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Tough Reality

<em>I started this story, but never finished it, so I decided that i'd bring it back.</em>

All my life I wondered, how many people can I actually call my friends? How many of these people could I actually trust? In reality i've never found the answer, that is until my life took a turn for the worse. The man that raised me and my two older brothers and sister was now six feet under and the woman that gave birth to me was a stranger in our own home, and just when I though things couldn't get any worse they did. I didn't understand why God chose me to give this life to, but no matter how hard it got I needed to stay strong. This is my story, the story of <a href="">Nevaeh Cruz</a>


run it

Dang it, my bad!!

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Curse my phone, it was a long add too :(

Im Confused Yuu Posted It Twice:/ STILL RUN IT THOUGH:)


Awww the chemistry!!! I love it!! This could be the start of a beautiful friendship! Lol Run it!!

Uh Oh...Do I See Chemistry;)! RUN IT:)


I made my way downstairs, with my basketball in hand, to see some random woman sitting on my couch. I stopped on the last step and looked at her. She smiled, "hello." "Who are you?" She chuckled. "Your fathers friend. You must be one of his kids." I nodded, "it's Chris." My father said walking out from the kitchen with two glasses of wine. I shook my head, my father would bring some random bxtch home and get drunk with her on a Sunday afternoon. "You gunna play some ball?" I nodded, "yeah, I thought i'd invite you, but seems like your busy so i'm just gunna go." He didn't say anything, just nodded. I made my way out the front door and slipping in my headphones and walking to my car, I started it and sped off.

I stood in the middle of the basketball court stretching. This was my Sunday workout, the only day I actually had time to do what I loved and to be outside, during the week I was always in the gym working out or working. I finished stretching and walked to the end of the basketball court and began on my suicides. I did all fifty and took a water break before starting on my crunches and push-ups. I took a quick break, I drank some more water and grabbed my ball bouncing it up and down. I smiled at how good the ball felt in my hand. I took out my earphones and wrapped them around my iPod setting in alongside my keys and cellphone. I dribbled the ball down the court dunking it once I reached the net. I smiled, I still had it.


I laced up my Jordans grabbing my basketball in the process as I made my way outside. No one was home, so now was a great time to go play some ball. I slipped my headphones into my ears and stretched in my front yard before taking my warm-up jog to the park. Once I finally made it to the park, I took a sip of my gatorade wrapping up my iPod and walking over to the court. I stopped when I noticed someone was using it. I set my things down in a shady area and took a seat myself. I figured since they were using it, I would just do some crunches. When I finished, they were still there, so I decided I would just use the other half of the court since he wasn't using it. I set my things down and began to dribble the ball making a three pointer. I was doing some drills when I felt a ball roll towards my feet. I put mine down and picked up the other one turning around to pass it back, that's when I saw Jaysen's face. I rolled my eyes, "I really don't understand why we continue to see eachother. You really must be stalking me." He said, I scoffed. "You're so full of yourself." He shrugged. "Ladies love it, so your opinion doesn't matter. Now if you'll excuse yourself, i'm was using the court first." I stood there resting his ball under my arm. "Make me." He chuckled. "You can't be serious." "I am, so make me." He looked me over once and then smirked. "Okay, a game of one on one first to twenty-one gets the court." I chuckled. "Lets make it better than that. Winner gets compliments the whole week at school and work and gets treated to ice cream." He shrugged, "seems fair to me, since I know i'm gunna win. Have fun losing because you're about to boost this ego." I rolled my eyes rolling my ball to the side with my things.

I passed the ball to him, "check me." He smirked and held the ball before passing it back. "Better start thinking of some compliments because I love when girls compliment me." I rolled my eyes as I recieved the ball, "if I were you I would take your own advice." I dribbled it and faked left going around him and running down the opposite end of the court shooting a three-pointer. He caught my rebound, the smirk on his face had changed.


