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ғreewrιтe ѕнorт ѕтory

a (ώ.ώ.ṡ.в.τ) prodυcтιon

<strong>ѕeттιng: gallerιa plaza мall - 3:57p.м.<strong>

<em>"Babeee!" I leaned in attempting to plant a kiss on <a href="http://necoleb****">his</a> lips, but he instantly shoved me away. "What did I tell you about tryna kiss me in public?" He frowned. I really didn't know what the fυck to say and with his guys + my girls all staring at us, it really didn't make me feeling any better.<em>

<em>He stepped around me and I folded my arms. "Why yall following us for, any damn way?" He rhetorically asked, mean mugging Oshyn and Noemi. "Bιtch, this ain't yo mall - & ain't nobody following you!" Noe quickly retorted.<em>

<em>I pulled my girl into me as trey looked at her disgustingly. "Okay," I shook my head, "Meet you guys back here when yall ready to leave, just text me." I tried easing the tension by grabbing the girls and taking off.<em>

<strong>reѕтrooм вreaĸ <strong>

<em>I sat in the stall wiping the running tears that had now escaped my eyes.<em>

<em>"Quit letting him talk to you like that, it's not ok! Quit making excuses for him, stop letting that nigga dawg you." Noe loudly advised, as she fixed her hair in the mirror. <em>

<em>"I can't!" I yelled in my defensive, before lowering my voice "I'm pregnant, And right now, I just can't let him go, I need him - I love him." I stated as I cried a little harder hugging myself.

<em>It got extremely quiet then the stall door slowly opened, "Are you serious <a href="">Vanessa</a>?" Oshyn asked standing over me, her face looked as if she wanted to cry for me. She grabbed my hand pulling me from the toilet seat. "We can't raise a baby right now, we're only in highschool hell we damn there babies" She informed as Noe stood there watching us, still completely shocked.<em>

<em>"I'm gon kill him!" She finally muttered snatching her purse off the sink," Noemi nooo!" I shouted, Oshyn and I trailing out the restroom behind her.<em>


<strong>jυѕт wнen yoυ тнoυgнт тнιngѕ coυldnт geт any worѕт.<strong>

<em>The two of us paused in our steps as we finally caught up with Noe. She noticed us then held her head down - my eyes quickly fled to the sight of trey. Some chick was sitting in his lap while his hands were fondling under her skirt.<em>

<em>I immediately took off running, everyone knew the preacher's kid in me wouldn't have dared called trey out. I just wanted to pretend that I didn't see anything but I knew the girls wasn't gonna let it go, so I kept running. "Pick a random store and hide," my inner self advised me. So in full speed - bumping and running into people. I ran in the quickest store I could find. Out of breath and tired as hell, I held my knees before standing up and peering out the large window. The stacked up shoe boxes displayed near me made it hard for onlookers to see inside the store.<em>

<em> I stood there for a couple of minutes still catching my breath.<em>

<em>"Ya know, you shouldn't let him do you like that." An unfamiliar voice called out, before a male figured appeared on the side of me.I never broke my gaze from the window. "Your beautiful and you deserve so much more," He smoothly stated laying his arm on my shoulder causing me to glance at him. If the shoe boxes wasn't obvious enough, then his striped work shirt was definitely giving it away. I unknowingly was hiding in footlocker - the one place trey would definitely be stopping by before we departed the mall.<em>

<strong>rυn ιт or dυмp?<strong>


rUN iT!!!!!!!!!!!!

run it!

i'm just a little confused about the justin an veda situation...they're friends right? so what's with the paternity test and going to court and all that? why couldn't she just tell him? and what exactly is my view on the situation? it seemed like i was cool with it at one point and then pissed at another.

i'm kinda tight though that we've been trying to have a baby for a year and i never told him, that's crazy.

jordan is so cute! quick shoutout to veda for being responsible and taking care of her son, father or no father.

please not a girl fight, i hate drama, lol. i love reading it though! lol.

run it!

omg im loving this story! Run it
Run it quick!

wwwwwwoooooooooooowwwwwwwwwwww um yeah veda is a trip but hey thats my kinda b**** lol run it

I don't like Justin because he wasn't doing anything for his kid even though Veda didn't need any help lol

That is all.

Run this :)

<em>lol i think all yall is missing the concept of justin's character....although i was gon do that anyway ima fashow clear that up next add<em>

I actually like that its a free write makes it more interested eun it!!

Veda is a trip!

Atleast she kept the shid real though!

Wait till Justin's sorry ass comes out & sees her.


Run it.

Veda is...lmao, wow.
Party seems to be fun.
Awww, Reese is shy. :)
They should talk!

