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New To College '02-3

::Keyairra's P.O.V.::

As <a href=",r:27,s:0,i:207">I</a> drove further and away from him my heart began to ache, like it was being ripped apart from his arteries and veins. Tears began to flood my eyes. Now I know how Chris felt when he had to leave on tour for a month. I guess it's different when the tables are turned.

After driving an hour we stopped to get something to eat and stretched. We walked into a nearby Wendy's.

"Yeah ma, we just stopped for a few minutes to get something to eat and stretched, we have another hour and a half to go." Essence spoke through her phone.

"Okay, thanks for checking in. Let us know when you make it. You know Michael will flip if he hasn't heard from you." Latrice voice said through speaker.

We all laughed.

I wasn't long before we got into our cars and drove to the campus of VSU. We GPS the way to our house. The guys made sure it was close to campus, yet far enough that we couldn't be in any drama. Plus, they made sure we were by a near by grocery store. To say that these men are caring is an understatement.

When we drove up to our house, I was in comlete shock! This wasn't a house this was a <a href=",r:31,s:62,i:276&tx=91&ty=68">Condo</a>

We stepped put of pur cars not able to walk up to it.

"Are you sure this the right house?" I asked Demesha.

"Yeah, see." she showed us the address that matched the house, "this is what they gave us isn't?"

"Well that's it." Essence assured.

"I need to call Chris." I said about to pull out my phone.

"No wait until we get settle in."

I nodded "You're right."

Demesha used the key to open the door.

"Oh My God!" we all said in unision

This <a href=",r:17,s:26,i:166">place</a> was huge!

"Are you serious?" i whispered to no one in particular.

"Okay, I'm kinda scared to see what the kitchen looks like.

We walked down the hallway passed the stairway to the <a href=",r:5,s:59,i:212">kitchen</a> .

I laughed, "They are some nutcases!"

"I know right?!" Essence smiled, "hey look, they left us something on the fridge." There was an evelope tape to the door with a sticky note on it reading, 'We didn't want your food to spoil so plese go grocery shopping. We're sorry that we couldn't do it for you.'

Demesha smiled, "These guys!"

We laughed.

"C'mon lets go check out some more of the house."

We walked around the first floor discory that we have a <a href=",r:15,s:162,i:189">Study Room</a> , a <a href=",r:13,s:92,i:33">Game Room</a> , and a <a href=",r:14,s:125,i:111">Pool</a>

When went up stairs all three doors to the bedrooms were closed, but they had our names painted on them. We decided to split up and see what was on the of our assigned doors.

<a href=",r:42,s:82,i:93">::Demesha's P.O.V.::

I opened the door and immediately gasps at what I had seen. I walked <a href=",r:0,s:0,i:72">in</a> slowly taking this huge room with high ceiling. I walked over to the bed and felt across the soft comforter. When I sat down, i noticed something on my night stand; it was a 'Winnie the Pooh Hunnie Pot' I laughed at Druexs silliness then picked up the letter that was on the stand also.

'Hey Muff, I hope you like your room. I decided to keep it latino for my Latina Mami ;-) You pull back the curtains to get more light in your room, but when I get there, them curtains are to be shut and you better be naked, but you can where them red heels, you know that I like babe. We gone start from the <a href="">bathroom</a> have you up on the counter- Let me stop. But all jokes aside babe, i hope you like your gift, stay in the books, and don't party too hard. I love you! And when you get a break, its me you and that honey pot.'
-Love Drubear.

I couldn't stop blushing the whole time i read the letter. How can he make me all mushy inside and he's not even here? I thought to myself. i squealed throwing myself on the bed.

<a href=",r:41,s:145,i:197">Essence' P.O.V.</a>

When walked in my <a href=",r:1,s:24,i:128">room</a>, I don't know why, why i was immediately at peace. It smelled of apple cinnimon my favorite scent, I walked over to the bed and layed down. I turned my head and noticed that my night stand was covered with message oils, inscents and candles. I took the note that was on the stand and read it.

'Hey TygrEss, I know your about to fall asleep aren't. Well, that's what I was getting at when I deisgned this room for you. If you ever have a bad day at school or just need a place to calm down, hopefully this will help you with all the fire that needs to simmer down...but don't get it twisted, it's gonna ger reall heated when I come to visit you. Those messages oil, and candles ain't just for keeping you calm ;-) So get all the rest you can, you ain't sleep when I get there!

-Love TygaMan

P.S. Are we get done making love, we hitting up the <a href="">bathroom</a>, then walking on the make love again.

I bite my lip, he's so corny but I love his corny asx!.

::Keyairra's P.O.V.::

I walked in my <a href=",r:25,s:364,i:210">room</a> i instantly knew what Chris was doing. He was not going to let me live this down. I pouted and walked over to my bed. I the nighstand I saw a tablet that read Keyairra: 1 million Chris: 1 miliion and 1

"Goof ball!" i said out loud.

There was a note on the night stand, I picked it up and read it.

'Hey Boo, Bet you can't hide from me now, huh? Yeah, bae, I had to go with a glass design with you. You're going to learn to love that body of your. And when i get there, everybody gone see who I'm in love it. they gone see that gorgeous body. So get ready, Pooh gone lay it down!
Oh! And that <a href=",r:0,s:28,i:134">bathroom</a> is where the game is going to start. I wanna see try and get away from me in there. Imma let you go so you can enjoy your room somemore. Study we can play later! ;-)
-Love Pooh

I blushed so hard!!!!


i dont understand why rihanna trippin over his girl? like does she just not want him with her or does she just wan thim with rihanna and only herself?
but i love the guys relationship with the girls :)
run it!
btw can we get a visual of all the characters especially pooh girl? the link didnt work

I'm back!

::Keyairra’s P.O.V.::
I tried to finish these last few problems while Chris was packing our bags. I didn’t want any homework for the weekend, I’m pretty sure Chris will keep me busy.
“Are you almost done Boo? Everybody is loading up the car.” Chris called for me. I sighed I still had five more problems left,
“I still have a few left. I’ll just finish in the car.” I answered.
“They keep you busy in college don’t they?” he laughed while putting on his coat. I huffed
“That’s an understatement,” I put on my coat, grabbed my things and headed toward the door. I held it open so Chris could walk out.

