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Just Like You .

<a href="">Kassidy</a> sat alone at a four seater booth at her fathers diner. Looking out the window as the hard rain hit against the window, she plugged in her earphones as she turned on her favorite Pandora station, <em>Rihanna Station</em>. Scribbling on the back of a food order receipt she watched as her father closed up the registers for the first time of his grand opening. Kassidy began to rock side to side, humming the words to Rihanna's, Skin. She closed her eyes moving to the slow beat of the song, then slowly opening them again as she watched <a href="">him</a> walk through the back door of the diner, carrying empty boxes and garbage bags. He was one of her fathers overnight workers.

"Justin, how's it going?". Her father asked from behind the register.

Justin didn't bother to speak. Keeping his head down as he took of his hoodie, tossing it over a chair. Justin looked up at Mr. Morton and gave a dry head nod. He walked over to empty boxes, beginning to rip them up and flatten them out. Kassidy slowly snatched her earphones from her head as she watched and studied Justin's body movement.

"Finished". Mr.Morton said to himself. "Kass, you ready baby girl?". He asked.

Kassidy slid her middle finger across her iPhone, checking the time. 12:13 a.m. She stood up, throwing away the receipt she had scribbled on. As she began to walk away from the garbage can she looked over at Justin. Justin could feel her eyes staring at him, he looked over his shoulder giving her a dead look. Kassidy smiled a little, as Justin shook his head turning around to empty out the garbage.

"Alright Justin, the keys are in the break room once you're all finished to lock up. I'll see you tomorrow man". Mr.Morton slapped his shoulder as he walked out of the door. Justin continued what he was doing as if he hadn't heard anything Mr.Morton had said. Kassidy followed behind her father, wondering what Justin's deal was.

"He seems, rude!". Kassidy blurted out , strapping her seat belt on.

"He's a good kid, just a tough shell on the outside". Her father said.

"That doesn't bother you that he doesn't speak?".

"I know he's a good kid, I know that life he's living. I learned to understand his emotions and actions".

Kassidy bit her bottom lip, staring out the window.

"It's still rude!". She mumbled.


Awwwwl snap! :(

Damn they are in big trouble. smh

Dang her daddy caught her run it


Omgoshh What Is Her Gonna Say??? Nice Add && RUN IT:)

Omfg girl run it lol I'm scared for her nd him

OMGGGGGGGG! OMG! Im Soooo Shocked! I Didnt expect that sh.t! OMG. I hope they pull it off!

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What she is in some deeeeeeppppp ish now.

RUN IT!!!!!!!! PLEASE!!!!!!

<a href="">Justin and Ant</a> sat on top of the front porch railing. The two of them shared blunts back and fourth. Justin knew he shouldn't be smoking, but with the thought of his mom being gone for sometime he needed something to take his mind off that situation. The crowd of people itself made the front porch look like its own party.

Justin's eyes began to get heavy and low. When he felt like that he became a mute, he became low key and Leif back.

"I'm going to go see what's in the coolers, you want anything?". Ant stood up brushing off his hoodie.

Justin nodded. "A 'Rona".

Ant walked into the house checking every room. Checking to see if there were any new faces or the same old ones. He made his way outback to the patio where the coolers were. He grabbed himself a Smirnoff while searching for a Corona.

"Sheesh, looks like Just is ass out!". Ant said to himself. He closed the coolers glancing over at Kassidy. He knew she looked familiar and didn't know her name for a fact. She sat on the steps leaning on her elbows with a blank stare.

"Let me guess, these type of parties ain't for you?". Ant said holding up his bottles.

Kassidy looked up and nodded her head. As small smile showed on her face once she noticed who he was.

"Yeah something like that". She mumbled.

"Justin's friend, right?". Ant asked.

"Kassidy". She corrected him.

Ant laughed to himself. He didn't bother to keep the conversation going.

"I got you a Smirnoff. Only thing left". Ant handed Justin one, while taking a sip of his drink.