We were nineteen points deep into the game. I'm not even going to lie, this game was a struggle, she really did have skill. I dribbled the ball between my legs as I watched her. "Tired yet?" I asked as she wiped sweat from her forehead. "You?" She asked, I shook my head and took a step back shooting for a three pointer. I missed and she caught the rebound. She dribbles the ball making her way around me, I blocked her as she tried to score. I sighed, "let's just call it game. We've been out her for almost and hour and we're nowhere near scoring to twenty-one." She dribbled the ball debating on whether she would or not, finally she stood up and passed me the ball. "Seems legit." She walked around me back over to where our things sat, O trailed behind her. She took off her t-shirt wiping away her sweat, leaving her in her sports bra. I quickly glanced at her as she took a seat. I did the same and sat next to her. I watched as her lips rounded the Gatorade bottle. "Want some?" She asked offering, I shrugged and took a sip. "You know, you're not as bad as you come off." She said looking at me, I nodded agreeing. "Same goes for you." We sat there in silence, "so does this mean we start over?" She asked, I looked her way extending my hand. "Jaysen King, and you are?" She chuckled shaking it. "Nevaeh Cruz." I chuckled aswell. "Well Nevaeh, how would you like to join me in getting some ice cream." She shrugged. "Only if you're paying." I laughed and stood up, extending my hand to help her up aswell. "I guess." She grabbed her stuff and I grabbed mine as we made our way to my car.

I liked the date, but I just don't see the spark being there between them. Maybe it develops later, maybe it doesn't. But they seem like better friends to me. Run it!!

Mann I Really Want && Jaysen Together But Still RUN IT:)

<strong><a href="">Nevaeh</a></strong>

I checked my <a href="">appearance</a> one last time before grabbing my things and heading downstairs. I walked into the livingroom to see my siblings. Jasmine squealed and walked over to me. "You look so pretty!" She said pushing my hair back. I sighed in frustration and adjusted my romper from top. This wasn't really something I was used to wearing, but I listened to Jasmine and wore it anyway. "C'mon, quit acting like that and quit slouching." I gave her a death stare, she shook her head. "You're such a boy." I rolled my eyes, the door bell rang and Malachi got up and answered it. I heard Alex's voice boom from the other end, my heart started pumping, for once I was actually nervous. I saw Alex follow right behind Malachi, Anthiny stood up and dapped Alex. Jasmine nudged me, mouthing 'he's cute'. He saw me and smiled. "Wow! You!" I blushed. "Alright, alright. Get out of here, go have fun." Jasmine said rushing us out. Anthony stopped her, "hold your horses Jas." He turned and faced Alex. "Bring her home before 10 amd you better be protecting my sister, cause that's your ass." He nodded and we made our way out to his car. I opened the door and hopped in as he went around to the driver's side. As we pulled off, Usher play lowly in the car. There was an awkward silence until he broke it. "You really do look gorgeous tonight." I smiled. "Really?" I asked shyly, he nodded. "Yeah, I kinda like it better than what you normally wear. Not that what you normally wear on a daily basis isn't attractive, but this..." I cut him off because he was beginning to ramble. "Alex, I get it." I said chuckling. He chuckled aswell. "I was rambling wasn't I?" I nodded. "I do that when i'm nervous." I smiled. "It's cute." He smiled back.

He pulled into Red Robbins and parked. I opened the door and got off. He waited for me as we walked in together hand in hand. "How many?" The hostess asked as we walked in. "Two." He said. She nodded, "follow me." We trailed right behind her, where she led us to a booth. "What can I get you two to drink?" "Let me get a lemonade." I said, she nodded and wrote it down. "And for you?" "A coke." She nodded. "I'll be back with your drinks." We nodded and sat there looking over our menus. I had knew what I wanted, but being on this date with Alex made me want to get something more light. I finally decided that instead of a hamburger I would get a chicken wrap. They waitress had came and taken our orders, Alex and I sat there looking at eachother. "So tell me about yourself Nevaeh." I took a sip of my lemonade. "Uh, well i'm the youngest of four children." He nodded. "You play sports?" I nodded. "Soccer and basketball, but only basketball now." I looked at him. "What about you?" "I have two younger siblings, i'm not that big on sports but I played soccer for a while but grew out of it. I'm more into writing and literature. Things of that sort." I nodded. "Do you go to school." He smiled. "Yeah, i'm just homeschooled." I blushed in embaressment, I totally thought he liked dropped out. He chuckled, "it's fine, people think that all the time." As we ate I sat there and listened to him talk, I hadn't eaten much of my food and I guess he could tell I really wasn't digging it. "I guess we should get going, our movie starts soon." I nodded and gathering my things, he payed and we made our way to the movies. We ended up watching The Hunger Games, which wasn't really my type of movie either but he enjoyed it so whatever. We finally pulled up to my house as he put the car in park. We sat there awkwardly. "Uh, well I had a good time." He nodded, "me too." "Well then, I guess i'll see you at work." I opened the door and was about to get off when he stopped me. "Vaeh, wait!" I turned around. "What?" He gently pulled me into a kiss. "I really like you and I would love to do this again." I smiled, "me too." He smiled and watched me enter my house before pulling off. I think i'm really feeling Alex.