“You done yet Boo?” Chris asked for the thousandth time. We were barely thirty minutes into the ride.
“Yes Pooh! I’m finally finished. You can stop asking now,” I rolled my eyes.
“Don’t roll your eyes at me nigga. I’ve been waiting to spend some more time with you all week,’ he threatened. I shook my head grinning while I put up my books. As soon as I did that he laid down on my lap, facing me. And so begins the fun with him under me 24/7, but I can’t lie, I love it. He grabbed my left hand and brought it too is lips,
“I love you,”
“I love you more,” I replied.
“I bet I love you more,” he challenged.
“Bet what?”
“Your nose,” he smiled.
“Not my nose,” I whined covering it up.
“Yes your nose, if I can prove I love you more I get to kiss your nose,”
I laughed.
“You laughing, I’m serious, it’s either your nose or your legs,”
I squirmed thinking I could somehow protect my legs, but I forgot he’s lying on them.
“No we’re nit betting my legs, because you can’t control yourself.”
“Yeah I know,” he smiled a mischievous grin. I tensed up,
“Quit playing Chris!”
“Oh hush! You so damn scary,” I relaxed,
“Whatever,” Chris sat up,
“You know what? I’m taking the nose anyway,” before I could react he was already nibbling and kissing my nose, making me giggle and protest at the same time,
“Okay Chris!” I laughed urging him to stop. He eventually stopped and laid back down. It was surprisingly quiet, but I realized that Michael and Essence were sleep in the seats infront of us and Demesha had her headphones on, leaving only Druex listening to Chris and my shenanigans
“Bro you coo? You need me to drive?,” Chris asked, obviously thinking the same thing as me.
“Nah, I’m coo. I got a full night sleep. I’m good,”
“Aight. Momma said she cooked pasta for us?” he said expectantly.
“For real? She must miss us,” he laughed, “Did just up and left her. We should do something for her before we leave on tour.
“Yeah we definitely need to,” Chris agreed.
I started to get a little heavy eyed also, not because of their conversations, but because I has been doing homework since eleven o’clock last night and its just now ten-thirty in the morning. My eyes were closed before I knew it only to be awaken by Chris rubbing on my stomach, its very soothing,
“What is it Pooh?,” I asked sleepily.
“Nothing Boo, just thinking about the future,” he smiled, “ I want somebody to be growing in here soon,” he confessed. I smiled a bit,
“I’m sure you do,” I retorted, “How many?,” he shrugged non-committedly but his face was all-knowing. I squinted my eyes, “Mhm, no outrageous numbers.”
He didn’t reply, just grinned while feeling up my stomach, to my breast, to my chest, neck, then face,
“Go to sleep gorgeous lady,” he whispered messaging my cheeks. My hooded eyes closed all the way instantly putting me to sleep.

I woke in my room, in my bed, in my pajamas. Only one person would do this. I must have been knocked out cold. I stretched wide feeling out my limbs and adding a huge yawn to top it off. I looked outside; it was light with blue and violet hues. It is, either, late evening, or early morning. I rolled over quickly to check the time; its seven thirty-eight p.m. Chris would have woken me up if it was Saturday already. I finally rolled the covers back, and slipped out of bed. I sluggishly walked to my bathroom and did my business and washed up. I did not put on anything fancy just same gray sweats and a long sleeve t-shirt, with my comfortable boot house shoes. With a little more pep in my step, I hopped upstairs to be greeted by Tey-Tey(Tee- Tee) screaming my name,
“Hi munchkin!,” I gasped running to pick her up. I scooped her in my arms and buried her in kisses.
“Well you two surely miss each other,” Vincent says coming down the steps. I marched over to him and gave him a kiss on the cheek,
“I missed you guys too!,” I reassured, then walked into the kitchen to give my mom a kiss also.
“Chris brought you in, he said to let you sleep, because you have been doing homework for hours,” my mom stated,
“Yeah, I had to finish on the ride back. I’m supposed to be doing a video with him tomorrow too. Did he mention that?,” I huffed. Both of them laughed,
“He would not go through with it until he got our consent,” Vincent confessed,
“Are you serious?,” I asked putting my free arm on my hip, “He swears he can…,” I could not even finish my sentence,
“We’re okay with it, but we told him that you’re old enough to make your own decisions,” my mom stated. I shook my head trying my best to hold my grin. Chris amazes me at times.
I spent the next few hours with my family. We had dinner and hung out, playing with Tey-Tey until she fell asleep which was when my mom and dad called it night also. Chris and I have not spoken all day, most likely to give me some space and family time. However, I know he is itching to be around me, so after my parents went to bed, I grabbed my coat and keys and decided to walked up the street to the two mansions. Before I go over Chris’ house I decided to visit Jazmine, I miss her, besides everyone else has probably visited her. I opened the door with my spare key,
“Hello, anyone home?,” I called out. I walked into the living room From the corner of my eye , in the kitchen I saw Jazmine run out of Omari’s grip and right into my arms,
“Hi Key-Tay! I’ve missed you,” I laughed as we swayed from side to side. I finally ler when Omari pried us apart to give me a hug.
“How’s everything going?,” I inquired,
“A lot better, but Jaz just found an excuse out of wedding planning,” He smacked her butt, “Let’s go,” he demanded.
“Ow! Okay!” she jumped then walked over to the island while holding her butt. I laughed,
“Have you picked out a date?” I asked following them,
“Yes,” Jazmine squealed, “October 21 next year, I want a fall wedding,”
“Really, It’s so close to your birthday too,” I pointed out,
“I know, bit I’ll be done with school and working on my business, which I’m already working on,” she cheesed. I looked over I Omari,
“You’re cool with it,” I asked rhetorically. He shrugged,
“Whatever she wants, she gets. I personally want to be married sooner, but the more time we have to plan the better it will be,” he concurred,
“Yeah, it’s the details that are killing me. Event planning is not my forte,” Jazmine admitted,
“You’ll be okay,” Omari said standing behind her and wrapping his arms around her waist and kissing her cheek.
“Has everyone else been over?” I asked,
“Well the guys have been over, but Essence and Demesha haven’t. They said they were letting you three rests,’
“Oh!,” I said a bit surprised, “Let me go see him then, before he flips of separation anxiety,” I laughed, “See y’all later,”
I made my way next door. As I approached I heard loud laughed and loud talking, when I opened the door and walked in, I followed the laughed to the dining room. There sat Druex, Michael, Chris and Shad. Joyce was placing more food on the table when she spotted me,
“Is that my baby girl?” I felt like she gave away my position in war.
“Hi,” I waved shyly. Chris turned around and was in front of me in a blink of an eye,
“Boo, why didn’t you call me? I would’ve picked you up,” he was now hugging me and pecking my lips. I shrugged not really thinking of an answer. He smiled, “Come sit down, we’re having a late-night dinner,” he said nudging me to sit down,
“Hey Key,” Shad greeted, “How are you?”
“Good, can’t complain. Happy to me home for a little bit.” He nodded,
“I hear you have a full day tomorrow?,” he added, “ Are you ready?,” I shook my head,
“Not in the least,” I replied, both my face and voice full of uncertainty,
“’You’ll be okay,” Chris said, repeating Omari’s words and actions.
We talked and are until we got tired. Turns out Karrueche is doing a photoshoot tomorrow which is why Shad is in town.

