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New To College '02-3

::Keyairra's P.O.V.::

As <a href=",r:27,s:0,i:207">I</a> drove further and away from him my heart began to ache, like it was being ripped apart from his arteries and veins. Tears began to flood my eyes. Now I know how Chris felt when he had to leave on tour for a month. I guess it's different when the tables are turned.

After driving an hour we stopped to get something to eat and stretched. We walked into a nearby Wendy's.

"Yeah ma, we just stopped for a few minutes to get something to eat and stretched, we have another hour and a half to go." Essence spoke through her phone.

"Okay, thanks for checking in. Let us know when you make it. You know Michael will flip if he hasn't heard from you." Latrice voice said through speaker.

We all laughed.

I wasn't long before we got into our cars and drove to the campus of VSU. We GPS the way to our house. The guys made sure it was close to campus, yet far enough that we couldn't be in any drama. Plus, they made sure we were by a near by grocery store. To say that these men are caring is an understatement.

When we drove up to our house, I was in comlete shock! This wasn't a house this was a <a href=",r:31,s:62,i:276&tx=91&ty=68">Condo</a>

We stepped put of pur cars not able to walk up to it.

"Are you sure this the right house?" I asked Demesha.

"Yeah, see." she showed us the address that matched the house, "this is what they gave us isn't?"

"Well that's it." Essence assured.

"I need to call Chris." I said about to pull out my phone.

"No wait until we get settle in."

I nodded "You're right."

Demesha used the key to open the door.

"Oh My God!" we all said in unision

This <a href=",r:17,s:26,i:166">place</a> was huge!

"Are you serious?" i whispered to no one in particular.

"Okay, I'm kinda scared to see what the kitchen looks like.

We walked down the hallway passed the stairway to the <a href=",r:5,s:59,i:212">kitchen</a> .

I laughed, "They are some nutcases!"

"I know right?!" Essence smiled, "hey look, they left us something on the fridge." There was an evelope tape to the door with a sticky note on it reading, 'We didn't want your food to spoil so plese go grocery shopping. We're sorry that we couldn't do it for you.'

Demesha smiled, "These guys!"

We laughed.

"C'mon lets go check out some more of the house."

We walked around the first floor discory that we have a <a href=",r:15,s:162,i:189">Study Room</a> , a <a href=",r:13,s:92,i:33">Game Room</a> , and a <a href=",r:14,s:125,i:111">Pool</a>

When went up stairs all three doors to the bedrooms were closed, but they had our names painted on them. We decided to split up and see what was on the of our assigned doors.

<a href=",r:42,s:82,i:93">::Demesha's P.O.V.::

I opened the door and immediately gasps at what I had seen. I walked <a href=",r:0,s:0,i:72">in</a> slowly taking this huge room with high ceiling. I walked over to the bed and felt across the soft comforter. When I sat down, i noticed something on my night stand; it was a 'Winnie the Pooh Hunnie Pot' I laughed at Druexs silliness then picked up the letter that was on the stand also.

'Hey Muff, I hope you like your room. I decided to keep it latino for my Latina Mami ;-) You pull back the curtains to get more light in your room, but when I get there, them curtains are to be shut and you better be naked, but you can where them red heels, you know that I like babe. We gone start from the <a href="">bathroom</a> have you up on the counter- Let me stop. But all jokes aside babe, i hope you like your gift, stay in the books, and don't party too hard. I love you! And when you get a break, its me you and that honey pot.'
-Love Drubear.

I couldn't stop blushing the whole time i read the letter. How can he make me all mushy inside and he's not even here? I thought to myself. i squealed throwing myself on the bed.

<a href=",r:41,s:145,i:197">Essence' P.O.V.</a>

When walked in my <a href=",r:1,s:24,i:128">room</a>, I don't know why, why i was immediately at peace. It smelled of apple cinnimon my favorite scent, I walked over to the bed and layed down. I turned my head and noticed that my night stand was covered with message oils, inscents and candles. I took the note that was on the stand and read it.

'Hey TygrEss, I know your about to fall asleep aren't. Well, that's what I was getting at when I deisgned this room for you. If you ever have a bad day at school or just need a place to calm down, hopefully this will help you with all the fire that needs to simmer down...but don't get it twisted, it's gonna ger reall heated when I come to visit you. Those messages oil, and candles ain't just for keeping you calm ;-) So get all the rest you can, you ain't sleep when I get there!

-Love TygaMan

P.S. Are we get done making love, we hitting up the <a href="">bathroom</a>, then walking on the make love again.

I bite my lip, he's so corny but I love his corny asx!.

::Keyairra's P.O.V.::

I walked in my <a href=",r:25,s:364,i:210">room</a> i instantly knew what Chris was doing. He was not going to let me live this down. I pouted and walked over to my bed. I the nighstand I saw a tablet that read Keyairra: 1 million Chris: 1 miliion and 1

"Goof ball!" i said out loud.

