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Tough Reality

<em>I started this story, but never finished it, so I decided that i'd bring it back.</em>

All my life I wondered, how many people can I actually call my friends? How many of these people could I actually trust? In reality i've never found the answer, that is until my life took a turn for the worse. The man that raised me and my two older brothers and sister was now six feet under and the woman that gave birth to me was a stranger in our own home, and just when I though things couldn't get any worse they did. I didn't understand why God chose me to give this life to, but no matter how hard it got I needed to stay strong. This is my story, the story of <a href="">Nevaeh Cruz</a>


Run it


I trailed behind Mali as she led me to her room. "I'm having my brother takes us to get some frozen yogurt, you cool with that?" She said slipping out of her shoes. I nodded and threw my hair into a bun and taking a seat in the middle of her bed. I looked around and took in the interior of her bedroom. The color gold had a large impact her in medium sized room. She came out of her closet dressed in some grey sweatpants and a USC t-shirt with a bun sitting on the top of her head just like mine. "You like the design of the room?" I nodded, "yeah, but why so much gold?" She shrugged, "it's my brother's fault. He got me obsessed with it. I guess because he's put in my mentality that he's the last king and I, the last queen." "That's what's up. I'm gunna go change, i'll be back." She nodded and took a seat at her desk, logging onto her facebook. I came back out dressed in black sweatpants with a UCLA t-shirt. She glanced at me real quick and quickly turned around giving me her full attention. "How you gon' wear that in my house?!" I scoffed. "What you talking bout', it's all about the Bruins in this bxtch!" She rolled her eyes, "in my house we only sport them Trojans." We both rolled our eyes and chuckled. "Are y'all ready to go?" Ray said poking his head into the door, we nodded. When he saw me he smacked his lips. "Get outta' here with that stank ass school!" "Told you!" Mali exclaimed while slipping on her Jordans. I slipped on mine and headed downstairs.

We made it to Big Spoon Yogurt and hopped out of the car. Mali and I walked side-by-side to the counter and grabbed our cups serving ourselves our yogurts and then adding everything we wanted on it. We walked up to the cashier and handed him our cups and he put them on the scale so he could weigh them. We waited as Ray took his precious time. "Hurry up nigga! We want to eat our yougurt, not drink it." He smacked his lips and walked over. The guy finished weighing them and gave Ray the total. He pulled out a $20 dollar bill and handed it to him. Mali and I took a seat and Ray took one across from us. "Y'all come out expensive as hell!" He exclaimed taking a bite of his yogurt. Mali and I shrugged, "we're worth it though!" We sat there just talking and laughing, that is until I felt someone looking over at us. Out of the corner of my eye I could see these two girls staring our way. "I think we have some fans!" I sang while taking a bite of my brownie. Ray and Mali both looked over as one of the <a href="">girls</a> winked at Mali.

HOLD THE FXCK UP!! Did she just wink at Mali?!?! "I think someone is checking for you sis." Ray said as she chuckled, "well then maybe I should handle something real quick." She stood up and walked over to the two girls. She talked to the first one as the <a href="">second</a> one sat there ans stared over at Ray. He winked at her and she shyed away. As of right now, I was confused at shxt! She walked back over to the table waving two little pieces of paper in her hand. She took her seat next to me and slid one of the papers over to Ray. "Her name is Sky and she would love for you to call her." He looked over at her and smirked, she turnes red and looked away. "What about you?" He asked her. "Amina, and she would really love for me to call her." Ray smiled and dapped up Mali. I sat there quietly and watched them interact.

When we got home, Mali and I just chilled in her room. She sat at her laptop as I flipped through the channels on tv, stopping on an episode of Bad Girls Club. I could feel Mali's eyes burning a hole in the side of my head. I glanced at her, "why you so quiet? What's up?" She asked. "Nothing." I said. She got up from her place and came and sat infront of me on the bed. "It was about what happened at the yogurt place, huh?" I looked away, "I didn't knkw you were..." She chuckled, "lesbian?" I nodded. She chuckled, "well, I didn't think you cared." "Why?" She scoffed and stood up, "figures, you're just like the rest!" I realized what I just said and shook my head, "i didn't mean it like that. I meant how?" She shrugged, "i don't know, I guess you can say i'm more bi-sexual. Guys interest me, but when I was twelve I started taking more interest into girls." I just looked at her, she turned and stared at me. "You don't have to worry. You're not my type, if you were I would try to be more than friends with you." I chuckled, "makes more sense on why you and your brother are so close." She chuckled too. "Vaeh, I just hope this doesn't affect our friendship." I shook my head and smiled, walking over to her and embracing her in a hug. "How can it, you're my bestie!" She smiled and embraced me in a hug as well.

Run it!!