I snuggled up in Chris’ bed and turned on the television. Since I took a nap earlier I was wide awake. Chris decided to take a shower. I was beginning to become a little bored with television. I looked around his room and spotted his sketch book. I hopped out of bed to get it and a pencil and got back I bed. It has been awhile since I have drawn in here. I am taking up art next semester, but I just have to get these gen-eds out the way first. I decided to be a little elementary and draw Chris and my name in bubble letters with a heart encircling it. I did manage to make it abstract adding detail and variety. I was so into my drawing that I had not notice Chris was watching as he was getting dressed. He got in bed next to me,
“Wow baby, you did all that in thirty minutes?” he asked astonished,
“I was bored,” I explained with a sigh.
“Well its good,” he examined, “This is mine right?” he asked in a serious tone. He always wants my drawings.
“Yes, it’s yours,” I said giving in. He smiled,
“Can I finish it?”
“Sure, go ahead,” I handed him his sketchbook and pencil. He blew on the pencil and began adding his own bizarre touches to the drawing, “How do you see that?” I asked. He is somehow drawing it to where our names make a face.
“I don’t know, do you like it?” he asked still concentrating.
“Yes,” I answered truthfully,” but I think there should be some color added to some parts,” I pointed, “Like the one eye here and the end of the hair,” He nodded still trying to add his touch.
“Baby do you ever think about our future?” he asked out of nowhere. I was stunned for a second; completely caught off guard,
“Um, honestly you keep focused on what’s going on now that I barely have enough time to think about the future,” I joked, “but I do at times,” I admitted. He smirked at me,
“And what do you see?” He looked into my eyes. I breathed in,
“Well I imagine us married, you still doing singing career, I’m still drawing, and own a few art building and art centers,”
“What about a family?” he urged
“You really want to knock me up, don’t you?” I asked laughing,
“Uh yeah,” he said with playful attitude, “I want a family, don’t you?” He asked rubbing my stomach. I blushed,
“Yes,” I murmur shyly,
“Good, so when do you think you’d be ready to marry?” he asked as if this was a deal breaker,
“Um I don’t know,” I thought, “not that I’m not ready right now, but I don’t want to rush, but I also don’t want to wait too long. He nodded,
“So, not saying I’d do it now, but you’re basically saying it’s up to me when to ask?” he asked hopeful,
“Yes,” I replied cautiously, leaning back a little. He raised his eyebrow,
“I’m not going to do it now, Boo-key,” he stated, “but since you basically said you’d be ready when I ask, be aware, because I have a date in mind,” he said rubbing his hands together,
“I just got myself into some trouble,” I sighed,
“Oh Hush!” he grabbed my hand and pulled me onto him, “Stop being so scary nigga!” I wrapped my arms around his torso and buried my head in his abs.
“You’re so unpredictable, that’s why I’m so scary,” I felt him chuckle,
“That’s your excuse for everything, you should know me by now,” He kissed my hair and set the sketchbook to the side.
“I remember when I first laid eyes on you,” he started, and then gripped me closer to his chest, “I knew I wouldn’t be able to stay away from you. I don’t know if it’s possible but I may have fallen for you when we first shook hands.” I couldn’t do anything but smile, how is it that after all this time he could still make me weak at the knees, butterflies in my stomach, make me feel on cloud nine? “I won’t let anyone take you away from me,” I heard him whisper as if something crossed his mind; “I love you so much.”

::Chris’ P.O.V::
‘The Next Day’
My alarm sounded at 5 am. I quickly hit the ‘dismiss’ button. Our ride would be here in an hour so we had to get up. I notice that Keyairra and I were wrapped around each other. I really didn’t want to move, being that we are both comfortable, but I have to be the bad guy right now,
“Baby wake up,” I said rubbing her back. She groaned,
“Wake up Boo,”
“Uhm uh,”
“C’mon Boo-Key,”
“No,” she whined. I kissed her hair,
“C’mon baby we gotta get ready,” She rolled off me onto the bed,
“Five more minutes,” I shook my head, she usually doesn’t complain, but when it comes to sleep she will cry all day. I sluggishly rolled out of bed and walk to my bathroom

“I’m hungry,” Demesha said when we piled in the black SUV.
“I know Muff we’ll have breakfast when we get there.” Druex assured her. I notice that none of the girls are morning people as much as they used to be, they love their rest.
“God I hope this day goes fast,” Essence murmured. The ride there was mostly quiet except for when Tina briefed us on our schedule.

“Are these my leading ladies?” Collin, our producer, asked,
“Yes, gorgeous aren’t they,” Tina bribed,
“They’re perfect! The auditions were horrible,” Collin admitted, shaking his head, “Any way, my stars, there’s a full breakfast bar in the next room, help yourself. Hair and make-up in half an hour,” he announced.
“Oh my God, food!” Demesha yelled as they ran in the next room,

My scene was a pool scene, they’ve already done some shots of me singing and performing. I was sitting down reviewing it Keyairra came out. She’s wearing a white bikini with a white see-thru cover-up that drapped over her whole body showing one shoulder, and matching heels. Her bangs are freshly cut and instead of re-dying her shoulder length hair again they gave her blonde highlights. They sat her down next to me,
“You pick that out for me?” I whispered in her ear. She pursed her lips,
“Somehow, this was already picked out for me,” she inquired. I put on mu innocent look,
“Wonder who did that?”
“Alright Keyairra, we’re going to get some shots of you walking across the patio and pool. The horizon is perfect right now.”
“Okay,” was all she could say, but only I could hear the undercurrent of uncertainty.
“Alright, ready in five?” he asked. She just nodded, “Awesome!” when Collin walked away I stood in front of her,
“I’ll be right here, you’ll be fine,” I started, she nodded, “You look gorgeous Boo, just be yourself, you’re not trying to impress anyone but me,” She nodded her head again,
“Okay,” she was still nervous. I smiled and kiss her lips. They called her on set, and soon Collin yelled ‘action’. It took a few shots but she got the hang of it. Soon we were able to film together. We had fun with it just being ourselves and before we knew it, it was over.
“See that wasn’t so bad.” I said as walked off set.
“No, I guess it wasn’t.” I grabbed her hand,
“C’mon, let’s go to lunch, while the rest of them finish”
We changed and made our way to a local bar which also serves as a restaurant before hours. WE talked about our day and when she would be home for break again. Sadly I’ll be touring, but I should make it home for Christmas. As we were talking someone came and stood right in from of our table, we didn’t notice until the person spoke,
“I’ve been sitting there for ten minutes and you still haven’t noticed, Chris?” Keyairra and I looked up to see my ex,
“Robyn, what are you doing here?” I asked trying to keep my calm. She laughed,
“Same as anyone who wants a bite to eat,”
“You know what I mean, Robyn,” I replied sternly,
“I know you’ve had the pleasure of meeting my friends,” she said nonchalantly, “Why haven’t you gotten in touch with me? I know they sent you my messege.”
“Well you must not have very reliable friends, because I gave them a message to send back to you.” She laughed
“Well I just thought you were putting up a front for your friend here?” she reference Keyairra who had remained quiet,
“Keep my girlfriend out of this Robyn, what is it that you want?” Finally getting back to the point,
“Isn’t it obvious?” she asked. I just blinked at her, “I’m the one you left because I cheated on you, but you loved me so much and I you, Chris,” I rolled my eyes, “That’s right,” she smiled,” I want you back, and I’m jealous to know you moved on so quickly,” she finally admitted. I sighed,
“Robyn, do you really want to do through this? You know I’ll never come back to you so why go through this?”
“Everyone has a right to fight for who they love,” I looked at Keyairra who did not show an ounce of fear, indifference maybe, but definitely not fear,
“Robyn we really don’t have time for this, what’s it going to take to leave us alone?”
“You away from her,” she snarled, “I know what she is, and I don’t care that she wasn’t born that way. Her kind shouldn’t possess what she has. I’m surprised you haven’t gotten rid of her.” I could tell Keyairra was cautious now.
“I really don’t care what you think about her, you have to credibility regarding who I date or fall in love with,” I raised my voice, “So you can forget about me ever leaving her,” I grimaced, “I won’t think twice about putting you six feet under,” my face was red with fury, “I swear I will off you in two seconds and forget about you in the next if you lay one finger on her. Do. Not. Push. Me. Robyn.” Her lip trembled and her nose flared,
“Chris,” Keyairra caressed my arm, “She’s not worth it, she’s all words,” I looked at her then back at Robyn, “Calm down,” Keyairra soothed. I breathed deeply just as the waiter came back with our food, making Robyn step out the way,
“I’m sorry, but can you please give us the check and to-go boxes,” I asked,
“Of course,” he scurried back.
“Well obviously I’ve over stayed my welcome-“
“You were never welcomed,” I cut her off. She looked at me,
“All I have to say is I want you away from her, meaning no longer together, broken up, or I won’t stop bothering you” What she turned on her heel and walked off.

