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I walked around my new temporary apartment with a glass of wine firmly in my hand. I walked outside to the balcony that over looked the town's lake. The scenery was so beautiful and relaxing l, i just wished the one that i loved was here to share it with me. Me and my lover have been off and on for the past two years. Even though we werent two years strong we still survived it. I was snapped out of my trance when i felt a pair of arms wrap around my waist. I didnt bother to turn around i already knew it was <a href="">Dorian</a>.

"Wow so you finally decided to come to your "second home" huh?" I pushed away from him and made my way back into the apartment with Dorian following behind me.

Dorian grabed my arm and turned me towards him. He wraped his aems around me and put his head into my neck and inhaled. "Baby please do start this tonight" his voice was muffled but i could still hear the irratation in his voice. "Im gettin so tired of this s*** D !" I pushed away once more but this time he didnt try to grab me. He simply placed his hand over jis face and sighed deeply. "<a href=""> Trinity</a> i just got home why are you already starting with me?" I let out a sarcastic chuckle. "Home?! Really?! NOW YOU WANT TO CLAIM THIS AS YOUR HOME?!" "Well i do pay the bills in this muthaf***a i dont see you bustin yo ass workin to pay for a damn thing Trinity !"

I stood there silent for a moment. " You know whag Dorian your right and since your "right" im just going to get out of YOUR apartment and find someone who appreciates me and ONLY ME!" I looked at him in disgust and walked into the bedroom. I tried so hard not to let the tears fall from my eyes but i couldnt stop them. I packed my bags and walked back into the livingroom. Dorian was sittin on the sofa in deep thouht. He looked up at me when he hear me speak.

"Dorian i love you so much but if this doesnt stop soon your going to lose one of the best things thats happened to you." I looked at him with my blured vision one last time and shook my head as he responded with nothing.
"Ill be back to get the rest of my things." When i reached the door he finally spoke up. "Trinity wait" "I waited long enough Dorian......By the way tell your wife i said hello." I quickly walked out of the apartment with my bags in tow. When I finally reached the elevator i couldnt help the tears that fell freely from my eyes. Now what was i going tk do i was all alone, Dorian was all i had but deep down i knewbi was doing the riht thing....Right?





I like this.

Dorian is wrong for this s***.

I'm glad Trinity pulled herself together and left.

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run it

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