Jay get ya life together. smh Vaeh there is nothing you can do about it. Lol

<strong><a href="">Neveah</a></strong>

The girls and I took a seat at a table in the foodcourt. We had been shopping for hours and almost bought out the whole friggin' mall. "So Vaeh?" Mali asked, "What's up?" "You spending the night at my place today?" I shrugged, "sure. Are Lee and Mili spending the night too?" She shook her head. "No, Mili's bxtchass is spending it with her boyfriend and Lee is going somewhere with her fam." "Oh, damn Lee, this could have been your opportunity to get at Ray." She lightly shoved me as we all laughed. We decided to eat Cinnabon, so I went and stood in the line to order it. Infront of me was some girl with blonde hair, she was just about my size. I wasn't really into her business but I had noticed the screensaver she had on her iPhone. It was a picture of Jaysen. I didn't wanna be weird or anything by just asking her, so I asked her about her nails. I lightly tapped her shoulder and she turned around. "Can I help you?" She asked with a smile on her face. I smiled back, "uh, yeah where did you get your nails done. They're really cute." I said pretending to admire them. She smiled. "Thanks and my mom has a friend that does them for me." I nodded, "i'm Nevaeh by the way." "Janelle." She stated once again pulling out her phone, now was my chance. "Who's that?" I asked, she looked at me and smiled. "Oh my boyfriend, isn't he cute." She said showing me his picture. I nodded and smiled.

She moved up in line and ordered her things. "Well it was nice meeting you Nevaeh." "Same here." I said. I shook my head and sighed walking up to the counter and ordering. I felt so bad for that poor girl. She was so nice and here I am knowing that Jaysen is sleeping with some other bxtch. I took them our food and we ate it and went to a few more stores before leaving. I had Mali take me to my house to gets some clothes and to let my siblings know I was spending the night with her.

<strong><a href="">Jaysen</a></strong>

"Damn Jay, I think your pipe game just keeps getting better and better eachtime you lay it down!" Janiera stated breathlessly. I guess you can say that I came over here to tell her we had to stop fxcking around, but we ended up fxcking once again. I mean I just couldn't help it, it was kinda hard to call it quits when she was wearing at tank top in which you could clearly tell she wasn't wearing a bra and some booty shorts that barely covered ass. I tried getting straight to the point but I ended up getting distracted and now here I am.

I ran my hand down my face, how the hell am I suppost to change if I couldn't even control my hormones. I sat up and threw my legs over the bed. "Janiera after this we're done." She chuckled. "If you say so babe, but I know you'll be back." I shook my head and gathered my things. I just needed to go home and freshen up, maybe that would make me feel better.

I really don't think Alex and Vaeh are gonna last that long. She and Jaysen definitely have wayyy more chemistry. Let's see what happens at the mall.

Bestfriends My Ass...More Like Lover;)
I Don't Think Alex && Vaeh Are Gonna Last Long.
Can't Wait To See Whats Gonna Happen When She Goes To The Mall!


My eyes slowly fluttered open and I squinted blocking the glare from my eyes while looking at the clock. It was 10:02 and I smelled bacon, I rubbed the sleep from my eyes and looked to my left to see Jay wrapped up in the sheet with his mouth slightly agape while snoring lightly. I chuckled because it was too adorable, but I needed to wake him up so I shoved him, "Jay, wake up!" He groaned and covered his face. "Jay!" He pulled the sheet down a little just so you could only see his eyes and opened one. "What?" "Get up!" He smacked his lips and covered his face once more. "Damn, let a nigga sleep! Shxt, first you take all the blankets and snatch one of the pillows and let's not include the numerous amounts of slaps and kicks I recieved last night." I laughed, "sorry, i'm not used to sleeping with someone." "I can tell." He mumbled, "but seriously get up." I said getting up out of the bed and fixing the bun on the top of my head. He turned over and stared at me as I slipped on my tank. "Do you always wake up this early?" I shrugged, "it depends on what I did the night before, but c'mon it's not even that late. It's almost noon." "Well for me this is early." I shrugged, "shut up and get up." I said walking out of the room and down the hall to the bathroom.

I walked back into the room to see him sitting on the edge of my bed. "Are you atleast gunna get dressed?" He stared at me with a blank face. "Yes, calm down." He stood up and slipped on his jeans, t-shirt, and shoes. I walked over to the corner where Simba layed and picked him up. "Where's the restroom?" "Straight down the hall, there's and extra tooth brush in the top left cabinet." He nodded and made his way out of the room. I took this opportunity to change my clothes. As he walked back into the room I was lacing my vans. I stood up and looked in the <a href="">mirror</a>, I was content on how I looked. "I ran into some lady on my way to the bathroom. Who was it?" I looked at him through the mirror. "My mom was actually outside of the room?!" I asked more as a question, he shrugged. "I don't know. You tell me." I blew it off and grabbed Simba walking downstairs with Jay trailing behind me.