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Adding soon.

how they jus gon make them be in they video lol..but dang dru is like soooo sweet to deme..he treats her so good..shoot i wud be spoiled too...he made her that way lol..RUN IT!!

I love how this store doesnt have drama, but it still makes you wanna read it because of how sweet it is!!

I love theyre lil powers somtimes, like how Dru knew Demi wanted him and then he knew she was thinking about distancing herself from him, and he aint like it one bit lol. So the boys want the girls in their video I cant wait to see how this goes. Esp, with them procrastinating about it. RUN IT!!!

lol they silly run it

::Demesha's P.O.V::

It's the middle of the weeak and I'm bored. I'm done with my homework and extra things I've needed to get done and I've ran out of things to do. I guess I could watch some TV since Druex and the boys are in the kitchen discussing their tour and rehearsals over the phone with Omari, Trey and Tina.

I grew bored of TV after an hour of Spongebob, and got up to walk to my room. The faint smell of something delicious coming from the kitchen doesn't go unnoticed as I walked upstairs. As I walked through my bedroom door, Druex has his cellphone wedge between his ear and shoulder, and he his retreiving something from his bag; his music book. He puts his bag back in his closet as I make my way over to the bed and lie down. Druex looks up and gives me a faint smile,
"Yeah, I'm still here visiting Demesha. Not leaving until this weekend," he says into his phone, "No! practices and recordings start next week, then touring starts in 6 weeks. We have plenty of time." He sets his music book on the bed and mounds on top of me bringing his face close to mine, "Hold on, T," he takes his phone from his ear, "What's wrong Muff?," I blush and shrug, "Bored?," he asked.
I nod.
"Well as soon as I'm finished working I'll give you my undivided attention okay?"
I blush crimson and nod.
He smiles, "So beautuiful," he kisses me then puts the phone back to his ear, "I'm back, T," he looks at me quisitively then after a beat he speaks again, "Any word on a lead for the video? I see. Let me know what the plot and scenes are. I think I have someone in mind," he kissed me again and then clambered of me, grabbed his book, and walked out the room winking at me before he dissapeared.

I blush again for the third in less then five minutes. He always makes me feel mushy inside, butterflies fluttering all through my body.

After dreaming about being at a beach resort somewhere in the south of France, Druex massaging every inch of my body, I decided take a dip in the pool. Its almost seven-thirty, and I figure this will be a good time to get some exercise in. We've pulled the ceiling over the pool since its starting to get cold, so know its an indoor pool. I put on a bikini then wrap a towel around me. Walking to the pool I have to walked passed the guys in the kitchen, who are still discussing business, I don't see Druex's face but I'm pretty sure he's looking. I can feel it.

I finish fourty laps before I hike miyself on the edge of the pool to calm my breathing. After a minute or so I stand up to make my way over to the jacuzzi. I press a couple buttons and watch as the jets form massaging bubbles. I slowly clamber inside the tub realizing how cold I am. As I settle in I feel a sense of relaxation and lay my head back closing my eyes. All of a sudden I feel needy. I want my Dru Bear, he would make me feel on cloud nine right now. I think its because he treats me like a spoiled princess that I'm starting to act like one. Is that a bad thing? I've been told that you can't be depended on a man, but its hard when he wants to do everything for you. Honestly, I don't know how Jazmine doesn't want it. Now look at her. I sigh, I can't wait to see her this weekend. Make sure she's alright. Anyway, I still see her point of having some kind of independence, I have to do something for myself. Maybe I should weine myself from Druex, Oh dear, he's not going to like that. I smile at the thought. I imagine him looking at a lost puppy seeing as though he doesn't know how to do anything else but ake music and take care of me.

I feel my body tuning into a familiar presence as it nears me, "What are you laughing at, Muff?," he asks.
I open my eyes to see him bent over, his face inches away from me, "You," I mouth,
"Me?," he smirks, he rises and I notice that he's in his trunks. I turn around to look at him upright, "Why are you laughing at me?,"
I shrug,
"Are you done working?," I completly ignore his question,
He narrows his eyes, "No, but I felt that you needed me so I'm here. Why are you laughing me, Muff?," his voice cresendoed into a small whine.
I giggle then turn to walk to the other edge of the tub to look at the evening hues shine through the class ceiling. I feel the current of the waves push stronger against me letting me know Druex had entered the tub, he taps my shoulder. I turn around and he grabs my waist firmly and pulls me to him, he kisses me deeply. The sound of my the flushing water around us and his lips smacking mine somehow turns me on. I wrap my arms around him and fall limp in his arms. He stands firm and embraces me with his strong arms, one of his hands tangled in my curly hair. His other inches closer to my behind and finally squeezes it. I moan squirming in his arms, he kisses me even deeper bending backward a little. He finally pulled away his lips still lingered on mine. I finally opened my eyes, his hooded ones looked directly in mine, "Papi, what was that for?," I whisper,
He gripped me tighter, "Don't even think about putting anykind of distance between us. You know I don't like it when you run from me. You're MY princess, got it?," he said sternly.
"Yes," I answer breathlessly,
"Good," he stands me up, my hands slip to his biceps, "I love you,"
I smile, "I love you too," I hug him. Oh my, he makes me feel so cherished.
"You know I'll do any and every thing for you, right?,"
I nod,
"So why are thinking about running from me?,"
I smile rolling my eyes, "Its not what you think, I was just imagining what it would be like if I wasn't so attached to you,"
"So you WERE thinking about it," he mutters sadly, but I know he's playing.
I lift my head to look at him, "I was thinking about it but not actually doing it, Dru Bear, that's two different things," I emphasize with my fingers.
"So, you've thought about it, and I don't like it," he pouts.
"Aw papi, Hunnie's not going anywhere," I console him.
His lips pucker, "Can I get some Hunnie tonight?,"
"Nope," I say and pull away from him, getting out the jacuzzi.
"Baby its been two days, please I need a hit, I'm tweakin'."
I reach for a towel but before I know it, he's grabbed it before me and wrapped it around my whole body, arms included. He's arms are hugging me tight, "I need my fill of you, Deme. Do I need to take it?," he asks,
I shake my head, "You're just being dramatic? You don't need it." I say wiggling out of his arms.
"Okay, you've been around Essence way too long,"
I laughed as I walk inside, I grabbed a robe before going in the kitchen to see everyone eating, "What's for dinner?"
"Chicken Alfredo,"Keyairra says.
"Mmm, sounds good!" I run up to my room to put on some sweats and a t shirt, then make my way back to the kitchen. Druex is now sitting at the island, talking with everyone while fixing a plate.
"So you think Bow will joins us toward the end of the show?" He asks just as I sit down next to him. He places the plate infront me.
"Yeah, you know he always comes through. Just let him know ahead of time." Chris says the digs into his food.
After I say my grace I dig into mine too, I realize I'm famished. As I'm eating, I can feel Druex looking at me.
"So girls, besides going to visit Jaz, y'all have any plans this weekend?" Michael asks.
We frown, confused, but also knowing that we're about have a pact weekend.
"No," we all say cautiously.
Like the brothers they are they all smirk, "Well good, because y'all are going to be in a video." Michael announces.
Keyairra starts choking as Essence and I look at him crazy.
"Whose video?," Essence asks rhetorically,
"Ours, y'all know the song we got out together, we decided to do a video," he explains.
"I'm not about to be in nobody's video," Keyairra says through her coughing fit.
"Yes you are," Chris says
"So we don't get any say-so in this?" I ask looking at Druex.
He nods his head from side to side as if considering the situation, "Pretty much," he smiles.
"Well that's not fair," I mutter.
"Plus I just got this tattoo, and it still hurts," Keyairra explains to Chris,
"Y'all will be fine, trust us," Chris assures.
Essence snickers and rises from the island, "Well, I'm not going to be in a video," he pushes Michael head as she walks out the kitchen. Micheal quickly jumps from his seat to chase her. We could hear her dash up the steps, "Bring yo ass here!" Michael calls after her.