"Damn!". Justin said looking down at the bottle.

"Kassidy?". Ant said.

Justin snapped back into his normal vibe once Ant said her name.

"What about her?". Justin sat up.

"Outback, by herself". Ant took another sip.

Justin stood up walking outback. He stood in the doorway watching Kassidy before he made his way over to her.

"You gon' drink that?". Justin asked walking over to her.

"No?". Kassidy sat the bottle down next to her.

Justin bent down grabbing the bottle. He opened it up drinking half the bottle.

"Wow!". Kassidy said as she watched.

"Impressed?". He asked.

"Disgusted!". She responded shaking her head.

Justin scuffed laughing to himself. He searched his pocket feeling his box of blunts, weed and lighter.

"Here by yourself?". He asked.

"I'm here with Kori". She responded looking around as if she was going to attempt to search for her.

"Kori? Brandon's girl?". He asked.

"I didn't know they were a couple?". She answered looking confused.

"Ain't y'all friends?". Justin took another sip.

"We're just cool during school, that's it".

Justin looked her up and down. "You look nice". He said.

Kassidy took a minute to respond. She looked herself up and down, then back at him.

"..Thank You". She smiled.

"Come with me". He said walking away.

She hesitated as her heart began to beat at fast pace. She didn't know where he wanted her to go with him. She did a he asked anyway. She followed behind him as they their way through the smokey rooms and halls of the house. The loud music faded as the my made their way upstairs. Justin checked every bedroom before finally picking one to enter. He found Brandon's room, leading Kassidy inside first as he followed behind her shutting the door behind them.

Justin sat down on the bed digging into his pockets.

"Justin I don't know what type of girl I am .. But I'm not like that, in not having sex with you!". Kassidy yelled leaning against the dresser.

Justin sat in silence starring at Kassidy. He didn't say anything, continuing to dig into his pockets. He could no longer hold his laughter inside. He busted out laughing looking at Kassidy.

"Kassidy, chill. I might come off tough, but I do respect females. Including you". He laughed, rolling up two blunts.

Kassidy sighed, more of a relief. "Funny". She said sitting down next to him.

"You must be a virgin, huh?". He asked breaking up weed.

"What made you ask that?". She asked.

"The way you were standing over there, scared for your life. Like I was going to attack you". He licked the blunt.

Kassidy didn't answer she was so into him rolling a blunt.

"Entertained?". He asked.

"Are you always this sarcastic, c**ky a smart ass?". She asked.

"Not on purpose, it comes natural. I'm not c**ky either". He lit the blunt.

"Sure". She mumbled.

"Are you always this sour, angry and emotional?". He engaged smoke.

"Angry? Emotional?". She repeated.

"You know you are!". He said.

"I have my reasons". She sat back kicking her feet.

"Right, so do I but I don't let it get the best of me". Justin handed her the blunt.

"I don't smoke". She said.

"I'll teach you". He handed it to her again.

She slowly grabbed the blunt putting it to her mouth.

"Ahh! You done this before!". He laughed and shouted.

Kassidy couldn't help but to join in on the laughter. For once she felt free around someone else besides her father.

"How do you know that?". She laughed.

"You were too quick to put it up to your mouth!". They both laughed again as Kassidy hit the blunt a few times.

A few seconds later, the vibration of the music stopped, loud voices were now quiet and red and blue lights flashed all outside of the house.

Kassidy dropped the blunt to the ground once she seen the flashing lights. Justin stepped on it sticking it back into his pocket.

"What are you doing?". A nervous Kassidy asked.

"I can't leave it here, it's nobody's but mine". Justin said walking over to the window. He counted the line of police cars that filled the one street. Eight cars.

"What the f*** happened?". Justin mumbled. Kassidy slowly opened up the bedroom door. She could here the police asking for names, ages, who was the resident of the house and beating the fact that everyone was underage and drinking.