I Think Nevaeh Not Gonna Like Alex...Idk But He Seems Kind Of Boring!!!! RUN IT:)

Dang Jaysen has no love for his "girl". She makes me sick anyway, whining like a lil ass baby and always apologizing cuz he makes her feel bad. smh Its good to see Jay and Ney getting along a little bit at work. Aww Alex wants to take her out.


I stirred a little slowly awaking from my sleep, I inhaled deeply and opened my eyes taking notice of the pink walls around me. I slung my feet over the bed and sat up, wiping the sleep and crust from my eyes. Behind me I heard Janelle shift in her spot. I looked over my shoulder to see her staring at me. "You leaving?" She questioned resting up on her elbow while covering her chest with the sheet. I stood up and put on my boxers and pants. "Yeah, i'm gunna get out of here before your parents wake up. Plus, I have to work today." She looked at me as I slipped on my shoes, "do you think you'll be by later?" I shrugged. "Maybe not." She pouted, "please!" I rolled my eyes and sighed, I hated when females begged. "You know I hate that shxt, it ain't cute." She rolled her eyes and layed back down turning over. "Lock the door on your way out." I waved her off and made my way quietly outside of her house. I pulled my car keys from my pocket, unlocking the doors and hopped in. I started the car and pulled off, my stomach began to growl so I pulled into the nearest McDonalds ordering an egg mcmuffin, hashbrown, and orange juice. I paid, grabbed my order, and pulled off. As I was driving and eating my phone rang. I reached over and grabbed it answering it before I even checked who was calling. "Jay?" Her voice spoke into my ear. "Yeah?" I asked taking a bite into my hashbrown. "I'm sorry." She spoke softly, I smiled. It was exactly what I wanted to hear, I knew Janiera had done nothing wrong but two days of ignoring her would bring her to her senses. "Alright." Was all I said. "So are we still on for tonight." I nodded as if she could see me. "Yeah, i'll call you when I get to you're place." "Okay, i'll go so you can do whatever you were doing. I love you Jaysen." "Uh-huh." Was all I said before hanging up. If there was thing I couldn't do, it was to tell these girls that I loved them. I mean i'm not gunna say it if I don't feel the same way. I finally pulled up into my driveway and parked getting off the car and walking into the house. It was steadily quiet in the house. I stood in the livingroom and thought back to my mother.

<em>"Jaysen!" She called, I ran down the stairs so fast that I had almost fell in the proccess. "Yes ma?" I asked standing infront of her. "I need you to finish folding these clothes while I go and start on lunch." I scrunched up my face and hunched my back complaining. "Why? Shouldn't Dez be doing this, she's the girl. She's suppost to do things like this." She stood up and gave me a stern look. "Look at you sounding just like your father." She shook her head. "Jaysen, first of all whatever your father says is wrong. Me, being your mother, is going to teach you the correct way." I looked at her, she patted the spot next to her. I took a seat as she handed me some clothes to fold. "Jaysen, a woman and a man should always have equal responsibility, do you understand?" I nodded. "Just because Deziraye is a girl doesn't mean she does all the work. Just imagine when your older and live on your own, you can't live off of cereal your whole life. That's why I tell you to do the things you do." I nodded. "But ma, what if i'm like pops and find a woman just like you?" She chuckled. "Baby, I don't do this stuff because I have to, I do it because I want to. You'll realize this when a special girl comes into your life. Trust me, when I was with you father, I made him do everything for himself, then as we started getting serious and having kids, I did it because of love." I looked up at her, "how do I know she's the right one?" "You just do, but if the moment you two start dating and she does everything for you, she isn't a keeper. Remember, you want a girl who's a piece of work, one that always keeps you on your toes." I nodded and finished folding the clothes for her.</em>

