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Just Like You .

<a href="">Kassidy</a> sat alone at a four seater booth at her fathers diner. Looking out the window as the hard rain hit against the window, she plugged in her earphones as she turned on her favorite Pandora station, <em>Rihanna Station</em>. Scribbling on the back of a food order receipt she watched as her father closed up the registers for the first time of his grand opening. Kassidy began to rock side to side, humming the words to Rihanna's, Skin. She closed her eyes moving to the slow beat of the song, then slowly opening them again as she watched <a href="">him</a> walk through the back door of the diner, carrying empty boxes and garbage bags. He was one of her fathers overnight workers.

"Justin, how's it going?". Her father asked from behind the register.

Justin didn't bother to speak. Keeping his head down as he took of his hoodie, tossing it over a chair. Justin looked up at Mr. Morton and gave a dry head nod. He walked over to empty boxes, beginning to rip them up and flatten them out. Kassidy slowly snatched her earphones from her head as she watched and studied Justin's body movement.

"Finished". Mr.Morton said to himself. "Kass, you ready baby girl?". He asked.

Kassidy slid her middle finger across her iPhone, checking the time. 12:13 a.m. She stood up, throwing away the receipt she had scribbled on. As she began to walk away from the garbage can she looked over at Justin. Justin could feel her eyes staring at him, he looked over his shoulder giving her a dead look. Kassidy smiled a little, as Justin shook his head turning around to empty out the garbage.

"Alright Justin, the keys are in the break room once you're all finished to lock up. I'll see you tomorrow man". Mr.Morton slapped his shoulder as he walked out of the door. Justin continued what he was doing as if he hadn't heard anything Mr.Morton had said. Kassidy followed behind her father, wondering what Justin's deal was.

"He seems, rude!". Kassidy blurted out , strapping her seat belt on.

"He's a good kid, just a tough shell on the outside". Her father said.

"That doesn't bother you that he doesn't speak?".

"I know he's a good kid, I know that life he's living. I learned to understand his emotions and actions".

Kassidy bit her bottom lip, staring out the window.

"It's still rude!". She mumbled.


Ok , I'll really be adding today after work ;)

new story , seems nice. i like it thus far , :)
I agree , Kassidy is very pretty & seems rather friendly.
As for the Justin character, ...he's not all that friendly. :[

I already love it!!
run it :)

Run it!

You`re writing again? .. I Love it..

I always liked your writing though so yuhz!

Add again if you can


Thanks :) , I'll be posting more

Run it kassidy need to worry bout herself so what he's quiet n doesn't tlk maybe he's shy or jus doesn't wanna express himself idk

Aww Kassidy is pretty. Justin is cute!! Kassidy seems like a really sweet girl. I can tell she's intrigued by Justin. He is kind of rude, but her dad doesn't seem to mind. Justin does have a hard exterior, but seems like a good person so far. I want to know what makes him tick. I want to know more about both of them. This was a really cute intro. Nice job. Nice work on the dialogue too. I like it :) Run it.