Veda is wild yo lmao

Run It!!

<em>lol i just noticed that some things yall put down for my cast call..i completely ignored once i started writing my story. jus remember im free writing so things like yall age, family, bf .. etc may not occur the same in the story --- so basically ignore the stuff you wrote down in the cast call because 9 out 10 times some of it will probably be changed with the exception of names.<em>

think imma run it 2 more times on this early morning!

Veda's tipsy I see
Lol age use to work at Walmart with him
Lol they're funny as f***

Run it!!!!!!!!

<em>"Look at these bιtches!" I heard Veda's voice call out and we all looked behind us. She was staring at us sipping on what looked like a martini.<em>

<em>"Aw, shιt here come this hoe." Jay stated so nonchalant that we all laughed. "Yeah whatever," She walked around the couch and sat in Mike's lap.<em>

<em>"Get off me," Mike looked at her, as she relaxed herself by laying back.<em>

<em>"Nooo," She protested in a whine. "You know you miss me." She looked up at him seductively. I couldn't help but stare had Veda fυcked him too?<em>

<em>"Yall must went together." I found myself asking.<em>

<em>"Fυck no!" Mike quickly stated.<em>

<em>"Girl please...this nιgga work at footlocker." Veda laughed, "In other words - No chance!" I giggled shaking my head and Jay started rolling. "I love yo stupid aѕѕ veda,but at least you keep it one hunnit." He stated.<em>

<em>"If it ain't bout a dollar, she ain't tryna holla." All three of them said in unison, which caused me and Veda to laugh.<em>

<em>"And these bιtches know me oh so very well!" She commended them. "But, yall be tryna treat me like imma gold-digger or some .. I can't help it that I got my own." She re-adjusted herself in Mike's lap. "If im a baller, then my guy gotta be one too." She backed herself up.<em>

<em>Mike laughed, "& what kills me is she always tryna down a nigga about his job," He looked at her. "Like her aѕѕ ain't work cash register 22 and I wasn't right next to her aѕѕ working 23.<em>

<em>We all laughed.<em>

<em>"Hell at least we got jobs." Mike defended his self and we continued to trip.

<em>"Ohh, yall use to work together?" I asked.<em>

<em>"Yep!" He smiled. "That was my wal-mart bιtch!...but you done came a long way, im proud of you." He looked at V giving her props.<em>

<em>Veda was laughing so hard that she spilled her drink on the carpet. "Awwwww Mike." She tried to kiss him but he keep moving his face.<em>

Mmhmm mike is looking to good!!!!
And jay know he dead wrong for doing that and he knows it drunk or not

Smfh he's one of those people that have vomit of the mouth and don't know when to shut the f*** up!!!!

Run this ma!!!!!

To much to do on Saturdays :(

First off Justin needs to get it together. It is good that he wants to be in his child's life but all this emotion all of a sudden cause ol girl can't get pregnant? Smh spare me

Veda is the s***! She holds her own and is amazing for that. She don't need him she Proved that she could do it on her own clearly!!

I'm glad Vanessa decided to keep the baby she don't need trey old dusty ass she's gonna be a good mother and hopefully have. Good relationship with Maurice :)

So wanna see what happens next run it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And Jordan is sooooooooooooo adorable!!!!!

Please if shai feel she wanna get outta hand lemme whoop that ass lol!!! I feel some drama coming hmm run it!!

<em><a href="">Mike</a> had gotten so many numbers to the point where he was just tired of pulling out his phone. "Ain't know real women in here," C-Jay sluggishly stated completely wasted as he took another shot. The three of them sat on a sofa, not to far from the bar where the drinks were given.<em>

<em><a href="">Reese</a> hadn't drunk anything all night. He thought he would be having way more fun but he just wasn't. Plus being the designated driver he was responsible for how they were getting home. He wasn't even interested in the women - he felt as though the females in here wasn't really looking for a good time they were looking for bank statements and credit cards.<em>


<em>As the girls got drinks, I sorta skimmed the house, checking out the party. Faces started looking familiar- way too familiar. I noticed the guys from footlocker I met a week ago. They seem to be bored out of their minds, so I thought I would go speak.<em>

<em>"Hi!" I spoke up walking from behind them. "Heyyy," they all spoke in unison looking back.<em>

<em>"Didn't think I'd see you in here." Jay quickly mentioned.<em>

<em>"Naw, didn't think I would see any of you in here." I smiled. "Small World."<em>

<em>"Who you here with trey?" Mike asked out of curiosity.<em>

<em>"No!"I playfully rolled my eyes and laughed. "With my big cousin." I pointed to Veda and my girls.<em>