As we neared the kitchen I could hear the chuckles and laughs of my siblings. Jay stopped me, "are we going in there?" I nodded, "stop being a bxtch." As I walked into the kitchen all eyes fell on me, "morning!" I said giving both of my brothers a kiss on the cheek and dapping up De'Angelo. I opened the screen door and and let Simba outside, Jaysen stood awkwardly at the foot of the kitchen entrance. I washed my hands and went over to drag him to the table. "Guys this is my bestfriend Jaysen." He lightly nodded. "You work with Vaeh right?" Anthony asked, he nodded. "You're Anthony, the one with the fine girlfriend." My brother laughed and dapped him from the other side of the table. "Hell yeah! I see you checking out my girl." Jay chuckled, "don't worry man, it's kinda hard not to stare." Ant chuckled as well. "It's cool dude, that's how I know my girl is a work of art." Everyone laughed. "Jay this is also my brother Xavier, my sister Jasmine and her boyfriend De'Angelo." He dapped both Avi and D while shaking my sisters hand. "Do you want me to make you a plate Jaysen?" My sister asked handing me mine. He shook his head "no thank you." I rolled my eyes, "so now you wanna get all shy." He nudged me. "Don't be shy man, our casa is your casa. Make yourself at home." Xavier said, Jasmine walked over and handed him a plate. "Thanks." She nodded and sat down and began eating. We all just sat there talking and laughing while eating. I could tell Jaysen was loosening up.

Jaysen and I sat on the front porch. "What are you doing today?" He asked me. "I'm gunna hang out with Mali and the girls. You?" He shrugged, "shxt, probably gunna handle some business." I nodded. "Well I gotta go, thanks for everything. I'll text you tonight." I nodded and dapped him, I watched him walk down to his car and pull out the driveway. No sooner was my phone vibrating. It was Mali so I picked up. "Hey girl!" "Sup?" "I'm gunna stop by your place to pick you up." "Okay." "Cool, i'll be there in five." "Alright." With that we hung up.

What, Uh oh, oh no!
Those little whores! Smh! Lol
It's cute, but i feel it leads somewhere it shouldn't!
If he just so happens it does, that would also make her hypocrite! Telling him you think he wrong, but doing what you told him was wrong...cheating

And see, what i tell you, I tell you what i told you,...he is he's fathers child! Like father like son!

I'ma need Alex to get his s*** together. I need him to get off his period pronto! Awe, that's her pussy...Lol!


She looked at me with a blank face and stuffed a gummy worm into her mouth. "You wanna know what I think?" "What?" I asked snatching the gummy worm she was about to put into her mouth. "You're a man whore." I stopped chewing and gave her a blank face. She shrugged, "you said you wanted to hear what I thought. I mean you stay sleeping around with these girls and expect them to not fall for you. A girl obviously can't choose her feelings. If you're gunna be with a girl then commit, but if you're in it for sex then make sure she knows that." I finished up the gummy worm and looked up at the cieling, letting her words soak into my mind. "So you're telling mr that if you were just interested in straight sex from dudes you'd let them know upfront." She nodded. "Yeah I would, but as you can see i'm commited. You on the other hand are not and that makes you a hypocrite." "How?" I asked. "Because you complain about you dad always bringing home random girls, but atleast he's loyal to it." I sat up and gave her a stink face. "How's he loyal?" "Obviously, he isn't tied down, so he's not cheating on anyone. You on the other hand, are a cheater. You have a girl and continue to fxck with another. That makes you ni better than him." I sighed and layed back down again. "You sure know how to make a nigga feel like shxt." She chuckled, "i'm not making you feel anything. It's the guilt." I sighed and closed my eyes, she was actually right.

"So are you telling me I should leave Janiera and just stick with Janelle." She shrugged, "I never said that." I smacked my lips. "But if I tie down to Janelle, she gon' make me change the facebook shxt and everything." She laughed. "Would she really?" I nodded, "didn't you do that with Alex?" She shook her head. "No, because that shxt to me means nothing. Although, he wanted me to do it." "Forreal?!" She nodded, I chuckled. "Swear, that nigga is a little pussy." She chuckled and smacked my arm, "but he's my pussy." We both busted out laughing. "Speaking of you and Alex, y'all two doing good?" She shrugged, "we've been arguing lately." "Didn't y'all go out today?" "Yeah, and today was another argument." "Why?" She sighed, "he wanted to go to the movies once again, but I insisted we go to the carnival. He had a fit like always, and to tell you the truth I actually wished we would've went to the movies cause that nigga was complaining the whole time and to make matters worse he didn't win me anything. I had to win the stupid tiger by myself." She said handing me the tiger she had won. I couldn't help but laugh. "Stop laughing!" I slowly stopped laughing, "alright, i'm sorry." I grabbed my phone and looked at the time. "Holy shxt!" "What?" She asked flipping the channel. "It's gunna be midnight, I have to get home but i'm to tired and lazy to move." I said closing my eyes. "Then stay here, I don't mind." I opened one eye and looked at her. "Really?" She nodded, "I consider you a bestfriend. It's fine." I smiled. She pulled the covers down as I stood up and pulled off my shirt and pants folding them and laying them on her desk chair. She looked at me and chuckled, I waved her off and walked over to the bed getting underneathe the covers along side her. She leaned over and turned off the lamp so just the light from the tv lit the room. "Your siblings won't mind?" I asked as I watched her take off her tank and just stay in her sports bra. She cuddled up next to me, "no."