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Loveeeee, this story. RUN IT!!!!

Lol poor Jaz ! I bet she learning her lesson

Trey and Ana are just the cutest.

Runn It !!

run it

Lol good add!!


Trey and Anastasia are too cute, theyre having a baby and Trey is so nuturing and attentive to all Anastasia's needs love him for that. He's so excited to be a dad thats soo good to see.
OMG Jazz has bullemia, that so sad, Im so glad they found out and Im glad Omari s staying on her making sure she's right. She does need to learn how to love herself and be confident in who she is, and Omaris the man for the job to let her know how great she is.


::TREY'S P.O.V.::

Anastacia's laughs has I place kisses all over her pregnant belly. She's eating her favorit snack; chocolate icecream cover with pickled juice and graham crackers.

She came over to stay the night with me after work.

"Did I kiss you right there?" I pointed to a random spot know I've kissed her everywhere. She shook her head 'no' while grinning. I places soft butterfly kisses where i pointed then rested my head on her belly, "TJ,I can't what to meet you." I whisper.
Anastacia rubs her head on my head, "We got four more months, baby."
I cheesed, "I know and I'm so anxious!" I kissed her belly again then looked up, "Damn bae, was it good." I asked while taking the empty from her and placing on the nightstand.
"Yes. You know I can't have those often." She shifted so that she can sit up right against the headboard.
When she got settled I moved down toward the end of the bed to her feet. I began massaging one, "Look at these boats! I teased."
She laughed, "I know right?! Ugh! I'm going to have to get some comfortable shoes."
"We can do that bae, maybe when we do somemore baby shopping this weekend."
"That'll work. Oh, hold on a sec bae. I gotta pee." She laughed, "This while be the 50th time today it seems like."
I smiled and helped her off the bed, I smaked her butt as she walked to the bathroom, "Stop it Trey, I already told you. None tonight. I'm already tired." She playfully warned.
"Since when have I ever cared how tired you are. If I want it, I'mma get it." I spat back and laid back on the bed.
She rolled her and walked off. I laughed. I loved Anastacia pregnant. I like seeing her waddle I like making her, her favorite snakes, i love rubbing her belly, I just love her. She's not one of those needy pregnant women that complain about everything. She's very self sufficient, I like that she is, but I always love doing things for her. She's carrying my child, why not do everything for her. And she's a business women, I have to pick up the slack somewhere.
Anastacia comes out the bathroom and changes into some pajamas, "Are you hungry?" She asks.
I nod, I'm starving actually.
"C'mon." She waves me out the door. We walk downstairs and into the kitchen, "How about we make a pizza?"
"We?" I ask, skeptical.
"Yes, we. You need to enhance your cooking skills, sir." She said ending her sentence on my lips.

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Anastaci's laughs has I place kisses all over her pregnant belly. She's her favorit snack. Chocolate icecream cover with pickled juice and graham crackers.

She came over to stay the night with me after work.

"Did I kiss you right there?" I pointed to a random spot know I've kissed her everywhere. She shook her head 'no' while grinning. I places soft butterfly kisses where i pointed then rested my head on her belly, "TJ,I can't what to meet you." I whisper.
Anastacia rubs her head on my head, "We got four more months, baby."
I cheesed, "I know and I'm so anxious!" I kissed her belly again then looked up, "Damn bae, was it good?" I asked while taking the empty bowl from her and placing on the nightstand.
"Yes. You know I can't have those often." She shifted so that she can sit up right against the headboard.
When she got settled I moved down toward the end of the bed to her feet. I began massaging one, "Look at these boats! I teased."
She laughed, "I know right?! Ugh! I'm going to have to get some comfortable shoes."
"We can do that bae, maybe when we do somemore baby shopping this weekend."
"That'll work. Oh, hold on a sec bae. I gotta pee." She laughed, "This will be the 50th time today it seems like."
I smiled and helped her off the bed, I smacked her butt as she walked to the bathroom, "Stop it Trey, I already told you. None tonight. I'm already tired." She playfully warned.
"Since when have I ever cared how tired you are. If I want it, I'mma get it." I spat back and laid back on the bed.
She rolled her eyes and walked off. I laughed. I loved Anastacia pregnant. I like seeing her waddle I like making her, her favorite snacks, I love rubbing her belly, I just love her. She's not one of those needy pregnant women that complain about everything. She's very self sufficient, I like that she is, but I always love doing things for her. She's carrying my child, why not do everything for her. And she's a business women, I have to pick up the slack somewhere.
Anastacia comes out the bathroom and changes into some pajamas, "Are you hungry?" She asks.
I nod, I'm starving actually.
"C'mon." She waves me out the door. We walk downstairs and into the kitchen, "How about we make a pizza?"
"We?" I ask, skeptical.
"Yes, we. You need to enhance your cooking skills, sir." She said ending her sentence on my lips.

