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Our Dirty Little Secret *Updated 07/27*

To my darling Leanna:
What we do nobody has to know. We understand each other's needs and even though this isn't love its all we know and I want you with me forever. You are my rock and my best friend. Knowing you for the past ten years has been great and I'm glad you walked through that classroom door at Theodore Elementary School. Tonight is our night and I cant wait.!
Yours truly:

I folded up the letter after reading it for the tenth time and slid it in Anna's locker. I was so nervous about tonight becausd we were gonna finally tell her boyfriend that she was leaving his no good ass and being with me. This was my girl and I wanted her complete and full attention from now on. Jason didn't deserve her and finally after six long monthd she finally realized tne truth and together we are gonna get him out of our life forever.
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*Ma'Shell's POV*
For the past week me and Malik have been inseparable. he drives and picks me up from school everyday and we just kick it at his house for the a while then he takes me home. I haven't had this much fun in a very long time and im glad I met him. Leanna has been blowing my phone up but I ignore her. I dont even communicate with her in school, she hurt me and I can never forgive her for that. But anyway on to more important this, tonight Malik and I are going on our first real date to the Cheesecake Factory. This would be both our first time going so im kinda excited.
"so baby how was your day.?" he asked as the waiter walked away to get our drinks.
"it was good. I aced my anatomy quiz and my AP Government test."
"thats whats up. so that means I can kidnap you and keep you outta school tomorrow right.?" he said stroking my face.
"yea babe I'll stay with you." I said grabbing his hand.
"you better." he said flicking my forehead.
"hey.! that hurt."
"awww let me kiss it." he baby talked to me then licked my forehead.
"eww Malik thats nasty."
"no it actually taste like strawberries."
"your retarded."
"but you like it."
"true." I said nodding in agreement
"alright then."
"are you two ready to order.?" the waiter asked as he set the drinks down."
"uhhh yea. I'll have the chicken parmesan with shrimp." Malik stated looking at the menu.
"ok and for you ma'am."
"I'll have the chicken cesare salad."
"alrighty. let me take your menus and I'll be back with you food." the waiter said then walked away.
"so Ma'shell what was your last relationship like.?" hearing him ask that almost made me choke on my Dr Pepper.
"uhhh, well Malik my last relationship was with a girl."
"straight up.?"
"yea. she was my best friend for years then on day it just happened."
"wow.! so what happened to her.?"
"she fell in love with the guy she was using as a cover up relationship."
"cover up relationship.?" Malik asked confused.
"yea, you see our parents are these strict "holyer than thou" type people and if they would have figured us out we would probably be sent away to become nuns."
"oh wow thats crazy. but you had to haveknown there was a chance of that becoming an outcome."
"not when she was feeding a story about breaking up with him but as soon as he told her he was done dealing drugs she wasted no time hopping on him d***.!"
"that sucks ma but now all thats behind you because now your mines and I'll never lie to you." With that he came over to my side of the table and started kissing me slowly but intensly. Just then Leanna and Jason walked in the door and completely changed my mood from happy to disgusted.

*Leanna's POV*
I was completely shocked to see Ma'Shell here with a guy. I really missed her but from the way she was tonguing him down I have a feeling that the feelings aren't mutal.
"aye babe aint that yo home girl.?"
"yea that her."
"aw the lets go holler at her." We walked on over and Ma'Shell didnt even look my way.
"hey Shelly how you been.?" Jason asked.
"im good. You.?"
"im hella good. just been chillen with my baby. I see yiu finally got you a man. how you doing Playa im Jason." he sais turning his attention to Malik.
"whats up im Malik."
"iight fam. oh yea this my girl Leanna." he said pulling me to him.
"nice to meey you."
"you too."
"uhh Ma'Shell, can I have a word with you please.?" I asked moving towards her.
"sure. I be back baby." she said and started slobbing him down. I cant even stunt doe, I miss them damn lips on mine. OHHH MAAAN SHE HAS.THE SOFTEDT LIPS I EVER FELT.!
"heeeeellllloooo." Ma'Shell said taking me from my thoughts.
"you wanted to talk so talk." she said with her hands on her hips.
"ok imma just get to the point, why haven't you been answering on returning any of my phone calls.?"
"I been busy. thats all bye." she said starting to walk away.
" no shell wait." I said grabbing her arm.
"I miss you."
"oh please you dont miss nothing.! do you even realize how that made me feel seeing you two together like that.?" she said as she began to tear up.
"I understand shell."
"NO YOU DONT.! I was the one who had to stand by and watch you fall for this clown, I was the one who had to watch yall makeout like I wasnt there. Im done anna.! Malik makes me happy and im enjoying being someone's number one."
"but Ma'Shell please consider us."
"theres nothing to consider im over it." And with that she walked away back to her table.
I got myself together and headed to my table with Jason. this was not the end of this. Imma get me Shelly back if its the last thing I do.

