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Just Like You .

<a href="">Kassidy</a> sat alone at a four seater booth at her fathers diner. Looking out the window as the hard rain hit against the window, she plugged in her earphones as she turned on her favorite Pandora station, <em>Rihanna Station</em>. Scribbling on the back of a food order receipt she watched as her father closed up the registers for the first time of his grand opening. Kassidy began to rock side to side, humming the words to Rihanna's, Skin. She closed her eyes moving to the slow beat of the song, then slowly opening them again as she watched <a href="">him</a> walk through the back door of the diner, carrying empty boxes and garbage bags. He was one of her fathers overnight workers.

"Justin, how's it going?". Her father asked from behind the register.

Justin didn't bother to speak. Keeping his head down as he took of his hoodie, tossing it over a chair. Justin looked up at Mr. Morton and gave a dry head nod. He walked over to empty boxes, beginning to rip them up and flatten them out. Kassidy slowly snatched her earphones from her head as she watched and studied Justin's body movement.

"Finished". Mr.Morton said to himself. "Kass, you ready baby girl?". He asked.

Kassidy slid her middle finger across her iPhone, checking the time. 12:13 a.m. She stood up, throwing away the receipt she had scribbled on. As she began to walk away from the garbage can she looked over at Justin. Justin could feel her eyes staring at him, he looked over his shoulder giving her a dead look. Kassidy smiled a little, as Justin shook his head turning around to empty out the garbage.

"Alright Justin, the keys are in the break room once you're all finished to lock up. I'll see you tomorrow man". Mr.Morton slapped his shoulder as he walked out of the door. Justin continued what he was doing as if he hadn't heard anything Mr.Morton had said. Kassidy followed behind her father, wondering what Justin's deal was.

"He seems, rude!". Kassidy blurted out , strapping her seat belt on.

"He's a good kid, just a tough shell on the outside". Her father said.

"That doesn't bother you that he doesn't speak?".

"I know he's a good kid, I know that life he's living. I learned to understand his emotions and actions".

Kassidy bit her bottom lip, staring out the window.

"It's still rude!". She mumbled.


I read everyone's comments , & try to answer them when I'm writing the story :)
So you'll know there ages in the next add & sorry about the typos , it's my dumb iPhone lol .

Thanks readers :D

Justin is kinda mean for that, but Kass took a shot at him too. I knew if she kept pushing, it was gonna come back on her. I wonder happens now. I think they could be friends tho. How old are they tho?? I just want to know. Run it.

ooo run it

He was wrong for that
Run It

New Reader... really feelin your story!!!

can't wait to learn more about their stories!!!

run it run it girlie!!

He's mean for that :(
bot they both hit soft spots against each other soooo...yea.
but i wanna know what else he knows about her! lol
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To be honest, I don't think Justin meant to hurt her.
I believe it was a general question, and it hit her badly.
Poor Kassidy, seems like her & Justin could be friends.
Run this!

Justin sat across from Kassidy inside the Diner. He ran fingers across his waves looking down at the table. He took a few minutes to start the <em> Nevee Have I Ever</em> game.

"Aight. Never have I ever judge someone before getting to know them". Justin blurted out.

The two looked over at each other, both picking up their cups of orange juice and taking a sip.

"Hmm. So was that person you judged, me?". Kasdidy asked.

"Yeah!". Justin answered with no hesitation.

Kassidy was somewhat thrown off guard. She wasn't expecting Justin to be so blunt.

"Ok. Never have I ever been arrested". Kassidy smirked.

Justin sat back into his seat. He shook his head a little. He stood up from the table going into the back office.

"Game over? Already?". Kassidy asked confused.

"I have a feeling this games about to get a little personal". Justin said.

"It doesn't have to Justin. I was just playing the game". Kassidy looked down at her nails. Something she did everytime she felt as if she hit a soft spot towards someone.

"I'll be back". Justin walked into the office. Coming back out a few minutes later he had a half of bottle of peach criroc. He began to pour the alcohol onto their cups mixing it with more orange juice.

"I can't drink that!". Kassidy snapped.

"Why not?". Justin looked over at her.

