and my niggas.”
“I can‘t play in these.”
“Come on.”

We walked out the room and jogged up the stairs to his old room.

“I still have clothes here for nights in case I need to stay here or if I just miss my mom.”

He went into his drawer and pulled out yellow and blue bball shorts that actually matched my whole outfit. I already had on yellow, white, and blue Jordans so I changed in his bathroom and tossed my white shorts on his bed.

“Damn baby you even look good in my clothes.”

I giggled and put my hair up into a bun.

“Do you have a shirt??”
“Why can‘t you play in yours??”
“Because it‘s cute and I don’t want it getting sweaty.”

He tossed me a white shirt and I changed in the bathroom then took 1 of my ponytail holders and tied it up in the back. I tossed my shirt on his bed.


I smirked and we went downstairs to play ball.

Wow run it I lov it they r so cute n mama Joyce loves her son

Run it

awww run it! chris and his mom are sweet

More runs

they need to stop playing
they kissing on the lips and s***
yall niggas together already lol

Run IT!

10 :


I ended up staying with Chris, Neisha, Tyga, and Tootie until 5 then he said his mom was having a BBQ @ 6.

“You should come.”

He said as I laid my head on his shoulder.

“Nah that‘s a family thing.”
“No it‘s not. Everybody is going to be there.”
“Still. I don‘t wanna meet ya mom yet-”
“Why not??”
“We‘re not even together-”
“You can still meet her as my friend shawty.”

I sighed.

“Fine Chris, I‘ll go.”

He bounced around causing me to giggle and he smiled.

“Damn I love ya laugh.”
“I hate it.”
“Well I don‘t.”

He leaned down and kissed me then Neisha and Tootie started saying “awww” so we pulled away. I blushed and stood up.

“Where you going??”
“I have to go get ready.”
“Aiight I‘ll walk you.”
“Chris I‘m a big girl. I can handle myself.”

He pouted and leaned back in the chair. I kissed his cheek and left to get ready.


I walked in with Chris because Tyga, Neisha, and Tootie were already there. The whole backyard was full and the inside was half full so I stuck close to Chris. We walked into the kitchen and a pretty older woman stood talking to some other ladies.

“Hey mama.”

Chris let go of my hand to kiss her cheek and give her a big hug.

“Hey sweetie. I haven‘t seen you in a few weeks.”
“Sorry ma. You know I‘m working on my choreography and everything.”
“Yes baby I know, but you should make some time to come see me so I know you‘re alright.”
“I will mama. I‘m sorry.”

You can tell that they have a very close relationship which made me even more nervous. She looked at me standing behind him.

“Who‘s this beautiful young lady??”

Chris turned and pulled me close to him.

“Mom this is my future girlfriend Aaliyah. Liyah this is my #1 favorite woman in the world.”
“Hello Ms. Joyce.”
“Hey sweetheart. I like her already Chris because she has beauty and brains.”
“She‘d clearly not like the others. Treat her right Christopher because I would hate to see you 2 splitting up.”
“Ma we‘re just friends.”
“For now.”

She winked at him and turned to me.

“So how old are you sweetie??”
“I just turned 18 a month ago.”
“Oh okay. You live with your parents??”
“No I actually live on my own with my month old daughter Tiara.”
“Oh okay. Is she you‘re only child??”
“Yes she‘s the 1st and only for a while.”
“The dad??”
“Mom I‘m going to leave you 2 to talk while I go play ball.”
“Okay baby.”

He turned to me.

“You gunna be alright shawty??
“Of course.”
“Alright then.”

He lightly kissed me on the lips then kissed his mom’s cheek and jogged to the backyard. Ms. Joyce and I went into her private lounge room where nobody was and closed the door. We sat down on the comfortable couch.

“I hope I‘m not getting too personnel.”
“Not at all. I know where you‘re coming from.”
“Okay glad to know. So what‘s your story??”

Salty af !

Run it

she be doing the most sometimes
getting on my nerves lol

Run It!

More runs

I lov it run it black ops is my game I can beat my friends in that Chris so funny he got jokes n yea she needs to stop JUMPN to conclusions they so cute together

9 :

(After Breakfast)

I realized I had no real reason to be mad about Chris f***ing that girl because he’s not even my man. I put on my bunny slippers and walked across the street to his house knocking on the door. Some girl came to the door with messy hair and a big t shirt on.

“Ummm is Chris here??”

She walked inside telling me to follow her. I was a heated because he was just kissing me yesterday and today then he f***s her. She lead me to his living room where he was sitting with Tyga and Neisha.

“Chris someone is here to see you.”

He looked up from his XBOX and looked at me.

“I came to say sorry for earlier, but forget it.”

I turned and walked to his front door with him running after me.

“Wait what??”

He said turning me to him so I was trapped between his body and the door.

“How dare you go from kissing me yesterday and today to f***ing another girl??”

He looked confused then the girl walked over to us.

“Chris mommy said are you coming to the BBQ today??”

I was confused now.

“Yeah. I‘m his older sister Tootie.”

I looked down in embarrassment.

“Oh um I‘m sorry.”

I said looking back up at Chris.

“You thought that I was f***ing her?? She‘s not even close to my type.”

Tootie slapped him in the back of his head and walked away as I laughed.

“I shouldn‘t have jumped to conclusions.”
“Nah it‘s straight. I mean considering what you saw at my party and how she looks I can see why you would think that. She‘s only here because she was too wasted to drive home from the club last night. That‘s why I got home after you cause I had to go get her.”

I kissed him on his nose.

“Do I still have a chance with you??”

He rested his hands on my waist.

“Yeah you‘re still in the running to becoming my man.”

He kissed me.

“Good. Cute slippers by the way.”

I looked down at my bunny slippers then playfully slapped his arm as he laughed.

“Shuttup Chris.”
“I‘m sorry shawty.”

He kissed my neck.

“You forgive me??”
“Aiight then come play Black Ops with us.”

We walked back into his living room.

She bold af she didn't hav t treat him lik that run it inlov it