<em>"Veda, yo cousin?" Mike asked and they all stared at me like I was in trouble.<em>

<em>"Yeah on my dad side - her and Justin are really close.....really close." My eyes circled.<em>

<em>"Mmmmm," Mike sounded as if that was unpleasant to hear.<em>

<em>"Justin is my sigma brother." Jay informed, as if any of us cared. "Here, come take a seat." He stretched out and leaned farther back on the couch, patting the spot in between him and Reese. Reese wouldn't look at me, his gaze focused on his shoes and the ground.<em>

<em>"I can't stand Veda," Jay drunkenness began to reveal his thoughts. <em>

<em>"She would sabotage the shιt out of our sets..and she use to ruin our meetings, I remember this one time we was scrolling and the motherfυcka walked her happy black aѕѕ straight through us. & For some reason, Justin aѕѕ never mind - I think he love that girl."<em>

<em>"Okay, that's enough Jay." Mike advised him to stop talking.<em>

<em>"Speaking of love..." Jay ignored Mike and continued. "Reese why don't you tell this girl, why she right here how you feel about her." Reese head quickly shot up and Mike bust out laughing, now my gaze was the one staring at the floor as I blushed.<em>

<em>"Jay!" Reese called out to him looking past me. "Stop!"<em>

Shai really needs to get her hateful ass in check.

Like really mama?

All of that is in the past.

You got Justin now sit your ass down & enjoy the party.


Run this.

veda crazy as soon as that she relized he had money
she changed her attitude lol

and Shai better not start anythign cause what they did
in the past had nothing to do with her, females i swear lol

Run It!

<em>When we pulled up to her apartments, Alexis [babysitter] and <a href="">Jordan</a> were already standing outside. "Baby!" Veda yelled out the window, turning the music down. He looked up from where he was sitting and took off towards the car.<em>

<em>"Hey mommy." I heard him say, as she looked down at him from the window. "Heyyy mom baby." She seemed so excited, which made me rub my tummy. When she opened the door and picked him up, it was almost hilarious to me how much he favored Justin, I never even looked at him in that light. "Hey big head!" I teased as he waved at the three of us.<em>

<em>"Mommy just wanted to stop by and see you," she kissed his forehead several times. "I'ma bring you some cake and ice cream ok." she promised. <em>

<em>"Then it's just gon be me and you mommy?" He asked as she sat him down, "yep, just me - you Woodie and Buzz." She informed him.<em>

<em>His eyes bulged out his head, "Mommy we get to stay up and watch toy story all night?" He asked surprised."Yep," She answered as we all laughed at his dramatic behind. "Yayy." He yelled and ran to tell Alexis.<em>

<em>"Lexi, I'll be back a little early." they both waved at each other. "Jordan mommy loves you! Bye Jordannnnn!" We all yelled in unison as he blew kisses to us. Little did she know she was bringing home more than cake and ice cream.<em>

<strong>"ιт'ѕ aвoυт тo вe a wнaт? - a gιrl ғιgнт!" - pool parтy 8:52p.м.<strong>

<em>Once we arrived the street was already shut down, we ended up having to park 3 blocks away. Females in bikini and swimsuits were everywhere,the fellas standing near their clean aѕѕ cars were everywhere. The party was more outside than near the pool. I had to be the only one dressed, looking like a prom queen, which all of us thought was funny. Everyone that we walked past on the way to the house either tried to holla at one of us or was tryna invite us to their spot afterwards, Veda was right - I seen some average ass nιggas and I seen some dudes that looked liked ballas.<em>

<em>Brooke Valentine was blasting over the speakers when we got to the house. There was a two way entrance - we could either go through the front door grab some drinks and chill in the house, or use the side of the garage and go straight to the pool and barbeque. of course the 'nonpregges' all wanted to go the way the drinks were.<em>

<em>"Hold up." Veda turned and stopped us before she rung the doorbell, "you bιtches under age remember."<em>

<em>"Yeah but we 17 and 18 only one and two years under you." Noe retorted.<em>

<em>"Hmm.." She paused and thought. "I guess that would have to do." She stated before turning to ring the doorbell."but if the police come and yall wasted with no i.d. - I don't know yall and yall don't know me." she laughed.<em>

<em>It took a split second for somebody to open the door and boy was <a href="">he</a> sexy. He looked at all of us before taking a special interest in Noemi. He held the door staring pretty hard at my girl as he let us in. "Can I get yall anything?" The gentleman in him asked.<em>

<em>"You must be a party host?" Veda turned to him and asked.<em>

<em>"Yeah, I guess you could say that." His eyes quickly scanned the room.