"My dad will go into complete b**** mode if I came home from <em>work</em> drunk!". Kassidy shouted.

"Who said anything about getting drunk? You can't hold your liquor? Only way you'll get drunk is if you have some skeletons in your closet?". Justin grabbed his cup, taking a sip.

"How many times have you been arrested?". She asked.

"None of your business". Justin snapped.

Kassidy began to think to her. "Never have I ever dropped out of school". Kassidy blurted out.

Justin took another sip, closing his eyes.

"Never have I ever been ... Adopted". Justin said looking over at Kassidy.

Kassidy say her hands up on the table. Twirling her fingers around staring at her cup and back up at Justin. She hesitated to take a sip.

"What do you know?". Kassidy asked.

"Theres no additional questions to the game, you either drink or keep the game going". Justin smirked.

"I'm done playing!". Kassidy grabbed her cup tossing it into the garbage can.

"Oh really? So now I hit a personal spot in that spoiled body?". He said, drinking the rest of his drink.

Kassidy ignored Justin as she sat behind the register.

"Don't start what you can't finish..". Justin said before getting back to his usual work.

Kassidy's face began to slowly turn red. She didn't know if Justin was being an a**hole or not. She really didn't know how to react about what just happened. Maybe she forced him to talk to her and it all went left. She began to regret it. He knew more than what she thought.

Justin is talking, yayyyyy. :)

Post a new add today :)

Well this just got more interesting!!! Lol I hate how rude he is, but I can understand it. I hope he stops judging her, I hope she stops pushing him. We'll see. Run it!!!

<a href="">Kassidy</a> stood behind the register fixing her name time, pulling her into a messy bun and pulling her bangs back with her skinny Hello Kitty headband. It was a slow day at the Diner once again. She leaned over the counter putting her hands underneath her chin she stared out the window.

<a href="">Justin</a> stood outback hitting the half of blunt he brought from home. He never smoked a full blunt or more than half of one before he went to work. The most he would do was take three hits, just to keep him calm, quiet and to himself. Justin flicked his ashes and then put his blunt out. He dusted of his white t-shirt before walking through the back door of the diner.

"...Hey?". Kassidy smiled a little.

Justin looked around the diner not seeing standing behind the register.

"Oh .. 'Sup?". He said dryly.

Kassidy shrugged his response off. She grabbed a container of mixed fruit from the small refrigerator and sat at her favorite four seater booth by the window.

"..Just you working today?". Justin asked putting his uniform shirt over his t-shirt.

Kassidy thought about ignoring him but she didn't have it in her.

"Yeah, my dads off tonight ..". She answered.

Justin began to break down the cardboard boxes like he always did on silence. Kassidy couldn't stand being or feling like she was in a awkward situation. Silence killed her.

"We're kind of slow today .. Theirs really not much to do". She said eating the pineapples from the container.

Justin turned around looking directly at Kassidy. The look on his face looked like he wanted to say something but he didn't.

Kassidy sighed. "I really don't like sitting or working in silence unless I'm by myself. Which I feel like right now".

Justin pretended as if he didn't hear a word she said continuing to break boxes down.

"Are you always this rude and awkward , Justin?".

Justin continued to ignore her until he felt a grape hit his shoe.

"Is this how all <em>spoiled</em> b****es act?". Justin spat with out turning around to Kasdidy.

She laughed a little, not taking what he said to offense or disrespect.

"Wow. That's all I had to do was throw some fruit at you to get you to talk!". Kasdidy said.

"I talk .. To people I know, people I have things in common with or just find them cool as hell". He said tying up a garbage bag.

"People you have things in common with? How would you know if you never give anyone a chance?". She asked eating another piece of fruit.

"Anyone or just you?". He turned around.

"What's your issue with me?".

"Nothin' .. I got s*** to do and get done with".

"What? You think im spoiled and stuck up, huh?".

"...If the shoe fits!". Justin said.

"Far from that .. I bet we have a lot in common!".

Justin scuffed. "Doubt it!".

Kassidy didn't respond.

"Aight, wanna bet? We'll play "Never have I ever".

"Never have I ever?". Kassidy asked.