She told what ingredients to get, in all, she basically bossed me around telling me what to get, what to do, how to knead the dough, make the sauce. The only thing I got to do was pick what topping went on the pie, but even then she showed how to chop the meats and veggies. Only thing she's done is take pictures and post them on twitter and instagram.
"Looks good, babe." she took a pic of me and my creation, "Lets put it in the oven and see what happens and if its edible."
I smiled with a sense of pride, thats the first time I've made something from scratch.
While the pizza was baking Anastacia showed me how to cut up some fruit and make an actual fruit punch, which was more delicious than the koo-laid brand.
"God I can't wait to marry you!" I say drinking some of the kool-aid. She laughed shaking her head, "I'm serious! After you drop TJ be prepared."
I cheesed some more, "We'll be renovating the restaurant in a few weeks, hopefully it'll be done before TJ comes. If not, my mom will take care of it."
I knew she was trying to change the subject, but I couldn't help but press it, "Married with a business at age 19. Mmm that sounds nice doesn't it?"
She perced her lips trying to stifle a smile.
"And her husband is a famous entertainer." I sang, wrapping my arms around her, squeezing her tight.
She finally released her giggling fit.
"Yeah, that's going to be a nice life." She finally admitted through her fit.
"Damn right!"

The pizza finished about 30 minutes later, we let it cool, and after Anastacia took a picture of it we both shared a big slice. To my surprise it was really good.
"I might put this as a specialty at the restaurant."
"Yeah what do you want to call it?" she asked taking another bite.
"Hmm..." I thought, I rubbed her belly, "Angel's Pie."
I smiled, "Your so corny! But since you made it, Angel's Pie it is. I'll make it a tuesday special for kids."
"Sounds good to me." I say pleased.

Just then we heard the door open and shut.

"C'mon Jay Baby talk to me." Omari pleaded.
Jazmine didn't say anything she just went downstairs to their room.
"No luck?" Anastacia asked.

::Anastacia's P.O.V.::

Omari sighed, "No, I don't know what the problem is. Everytime we go, Jazmine just freezes up and won't say anything leaving me there to make decisions, but I don't want that."

I shook my head.

"And then she won't talk to me, let me know what she's feeling. Its driving me nuts. That's one trait I wish she never had. She won't let me in on her feelings, I'm about to be her husband for God's sake!" He raised his voice at the end then plopped down on the couch.
"Hey bro, it's going to be okay," Trey assured, "Jaz is crazy about you, she's just having a little trouble with this, that's all."
I shook my head again, I wasn't having it. Jazmine always did this to Omari. He wants to give her the world, and look at how she treats him. All he's asking is to let him know how she feels, what she likes and doesn't like. I honestly don't see how Omari deals with it day in and day out. He worships the ground she walks on but she's so damn prideful she can't see it, or she does and is just being stubborn.

As Trey consoled his cousin, I went downstairs to have a few words with Miss Pride. I walked into Omari's room to see her sleep in bed.
"Jazmine," I called out. She didn't respond. I walked over to her to shake her awake, "Jazmine, wake up!" I say a little annoyed. I nudged her a bit harder that her body fell limp on the floor, "Jazmine!"

::Jazmine's P.O.V.::

I woke up feeling sore all over, my throat is really dry and I feel a bit light headed. I looked around. Where am I?
"Jazz!" I heard a familiar voice.
"Momma?" I croacked.
"Oh Jazmine, thank God!" she cried.
"What's going on? What happened?" I asked confused.
My mom stilled cried on my shoulder, not answering me. I just held her and told her everything would be okay. After her weeping she looked me with concern.
"Jazz, what's going on with you? Why'd we have to find out this way?"
I frowned, "Find out what, what's going on?"
She stepped away from me to grab something, when she came back she sat my purse beside me and opened it, I looked inside and gasped. Tears welled up in my eyes,
"We've also found things in your closet and drawers. Omari's worried sick out you. You two need to seriously talk and don't push him away. Talk to him!" she said sternly, "He blames himselfs for what your doing and ending up in the hospital. Stop doing that to him! Do you want to lose him again?!"
I looked at her as silent tears streamed down my face, "No," I whisper.
"Then dtop hurting him! What hurts you hurts him! Have you not put two and two together yet? Stop acting like you're in this relationship by yourself!" she was almost shouting now.
In the back of my mind, I'm thinking I'm in a freaking hospital bed, can she stop yelling at me, but I know its just of love and fear.
"Hello," she said after putting the phone straight to her ear, "Yes baby she's up. Are you on your way? Okay. I agree and understand, this is ridiculous..."
By her tone I know who she's talking to, and he's also pissed at me. I'm in so much trouble.
She hung up after saying her goodbyes, "He's on his way. Do. Not. ignore him!" she says, giving me her stern look. I nodded, and she kisses me on the forehead and walks out getting a nurse.

Twenty minutes later Omari walks in as I am watching TV. I turn to look at him just as he's walking over to me to set down whatever he's carrying to hold my face and kisses with rough passion. I put my arms around his torso as he gives his punishing-mixed-with-love kiss. After a minute or so he pulled away from me, he looks into my eyes, "Talk," he simply says. I look back at him and clam up, "No don't you dare do that, you've got some explaining to do. And I wanna know right now. Don't expect us to leave this hospital until you tell me what's going on." He warns. HE takes the bag he sat down on a chair and pulls it up right beside me. He opens the bag an takes take out containers that contain a few sandwhiches then pulled out some Lay's Classic Chips and a small bottle of hot sauce; my favorite launch. He looks up at me, and I notice that I haven't said anything, "Start talking, Jazmine."

