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Love Only Knows

Was bored so here goes...

18 year old Shira Williamson slowly brushed her jet black her as she stared at her beautiful reflection on the mirror. She quietly hummed an old Donna Summer song as she reminisced about her life. She was so caught up in her thoughts and song that she didn't notice her nanny coming in her room.

"Good morning my sweetheart" she said as smiled softly at her, "are you amped for today?"

"Why should I? I'll be paraded around like a new barbie doll. It's my father's birthday, why can't he parade himself?" She asked while putting the brush down as she turned to look at the nanny

"Now I know you don't see it the way he does, but to him, you're his angel, his only daughter; that's why he does those things. He's proud to let them know that one day you're the one who'll inherit the Willamson empire. So just bare with it for now" she hugged her softly

"I understand...not" the nanny chuckled; "yeah okay. Get ready to go downstairs. Breakfast will be served soon" she said as she left Shira to continue being in her train of thoughts. Why did this all happen to her? If her mom was still around would this happen? A tear escaped her hazel-brown eye as she thought of her mother. She sadly wiped it away and went to the bathroom to get ready as she was told


Shira made her way down the stairs of her big Los Angeles home. She went to the dining area where her father sat, enjoying his breakfast. He looked up when he heard footsteps. "Ahh, here's my angel". "Happy birthday daddy" she said softly as she hugged him from the back. "Your pressie will be delivered to you later" she concluded and kissed his cheeks before taking a seat across from him.
"Come now, you shouldn't have. You----" his speech was interrupted by his phone ringing from the table. He looked at the screen, "Sorry sweety, I'll have to take this one". "Of course daddy" she frowned and ate. This was a routine for her; whenever they were alone together, their time was always interrupted by a business call, computer, laptop. meeting or visitors. The only time they spoke a lot with each other was when he took her to his social events, but even there she felt alone. But she never complained though, she never voiced her complaints to him...

Run or dump?