<em>"Oh, you don't make enough money for me honey." Veda quickly blew him off, although he was clearly uninterested we all still laughed.<em>

<em>"Actually, Justin is my cousin and he suppose to be answering the door welcoming his guests but he had something to do near the poolside." He stated as a matter fact.<em>

<em>"Cousin?.." She rolled her eyes. "Hmm so you was born into money then." she stated less questioning.<em>

<em>"Rightttt." He laughed and Noe slightly joined in causing Shy and I to throw her a look and she immediately stopped.<em>


<em><a href="">Shai</a> sat with her girls by the poolside. She told them some was in the air but hadn't really explained to them about the young bιtch Justin got pregnant years ago, as far as she was concerned she didn't know which one of those broads were Veda so all them bikini wearing bιtches were suspect!<em>

I can't stand Justin.

He's going to actually "be" a father now that he knows his gf can't have kids.

His ol bogus ass!

I'm mad with him.

Veda keep doing your thing.

You obviously didn't need his worthless ass anyway.


Run this please.

run this , :D

I missed to much I'm gonna run it for now but when I actually read it I'm gonna actually write a bomb ass review

So run it!!!!!!!!!!!!!

he better be in his childs life
and ol girl better not get in the way

Run It!

<em>In the car we drove around a little mostly so Veda could clear her head. Noe and Shy sat in the back completely unaware of what was going on, so they remained in a party mood. I didn't wanna bring up what I overheard so I didn't talk as much. I could tell Veda didn't wanna go anymore but she didn't wanna let us down.<em>

<em>"You guys mind if we stop to see my son right quick?" She turned in quietly asked all of us. We all agreed it was okay so she switched gears and we made a U-turn towards downtown L.A.<em>

<em>I pretended to be happy but I was really bothered inside. Men ain't good for shιt I thought to myself. This girl had everything she could possibly need to raise a child. My lil baby cousin has never been hungry, diaper-less or wanted for anything & Veda had never held her hand out, asking anybody to provide for the two of them. But yet, this nιgga still didn't wanna be a part of her son life. It only made me think about trey, and how I was bout to be a single mother as well. Only difference between me and Veda was, I was gon need trey.<em>

<em> Veda's phone ranged at least seven times but she simply ignored it. Immediately sliding her Chanel shades on and turning the volume all the way up on the radio. Her anthem was bumping, Webbie Ft. Boosie - I.N.D.E.P.E.N.D.E.N.T. We giggled at her tryna dance in a seat belt, but it was good too see her joy starting to return. One thing I could say that I wanted from her was the ability to not hold grudges and let others take my happiness away from me as she did.<em>


<em>Justin and Shai laid in the bed repositioned with her laying on top of him. His mind raced every where, it was gone to the point he'd almost forgot a party was going on downstairs.<em>

<em>"What's wrong?" Shai broke the silence asking as she looked up at him.<em>

<em>"Everything," He stated in a tone that she'd never heard in him, he seem worried and hurt. Which made her nervous.<em>

<em>"Everything like?" she questioned.<em>

<em>"I love you to death, but can't believe you didn't tell me that, you know how I feel about kids." His gaze never broke the ceiling.<em>

<em>Shai paused, thinking before she spoke. "Well now you have one, that I know you gon love and raise."<em>

<em>"Veda won't even answer the phone, I called about six or seven times - straight ignored, I don't even know if she still coming to the party, or when she gon sat up a dinner date for us all to meet up plus I'm not tryna lose you."<em>

<em>"What's that suppose to mean?" She stated sitting up in the bed, a tad bit worried. She didn't want this new blessing in his life to restrain their relationship.<em>

<em>"It means that you know I'm not paying child support, that's stupid to me but like you just said you know ima love him and raise him but ion need you to be jealous or feel like you second to me. That's my son - regardless of where me and Veda stand, he's already here....& you know he's about to be my everything and mean the world to me. I'ma devote myself and my time to him every chance I get and I need you on the same boat as me. I know you a real woman but a real woman wouldn't make a man choose between her and his child, she'd definitely respect him for managing being a father as well as a mate." He expressed himself.<em>

<em>"I know Justin, I wouldn't dare make you choose, I know you like the back of my hand anyway," She giggled."You gon be an excellent dad," She smiled at him and he raised up to kiss her. "Idk what I'd do without you." He whispered before pulling away from her.<em>

That is some foul s*** .. smh .. She aint asking him for s*** but to be there for his son because she damn sure dont need the money. She should show up stuntin on his f*** ass just because she can.

I Do Hope He Get His s*** Together Though.

Runn It !!

Woah!! Wtf no comment run it -___-

thats some f***ed up s***

Run It!