"Where do I start?" my voice sounds small.
"You can start by why are we in here?" he asked referring to the hospital and what they've discovered.
I squirmed uncomfortably, I really didn't want to talk about this.
"You're going to tell me what's going on Jay, there's no way around it." he says almost like he can now read my thoughts, but I know its because he knows me so well.
I lay back on my pillow defeated, Omari sat up placing a container on the bed, and began dressing one sandwhich.
"My insecurities came back," I finally spoke.
Omari scoffs, "I figured that much," he says not looking at me, "Why?,"
I shrugged.
"Jazmine," he warned
I sigh, "I just," I stumble, "Shantelle just got me thinking about women like her." Omari frowns not understanding, "Women who throw themselves at men who are taken."
He closes his eyes and leans back in his chair, letting his head fall back and wiping his face, "Why God?," he mutters, "Why have I fallen in love with a beautiful, stubborn, insecure, woman." he sits back up with his head in his hands. He looks worn out. And that's when I notce that I do drive him mad, and he's not going to leave me because he can't because he loves me too much.
"I can't leave, Jay." he says.
"I know-"
"Do you?," he looks at me, "I don't think you know how attached I am to you," his eyes water, "Matter of fact, you wouldn't know because you won't talk to me! You wanna know why you feel insecure when other women come around?"
I look at him.
"Because you're f***ing human!," I gape at him, he's really mad at me, "For the love of God, you don't think I see these other men looking at you, or do you even notice them looking at you?" he laughes, "Of course you don't, because you walk around with your head in work or school mode, which is fine, but..." he trails, closing eyes, "I'm here now Jay," he says a bit calmer, "you took a chance on me and I'm trying to prove myself, but I can't if you don't communicate with me. And to see you here it makes me think that I caused this. Do I cause you do to what you do.
I shook my head violently, "No you don't," I sigh, "I guess I just fell victim to the pressure of the insecurity. I want to stay beautiful and fit for you, for as long as I can." I try to blink away my threatning tears, "Omari I'm not going to look like this forever."
Omari shook his head scoffing, "Jazmine, neither one of us are going to look like how we are now," he smiles a but, "Jay, I fell in love with you not your looks. Your looks just lured me in and they're a bonus to the person I fell in love with." he kisses my forehead and sat upright in the chair again. He opened the bag of chips, "Besides, if I judged you by your looks, I probably would have left your pumpkin face a long time ago." he joked.
I smiled. he was referring to my cheeks, "Hey, it's not my fault I have big cheeks," I pout.
He leans in bringing his mouth to the side of my face, "It don't matter, there my cheeks now anyway, and I dare you try to leave and takes these away from me again." he says biting down making me giggle, "Mmm, takes yummy." I giggle again, "I love making you smile! I feel a since of victory when I do."
I frown, "Why?"
"Because you do that all the time," he answered.
I release my face, "Oh, I'm sorry." I whisper.
"Its okay, I know its because you have a lot on your mind," he kissed my face, "But we're going to change that," he says.
"How?" I asked before opening my mouth to bite down on the sandwhich he's trying to feed me.
"Well we're going to signed up for marriage counseling," he looks at me. I nod hesitantly, "Then everyday when we come home or when we call each other we're going to talk to each other about our days or whatever. I want to be able to tell each other anything. I don't care what it is. Okay?" he askes, I nodded eating a chip covered in hot sauce, "Lastly, you're moving in with me."
I blink rapidly, "What?"
"Yes, I need to keep an I on you. Bullimia is serious Jazz, and I know you feel like you shouldn't be watched, but I just want to stop this at the pass."
I look at him, I know this is not up for arguement or discussion. And I know he can't take my word on me not doing this again, even though I don't plan on it, but I know I'll be tempted to do it, "Okay, I understand," I say looking down, realizing that this is a problem.
"Hey, Jay Baby, don't get depressed about it. If you just talk to me, I promise we'll get through this. Please, don't cry."
"I'm so sorry, Omari," I sob.
"It's okay baby," he hugs me squeezing me tight.

::Omari's P.O.V.::

::One Week Later::

"Okay, baby you ready?" I call for Jazmine
"Yes, I'm coming." she walks out the bathroom grabbing her purse on the way.

"Now when she gets here Jaz, I don't want to be the making all the decisions again." I warn.
She purses her lips and nods. I sigh and close my eyes, this is going to be a task. Over the past week, I've learned that Jaz doesn't know what she wants a the wedding so she's been letting me make all the decisions. Well, I'm sorry, she's going to have to start saying something, "Baby it's simple, the options that she has, just pick what you like and we'll arrange things from there."
"Okay," she breathed.
I shake my head, "Honestly, I hope you're not this difficult when we pick out a house." I smirk.
"Oh yeah, speaking of that," she turns to me, "Am I going to be able to help pay for it?"
I c**k my head and lower my eyelids, "C'mere," I say with my index and middle finger also.
She knew what I meant, "No baby, I was just asking." She whined.
I smile shaking my head, "No, you c'mere," she slowly moved my way, "closer," she moved close until our faces were inches away from each other. I put my right hand in her hair locking her head in place, "Do you need a re-cap of last week?"
"No," she whispered on my lips.
"Then let me take care of you." I say pushing her head toward mine making our lips connect.
"We're not married yet." she reminded me.
"You do need a reminder," I looked at her.
Her eyes shot up, "No, I don't-"
"Yes, you do, because you don't know when to let go."
"Baby I was just sayin-"
"Yeah I know, and I just going to remind you later." I retort.
She pouted, "Baby, I'm still sore."
"Well you should've thought about that before you let that smart mouth get the best of you. Obviously I ain't make it sore enough." I straightened up when I saw the wedding planner making her way inside the restaurant, "You stay quiet, it'll be worse tonight."
Her eyes filled with worry and excitement, what I was aiming for, "Let's here you not talk now."

RunIt!!! I'm glad your back!!

Them hoes got treated lol. Thats why I love Chris, Mike and Dru theyre all about theyre babies. It was cute they got to see them do theyre thing in class and they carried theyre things like nice gentlemen Aww I love them. Rhianne better stay away from Chris if she knows whats good for her.LMAO Chris made Key loos her voice after all that sexing they did ha. RUN IT!!!

lol hoes these days..dang veronica and ciara was too bold aint nobody gay they jus aint wanna catch nothin from yo nasty a**! there are some faithful ppl still in this world ya kno lol..i would be so embarrassed if i was them..smh..and rihanna betta stay away..they gon learn to stop messing with folks men!

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Hahaha they handled them dust buckets well
Run it!!!