"Come on!". Justin whispered. He grabbed her hand opening up the window. She didn't say anything she followed behind him. The two slowly and carefully walked on top of the roof. He grabbed on tight to her hand as she slipped off her sandals holding them with her other hand. Justin gave her a look letting her know they were going to jump. They hit the grown looking back up at the window. Realizing it wasn't a high jump. Kassidy slipped her shoes back on getting ready to make a run as she turned around to her father dressed on regular clothing with his badge around his neck.

"Dad!". She said, her heart beated faster once again

<a href="">Kassidy</a> stood in front of the long mirror hanging on the wall in Brandon's bathroom. She checked her hair making her bun even tighter, she didn't want her hair falling down and sweating out. She fanned her as she pulled her <a href=t">top</a> up a little. The central air was on all through the house, but the number of people at the Senior Jump Off made it feel like Africa.

Kassidy made her way back downstairs. She searched every room but couldn't find Kori anywhere. She walked outside onto the back patio seeing <a href="">Kori</a> up under <a href="">Brandon's</a> arms as the two played against two other people at the party in beer pong.

Kassidy watched from the sliding doors as Kori scream and laughed grabbing a red plastic cup, chugging down the cup of beer. Kori spotted her from the corner of her eyes. She signaled for Kassidy to come join the crowd. Kassidu slowly made her way over towards her.

"You good?". Kori asked.

"Yeah, I see your already up and at it!". Kassidy laughed a little looking down at the beer pong table.

"It's a party, this is what people do .. Party Pooper Patty!". Kori turned to Brandon.

"Brandon, this is Kassidy if you haven't met her yet". Kori smiled turning back to Kassidy.

"Sup? I've seen you around school, never got the chance to actually speak to you though". Brandon began to chug his beer down.

"Yeah, I'm kind of antisocial!". Kassidy said.

Kori tilted her head back while shaking her head. She knew Kassidy would be a prude at the party.

"No offense taking, I feel you. But I'm a cool ass dude and it's my party so be social, enjoy ya' self!". Brandon bent over grabbing a cold Corona from the cooler.

"...Thanks!". Kassidy slowly grabbed the bottle.

Brandon nodded putting his arms around Kori's neck as the two walked away. Kassidy sighed sitting down on the patio steps. She watched as everyone started on there third or fourth cup of alcohol or rolled another blunt. She couldn't deny the fact that everybody seemed to be enjoying theirselves no drama attended. She just couldn't see herself feeling the vibe. Maybe because she wasn't a smoker or drinker. Or maybe because Justin wasn't around

I Love Where The Story Is Going Keep Up The Good Job! Also Im A New Reader So RUN IT:)

I am loving this story. Run It!!!!

Justin isn't very good at this whole friendship-be nice to people
type thing lol
i want to see what happens next!!!!
Run It

Damn, that is so sad about Justin's mom. I really hope she gets help she needs, but maybe Justin can't always be that for her. Kassidy's story is sad, but at least she had somebody there. Run it!!

New add coming today , thanks for the comments :) you'll like the next adddddd !

aww poor kass but hey did any say party is it the same party kass is suppose to be going too oooo stuffs about to get good run it

Run it I'm loving this story so much

Poor Kassidy!!! I Love This Story Please RUN IT SOME MORE:)

Thanks readers :) , sorry about the typos !

Awwwww, Kassidy I'm so sorry. :(
That's bad, but least Mr. Morton takes
good care of her. Maybe her & Justin
can be friends. Poor Justin, mom got
arrested. :(

New Reader.

I lovee this story.

They both have interesting stories.

Run it

Kassidy showed no interest in her Physics class, in fact no one did. Paper balls were being thrown, cellphones were out, multiple conversations were being help and some were even sleeping. Kassidy played a home design game on here phone as she somewhat tried to listen to her teacher go over last nights homework.

"Kassidy. Can I copy your notes from last nights homework?". Kori, her only <em>friend</em>she associated with during school.

