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*~*Secret Blood Diaries*~*

<strong> Cast: <strong>

<a href="">Jamel Matters</a> -17,Witch

<a href="">Matthew Thompson</a> -19,Unknown

<a href="">Nicole Vanburg</a> -16,Human

<a href="">Tyler Gibson</a> -18,Human

<a href="">Melissa Yuki</a> -18,Hybrid

<a href="">Mario Daniel</a> -17,Witch

<a href="">Rain Smith</a> -17,Vampire

<a href="">Julian Spears</a> -19,Human

<a href="">Janet Futhie</a> -16,Witch

<a href="">Miquel Lopez</a> -18,Human

<a href="">Bree Lancaster</a> -18,Human

<a href="">Jermiah Hover</a> 16,Shape Sifter

<a href="">Nana Vesse</a> -17,Human

<a href="">Micheal Thompson</a> -19,Human

<a href="">Miya Samuel</a> -19,Unknown

<a href="">George Williams</a> -16,Human

***Threw Some People In There .. Dnt LIke It OH WELL****


what other stories u got?

ima start adding to my stories if not tonight then soon as i wake up tomorrow

erm, excuse me... May I ask for another run please. I was getting into that... and then the story stopped at a cliff... I'm hanging here...

Run It

I hope you get a feel for this again. I loved this definitely run it!!!

i dont remember what direction i was going with this but if anyone thinks i should continue with it i'll try


dnt kno wen imma add again since i dnt have no internet but still run it imma try to add soon

Run It

ooooh i wanna knw what theyyre hiding!

im noseyy so hell i wanna knw lol

&& i STILL like Matthew
dnt ask whyy just do #TeamMatthew && aint nobodyy
changing myy mind



I was still a bit shaken up by matthew comment that i left school in a rush i really didnt want to talk to anyone.I mean what did he mean "i belong to him" he not my damn daddy i dont got no ring on my finger so how was i his.

I walked inside my house to be greeted by my sister <a href="">Mora</a>
."sup Swahili" she said with a grin.she knew i hated being called my my Real name.

"its jamel yu a**hole"i said throwing down my bookbag."whatever you say ...we have guest so you might as well follow me"she said walking into the living room.

I followed her into the living room to find my mom dad janet her parents mario and his parents along with matthew and micheal and their mom i assume."umm whats going on"i said eyeing matthew suspiciously.

"we're just getting acquainted with our old friend and her children"my mom said patting the empty seat next to her>"old friend"i said sitting down beside her now focusing on matthew and micheal's mom.

"yes me and your parents...all of your parents go wayyyyyyyy back"she said with a wide grin."yeah we were just catching up talking about old times you know"my dad said.

"uhuh"i said."sooo from what i understand my boys are in most of your classes i hope you all are getting along"their mom said."uh i guess you can say that"i said looking at matthew.

"im sorry if i may seem a bit rude but i know that me jamel and mario are all witches but what are you"asked janet.their mom just smiled as janet mom said "we'll discuss that another time right now lets just relax and have a good time dear".

I excused my myself for the momment and went upstairs to change i had to get the room.matthew made me feel a tad bit uneasy but combined with his mom i felt down right queasy.

I threw on some sweats and a tank top threw my hair into a messy bun and came back down stairs to see all the adults in the kitchen sitting around drinking and the rest still in the living room now watching a movie.

I walked back in and sat between mario and janet."what are we watching" i asked."house on haunted hill" micheal said not really interested."i hardly seen you at all today after 1st period how was your day"i asked.

"it was cool,met this bomb ass chick named miya"he said."yeah miya cool peoples"I said laying my head in janet's lap and puttin my feet on mario."ewwww move them crusty stinky things"mario said as he pushed my feet off him.

"okay remember that hot s*** later especially in Social studies nigga"i said pouting."iight iight chill"he said laughing picking my feet back up.I looked over at matthew for a momment to see his eyes were green again.

I was being to think that was a sign of trouble so i moved my feet and tucked them under me."omg where is the remote this sht is boring"mora said spralling out onto the floor.I got up and flopped on top of her.

"ugh get your fat ass off me"she said tryin to push me off."that ass is kinda fat"matthew said smirking i just gave him the screw face and picked up the remote from under the couch.

"what do you guys wanna watch"i ask scrolling threw the guide."maybe we'd be able to tell you if you wasnt scrolling so fast"janet said now gettin up and moving to sit on matthew's lap.

I shook my head and laughed."you guys a couple or something"mora asked raising her eyebrow."nah"matthew said nonchantly."but im working it"janet said licking her lips and leaning into him."couldve fooled me"mora said rolling her eyes.