Yesssss RUN IT BIG TIME!!!

posting in a few.

Run it

Alex and Vaeh are having trouble. They won't last too long. I don't think they are meant for each other.

Jaysen went to Vaeh's house huh? He so likes her. Lol but Jaysen only avoids questions like that cuz he know he wrong. He can't be direct with them cuz he want all the benefits of being with them without the hassle. Well human relationships don't tend to work like that. I wish he would get his head together. Run it!!


I sighed as I looked at my <a href="">outift</a> in the mirror. I hated wearing girly ass shxt like this, but Alex thought I looked better when I actually took the time to dress up. I adjusted my blouse once more and grabbed my things. As I walked down the steps Alex sat on the couch talking to Jasmine. He saw me and smiled, standing up to kiss me. Jasmine being the person she is, squealed, I rolled my eyes. "Well Jas, if you'd excuse us we're just gunna head out now." She nodded and I made my way out the front door and to his car. "So what are we doing today?" I asked turning his radio and leaving it on a Tupac song. He turned on the car and changed the station, I smacked my lips. "I was thinking that we could go get something to eat and maybe watch another movie." I made a stank face. "Why can't we go to the carnival or something, we always watch a movie!" He sighed, "you know how long those lines will be?" I sat back in my seat. "Fine Alex, you win! Take me home!" "Vaeh, don't act like this." "Act like what Alex?" He smacked his lips. "All this bxtching and shxt!" I chuckled and rolled my eyes. "Really! If I remember correctly you're the one always bxtching. We always do what you wanna do, why can't we for once do what I wanna do?" He didn't answer, so I took that as a go. I opened the car door and began to get out. "Nevaeh, where are you going?!?!" "HOME!" "Babe, get back in the car!" I ignored him and kept walking. He finally caught up to me and pulled me into him. I pushed him away and he grabbed me once more. "I'm sorry, just get back in the car and we can go and do anything you want." I sighed, "c'mon, please!" I rolled my eyes and followed behind him. I sat in the passenger seat and waited as he came back into the car. He buckled up and turned to me, grabbing my hand and bringing it to his lips. "I just wanna make you happy, so we'll go to the carnival." I didn't answer him and he just pulled off.

I can honestly say that going to the carnival wasn't as fun as I thought it would be, but it was partially because Alex made it not fun. I had to win my own fxcking stuffed bear all because he couldn't win any of these simple ass games. I guess it was fine with me that he wasn't really the athletic type, but these...these weren't hard at all. We were walking back to his car hand and hand, he unlocked it and I walked around and opened the passenger side door. He took his seat and looked over at me as he pulled off. "Did you have fun babe?" I nodded and put on a fake smile. "I did, thank you for bringing me." He smiled and laced our fingers kissing the back of my hand. "All I wanna do is make you happy!" This time a sincere smile appeared on my face.


"Damn girl!" I grabbed her hair and pushed my shaft farther down her throat. I coud feel myself coming any minute now and she did too. Now sooner was I busting my seed into Janiera's mouth. She swallowed it all up and licked her lips while standing up. "How was it babe?" She asked wiping her mouth. "Gets better and better." I said while zipping up my jeans, I reached for my cell and slipped on my shoes. She looked over at me, "where are you going? I thought we were gunna kick it." I rolled my eyes, "no, you thought that, not me. Plus, I promised Janelle I would come over." She sighed and rolled her eyes. "Why are you still with her?" I cut my eyes at her, "the same reason i'm with you!" She rolled her eyes once more. I smirked and made my way out of her room, "that's what I thought."

I hopped in my car and cut the engine off once I pulled up to Janelle's. I knocked on her front door and she appeared before me wearing her booty shorts and a tight tank top. She smiled and wrapped her arms around my neck kissing me. We pulled away and she led me upstairs. "Go ahead and get comfy babe. Do you want something to eat, drink?" I shook my head and kicked off my shoes. "Nope, just wanna kick it with my girl." She smiled and came over qnd layed next to me in her bed. She handed me the remote as I surfed through the channels and found a good movie on HBO. We sat there watching the movie until she broke the silence. "I love when we hang together." I nodded, "Jay?" "Yeah?" I questioned. "Why don't you spend time with me like this anymore. It's like i'm fighting for your attention." I smacked my lips and pushed her off me. "You really know how to ruin a good time Janelle." I reached for my shoes and slipped them on. "Jay, where are you going." I sighed, "i'm leaving because obviously you don't realize that i'm busy and when I finally do hang with you, you question me." She crawled over to me and wrapped her arms around my neck. "Baby, i'm sorry. I didn't mean to upset you. Stay, please!" I swear that right there just turned me off. "Quit begging, it isn't cute." I stood up and grabbed my things and began my journey home.