"Mrs. Wright is going over the homework now, why can't you just write it down as she talks?". Kassidy said picking her head up from her phone.

"I can barely hear her ass!". Kori said reaching for the notebook.

"Start doing your homework, you wouldn't need to copy mine".

"Shut up, need! Did you hear about the Senior jump off tomorrow night at Brandon's house?". Kori asked smiling ear to ear.

"Nope!". Kassidy responded quickly still not interested.

"Well you should come with me". 

"Kori, you know I don't go to any parties or talk to anyone". Kaasidy say her phone down on her desk.

"I know, and that's your problem. You single yourself out. Have fun a little, Shxt you're a Senior!".

"Who's going to be there?". Kassidy asked.

"People you need to know!". Kori smiled.

Justin sat at the bottom of his steps. Reading the police report over and over the only thing he could do was shake his head. He knew this day would come soon, just not this soon. His mother was arrested once again on the corner of where her life started going downhill. Using the money Justin would give her for bingo everyday she used it on drugs. The police report stated she was arrested at 4:30 in the morning. Needles, crack cocaine and ecstasy pills were found on her. Justin balled up the report throwing it on the garbage. He started to feel as though his mother was holding him back from living a better life. College. 

He sighed standing up grabbing his basketball. Locking the font door behind him he headed towards the basketball court. Kassidy tossed her bookbag in the back seat as she opened up the sun roof leaving the test of the window rolled up. The whole ride home she debated back and fourth on if she would attened the Senior party tomorrow night or not. She rode past the basketball court. She spotted Justin shooting around alone. She slowed the car down, she wanted to get out of the car and apologize but she didn't .. She drive off.

She parked the car in the driveway walking past her house and down the street towards the basketball court.

"You called to get a quick beat down on the court huh?". <a href="">Ant</a> laughed tossing his book bag to the side.

Justin laughed. "You're crazy as hell of you think I'm about to lose to your fun sized ass!". Justin dribbled the ball.

"Fun size?". Ant gave Justin a blank stare.

Justin smacked his lips. "You knew what I meant!".

"Whoa bro!". Ant threw his hands up walking backwards.

"SHOOT THE BALL!". Justin yelled.

Ant laughed taking his first shot, he missed.

"That ain't count". Ant ran after the ball.

"Nigga, the hell it didn't". Justin mad his shot.

"Aight, bet". Ant made his next shot. Right then and there the game got more intense.

Kassidy slowly approached the basketball court. She turned the volume down on her iPod, looking inside the basketball court. Sitting down on the bench she watched Justin and Ant play a few games. 

"Hold up!". Justin grabbed a towel from the opposite bench as he looked over at Kassidy.

"That's you bro?". Ant asked.

"Nah". Justin tossed his towel back onto the bench walking over to Justin.

"You want in on the game?". Justin joked.

"Thanks but no thanks". Kassidy laughed.

"Your dad tell you to come up here?". Justin asked.

"Sheesh! I gotta have a reason to come sit in the court?". Kassidy wrapped her earphones around her iPod.

"Forget it". Justin began to walk away.

"Justin. I came to apologize". Kassidy yelled out.

Justin and Ant both turned to Kassidy. 

"I'll leave y'all alone. Part tomorrow night?". Ant asked in between his and Justin's handshake.

"I'll be there!". Justin responded sitting down next to Kassidy.

Ant grabbed his bag leaving the court. Justin sat back leaning against the caged gate staring out across the court. Kassidy nervously twirled her fingers around thinking of something to say, as Justin noticed and watched from behind.

"...I apologize for throwing cheap shots at you the other night". Kassidy said keeping her head straight.

"No need. I was wrong for bringing up your past. I don't know what it's like to be placed under adoption. I don't know what it's like to leave both of my parents behind or whatever the case might have been". Justin stood up.

Kassidy felt tears building up inside but she fought hard to keep them in.

Justin looked down at Kassidy waiting for an <em>apoloy accepted</em> I'll see you at work tonight response, but instead he felt like he hit another soft spot.