"Its a alcohol game , we'll use just for now".

Justin grabbed to plastic cups filling them up with orange juice. Sitting across from Kasdidy, he started the game ...

I love Kassidy and Chris's personal lives.
This will contribute to an interesting relationship!
run it

Awww, maybe they can become friends?

Yes , next post will be interesting ;)

Justin really cares for his momma. Despite how he acts. I know he wants her to be better. Hopefully she will. Kassidy's emotions seem valid. I hope she can forgive them, even if she never acknowledges them as her parents. I guess she has her dad so that's all she really needs. I wonder how work will go. Interesting I'm sure. run it.

Justin walked inside his house, carrying two grocery bags. One bag filled with chips, candy and a box of blunts. The other had his mothers Raspberry Ice Tea. He sat the bags on top of the kitchen island. He could hear his mothers music playing from the back porch. Grabbing a glass filling it up with ice, he opened up one of cartons of tea.

"Here you go ma'". Justin handed her the glass and carton.

His <a href="">mother</a> gave a fake smile, waiting for her cigarettes to show up.

"Anything else?". She asked pouring her tea.

"What did I say over the phone?". Justin said.

"I know what you said, it's not what I wanted to hear!". She snapped.

"Thats too bad!". Justin said walking back into the house.

His mother sat back in her chair with the attitude she always had, she figured she'd get the last word in.

"I bet there's a box of blunts in there for you though, right?". She yelled.

Justin shook his head reaching for his bag. "You're right. But just remember, I'm the one who can stop my habit .. You can't!". Justin walked upstairs into his bedroom.

Kassidy sat on her front porch reading the letter that her biological parents had wrote her. She decided she'd sit down for once and listen to what they had to say. She skimmed through the letter, not really interested in what they had to say. The two repeated theirselves with the same apology, "were sorry for being alcoholics and drug users". That was pretty much said from beginning to end. She'd at least thought she read a line where they thanked her dad for taking her in and raising her, but they didn't.

Kasdidy sighed, balling up the letter tossing the letter into the garbage can in the driveway.

Her father watched from doorway, waiting to see of she'd get emotional. She didn't.

"Burgers and Chicken are off the grill if you're hungry, Kass!". He smiled.

"Finally!". She laughed a little.

Her father walked over sitting next to her.

"How do you read a letter from your parents --".

"Karla and Aaron..". Kassidy cut in.

"...Karla and Aaron... Reading everything they say and not once get emotional?". He asked.

Kassidy kept her focus across the street.

"Their apologies aren't real!". Kassidy spat.

"How do you know that?". He turned to her.

"When someone's been hurt and let down by the people they trusted and once cared for, you start to learn when an apology is real and when it's some bulls*** they want you to hear and accept". She said.

Her father looked down and sat in silence.

"I'm working tonight right?". She asked.

"Yeah, you and Justin". He replied.

"Ugh, dad he doesn't even talk".

"Good! You'll get some work done!". He laughed, standing up kissing her cheek.

"Funny!". She said being sarcastic.

Add coming up in a few , thanks for being patient :)

This is by far one of the best stories I have ever read!!

Aww , run this!

Thanks for the comments :)

Adding later !

I agree with Kassidy, Justin was mad rude but I see he have some much to deal with at home

I like this story already!
i think she'll be the one who breaks Justin's shell (=
but now i want to know more about her and her real parents
and what they did.


Awww so thats not her biological father? And Justin was a troubled kid with a addicted mom? Woow that is really crazy. They both have a past no doubt. I love that Kassidy's dad took her in and raised her. And I'm glad Justin is staying out of trouble. I love this. Run it.

I love her and her father relationship! its nice, i wish i had those moments. Run it !!

Kassidy covered her face with her comforter as the bright, hot sun hit her face. Moaning in frustration, she peeked from underneath her comforter looking around her <a href="">bedroom</a> as she watched her <a href="">father</a> open up her curtains.

"Kassidy Lynn". Her father pulled at her comforter, as he stood at the edge of her bed.

"Yes, dad?". She replied.

"Let's go run around the track!". He clapped his hands.

Kassidy sat up on her elbows, with her face scrunched up.