I soon found myself pulling up to the curb. I parked the car and cut the engine, leaning over and reaching for the bag of goods I had bought. I opened the car door and made my way to the front door. I hesitated before knocking, I finally found the courage and knocked. She opened the door suprise written over her face. She was wearing some pajama pants with Lakers all over them and a white tank top in which you could see her neon green sports bra. She smiled, "what brings you to my place?" I smiled and lifted up the bag of candy. "I bear gifts." She smiled. "Well in that case you may come in." She said moving aside and letting me in. I took a quick glance around her house. "Follow me sir." I followed her up the stairs as her long brown curly hair swayed back and forth. We finally came across the first door near the staircase, she opened it revealing her bedroom. "Welcome to my bedroom." I walked in behind her shutting the door. "Go ahead and get comfy." She said reaching for an elastic and throwing her hair into a messy bun. I kicked off my shoes and got comfortable in her alongside Simba. She came over and took a seat next to me snatching the candy. "What brings you to ny house?" I shrugged, "just wanted to kick it, I guess." She chuckled. "There's something wrong. I'm all ears." I looked over at her and then began to speak.

Run it!!!!

Nevaeh was about to whoop some ass!
Lmao jaysen totally likes vaeh:)

Damn!!! Janeria fighting Veah. smh that's too classic. Lol I don't like Janeria anyway. Jay knows he likes Veah too, he couldn't even watch her kiss Alex. Lol Nevaeh was sooo mad. Run it!!!


"Jay, can you take me to the mall?" Deziraye asked as I came walking down the steps. "No." I said grabbing a juice. "But you work there!" I chuckled, "I know, I was just kidding." She smiled and shoved me lightly. "Ass." I grabbed my keys. "I'll be waiting in the car." I sat in the car waiting on Dez, soon she took her seat in the passenger seat. We sat there just listening to the radio. "So, who was that lastnight? Another one of your groupies?" I glanced over at her. "You mean Nevaeh?" She shrugged, "I don't know. That's why I asked." "No, she's one of my co-workers." Her eyes widened. "So you're fxcking your co-worker too?!" I glared at her. "No, if you must know. She and I are just friends." "Mhmm." I shook my head.

I walked into the store to see Alex already setting things up. He saw me and nodded. I nodded back and walked into the backroom and clocked in. As finished handling my business I walked back out to the front. "Where's Nevaeh?" I asked noticing she wasn't around. "Went to get some Jamba Juice. She said she needed an energy boost. If you want something I can tell her." I shook my head, "nah, i'm good." I began fixing the shirts on the racks as Nevaeh's voice rang through the place. "Here bae, I bought you your strawberry whirl that you wanted." He smiled and took it from her pecking her lips. I looked away, she walked past me and behind the counter. I could feel her eyes on me. I looked over my shoulder and glanced at her. "Want some pretzel?" She asked offering some, I took a piece and ate it. "Why you so tired?" I asked, she sighed. "Simba kept me up all night. All he did was whine, I would take him outside and everything, then I take him to my bed and cuddle with him. He stops." I laughed, but she didn't find it too funny. "Did Black Dahlia keep you up?" I shook ny head. "Babygirl slept like and angel." She rolled her eyes.

Alex and I were talking, as Vaeh went and made the errand to get our lunch, a group of voices boomed outside of the door. We both looked towards the door to see none other than Nevaeh and some girl going at it. We quickly rushed out there. As I neared I realized that the girl she was arguing with was none other than Janiera. I sighed as Alex and I got inbetween their argument. Janiera stood on her tippy-toes trying to get past me. "Move Jaysen!!!" "Niera! Calm down, why are you out her starting trouble?" She rolled her neck and tried to look past me. "BECAUSE THAT BXTCH RIGHT THERE OWES ME A GODDAMN APOLOGY!" I looked over my shoulder to see Vaeh rolling her eyes. "I don't owe you shxt!" That right there sent Janiera off the wall because she was now trying to loosen from my grip. Vaeh just stood there with our food in her hand rolling her eyes adding to the fuel. I gave Alex a look to take her inside, he nodded and disappeared with Nevaeh. "YEAH, THAT'S RIGHT BXTCH!!! TAKE YOUR ASS INSIDE!!" "Niera, shut up!!! You're causing a scene." She looked at me like I was crazy. "Why you defending that bxtch?!" I sighed, here we go. "Because we work together. So calm the fxck down and get out of here before you get me in trouble." She huffed. "Okay Jay, but she better watch herself." I rolled my eyes and walked back inside to see Alex trying to calm Vaeh down. "I'm telling you babe, she was asking for an ass whoopin'." I walked up to the counter and grabbed my sandwich, she looked over at me. "You know her?" She asked, I nodded. "Yeah she's my girl." "Well, you better keep your bxtch in check because if she crosses me one more time she will get it." I chuckled. "What happened?" She opened her cheetos and looked at me. "Ol' girl was mad because I didn't see her in the Subway line and she said that I had cut her, but she obviously wasn't in line. So then I apologize and let her and those bxtches infront of me and she called me out my name so I called her a hoe and the bxtch got mad." I chuckled, figures they would get into a fight. "Sounds like Janiera." Vaeh rolled her eyes, "bxtch was so lucky."