There was a note on the night stand, I picked it up and read it.

'Hey Boo, Bet you can't hide from me now, huh? Yeah, bae, I had to go with a glass design with you. You're going to learn to love that body of your. And when i get there, everybody gone see who I'm in love it. they gone see that gorgeous body. So get ready, Pooh gone lay it down!
Oh! And that <a href=",r:0,s:28,i:134">bathroom</a> is where the game is going to start. I wanna see try and get away from me in there. Imma let you go so you can enjoy your room somemore. Study we can play later! ;-)
-Love Pooh

I blushed so hard!!!!


RUN IT!!! I Already Know Whats Gonna Happen Tonight;)

:: Keyairras' P.O.V.::
About a month passed since the visit and even though I'm focused on school, I'm still trying to adjust to the transition of being here on my own. I got my sisters who are with me but being away from family was killing, especially since they were the people only I've been around my whole life. I decided to stay on campus to finish my homework. It was more quieter, not that our home was louder its just a lot of ditractions there. Around 10 pm I was nearly done with my last assigment when I got a phone call,
"Hey Key, you coming home soon?" Demesha asked worried.
I smiled, "Yes, I'll be done in about 15 minutes, okay?"
"Okay, we just checking, you didn't make it home for dinner."
"Yeah I know I'm sorry I had a ton of homework to finish, but I'll there shortly" I assured.
I walked the door and dropped all of my things on the floor. I was beat. I walked in the floor and plopped on the couch right in between Essence and Meme. They both snickered.
"Did you get everything done?" Essence asked.
I nodded to tired to speak.
"We made chicken enchiladas, if you're still hungry."
I popped and made a dash to the kitchen.

"Guys I really need an excuse to go home. Chris wants me to stay focused and my parents said I shouldn't come home unless I absolutely need to." I pouted.
"Girl first of all, we don't listen to our boy toys, so let's disregard anything Chris says." Essence answered pouring me some water. I chuckled while eating, "Second, if you're home sick just go home. I'm pretty you're parents wouldn't mind.
I nodded in agreement.
"And if you really want a reason to go home just call Stacia."
"Oh yeah that's right!" I said as matter of factly.
Friday evening I walked into the diner Stacia and Trey now owned. Its crazy because their business has tripled since the last owner, mainly because they added a buffet and Stacia added some of her repecies to the menu, their diner was booming. Well I'm here because Stacia could always use extra help on fridays because that's when they're the busiest. I walked in just before the rush.
"Hey girl. You ready. I know its been awhile since you've worked." Stacia asked wiping off a table.
"I'll be fine," I answered taking the towel, "you go in the back, you know Trey will kick your ass if he caught standing up."
She laughed walking to the back, "Okay, but wait until Chris catches you here."
I rolled my eyes smirking. I hadn't told Chris I came home. And I'm not going to tell him until after I helped out here.

After the dinner rush died down, I was going around the restaurant wiping tables along with with other employees. The bells on the door jingled signaling someone had walked in.
"Angel! Where are you baby!" Trey called out.
"Right here babe!" She answered wobbling out from the break room.
He smile and opened his arms waiting for her wobble over to him, he cheesed as she made her way over.
"Ugh, Trey you are so silly." Stacia laughed.
"I like seeing you walk, its cute." He admitted.
I shook my head and made my over to the cash register.
"Hey Key, Chris didn't tell me you visiting this weekend."
"Umm yeah, about that." I smirked.
"Oooo he's gone get you." He laughed.
"He'll be alright, I'll tell him later."
"I hope later means now."
"Huh?" I asked confused at his quick remark.
Just then the door open, we all the looked and saw him walk through the with Momma J. I cursed under my breath and quickly walked the other way hoping he didn't see me.
"Wassup y'all..." I heard him trail off.
I knew he saw me and he was about to be on me like white on rice. I focused on cleaning tables not aknowledging his presence.
"Hey boo."
"Hi." I said not looking looking at him.
He snickered, "you couldn't tell me you were coming home."
"Huh?" I acted like I didn't here him.
"Don't play with me boo." He turned me around, "You couldn't tell me you were coming?" He asked again looking into my eyes.
"Huh?" I said again nervous but covered it up with me smiling.
He smiled and bit his lip, "Okay boo you got 10 seconds to say something else other than 'huh'"
We were so into our momemt that I had notice he had back into the break room. He closed the door once we inside. Which made me even more nervous.
"Umm...see, what had happened was-" I began but he cut me off.
"Oh I want you to fix yo lips to lie me. Go ahead try me." He challenged me backing me up into the wall. He bit lip and gave me a look as to say 'i dare you.'
I laughed trying to hold him back with my hand, but he was already close, "okay okay okay, Pooh listen." I started in between giggles, " I just needed a reason to come cause I was a little homesick and I didn't tell you because I didn't want you to see me working." I finallly admitted.
He smiled and shook his his head. He picked me up and sat me on the table, and stood betweeen my legs. "
"Well since you want to sneak your way up here, I'm keeping your present I got you until you go back to school."
I frown and smacked my teeth, "That's not fair!"
"Well I was going to come visit you tomorrow so I could give it to you but you want to be sneaky so oh well."
I put my head down.
"Now don't be pouting," he said tapping my thigh "Gimme kiss kiss?" he asked. He put his finger under my chin lifting my face up making me look at him in his puppy eyes.
I grinned, "Just a little bit." I said softly.
"Just a little bit?" he mocked.
"Okay." he smiled. He leaned down and pecked on my lips. His lips were so sweet. Just as he was about to pull away I gently grabbed his hands with both hands and we indulged in a passionate, that sent chills up my spin everytime.