"Running? Dad, it 8:30 on a Saturday morning". She said.

"I'm aware of that". He replied.

"Your Saturday mornings usually consisit of, moaning the lawn, washing your car and cooking out on the grill!". Kassidy yawned.

"Kass, theirs twelve hours in a day, I can do that later. Let's go champ!". Her father yelled pulling her legs before leaving her bedroom.

Kassidy sat in silence before attempting to get out of bed. She knew something was up with her father but she couldn't put the pieces together, just yet.

The loud echoing sound of a basketball being bounced up and down inside of the empty basketball court, <a href="">Justin</a> walked up and down the court. It was his every morning routine. His exercise, never shot the ball just dribbled for an hour. Justin walked back and fourth thirty times before stopping his short workout, but today he felt as if he couldn't start to finish. His phone vibrated in his pocket, pulling it out he sighed and hit the ignore button. Shoving his phone back into his pocket he began to dribble and walk again. Seconds later, his phone vibrated again.

"Is it an emergency?". He answered his phone with frustration in his voice.

"I thought you weren't leaving out today, I need some cigarettes and a iced tea". His mother said on the other end of te phone.

"I'll get your tea when I'm done, I'll pass on the cigarettes and so will you!". He said.

His mother got annoyed instantly, smacking her lips over the phone. "When are you coming back?".

"When I get there!". Justin hung up, shoving his phone back into his pocket. He walked over to the bench closest to the entrance of the court thinking to himself.

"Quick one on one, Jay?". <a href="">He</a> asked tossing his book bag underneath the bench.

The two did their handshake as Justin took off his hoodie.

"Damn Ant, where you been?". Justin asked dribbling the ball.

"Working, signing up for this community college shxt .. I'll be a dad in two months man". Ant adjusted his shorts, shaking his head in disbelief.

Justin's eyes grew big. "What? You? A daddy? Damn, Congrats bro!". Justin shot the ball looking back over at Ant.

"Thanks, I ain't going lie though, I'm scared as fck!". Ant said catching Justin's rebound.

"I bet. But you'll be a good dad, just do what you gotta do, stay away from no good people .. You know how we used to be in and out of trouble". Justin laughed a little.

"Yeah. We definitely stayed in bullshxt. That's all over with now , right?". Ant looked over at Justin.

"Oh yeah, gotta look out for mom's now. Got a overnight job at the Diner, not much but it's something!". Justin caught Ant's rebound.

"Ay. Something is better than nothing. Your mom, she cool now? Clean?". Any asked.

Justin shook his head. "In my care she's cool, but she's trying to ease her way back out here". Justin walked to the center of the court with Ant following behind.

"Damn, that's crazy!". Ant said.

"First one to thirty?". Justin said.

"Let's go".

Kassidy and her father walked the track in silence until the silence killed Kassidy.

"What's going on dad?". Kassidy asked keeping her head down.

"With?". He asked.

"C'mon. It's me your talking to!". Kassidy stopped walking.

Her father stopped walking as well, turning to her. "Your mom and dad wrote you today".

"You mean, Karla and Aaron?". Kassidy sat down on the track field.

Her father sighed, sitting down next to her. "How ever you want to address them, Kass".

"Why do they continue to send letters if I never read them or respond? I try not to be rude, so I keep my distance". She said.

"Well they want to apologize, they just don't know how to do it".

"You and Karla were close when y'all were growing up, introduced her to Aaron .. Fifth teen years later, I'm in your custody". Kassidy fought back tears.

"Arresting them was the hardest thing I've ever had to do in my life, raising you for seventeen years basically, has been the scariest but my happiest moments of my life". Her father playfully hit her arm.

"And Im turning out to be a wonderful, well respected, beautiful and smart girl too. Thanks, Dad!". Kassidy smiled.

"No need to thank me, would you consider hearing them out?".

Kassidy stood up. "....No". Kassidy replied walking away.

<em>I wonder what she wrote on that note
and justin seems dark and emo lmao.<em>

Whew! Justin is sexxyy!
But he rude af lol
Kassidy is sweet looking out for her dad

I like this story
dude rude af smh

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