Awww the puppies are cute!! Jaysen is sooo sweet. I love his compassion. He likkkkeesss her!!! I know he does. Of course he does. He's soo open. I think she likes him too. Glad to see that they are friends now.

I think Jaysen Like Nevaeh!!! RUN IT:)

<strong><a href="">Nevaeh</a></strong>

I sat in class waiting for my next period, the bell rang and I gathered my things walking towards the A building. I walked in and was greeted by Mrs. Uno, I smiled and took my seat, the room slowly began to fill and soon the bell rang. I looked to my right to see the spot next to me empty. It soon was occupied by Jaysen who walked in late. He took his seat next to me and smiled. "What you smiling for?" I asked reaching for a blank sheet of paper and a pencil. "I have something I wanna show you." He dug in his pocket and pulled out his iPhone. "If it's some naked b****, I don't care." He rolled his eyes and smacked his lips. "No it's not, but you have to come with me." He got up from his seat and grabbed my hand pulling me along. He let Mrs. Uno know that we were going for a walk, she nodded and told us to take the pass. He grabbed it and slipped it into his pocket. We walked down the hall in silence as he made a few turns and finally came across the janitor's closet. "Why are we here?" I asked. "Shut up, you talk to much." He pulled out a key and unlocked the door. I hated how much patience he had, he finally opened the door and smiled at me picking up two little <a href="">puppies</a> my eyes lit up as I reached for the tan one. "They're so cute. Where did they come from?" "I found them on my way to school after dropping off Dez and James. I pulled into the gas station and went around the building to where the bathrooms were and they were by the trashcans in a box. I picked them up and took them home getting them cleaned up." I smiled. "So you're an animal activist?" He smiled. "Not really, but I just love dogs. I couldn't leave them there." I smiled. "Aww, that's cute. So what are you gunna do with them?" He looked at me, "well I was planning on keeping one and you taking the other." I shook my head. "Oh no, I can't take him home. My siblings would kill me." "Aw c'mon Vaeh. He needs a good home and look he really likes you." I looked down at the tan puppy and smiled. "He is cute though." He smiled. "See I knew it. Just think about how many numbers we'd get with these adorable things." I chuckled. "I don't need numbers, I already have a man." He scoffed. "Oh yeah, forgot you were with Alex." He looked at me and took the puppy setting them back down in the bed he had made. We walked out and he shut the door behind me. We were walking back to class when he asked. "So do you wanna chill after school since we have today off?" I nodded. "Of course." 

The bell had rung and we gathered all our things. We waited for everyone to clear out of the hallways so we could go to the closet where the puppies were. When we made it they were still sleeping. He picked up the tan one and handed it to me, picking up the black one and cleaning up the little messy area he had made. We walked out with both of our puppies in hand. We walked to his car and he unlocked the door setting our stuff in the back. He sat in the drivers seat sitting his puppy in his lap as I did the same. "SO where do you wanna go?" He asked. I looked down at my puppy that was sleeping. "How about we go buy my son some stuff." He chuckled. "Are you really gunna calm him that?" I smiled and picked him up kissing his nose. "Yes, his name is Simba?" "Like from the Lion King?" I nodded, "what's yours?" He picked her up and took a good look at her. He turned and looked at me, "Black Dahlia." I looked at him with a blank face, his smile turned into a frown. "You don't like it?" A smile formed across my lips and I chuckled, "No, I actually like it." He smiled, "Good." He said before pulling out of the school parking lot.

<strong><a href="">Jaysen</a></strong>

Vaeh and I were walking around PetSmart grabbing random things for our dogs. "Ooo, he needs a bed." I watched as she debated on which one to get. All the meanwhile I my phone was vibrating in my pocket. I reached for it to see a text from <a href="">Janiera</a>. 

<em>Hey, do u thnk we culd hang 2night?</em>

I looked up to see Nevaeh reaching for the one she wanted, but she couldn't reach. I looked back down at my phone and shot her a message back before helping her.

