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Story Banners Request Shop [Open]...

Working on my graphic skills, to put in a folder and showcase my work... so does anybody wanna want a banner for their story?

here is a sample of a banner i recently did for one of my stories <a href="">ωαℓк α тнσυѕαиd мιℓєѕ..</a>

The Requirements:
pics must be of EXCELLENT to GREAT quality
pics must be a nice size
give description of the (words,sayings or quotes)... etc that you want on the banner
if you want something SPECTACULAR done to you banner you could message me the theme of your story like if it's a love story i'd put hearts around the banner, if it's a stripper story or something then maybe i'd put dollar signs and girls on it ...

....i can pretty much work with anything - long as it's work-able!

<strong>BUT YOU MUST GIVE ME TIME!!!! <strong> it takes me a least one day well really a couple of hours to freestyle and make a good banner like the one give me time :) that is all!