"My real parents were drug abusers, crackheads. Theifs, and everything else. My real father was once a big drug lord, police had a warrant out for both of them. My second birthday they raided our apartment. My mom and dad, Karla and Aaron, they were gone before the party even started. Mr.Morton, my dad was there close friend took me under his wing even though he had one of the toughest jobs in the world..". Kassidy let out a few tears. She stood up leaving the court.

"He arrested them, didn't he?". Justin yelled from inside the court. Kassidy looked at Justin once more and continued walking down the street. She cried the whole walk back home. 

Omg RunnnnIt !

Aw, her father is his officer; no wonder her dad
was taking up for him when Kassidy first met Justin!
It all my pure sense now, cool. So Justin has known
about her, well I say he says sorry, they can be friends!
Uh oh, bad news?! :(

Bad news?! run it


OMG runnnnn it
I hope his mom is not in any trouble

Oh, snap!
So that's how he knew all that that stuff about her!
That's crazy how her dad is his corrections officer!
If knows about her past and what not, and yet why and still is he judging her?
He wrong and know it! Glad he apologizing to the poor girl!
I love her dad and how hard he tried, and how well he know 'em!
Run it!

The next morning. <a href="">Justin</a> slammed his hand down on his alarm clock. He sat up in his bed looking around his bedroom for his wife beater. He threw his shirt on grabbing his bag of empty medicine bottles. He cracked his bedroom door open slowly, quietly walking towards the bathroom he peeked into his mothers bedroom. She was nowhere in sight. He figured she'd be down at the <em>Holy Family Rehab Center</em> playing bingo like she usually did every morning.

Justin opened up the empty medicine bottle, standing over the toilet he put a sample of his urine inside the bottle. His every two weeks urine test had came back around. Something he hated to do and go through. But he did it anyway to keep himself out of trouble.

"Can't wait until this shxts over!". He mumbled to himself as he turned on the shower water.

"Shxt!". Kassidy yelled jumping up out of her bed. She ran over to her closet grabbing the first <a href="">outfit</a> she seen on a hanger. Running late for school for the third time this week. She looked over at her clock, thirty minutes until she was considered on time for school. She rushed into the bathroom taking a quick shower, throwing on her clothes. She left her hair wet & curly, no time to style it.

"Two more late days and you know you'll be at home on the day of prom, Kass". She mocked her father, if had known she was running late that would be hi exact words.

Kassidy grabbed her fathers car keys leaving off for school.

Justin grabbed his bowl of cereal walking into the living room. It was the first time in months he's ever had the house to himself. He kind of like the feeling of his mother not being around, bothering him for the things she never needed. But at the same time it worried him that she was probably out on the streets getting back to her old ways when she wasn't at home. He began to flick through the channels, removing the negative thoughts from his head. Ten minutes later, the doorbell rang. His parole officer was at his door.

"Mr.Morton! Wassup?". Justin said letting him inside.

"How's it going, Just?". He asked taking a seat down on the couch.

"Everythings cool, I guess". Justin said.

"Clean system?". Mr.Morton asked pulling out his note pad and gloves.

"I'm gonna be honest". Justin said looking over at him.

"Damn Justin, you were doing good too". Mr.Mortin shook his head as he put on his gloves.

"I smoked a half of blunt yesterday before work and a whole one last night after work. For a reason though". Justin handed him his urine sample.

"I'll figure something out. What happened? You and your mom having issues?". Mr.Morton grabbed the sample and a pen.

"Nah .. Kassidy". Justin put his head down.

"My Kass?". Mr.Morton asked.

"Yeah. I'm gonna apologize though, even though she had some low blows too!".

Mr.Morton sat in silence. There was no need for him to ask what had happened. He knew the two of them share the same background in different ways and the two of them were both stubborn and hot heads if yu put them together in a room.

"I'm not even going to ask, but I do have some bad news for you". Mr.Morton pulled out a police report.