<em>Nah, I hav a meeting with sumone important.</em>

I slipped my phone back into my pocket and walked up behind Nevaeh reaching for the dog bed she wanted. I grabbed it and handed it to her, she rolled her eyes. "I had that." "Sure you did." We finished grabbing other things and then went and stood in line. She looked down at Simba and then into the basket. "Anthony is gunna kill me." I shrugged, "yolo!" Her eyes widened and she busted out laughing covering her face and shoving me a little. "You're so fxcking corny for saying that shxt!" I chuckled, she was right. Being around Nevaeh brought out a different side of me. After paying for our things we walked to the car. "Where to now?" She asked. "Well, we can stop by Panda Express and kick it at my place." She shrugged. "Sounds cool." I nodded and pulled off.

We finally pulled up to my house. I parked the car as she helped with my things. I grabbed my keys and unlocked the door as she followed behind me. I led her up the stairs to my room, she set the stuff down taking the panda express bags and sitting on the edge of the bed kicking off her shoes. She climbed up towards the headboard and sat back laying Simba next to her as she grabbed her order. I set up Dahlia's things in the corner bringing her to the bed with me as I kicked off my shoes and sat right next to her. "Hey hand me the remote!" She demanded stuffing chow-mein into her mouth. I shook my head, she was such a boy. "Quit shaking your head at me!" She said looking at me from the corner of her eye. "Quit acting like you own everything." "Nigga, I do what I want." "Not in my house. I'm king here!" She waved me off. "Nigga, you trippin'." I grabbed my phone as I stuffed rice into my mouth.

<em>Jay, r u cheating on me?</em>

I ignored her text and just chilled with Vaeh, everything was drama free with her.

Awww Nev and Jay have more in common than they think. I'm glad they finally talked and cleared the air. I like them together. Maybe Nev can be just what Jaysen needs. His dad is a d*** and he does the same s***. Uses sex and other stuff to hide his feelings. Even tho Jaysen doesn't want to do that. I hope he confronts his dad forreal one of these days. Run it!! I love it.

There should be an add today.

As much as he may, dislike his father, and think he's the man of the house, he acts so much like his father. He need to stop playing them poor girls, he need to leave 'em alone! Not to be cliche or anything, but a he should judge a book by a cover. They, would make the cutest couple, on some love and basketball type stuff. He need to get back in the game, although his momma not here, he still she want to make her proud, and not quite the game!

Definitely RUN IT:) I Love Nevaeh Personality!!! A REAL b****:)

Run it?


We pulled up to Dairy Queen and he came around opening my door. I got off and followed him inside as he held the door open for me. "What can I get you two?" The girl who worked there asked as we walked in. I looked over at Jaysen, he nodded "order anything you want." I turned towards the menu and bit my lip. "Let me get a banana split, all strawberry, whip cream and nuts." She nodded and took down my order then his, I went and took a seat in one of the booths. He waited for our ice cream and then came and took a seat. He handed me my banana split and sat down. I took a spoonful into my mouth he watched me and shook his head. "What?" I asked taking another spoonful. "You." He said taking in some of his strawberry sundae. "What about me?" "Are you really about to eat that whole banana split?" I nodded, "Do you think just because you're a guy i'm gunna stop my normal eating habits so it doesn't make me look fat?" He shrugged, "well you know, most girls do. They like to watch their figures." I chuckled, "well hun, if you haven't noticed, i'm not your average girl." He nodded, "and for the first time, i'm actually okay with that. So tell me, how does a girl of the height 5'4 get to be a legit baller." I smiled. "I thank my dad and brothers for that." "How long have you been playing?" He asked, "Since, the moment I learned how to walk, literally." He rolled his eyes, "You lyin'." I shook my head, "I seriously have, my mom wanted me to do cheer, but when I saw a basketball I would ignore her and chase after it." He chuckled. "What about you? How long have you been playing?" "Since I was in my momma's stomach. I've always played ball." "So if you so good, why don't you play for the team at school?" he asked, I sighed. "I would but the season is almost over. I did play have the season at University though. Why don't you play?" He was quiet for a minute. "I got a job, time just wasn't in my favor." "When did you quit?" "Sophmore year." "Why?" "I told you, I got a job." "I know, but did you really need a job?" He shook his head, "Nah, but once I hit high school, I noticed that everyone was wearing brand name clothes and I wanted that too. I knew my payless shoes and Walmart clothes wouldn't get me anywhere, so I got one. Now, I keep my siblings and myself fresh." I stared at him, there was more to his story that I wanted to know. "Don't your parents support you?" "My dad does." "Where's your mom?" He was silent, "She passed away when I was nine due to breast cancer." There was now an awkward silence. "Jaysen, i'm sorry---" He cut me off. "Don't tell me you know what it feels like when you don't. I'm tired of hearing that shxt." He looked at me sadness and anger present in his eyes.