"yeoo you guys know jermiah"mario asked outta nowhere."yeah why"i said still scrolling through the channels."what is he...i dont know bout ya'll but he smells weird to me"he said."shapeshifter"me janet and matthew said.

I looked at matthew and said "and how would you know".He laughed and said "i could taste it" with that he eyes flashed purple.I looked away quickly more and more he was starting to creep me out.

"what do you mean you could taste it"asked mario now wanting to know more."he laughed again and said "dont worry about it".mario just shrugged and dropped the conversation."wait go to that"janet yelled causing everyone to jump.

I stopped on Family Guy."speaking of jermiah guess who i caught him banging in the janitor's closet"i said laughing."bree already heard"mario said waving his hand.maro shook her head and said "no shame ya'll have no shame these days".

"that aint nothing that girl rain tried to suck me off right in the middle of the gym"micheal said now texting on his phone.I busted out laughing along with janet and maro.

"thats rain alright you lucky thats all she tired to do"Janet said."what about yu matthew none of them hoes flock to yu yet" maro asked.he gave her the "your kidding right" face and pointed to janet.

we all fell out laughing except for janet."hahaha not funny"she said gettin off his lap."what about u sis them whores still clockin you"maro said poppin my invisible collar."you know this man" i said laughing giving her dap.

"you shouldve seen her and george in gym today all cuddled up holding hands and junk"janet said smiling."ooooooo so u giving him a chance now"maro asked."no"i said rolling my eyes."i hope not old is that boy anyways ... 12"she said making everyone laugh.

"no his only a year younger than me"i said shaking my head."take my advise shoot for the older men" she said getting up."where you going"i asked."to my room i need a nap" she said with a yawn."i guess"i said.

"yeo where are the snacks"mario said."fat ass"i said getting up."what do ya'll want"i asked. everyone looked at eachother and said "snacks".I rolled my eyes and started to make my way to the kitchen.

Before i could walk in i stopped to hear what the adults were talkin about."honestly joyce why did you come back"janet mom asked."to raise my kids in the place i still consider home"she said.

my mom scoffed and said "really after everything thats happened to you really think you can call this home"."lets just all clam down"mario's dad chimmed in.

"no lets be serious how do we know the same thing wont happen again"janet's mom said."really cause we really got lucky last time people have forgotten but whose to say they'll forget a second time"my mom said.

"i know you all are skeptical but trust me it wont happen long as matthew and jamel never find out then we're all safe"joyce said."for all our sakes i hope your right joyce i really do"my dad said.

I cleared my throat and walked into the kitchen and smiled and said "hey as if i didnt just hear one word."hey honey whats wrong" my mom asked."nothing just getting some snacks for the fat asses out there" i said grabbing a bag of Doritos and oreos.I walked out the kitchen and back into the living room.

"here greedies"i said throwing the stuff on the table." drinks"mario said."i gave him a look and sat back down my mind was racing a mile a minute.

what we're our parents hiding and most importantly what did it have to do with me and matthew.


heyyyy i see myy name lol
&& im not a slut bucket like Bree
(love you boo!!! lol)

Matthew is ahhhh . . . . . kinda off his rocker
a lil bit . . . buuuut i still like him lol

i wanna knw wht tht nigga mean though
fr . . . fr


if i get two more runs i'll post an extra long add tonight :)

Janet need to sit TF down wi her thirsty self ugh she jus doin too much Matthew scaring me WTF is his problem

<em><strong>Art Class<em><strong>

I sat by the window in the back of the class next to my art buddies Miya and Mario."hey guys" i said as i plopped down in my seat.

"why so gloomy"Miya asked."cause HE wont leave me alone"I said pouting."he who"asked mario.I pointed to matthew who had just waked in and spotted me.

"oh well here he comes"miya said holding back a laugh.Matthew walked over and took the seat in front of me."sup baby" he said winking at me."ughh"i screammed as i fell out on my desk.

"ayy ayy chill with that this my boo u heard"mario said."oh really"matthew asked raising his eyebrow."yeah been my boo since freshman year"mario said giving him the look right back.

"huh ok"matthew said as he glanced at me with a smirk as if he knew he was lieing."what about you"he asked miya."what what about me"she asked pulling out her paints.

"you taken?"he asked licking his lips.I rolled my eyes and pulled my stech pad."nah im single why playa"she said now giving him eye contact.

"cause my bro could use a girl like you"he said smiling."hmm..i'd have to meet him 1st i guess"she said as if she was taken back."cool 'll make it happen"he said still smiling.