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*Leanna's POV*
after school ma'shell and i headed to the park. that was our faorite place to go when we planned things out. we were too big kids who loved to have fun.
"ok so how are we gonna do this tonight.?" i asked ma'shell.
"hell i dont know. its your boyfriend." she responded.
"not for long.!" i said laughing.
"true. but i think i have an idea. tell him you want him to come over for a romantic dinner, i'll help you cook ofcourse. then after you guys eat we can break the news to him together."
"sounds like a good plan to me lets do it.!"
leaving the park i called jason and told him about the dinner. to my surprise he was a little more excited than i expected him to be. ma'shell cooked some baked fish, cheddar mashed potatoes, and steamed broccoli. it was delicious. and for desert she made a fruit salad with apples, pineapple, grapes, strawberries, and kiwi topped with whipped cream. it was time.
"leanna this was a wonderful for me." jason said before started on his fruit.
"yea me too."
"i know i can be a real ass at times but its just that i be under a lot of stress with the business but all of that is over with now."
what do you mean.?"
"im offically out the game."
"are you serious jason."
"yea baby. i handed my throne over this morning. its like a big weight has been lifted off my shoulders and the best part is all the money i made is legit."
"wow jason thats amazing."
"yea i know. you are know looking at the proud owner of the Indiana Pacers."
"no fuxking way.! thats great." i leaned over and kissed him. the kiss went from just a playful congrats to a deep passionate kiss and i knew right then i wasnt ready to give him up. this may hurt ma'shell heart but im sure she'll get over it. hell the only thing i need to do is find her a man of her own.

*Ma'Shell's POV*
i cant believe she is doing this roght now.! she knows im here and she just gonna fuxk him in my face. naw thats it fuxk her i dont need this shyt.! she turned me out for goodness sake she gonna have to nerve to continue this fake cover up relationship and jus forget about me.? hell naw im screaming FUXK HER from now on. i hope she's happy with jason's dumb ass.! i dont need her.
walking up the street i see a group of guys standing by my car.
"uhh excuse me do you mind.?" i say standing with my hands on my hip.
"WHAT.!" one of then yell.
"that's my car."
"oh my bad sweetheart." another says as they move away and allow me to get in.
"so can i get your name.?" one walks up saying.
"its ma'shell." i respond.
"oh well my name is <a href="">malik</a> sweetie." he said extending his hand towards me.
"nice to meet you."
"naw lil mama it was nice to meet you"
"i guess your smoove." i said chuckling.
"it aint even that type of party girl. can i maybe get your number or something.?"
i thought for a second. i haven't been with a guy in a long time because i was so stcuk up leanna's ass while she had her fun so why not.
"sure yo can." we exchanged numbers and i drove off. by the time i got home malik was calling.
"hey ma'shell did you make it home yet.?"
"ok good just making sure. imma call you back later okay.?"
"sure. bye."
man this was a little freaky to me.
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<strong>BACK TO THE PRESENT</strong>