Since then I guess you can really say I haven't found that special girl my mama was talking about because here I have girls who are willing to do anything for me. I shook the thought and proceeded upstairs to get ready for work. I was just hoping that today wouldn't be such a long day.


I woke up the sun peaking through my blinds. I sighed at the thought of having to wake up and go to work. As of right now, work was far from my mind. I cleaned up my room and headed towards the bathroom to freshen up. I took a quick shower and lotioned up heading back to my room. I slipped on some Khaki pants with my cool greys while slipping on a tank top then my footlocker tee. I made sure my nametag was in place. I adjusted the bracelet on my wrist and the studs in my ears. I quickly sprayed some perfume and grabbed my things walking out. Everyone was asleep so I just grabbed the car keys and made my way to work. On the way I stopped and grabbed some McDonalds and ate it there.

I walked through the mall to see shops barely opening. It was still early so the mall hadn't even opened yet, there was about 30 minutes until opening. I ducked and went under the gate, Alex laughed and shook his head. "You couldn't just call me over so I could wind it all they way up?" I shook my head, he shook his aswell. I walked past him and into the back, I rolled my eyes and walked past Jaysen and to my locker. I unlocked it and stuffed my bag into it. I shut it and walked over to clock myself in. "Aye, can you clock me in." I looked over my shoulder at him. "You've been here this whole time and you couldn't do it?" He looked at me. "Are you or are you not?" I rolled my eyes and clocked him in too. "I got it." He nodded and walked out, I trailed behind. The day was passing slower than normal, I was standing around fixing the shoes on the racks as I heard a familiar voice. I looked over my shoulder to see Anthony walking in with Rhylie, he had a black bag in his hand. I turned around and smiled, as he walked over to the counter. I walked behind the cash register and looked at him. "What are y'all doing here?" "Well, I came to buy a pair of shoes, and to see my little sister work, but also because I bought some Arizona's." I smiled ashe handed me the bag. "There's three different flavors." I nodded and opened the bag revealing a mango Arizona, a strawberry kiwi, and watermelon. Both Alex and Jaysen walked out from the back and looked at me. Anthony nodded. "Alex, Jaysen, this is my brother Anthony and his girlfriend Rhylie." They dapped him up and shook Rhy's hand. "Well enjoy those, i'm gunna finish up some shopping." I nodded and watched them walk out. I grabbed my Arizona and handed both Jaysen and Alex their drinks. "Enjoy."

We were sitting around waiting for our shift to be over when Alex walked over to me. I looked over at him and then back at the people who were walking outside the mall. "Can I ask you something?" I nodded. "Shoot!" I said, he smiled. "I had fun dancing with you last night. You think I can take you out tonight." I quickly glanced at him and nodded. He smiled. "I'll pick you up then." With thay he just walked away.

Yes!!! The party was kinda crazy for them. They keep running into each other one way or another. Jaysen was def checking Nevaeh out, but of course he's playing it off. I'm glad Nay got out and had some fun, she really needed that in her life. Run it!!!

Run it?!

Love It...RUN IT:)


I took a look at myself in the <a href="">mirror</a> and smiled. I looked pretty damn good. I grabbed my stuff and headed downstairs, Mali would be here soon. I walked into the livingroom to see everyone and anyone. <a href="">Anthony</a> sat with <a href="">Rhylie</a> on the love seat as <a href="">Malachi</a> and <a href="">Kyra</a> were eating eachothers faces off and <a href="">Jasmine</a> and <a href="">De'Angelo</a> carried on a conversation. They all stared at me. "Where you headed?" Ant asked. "Out." "Where?" "With a few friends." He gave me that look that said 'stop giving me answers like that', I chuckled. "I'm going out with a few friends from school that I met." He nodded. "Alright, but be home before 3." I nodded and made my way to the front door. I sat on the porch swing and thought back to how my dad had given me that curfew.