It got pretty much quiet after that besides the sounds of paint brushes erasers and pencils drawing away. I was deep him my drawing when i heard someone "pssst"me.

I looked up to see matthew staring at me with hazel eyes grinning away which is weird cause i was pretty sure he didnt have hazel eyes.I shook my head and went back to drawing before i knew it the bell had rung.

I picked up my things and walked out the classroom to see mya and micheal in a steady conversation with matthew leanning against the lockers smiling away at me.

I flipped him off and made my way to gym.I was walking into the locker room when i bumped into janet,rain,nana,and bree."hey"they said."sup"i said back.

"wassup with you and that new hottie i been hearing about"asked nana."not a damn thing"i said throwing my stuff into a locker."good cause i want him"janet said licking her lips.

"and what you gonna do with someone like that"asked bree."rock his world..what else"janet said as they laughed i just shook my head.

"please like he checking for you he wayyy into jamel funky ass"rain said rolling her eyes."ohhh somebody got dissed"bree said as her and nana laughed.

"tuh sure i got dissed...he isnt my type anyways"rain said chaging into her bathing suit."and who said his mines"i said disgusted by their jokes.

"doesnt seem like it matters to himmmm"nana sung as she walked out the locker room."dont worry boo watch me work it"janet said as she winked and walked out behind nana.

i shook my head and laughed."i gotta see this s***"bree said me her and rain dapped and walked out to see everyone already in the pool.i scanned the room in search of janet.

only to spot her in the corner all in matthew's face which was grining away.i shook my head and made my way over to my sophormore crush george.

"heyyy Georgie"i said as i sat next to him."hey boo sup"he said grining."not much chilling you kno how i do"i said laying my head on his shoulder.

"yeah i do know how you do"he said laughing as i hit him in his stomach."how was your summer"i asked him."it was cool i guess how was yours"he replied playing with my fingers.

"it was iight"i said as i sticked my feet into the water."aaaaawwwwwwwwwwwww"melissa said as she swam over to us."aww what"i said laughing."ya'll look so cute"she said beamming like a proud mother.

"i know right only if your friend would stop fronting"george said as i hit him in the stomach again."you already know the deal boo"i said grabing his hand.

"age aint nothing but a number though"he said."hmmmm i dont know"i said.before anyone could say anything else matthew swam over with janet trailing behind him."hey guys"he said gring that annoying ass grining.

"sup"george said still holding my hand."thats you"matthew asked nodding over me."nah im working on it though"he said."ohhh i see"matthew said as he turned and looked at me with no green eyes.

I stared to feel uneasy so i excused myself and walked into the locker room.I got in the shower and let the water run down my body.for the life of me i couldnt figure out why matthew wouldnt leave me alone.

I walked out the shower area to see him sittin on the bench near my locker."what the hell are you doing in here"i screammed at him.He looked at me with his now normal eyes and walked over to me.

"if i was you i'd be very careful about who i get close belong to me jamel...and noone better get in the way or else they just may end up hurt"he whispered into my ear as he then kissed my neck and walked out the locker room.


lmao @Bree && Lexxii
lol yall should go on Judge Mathis lol


anyywho though she know she like Matthew
dont flex Mel lol

i like this i wanna find out more abt the twins


New Reader:)
Matthew is such an ass lol i cant help but love him & him and Jamel are cute

can i get more runs
new add comming @ 9

yeah yeah yeah see you in court trick lol

Lmao, f*ck you! I want yo WHOLE life ho. Meaning, I'mma own yo ho ass.

LMFaO it would defamation if it wasnt true skank lol

and sue for what u aint getting s***

Umm b*tch, I'mma finna catch up.... I saw my f*cking name!

You trashy ass whore!

I saw that damn line, 'Bree was bent over getting hit from the back' some sh*t like that!


***Im going to just skip to lunch***

<em><strong>Lunch Period<em><strong>

"so wassup with and ol boy"asked Melissa."aint s*** up he pisses me the f*** off like who does he think he is ...GOD?!?"i said as we moved up on the lunch line.

"oh who ya'll talkin bout"nicole asked grabbing a brownie."the infamous twins"said melissa."oh you mean matthew and micheal...they seem cool to me" she said.i rolled my eyes and scoffed.

"whats her problem"nicole asked."she dont like matthew"melissa said smirking."why wouldnt you from my understanding he's an important person in your community"she said.

"what are you talking about"i asked picking up and sandwhich."i'll tell you once we find a seat"nicole said as we then paid for our lunch and made our way over to a table.