"I can tell you that, because I do know what its like. My father past away two months ago." He looked up at me, his hard face softened and apology appeared on his face. "How?" I was quiet, "He was on his way to one of my games and it was raining hard. He never showed up late to any of my games, but this one he never showed up." I cleared my throat and looked away to keep the tears from forming. "I had a feeling that something was wrong, but my mom told me that he was probably caught up at work. After the game my mom received a call from the hospital saying that my father was there. When we got there the doctor had pronounced him dead. The police report stated that he was going more than 80 on the highway in the rain and that he didn't notice the car infront of him brake so he crashed into him, making the car swerve and flipping over." We both sat there in silence, after a few minutes I spoke. "He's the reason I still play, it keeps me close to him." "Well atleast you still play, my mom would hate to see that I had came so far to just quit the game." I tried to lighten the mood so I changed the subject. "So how many siblings do you have?" "Two younger ones, Deziraye and James. What about you?" "Three older ones, Anthony, Jasmine, and Malachi." He stared at me as if he was trying to figure me out. "How did you happen to get the name Nevaeh, you're like the devil." I chuckled. "My dad gave it to me. When he and my mom first had kids he wanted them together in age like him and his siblings, so Anthony and Jasmine are both a year apart. Then two years later they had Malachi and after that tried for another. My mom had a miscarriage, so they tried again, but she ended up having another." "Wow, she must've been devastated." He said, I nodded. "She was. The doctor even told her that she should be happy with just three. So two years later my mom started having symptoms and found out she was pregnant, she wasn't as excited because she didn't want to get attached incase she had another miscarriage, my dad on the other hand was excited. Nine months later, she gives birth to a beautiful little girl. He named me Nevaeh because he said that I was sent as an angel from heaven." He smiled, "That's cool, every story has a happy ending." I chuckled, We were just talking away having fun when his phone rand, causing him to pull it out. His smile faded and the expression of irritation appeared. "I have to go. You ready?" He asked, I nodded. I picked up our trash and we headed out. It was silent in the car so I started tinkering with the radio stations as I directed him to my place. I felt him look over at me. "Why do you feel the need to do that?" "Do what?" I asked still playing with the stations. "Control things." He said, I shrugged. "I'm an Aries, I do things like this it's my nature." I heard him chuckle as he pulled up to my house, I opened the door grabbing my things from the back. Before I shut the door he called me back. "And i'm a Taurus, hence, the reason we but heads." I smiled and chucked up my dueces as he pulled off.


I was actually angry with myself that I was quick to judge Nevaeh. We had more in common than I had thought.I felt my phone vibrate in my pocket, I pulled it out and looked at the message from Janelle.

<em>Can I cum thru? ;)</em>

I smirked and texted her back.

<em>Miss daddy already?</em>

She sent me back a winky face and I shot her back a yes. I finally pulled up to my house and saw Deziraye and James sitting outside on the front porch, I was pissed. "He really didn't open the door for you guys?" She shook her head. "Oh, he opened it, but told us that he needed the house to himself a little longer. He handed us some money to go eat though." "Did you eat?" She nodded, I sighed and grabbed my keys opening the door they followed behind me, "Go to your rooms" They nodded and made their way down the hall. I walked upstairs, as I got closer I heard giggling. I swear he disgusted me sometimes. I pounded on his door, "POPS!" "Jay, didn't I tell your sister I needed just a little more time." he said on the other side. I rolled my eyes and pounded again, this time he opened it anger written all over his face. "What?!" "She needs to get the fxck out! I'm tired of this shxt!" He rolled his eyes, "I pay the goddamn bills! I do what I want!" By now his bxtch appeared by his side fully dressed. "Meet me outside babe, we can take this to my place." She walked past him and down the stairs. He glared at me, "You're so goddamn lucky." He shook his head and walked into his room to change. I walked into mine and shut the door. I threw my bag in the corner of my room and put my shoes away. I grabbed some clothes and walked into the shower. I let the hot water hit against my body, it stressed me out knowing that I was the man of this house. This wasn't my job, it was his. I hopped out and layed in bed, my phone vibrated next to me, I checked the message Janelle had sent, I told her to just come in and to lock the door on her way up. No sooner was she walking into my room. I looked over at her, she was wearing some black booty shorts and and a pink tank top. She smiled and set her things down on my desk, she slipped out of her sandals and walked over to the bed, sitting beside me. "What's wrong bae?" She asked pecking my lips. "Just some shxt with my pops." She smirked, "well maybe, I can get your mind off those things." She straddled me and began kissing on my neck. I hated that she always wanted to fix everything with sex, I couldn't talk to her or Janiera. For once, I just wanted to talk to someone who would actually listen. I layed back as she made her way down my shorts, taking my mind somewhere else.

Awwww I like Alex