<em>I walked down the steps and saw my dad sitting in his recliner. "Where you headed angel?" "Just out." He nodded, just as I was making my way to the front door he called me back. "Vaeh, come here real quick." I sighed and came back hoping he wasn't going to give me another lecture on cominh back home before 10. "Yes?" I asked sitting on the couch. He stared at the television while talking to me. "Now that you're getting older, i'm going to give you the same privilages are your siblings." I looked at him as he spoke. "First, don't lie to me on where you're going because we all know that I will keep you from leaving this house." I nodded. "Second, I know that when you kids party, there's alcohol so all i'm saying is of you and your friends are drinking call me, call your brothers or sister, but don't get behind the wheel." I nodded. "You can go now mija, oh and be home before 3, because I will lock the door at 3:01." I chuckled and gave him a kiss before walking out. I was glad that my day could finally see that I was grown.</em>

I saw the lights to Ray's car in the distance, it soon pulled up. He honked and I jogged over hopping in the back. I waved at Mili and Lee, dapping up Ray and Mali. He shook his head as we pulled off, "Swear, you and my sister dress exactly <a href="">alike</a>. Why can't y'all dress like <a href="">Mili</a> or <a href="">Lee</a>." I looked over at Lee who was blushing, I chuckled. "Great minds think alike." "He just hating on our swag." Mali said raising up the stereo. We basically jammed out in the car until we pulled up to where the party was.

We all hopped out the car and filed up the doorstep and into the party. People filled every nook and cranny there was. I felt the floor vibrate from the base of the speakers. "Have fun ladies." Is the last thing I had heard fron Ray as he got lost in the sea of people. The girls pulled me intl the crowd as we danced to 'Function' by E-40. It felt good to actually let loose, especially after everything that has happened.


I walked into <a href="">Alex's</a> house and scanned the room real quick. I spotted Ray and Alex posted in the kitchen. I made my way through the people, getting greeted on the way there. I finally made it and dapped them up, "glad you could make it man!" Alex said. I nodded, "shxt is poppin', I couldn't miss this." He nodded, "aye, you see your girl? She's in here somewhere." Ray exclaimed. "Who?" He tapped his chin while taking a sip of his drink, "ugh, Janelle." I shrugged. "Haven't seen her, but knowing her she'll spot me out." They nodded as we talked for a while. I had decided to turn around and make myself something to drink, as I was making it I heard Alex speak to someone. "I'm glad you could make it, I didn't know you knew my boy Ray." "Yeah, he's related to Somalia." I turned around and saw her face. It was like she was stalking me, everywhere I turned she as there. I rolled my eyes as she did the same, "so what, now you stalking me?" She chuckled sarcastically, "more like you stalking me." I scoffed. "You're not even worth it." She rolled her eyes and reached for a beer. "Hey Alex, when your done chillin and mingling, find me on the dance floor." He nodded and she walked away sipping on her beer. Alex took a sip of his, "man that girl is bad as fxck!" I shook my head as Ray dapped him up for that.

After a while some girl had came to ask Ray for a dance and then Alex disappeared to greet his guests. I stood on the second level of his home watching, from the balcony, the bottom floor have fun. It was crowded up here, but not as much. I felt a pair of arms wrap around my waist and someone kiss the back of my neck. I turned around and faced Janelle, who looked sexy as always. "Wanna dance boo?" I nodded as she led me downstairs. I grabbed her waist as she moved her hips to 'Beat the Pussy Up' by LoveRance. I looked to my left to see Ray giving me the thumbs up sign and to my right to see Alex dancing with 'devil'. I couldn't hell but stare, I shook it off and relaxed as Janelle worked it on me.

I Have A Feeling That They Are Gonna Start Liking Eachother Because They Have So Much In Common!!!RUN IT FAST!!!!