::CHRIS' P.O.V.::
the next morning I got Keyairra I ready for the day. She was grumpy and a little irritable, but I ignored it. I wouldn't feel right if she missed her classes because of my selfishness, so I bathed and dressed her, I'm cooking her breakfast while she does her hair and brushes her teeth.
She walked in the kitchen just as I finished making her plate of eggs, turkey sausage and toast. She sat down on at the island and laid her head on the surface.
"C'mon Boo eat something." I walked over to her and sat the plate down. I snaked my arms around her torso and pulled so she would sit straight up, "Look its your favorite." I said and kissed her on the cheek. I felt her smile and giggle a bit then she grabbed her toast and sausage to start making a sandwhich. I cheesed and grabbed the jelly out the fridge and poured her some orange juice.
After she started eating I made me a plate and a glass of milk and sat beside her, "I miss waking up next to you." I say, making her smile again this morning. She didn't say anything, then again, she couldn't say anything because her voice is horse do to my 'roughness' last night. I won't rub it in her face, because she looks pretty tired and I want her to focus on school.
Everyone else came downstairs to eat breakfast, then we were heading out the door a half hour later. We arrived on campus at eight-fourty, its not a long drive, but the girls said they don't like to rush going to their classes.
I carried Keyairra backpack to her first class with is College Algebra, to see her in her college element is a new look for her. Dressed her VSU sweats and hoodie, her hair pulled back into a ponytail, then putting on her reading glasses she really looked a college girl. I couldn't help but feel a since of pride; my college girl.
We walked into class which wasn't that big, maybe about 30-35 seats. Its a good thing we arrived early because students were already filling in. I followed Keyairra to the back, she had me sit in the very last seat in the corner while she sat infront of me. I handed her, her backback and she dug out her binder, book, and pencil. She had ten minutes before class started so she laid her head on her desk.
"Don't fall asleep, Boo." I playfully warned her.
She turned around and glared at me, and laughed and then took a picture of her. Class eventually started, I was totally blown away by what they were learning. I mean I graduated with a 3.9 but I don't know about this stuff. Keyairra seemed to be getting it just fine seldomly raising her hand for questions. Toward the end of class her teacher handed out their mid-terms. When Keyairra got hers back she turned to me with a happy face, "Look!" she said barely above a whisper. She handed her test to me and it said 198/200! My baby got an 'A'!
"That's great baby!" I whispered back. She jumped back around in her seat still jittery about her good grade. I took a picture of it and posted it to twitter and instagram with: "My Baby @KeyTayBrown gotta an 'A' on her midterm #proudboyfriend.
Class dimissed and we headed to her next class, Environmental Science, then after that was General Psychology. She got an 'A' in Psych, but she was pretty upset when she got a 'B+' in Science. I still took pictures of them and told her I was proud of her.
She finished her classes by twelve-fifty, I followed her to the student union where we waited for Demesha and Essence to come back with my brother so we can go get some lunch. We sat down on the couches and we started talking until I noticed someone familiar. When I realized who it was i tapped Keyairra shoulder.
"Boo, you know Rihanna is here?" I asked concerned.
She shook her head and asked where.
"She over there talking to a professor I think." I answered.
She shrugged, "I don't really come on campus, I know a select few people." her voice was starting to come back.
"Hmph! I don't trust her ass. Baby, whatever you do stay away from her, because I know she's going to try something. Especially, she's a paleden."
"Trust Pooh, I know to keep my distance. She doesn't know about my powers anyway, plus I haven't used them in months."
"Boo, she's going to find out, and when she does, you'll know what to do. I'm just worried that she'll start some unnneeded drama. I know she is, that's just how she works."
Keyairra just nods, understanding my concern. She cuddles against me and I hold her close.
"Glad I came today." I say to try and lighten the mood.
She giggles, "Me too."
"Hey y'all!" Demesha's chims from behind us. She followed by Druex, Essence and Michael.
"Hey." I respond while Keyairra just waves. Essence and Micheal sit next to us on the couch and Demesha and Druex sit on the ajacent to us.
"Man, I can see why y'all are so tired. All that damn walking because each class has me wore out." Michael said.
We laughed and talked for a bit before getting up and going to the food court downstairs and talk somemore. Demesha has volleyball practice so Druex went with her while the rest of us went to the library so the girls can do there homework. Which was coo because Michael and I could catch on some e-mails from Tina about our performance dates and rehearsals that would start next week.
As we were doing that we noticed few girls that would frequently pass us. Keyairra and Essence were getting help from tutors across the library so they didn't notice then.
"You see these chicks man?" Michael whispered.
"Yeah." I answered.
"Are they not...getting on your nerves?" he said agitated.
"Yeah." I say again irritated my self.
"f***! one of them coming over here."
I sighed, I really don't want to deal with this, not while I'm trying to visit my girlfriend.
"Hey, I'm Ciara, and this is my sister Veronica." she introduced.
"Hey." we both said in monotone.
"We know who you guys are, its crazy that you guys are here, " she smiled.
I gave her an akward smile back. I glanced over at Keyairra and Essence and they were both smirking at us.
"Yeah, um we were kind of wondering if we could hang with you guys tonight, you know, after you ditch your girlfriends." she said seductively.
Michael and I both exhaled deeply. Hoes, I tell you.
"Y'all really got some guts, huh?" Michael cheesed.
"I mean, hey, just wanted to be honest and let you know our intentions-"
"an while that's perfectly fine, we're not interested."
"What do you mean not interested?" Ciara said with attitude.
"Exactly what I say." I spat back.
Ciara turned to her fiend smacking her lips and rolling her eyes, "See I told you Veronica, they must be gay."
"Gay?" Michael chuckled.
"Yeah gay," Veronica finally spoke, "ain't no way a straight man gone pass up pussy that's being thrown at them."
"You can think we're gay all you want, but we have women that beg to differ." I say, really enjoying this convversation now.
"Those cover-ups y'all call girlfriends?" Ciara asked rhetorically, "Please, we know better, and I've seen way better."
I stiffle a smile, as Keyairra and Essence walked over to us with their bags ready to go.
"Hey Ciara, Veronica." They both greeted.
"Hey." Ciara and Veronica greeted back.
"I see you guys have met two of the school whores?" Essence chimed, as Micheal stood and took her bookbag.
"Yeah, they've come to the conclusion that we're gay." I say also taking Keyairra's bag. I kissed her face multiple times making her giggle, then she turned around to face them.
"Yeah, I'd watch out for them y'all. Cause ain't now way I reall man is going to pass on easy pussy." Ciara warned.
"Well I'd have to disagree, because if I told him that we're doing it on the floor right now, I'm pretty sure he'd go for it." Keyairra explained.
My eyes widen, "Really, Boo-"
"Nooo, Pooh!," she cut me off, "I'm just giving an explaination." she said exasperated.
I smirked looking the other way, "Just saying I wouldn't mind."
Michael and Essence laughed.
Veronica rolled her eyes, "Yeah right, frontin all day! Bet I there's a video out there somewhere, exposing all of your secrets."
"Oh there's a video alright." I say under my breath. Keyairra elbows me in the stomach.
Essence looks at Keyairra skeptically, and even though she's turned around I know Keyairra is blushing.
"Anyway Chris, I just thought we should let you know that Rihanna is on the look out for you."
I roll my eyes, "She's always looking for me. I'm not worried out her. Tell her not to start s***." I hiss.
"Damn she just wants to rebuild y'all friendship. She said y'all ended on bad terms." Ciara explained.
"How do you know that? Y'all bestfriends or something?" Michael asked, obviously remembering our past.
"Kind of, we hang out alot."
"Birds of a feather, huh?" I say indifferently.
They scoff, "Whatever Chris, anyway, you know she'll catch up to you, but she better not get the d*** before I do." Ciara adds seductively.
Keyairra laughes, the crazy is coming out, "Neither you or little miss Riri will never get what's mine." She reached back and gropes me, pulling me against her backside. Rubbing me I let out a small groan and wrap my arms around her and bite and lick the side of her lips. She knows I want to kiss her, but she is steady gazing at them.
I notice the two bold whores looking at me, "Hmm, so they're not gay, they're just pussy whipped." they laughed.
"Nah," Michael spoke up, "Being faithful and in love, somthing whores like you try to mess up."
They stop laughed looking dumbfounded, "Y'all have to take chances at getting good d***, with every person you f***. Imagine getting good d*** everytime, at your disposal." I co-sign.
They both shift uncomfortably, Michael and I help our special with their jackets and make sure they're ready to leave.
"What do y'all want for dinner?" Michael asks.
They look at each other, "We've all been craving some Italian." Keyairra says shyly. That shyness that turns me on. I bite my lip, "Okay, will fix it for you tonight," I bring Keyairra closer to me and grab the collar of her jacket bring her face closer to mine, "When will your shy ass learn?" She blushes then tries to bring up her hands to cover her face, I quickly grab her wrists, "Stop it, you know I love looking at you." I whisper. She still tries to pull away while looking down, "Okay Boo, you know I don't like you ignoring me, you better straighten up or we'll have another night like last night." I warn. She wraps her arms around me burying her head into my chest. I laugh, "Anyway, Ciara, Veronica we bid you good night,"Michael and I bow like courtly gentlemen, "and good look on your d*** hunt...Oh and tell Rihanna that if she knows what's good for her she won't f*** with anything that's mine."


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