*Leanna's POV*
i stood at the curb waiting for <a href="">Jason</a> to come get me for school. he always too forever in the morning like it was no big deal. this was the reason why i was breaking up with him tonight because i am so sick of this shyt.
finally after twenty minutes of waiting pulled up.
"come man lets go." he yelled out.
"dont fuxking yell at me.! your the one thats late."
"if i didnt have to pick you up i wouldnt be late."
"you are such a jerk."
"yea whatever." with that he sped off and we headed to school. it never fells though that as soon as we get ther his ignorant ass walks away like he doesnt even know i exist. i head to my locker and open it just as a note fell out. immediately i knew it was from shell cuz she kissed it with her firey red lipstick i love to see on her. i read the letter and smiled. just then a pair of hands covered my eyes. the softness was noticeable and it instantly made me smile.
"hey beautiful." i said turning around becoming face-to-face with my lover.
"hey baby. i see you got my note." shell said pointing at the paper.
"i did and trust baby i cant wait either. you know this fool was twenty minutes late piucking me up today."
"i dont see why you dont just ask me for rides anna."
"because bae i like using him."
"whatever you say."
"turn around i got you something." i reached in my bag and pulled out this <a href="">gold necklace</a> that jason got me last month and placed it around her neck. i didnt care if he saw it on her because she was my world and whats mines is hers.
"leanna this is beautiful.! i love it." we embraced and headed to class.
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“The point is I’m trying to push these feelings out of me but you just had to be an ass hole and bring them back all over again.”
“What feelings anna.? Talk to me girl.!”
“Damnit shell I freaking love you and want us to be more than just friends. I want us to be together like seriously.”
“Oh…” I walked towards my bed and sat down and just gazed at the ceiling wondering what to say next.
“Now you have nothing to say.?” Leanna said placing her hands on her hips.
“What do you expect me to say.? You gotta admit that was a lot for me to take in at once.” I said looking up at her.
“Just forget it.! Can you take me home.” Anna started gathering up her things and putting on her shoes.
“Please wait.” I said grabbing her arm.
“What Ma’Shell.? It’s obvious you take my feelings as a joke so what is there left to say.?”
“This.” With that I kissed her passionately. There was no denying the fire between us and I couldn’t understand the emotions that came over me in this moment. This was my best friend and we were making love with each other. It was weird though because we kept giggling and bumping heads but as the night progressed it turned from silly to intense and magical and I’m glad I experienced this moment of true happiness with her. The love we had for each multiplied ten folds that night and we became one.!
“So what now.” I asked Leanna while lying in her arms.
“Now it’s just us. Nothing changes between us and we keep on living.”
“I mean are we like a couple now or something.?”
“We can’t tell anyone about this shell.”
“For one, our parents will never let us be around each other anymore and for two, no one at school will understand how we feel about one another.”
“So that big speech you said confessing your love for me was bullshyt.” I said sitting up and looking at her.
“No I meant every word I’m just saying, let’s wait til the time is right, ok.?”
“Yea whatever. I’m bout to take a shower do you wanna join me or not.?”
“I would love to.”
With that we got in the shower and after washing each other from head to toe we were at it again. I couldn’t even lie I was head over heels in love with anna’s touch and I didn’t wanna share her with anybody and apparently the feelings were mutual because over the next couple of years that’s exactly the way it was.
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"WHAT THE FUXK LEANNA.!" Was all I could Say.
"Shut up Ma'Shell dont act like you didn't like it." She said adjusting herself in the seat.
"I didn't.! What were you thinking.?"
"It was just something in the heat of the moment just forget it."
"The hell I am anna.! You just kissed me.!"
"Forget about it damnit.!!!" With that she put her earphones in and turned towards the window the rest of the ride back to my place.
I don’t understand what her problem is though I mean hell she's the one who kissed me for heaven sake. I should be pissed. But then again why am I not as mad as I pretended to be. I mean Leanna is my best friend so I know everything about her and vice versa but this I never expected her to do. Maybe it was just a heat of the moment type thing.
"Anna please look at me."
"What Ma’Shell.” She said no even looking my direction.
“I said look at me.” She did as I asked. “Like seriously girl what was that about.?”
“I don’t know ok. I just had this adrenaline rush today and lost control. Don’t worry shell it won’t happen again.” She said then looking back towards the window.
“Well then good. So moving on what are about to do.?” I said tryna change the subject.
“I just wanna go lay down.” She said shaking her head.
“Fine. Are you staying at my house or am I taking you home.?”
“What you don’t want me at your house now.?”
“That’s not even it anna so stop ripping. We can go to my place its cool I was just checking. DAMN.! Chill out.!”
We drove the rest of the way to my house in complete silence. It felt kinda weird but then again it gave me time to think and I had a little surprise for Leanna. I know she’s lying about that heat of the moment shyt and I’m bout to find out the truth.
We get to the house and put the dresses up. I waited for my mom to head out to work and I went to my room where anna way laying down sleep and decided to make my little move. I crawled on the bed and started to kissing on her in her neck and after like two or three minutes she grabbed my head and started grinding against me.
“Tell me you want me.” I said trying hard not to laugh.
“I want you so bad.” She said with her eyes still close.
“Say my name.”
“MA’SHELL.” Right when she did that I busted out laughing. Causing her to fully wake up.
“That’s not funny bytch.!” She said throwing a pillow at me.
“But it was so cute.”
“I should kill you.!”
“Why you’re the one who lied about that kiss being a heat of the moment type thing.”
“So what. You just invaded m body and my privacy.”
“You liked it.”
“That’s not the point damnit.!”
“Then what is the point anna cuz I’m clearly not understanding.”