I really love this story!! Jaysen and Nevaeh both are dealing with death of a parent and other responsibilities. I have a feeling they'll get closer in time. Once they get to know each other. Run it!!!

<strong><a href="">Jaysen</a></strong>

I pulled up to the school twenty minutes late, but shxt I really didn't give a fxck. I was just happy that today was Friday, but it's not like I was late purposely I had to drop of Dez and James off at school. The only reason we didn't go to the same school is because I got expelled from there and was sent here to Dominguez. I got out the car grabbing my backpack from the backseat and made my way through the huge doors. I sluggishly made my way to my first period trying to sneak into the door. "Nice to see you could make it Mr. King!" Mrs. Moore stated. I rolled my eyes. "That's your fifth tardy, you have detention after school." I sighed and sank into my seat as she came and handed me the slip. I looked at it and stuffed it into my backpack. This bxtch must be trippin' if she thought I was gunna do that, I had better plans.

I had basically slept through every period of the day, what can I say I was never a big fan of school. My mom wouldn't be proud of what I have become, but when you're a high school student supporting your younger siblings you don't have time for an education, shoot people should be lucky i'm still tryna graduate. I grabbed my lunch and walked to the gym where I always ate lunch, I walked over to the bleachers and took a seat, I heard the door open and Ray walk in. He nodded, "you ready for that game of one on one?" I smirked. "The real question is are you ready?" He chuckled. "Nigga, i'm always ready." I stood up and he tossed the ball to me, I passed it back "check."


I was sitting in Art trying to draw the assignment Mrs. Uno had given us. So far is was looking ridiculous. I took a look at my <a href=" paper">paper</a> and sighed. Mrs. Uno came over and took a glance at my paper. "That looks really nice, hun. Nice work." She walked away and I shook my head at how nice she was. Just then I heard Mrs. Uno greet someone. "Oh hello Mr. King! You showed up today, go ahead and take a seat. I have the assignment you finished. I felt the body take a seat next to me, but I was too focused on my drawing. I saw Mrs. Uno walk over with a sheet in her hand. She reached over to the kid next to me, I took a glance at the <a href="">picture</a> that layed on the table. "This one was well done Mr. King." She said walking away. I looked in awe and disappointment. Mine looked like shxt compared to this persons'. I looked up to compliment this person when I saw jackass. He saw me and rolled his eyes. "Don't tell me you go here?" He said to himself. I rolled my eyes, this class couldn't have gotten any worse. He looked at my artwork and chuckled. "Amateur." He got up and walked to the back where there was a blank canvas and markers. I slouched in my seat and sighed.

Omgosh Where Are You At...RUN IT PLEASE:)

Loving That Their Mom Is Finally Coming Out The Room && I Know That Party Is Gunna "Interesting":) RUN IT!

a second time...
she needs to come out more.
I bet she was feeling tired
of sitting in her room.
lol Mali cool n ray...MM!

Run it

<strong><a href="">Nevaeh</a></strong>

I woke up early this morning for some awkward reason, I got up and decided i'd make my siblings a real breakfast. I handled my business and got <a href="">dressed</a>. I grabbed my things and headed downstairs and began taking the things I needed out. I wasn't really worried about whether I was going to be late for school or not because on Friday's they didn't go in until 9:00. As I was finishing up the first person to walk into the kitchen was Anthony. "Mmm, smells good baby sis." He said kissing the top of my forehead. I smiled as he got plates out and the orange juice. Soon both Malachi and Jasmine walked in. I layed the food on the plates and we ate, just conversating and things. We were all laughing until it soon faded when I saw my mother walk into the kitchen. Anthony was the first to say something. "Ma, do you want some breakfast?" I sat there and looked at her closely. She looked different, now that i'm seeing her in the light. The wrinkles she was gaining was making her look way older than what she really was. Her curvy fit body was now just nothing but a gut, she no longer had that hourglass figure. I was brought from my thoughts as Malachi asked me if I could make her a plate, I nodded and went to the kitchen and started her plate. I came back and set in infront of her. We all sat back down, the table was now quiet, just the sound of the clanking between the forks and plates. I guess we all felt the awkwardness. I felt my phone vibrate ij my pocket and checked the message.