"now what were you saying"melissa asked digging into her pasta."from my understanding ... i mean from what i heard matthew is suppose to be a first generation."nicole said.

"first generation what"i asked.she just shrugged."hello hello" Rain said walking over with Janet trailing behind her."hey"me,melissa,and nicole said.

"hey have you guys seen the newbies today"rain asked.i rolled my eyes and bit into my sandwhich.nicole laughed and said "yeah"."arent they just del-lis"janet said batting her eyes.

"mmhmm especially that matthew"said rain.i choked on a piece of tomato which made them all look at me funny."im good"i said catching my breath.

"i just wanna sink my fangs into him"rain said chuckling flashing her pearly fangs."dont make me gag"i said pretending to throw up.

"ohhh here he comes"janet sung as we spotted matthew making his way over."hello ladies"he said as he took a seat."heyyyy"they all said expect me."hi jamel"he said smirking.

i stared at him piercing him with my eyes."cool..your eyes change colors....even though you should know that shade of blue really doesnt suit you"he said snickering.

I just picked up my apple and started to eat."sooo matthew what excatly are you"rain said running her fingers down his arm."now ladies what fun would that be if i just told you"he said smiling ear to ear.

"plenty"janet whispered in his ear.I just got up from the table i had enough janet and rain were the biggest whores i knew and they had no shame.

I put my headphones on and walked out into the court yard where i seen a group of guys goofing off.I decided to just keep walking noone bothered me as long as i didnt bother them.

I started to walk past until i heard someone call my name.I looked back to see Miquel and Julian walking over.I took out my headphones and said "hey".they gave me hug and we started walking together.

"so wassup how was your summer"Julian asked."it was cool i guess you know same old same"i said."well mines was wicked"Miquel beammed.i laughed and asked "how come".

"because all i got was ASS ASS ASS ASS"he said as me and julian cracked up."i guess that cool"i said."why you not with your homies"julian asked."ugh...dont wanna talk about it"i said.

"ohhh....ok"julian said."wheres your girlfriend bree"i asked."around here somewhere" he said nonchantly."whats with the cool demenor"i asked."why wouldnt he be cool"asked miquel.

"i dont know just asking"i said with a smile."uhuh well we'll catch up later lunch almost over and we still gotta find some people"julian said."later"i said as i gave him and miquel a hug.

I walked down the hall heading towards the gym when i started hearing moaning.I stopped to see where the sound was comming from and spotted the janitor's closet.

I walked over to it and carefully opened the door to find Bree beint over and Jermiah hitting it from the back."mmhmmm"i said shaking my head."uhh jamel its not wat it looks like"bree said trying to fix herself.

"Mmmmhmmm"i said walking away holding back my laugh.i always knew bree was scandalous so i didnt really care.Soon i got bored so i made my way back to the cafeteria.

"hey where did you go"asked melissa."walked around" said sitting down at the table who was now occupied by Tyler and Mario as well."hey mellz"tyler said.

I just waved i didnt really like tyler that much ever since freshman year he rubbed me the wrong way."soo you just couldnt stay away could you""matthew said smiling.

I just flipped him off and tookk one his fries."name the time and the place boo" he said as he then blew a kiss.I rolled my eyes."ummm is there something we're missing"Mario as smiling.

"no"i yelled as everyone else said "yeah".I sat back and folded my arms across my chest."i know you not having a fit"rain asked laughing at me.i just sighed and turned my head in a different direction.

"awww leave my boo alone"matthew said getting up."im nto your boo i dont even like you"i said with an attuide.

"yea but you love me"he said as he came behind me and licked my neck before walking off laughing."uughh"i screammed as i tired to throw a soda can at him.He just dodged it and laughed more.

"he gets on my nerves"i said refolding my arms."mmhmmm sure he do"janet said laughing at me along with everyone else."whatever" i said under my breath.

The bell finally rung all i had was two classes left before it was time to go home and i was glad only bad thing was matthew was in both of them.


lmao i actuallyy like Matthew lol
he's funnyy to me

Michael is cool too but im more
sos liking Matthew lol

i like this

I like Jamel she seems cool matthew so annoying I cnt stand him ugh n his brother so sweet n nice I feel bad for him bein Stuck as his twin

<em> <strong> 1st Period W. Jamel <em> <strong>

I was walking down the hall with my headphone still in my ears it was wayyy to damn early to hear everybody yapping their gums.

I reached my locker and opened it taking out my chemistry algebra and english literature books and slammed it back closed.

Half way down to my 1st period class i felt someone tap my shoulder.I turned around to see the assistant principle standing there.