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lmaoooo they got down
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Aw man this sounds good!!!

Aw man this sounds good!!!

<a href="">Ma'Shell's</a> POV
*The First Night*
"get yo ass in here ma'shell.!" <a href="">Leanna</a> yelled upstairs to me. We were headed to the mall to look around for homecoming dresses and I was so nervous for some awkward reason. Leanna and I have been close for so long and our shopping trips are always wild.! It seems like everytime we go out some random ignorant bytches have something to say and Leanna swings and ofcourse I gotta get my hits in on them hoes but today I just focus on my dress and thats it. I came down the steps and saw Anna sitting on the couch looking at her phone as if she was bored waiting on me.
"Are you ready.?" I said.
"Trick I been ready.! What the fuxk were you doing up there.?"
"Playing with myself you shoulda came and watched." I said laughing and getting my keys so we can head on out.
"You are too much Shell." She said laughing and walking out the door.
We got to the mall and headed straight to the food court for slushees then headed to every and any dress shop we could find.
"Ma'Shell this is like the seventh store we went into."
"What's your point.?" I said looking through the racks.
"I'm saying you just might not find your dress here."
"But I am and I refuse to leave until I do."
"Fine" she said walking out the door. At times Leanna can be so selfish. She knows I'm a little self-cautious about my body and for her to be so rude at a time like this really pisses me off.
After a half hour I finally found my perfect dress and I was ready to show it off. I put it on and walked out.
"Now that looks gorgeous Shell." Leanna said looking at me in my <a href="">dress</a> as if she was so shocked I picked this dress.
"You really like it.?" I asked stepping towards a mirror looking at myself.
"Ofcourse I do and while you were taking a thousand years I found my dress too."
"Great let me changs and pay for this then we can go get yours." Anna nodded her head in agreement and after I paid for the dress we went next door and got hers. As soon as she stepped out the dressing room my mouth dropped. Her <a href="">dress</a> was too cute and I knew we were gonna be the shyt at homecoming.! We got her dress and headed to subway for lunch, ordered our food, and as if on cue three random girls walked by talking shyt.
"These hoes think they cute." The fat one said loud obviously tryna start something and right away Leanna started to get up but I grabbed her arm.
"Come on Anna just ignore her."
"I know her little skinny ass wasn't about to try nothing on me." The big one said as they all laughed.
"Baby girl I suggest yall keep it pushing fareal. You dont know me but I would mop the flow with yo raggedy ass." I said taking a slip of my lemonade.
"You preppy bytch shut up.!" The buck tooth big eyed girl said.
"Say that again." Leanna said standing up.
"I wasn't talking to you bytch."
"But I'm talking to you."
"Hey skank get this little trick before I bust her shyt open."
With that I stood up and me and Leanna looked at each other, shook our heads, and walked out towards my car and just like I wanted these dummies followed us out.
"You scary hoes leaving already.?" The fat one said.
"Bytch fall the fuxk back.!" I said putting our dresses in the back seat.
"Or what.?" The big eyed one said.
"Come get at me hoe."Leanna said pinning her hair up.
"Get that hoe Tyshena." The skinny one said to the fat one.
The fat one started squaring up and Anna aint give a shyt and started working with that fat chick. Then what pissed me off was when Anna was really fuxking her up she tried to pick her up and that's when I jumped in and started banging her dumb ass then her friend jumped in and Leanna switched and started banging her now. The fight had to have been going on four about twenty minutes before anybody broke it up.
"Damn little momma beat the fuxk outta that fat chick." I heard some dude yell out.
"Glad I filmed that shyt." Another dude said laughing. Me and Leanna got in the car and drove off cracking up.
"How that fat ass bytch aint leave a mark on either one of us." Leanna said looking at herself in the mirror.
"Thats what I'm saying fuxk that.! That bytch really pulled me out of my nature when she tried to slam you."
"That's why I fuxks with you the long way.!" With that Leanna kissed me on my lips and I just froze.
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lmao hell n'all they lil
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but i gotta see wtf happens.

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