Mali: Do u need a ride to skool?
Me: Yeah.
Mali: Alrite, send me ur adress.

I sent it to her and got up and began cleaning up things. My siblings tried conversating with my mother, but she only replied with one worded answers. I don't know why, but it seems as if there's something wrong with her. She seemed real different. I looked outside the window to see Mali pull up. I grabbed my bag, walking past my sibling saying my goodbye's. I kissed my mom's cheek, he face froze. I shook it off and opened the front door walking out. I shut the door behind me and sighed before walking to the car. <a href=" ">Mali</a> waved and I opened the back door and slid into the backseat. She dapped me up, as I chuckled at her craziness. "Vaeh, I didn't formally introduce you to my brother <a href="">Ray</a>." He looked at me through the review mirror. "That your real hair?" Mali smacked her lips, "Why you always gotta be so rude." I chuckled. "Yeah, it is." He nodded, "I like it!" I smiled and chuckled a little. "So Veah, you wanna hit up a party tonight?" Mali asked turning around and smiling. I shrugged, "depends if its gunna be whack or not." Ray shook his head, "nah, my boy is hosting this party so it's gunna be poppin'." I nodded. "Alright, i'm down." Mali did a high pitch screach and did a dance in her seat. "Shxt is about to be on!!!" I chuckled as Ray smacked his lips. "Stop all that!" Mali turned and gave him a death stare. "Nigga make me!" He sighed. "You're lucky you're my baby sister." She waved him off. "Nigga, be lucky you have a sister like me." He rolled his eyes and turned up the radio. Big Sean blasted as we made our way to school, I guess today was gunna be interesting.


A new reader :)

Update coming.

I Love This Story!!! RUN IT...RUN IT...RUN IT!!!:D

lmao at the pic of pops
sexy Michael ealy
umzzz yeah jaysen most
definitely gotta lot of his
father in em.
man...she had to go to school!
how she gonna ditch for a fck
they couldve done afterwards?
smh jaysen

Run It


I pulled into the driveway and turned off the car. We all got off and made our way inside. I opened the door and prayed to myself that the woman my father brought home was gone. I watched as Deziraye and James went to their rooms before I headed upstairs to mine. See, I made sure that their rooms were the rooms downstairs and not upstairs because if my dad brought home girls like he did today you couldn't really here their moans from where their rooms where located. I made my way up the steps two by two and opened my bedroom door, before I could even step foot into the doorway, I was greeted by my <a href="">pops</a>. "Hey son! You just get home?" I nodded, "Yes sir, took Raye and James to eat." He nodded, "Well, I was just on my way out. I'll be back later tonight." I nodded as he patted me on the back and made his way downstairs. I shook my head and entered my room. See, I wasn't ashamed of my dad, I just wish he would act like a parent and not a teen. At the age of thirty-two, my pops was still young. He got my moms pregnant when they were fifteen, then she past away when I was nine and it was all down hill from there. I started taking care of Deziraye and James because my pops started bringing home random females in the night. Many said that James and I got our good looks from our dad, but they also say that wasn't the only thing. We had his personality and temper. If my <a href="">moms</a> was here I knew she'd be disappointed on how he was acting. I stripped down from my clothes and layed back on my bed, my phone rang and once again it was Janiera. I sighed and answered.

"What do you want?" I asked frustration present in my voice. "I want to know if you're still angry?" I sighed. "Niera, if I wasn't angry I would've answered you, now stop blowing up my phone. I'll talk to you when I want to." With that I hung up in her face, today was one of those days where she was just pissing me off. I layed my head back and just stared at the cieling, I had plenty of things to worry about.

oh wow jaysen why am
i not surfcknprised! lol
smh. oh so he got siblings
too and his daddy don't
give a fck?! no wonder his
kids be out there rippin
and runnin the streets!
vaeh momma don't come out
the room depressed! and jaysen daddy
stay in his room fckn! wtf?
lmao this sht kray