"yes sir"i said taking out my headphones."follow me please Ms.Matters"he said turning around heading to the office.I just shrugged and followed after him.

When we reached i spotted two boys one with blond hair and the other with black sitting down my guess was they were twins cause they looked just alike.

"ms.matters this is Matthew and Micheal Thompson today you'll be showing them around to their classes"the assistant principle said.

I nodded and extended my hand "Hi,you can call me Jamel"i said.The one with the blond hair shook it and said "im Micheal and that rude one over there is matthew".

I looked at matthew with my eyebrow raised as if to question him letting his brother talk like that he just gave me the screw face.I sighed and said"whatever what class do ya'll have this period".

"We have chem."Micheal said giving me a smile as if to apologize for his obnoxious brother."okkay follow me"i said turning walking off to class.

"so jamel how is this school"micheal asked."its cool i guess"i said not really in the mood to carry on a conversation."oh .... so what nationality are you"he asked.

I stopped and laughed then said " cant tell"."sorry i guess what i was trying to ask..."he said getting cut off matthew who said "he wants to know if your human".

"well if you must know no im not...why is that a problem"i asked micheal."nah its cool...matthew isnt either so i use to it"."ok"i said.
"how much futher is this classroom you two bore me"matthew said.I didnt reply i just started walking faster he was starting to piss me off and you never want to piss me off.

"hellllooooo i know you hear me fat ass"he said as he then slaped my ass.I spun around to greet his evil vindictive gringin face."let me tell you something that was your 1st and last time doing time doing that cause next time you do it wont be pretty you got me im the wrong one you dont want to try me"i said getting in his face.

"nah boo you got it twisted im the one you dont wanna try so i suggest you suck it up and play nice or else your going to regret this day"he said ending it by blowing me a kiss and walking into class.

Micheal just looked at me and shrugged following his brother off to class.I on the other hand put my headphones and in my ear and took off down the hall i was pissed and needed to calm down fast.

<em> <strong> 1st Period w Melissa <em> <strong>

I was sitting in chemistry waiting on jamel ass to walk through the door when two guys one with dark hair and the other with blond walked in>"may i help you"mrs.Fragge our chemistry teacher said.

"yeah we're new this is suppose to be our 1st period class" the one with the blond hair said."May i see your scheldes"she asked.they handed them over and she looked them then said "okay grab any seat you see available and pull out your books & turn to page 86".

the blond one sat over in the corner next to Rain while the one with black hair came and tried to seat next to me."um this seat is taken"i said.he grinned and said "by who...casper".

"haha...funny but no my friend so you gotta find another one"i said."oh really"he said leaning in closer as if i were suppose to be scared of him."yeah really"i said raising my eyebrow."well well well glad you could join us ms.matters"the teacher said as jamel walked in.

she just rolled her eyes and walked over to us and said "move" while shoving the dark haired one as she then took her seat.He just snickered and sat right behind us.

"ummm what was that all about" i asked."i'll tell you later"she said annoyed."i could just tell you know"the guy said with a smirk plastered on his face."no thanks nobody asked you in the 1st place"i said rolling my eyes.

"suit your self"he said snickering again.Jamel stared looking as if she was getting more pissed just by the the guy's presence so i knew it had to be something serious if someone new could get under her skin this fast.


Mmmm, I'll take Micheal & Matthew. Them some sexy ass twins LORD! Oh & Tyler fine ass! YES!!!!!!!!! This is interesting though. I'm excited for their first day!!!!


i like the intro !!


<em> " <a href="">Lima,Spain</a> My city the place i call home.The place we all call home.Fulled with loud outrageous childern to just as loud if not louder outrageous parents.My name is Jamel Matters im a 17 year old junior at St Catherine's along with my bestfriend Melissa.To the outside world St.catherine's seems like an ordinary school and it is ....its just...some of the students are anything but normal.Aside from the boring human bunch that crowd the halls with their useless breathing and talking theres the exciting bunch like Witches,Vampires,Werewolfs,Psyhics,to just about anything and everything.Me im a 3rd Generation witch meaning my mom my grandmom and great grandmother were/are witches.My bestfriend Melissa is a hybrid which is kinda of like being biracial shes half vampire half wolf.Now as far as the humans go we all get along i mean everyone in this town knows we exist but still there is some who still wish to hide who they really are ....but who cares its their lost.There isnt really any problems amoung our "race" and the human race but there is problems in our own community as well as any theres always a bad bunch of rotten apples but its never anything serious......i feel but then you never know.Well im done talking to you i have to get ready for school tomorrow 1st day back ....wont this be fun."<em>