Run It


I looked at my g-shock checking the time. It was almost closing time and we were just waiting for a few more people to walk out or buy something. They decided to buy nothing and just walked out. Alex walked over and locked the doors bringing down the gate, while I walked to the back. I clocked out and opened my locker, seconds later Nevaeh and Alex walked in. He showed her how to clock out and they as well grabbed their things. We walked out through the back door making sure we turned off the light and put in the security code. I walked ahead as they both trailed behind me. "Do you need a ride home?" Alex asked her as we made our way to our parked cars. "Yeah, sure." He unlocked his car, "i'll see you tomorrow man." I nodded and dapped him. He opened the door for her as she got in. There was no use in telling her anything, I mean we didn't say anything to eachother at all anyway. I hopped in my car as they pulled off, and I was right behind them. I tinkered with the radio stations until I heard a song that triggered my interest. I checked my phone as I stopped at a red light. It was a text from my girl <a href="">Janiera</a>.

<strong>r u still mad at me??</strong>

I ignored her text and moved on to the next which was from my side chick <a href="">Janelle</a>.

<strong>Hey babe, just thought i'd let u knw 2day was fun ;) Let's do it again another time. Luv ya <3</strong>

I chuckled and exited out. Yeah, I had two girls and I don't give a damn. They don't even know about eachother, I make sure I keep my bxtches far apart. See Janiera I met at the mall. She was bad as fxck, I had to have her. Hxll, she still is, but lately she's been pissing me off. Now that's where Janelle comes in. I met her after Janiera and I started dating. She doesn't really mind being the side chick, I usually go to her when Janiera and I get into a fight. Like today, I didn't go to school, so I wanted to hang with Janiera but she had the nerve to tell me that she had to go to school, so I blew her off and hung out with Janelle. She was down for whatever, the main reason I kept her around. I finally pulled up to my house and into the driveway. I grabbed my things from the backseat and got out locking the car behind me. I grabbed my keys and unlocked the front door to be greeted by my sister <a href="">Deziraye</a>. She was sitting on the couch watching Love and Hip Hop while texting away. "Where's <a href="">James</a>?" I asked refering to our younger brother. She shrugged, "He said he was going out with <a href="">Kaleb</a> and he's still not back." I sighed.

I knew my younger brother was probably out there getting himself into trouble. Kaleb is just such a bad influence on him. "Where's pops?" She looked up at me then back at the television. "Upstairs with his new bxtch!" I shook my head, "I can't believe he's doing it while your home." You could hear faint screaming coming from upstairs. I sighed, "let's bounce, I ain't tryna hear this." She got up and slipped on her UGG's that sat by the door. We made our way out and hopped in the car. "Text James and tell him i'm coming by to pick him up." She did as she was told. The ride over to Kaleb's was silent. Just the radio, I was frustrated and Raye knew it. I couldn't believe my dad would pull some shxt like this. He always had new broads, but he's never really got to the point where we could hear him having sex, well atleast not when Deziraye and James were home. It's like I was the parent here, i'm the one basically caring for James and Deziraye.

We pulled up to Kaleb's and I honked letting him know that I was outside. A few seconds later he came walking out the door and to the car. He opened the backdoor and hopped in, right away the stench of marijuana hit me. I started the car and began to drive. "Nigga, were you smoking?" I asked, trying to not raise my voice. "Naw man." "Then why you smell like weed?" My voice a little more stern. I stared at him through the review mirror. "I wasn't smoking Jay, damn! A few dudes were, but I wasn't so chill." I shook my head and continued driving pulling up to the nearest Taco Bell. We all got off and waited in line to order. After we recieved our food we took a seat at a table. We ate and had a little conversation. "So Raye, what's up with you and your boy?" She took a sip of her soda, "We're doing good." She said. I looked at her, "sure?" She nodded. I nodded back. Raye was my bestfriend, we had that bond being she was two years younger than me. I mean I had that bond with both of my siblings, but it was stronger with her. James and I had a different type of bond, more of that hate love type thing. He knew just how to push my buttons, buttons that Deziraye knew but didn't touch. "How was school today James?" I asked. He shrugged. "Let me find out your ass is skipping class and we gon' have a problem." He rolled his eyes. Raye chuckled and mumbled under her breathe. "Coming from the guy who skipped today." I shot her a look.