"Sorry for leaving you Momma J. You son snatched me up." I apologized then hugged her.
"Girl, I already know how he can be when you come around. He gets googley eyed all the time.
I laughed as Chris rolled his eyes and sat down across from his mom.
"So what can I get y'all?"
"I wanna try Stacia's fish dinner." Momma J answered.
"Me too." Chris said.
"Me three!"
"Me four!"
The two voices were coming from behind me, it was Michael and Druex. They hurry up and sat down but now before giving me a kiss on the cheek.
I laughed and rubbed my temple, "Now I know how tough it is dealing with one of them but x 3, Momma J, I really can't see how you deal with it."
"Girl a whole lot of practice and patience." she said looking at her sons laughing and talking loudly.
I just smiled, "I'll be back with y'all drinks."

As the boys and Momma J eat, I talked to Stacia at the register.
"So Glenn was up there with another man's boyfriend?"
"Girl yeah, our friend Diallo's boyfriend. He claimed that he was just visiting for Family and Friends weekend, but we all know the truth."
"Nasty ass, I heard he still talks to Jamare."
"Girl I don't wanna know about his life." I scrunched my face. I could Chris' lazer eyes on me. I looked up and true enough he was, 'What?' I mouthed.
He motioned for me to come over to him,'C'mere' he mouthed back.
I held up my finger telling him hold on.
"Girl just go over there, or he's going to keep bothering you." Stacia laughed.
"That boy doesn't want anything, plus he's going to bother me either way. That's what he does, he just wants my attention."
"Boo?" Chris said right on cue.
I looked at Stacia a look that said, 'See what I mean?'
"Yea, Pooh, what is it?"
"Can you come over my house tonight." He asked.
"I can't tonight babe. I promised I'd go to church with my parents tomorrow, but he can have me saturday night." I said talking to him like a baby.
He pouted, "Okay, well can I spent the night then?"
I shook my head, this boy is relentless, "Only if you go to church with us in the morning."
"Okay." he nodded, "I just have to get some stuff and I'll be over later."
He leaned over the counter and kissed me, then left out with his mom and brother.
'Damn he looks good walking away.' I thought to myself.

Run it!

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Lol I understand. Its called New To Da Block. It has a lot of typpos at the beginning but ppl really liked it!

Ok I'm hella lost. Lol I clearly missed the first story. What is it called so I can read it and not drive myself crazy lol


i dont remeber either run it


Man I Don't Remember Who You Are Talking About!!! RUN IT:)


Aww that crib is dope. And yay the boys are in town. Dru's badass dont mess with his woman lol. Hmm I wonder who dude is?, I forgot.

::Essence P.O.V.::

"Hey Essence!" I heard my flamboyant friend call me. He is the most cutest gay boy you could ever meet. He knew hour to dress and everything,he's a Theatre major so you know he's proper.

"Hey Diallo, how you doing baby?" I said hugging.

"I'm good girl, we need to do lunch 'cause I got some stuff to tell you!"

"Is it about Kaleb." his boyfriend.

"Giirrl!" I took that has a yes.

I laughed.

"Anyway, I checked online and we got an 'A' on the group project."

I breathed a sigh of releif, "Thank God. That was a tough assignment."

"Mhm..." he eyed the Michael sitting next to me, who was talking to Trey and Stacia, "Girl who is that? Matter of fact who is all these fine men in this row?"

I laughed, "Well the one right next to me is mine. The rest of then are my girlfriend's boyfriends."

"Really?" He said still eyeing them.

"Diallo stop, you know you only like white boys." I smirked.

"Girl listen, I don't mind some color."

We both laughed. The game was about to start.

"Aight girl let me get back over here," he stood, "and if you two don't workout send him my way."

I shook my head laughing.

After and exciting game, we won 42-28, I took Michael and him out the stands. We decided head back home since Daisy was getting and the boys were getting hungry. As we walked toward the exit I saw Diallo standing by the gate, he looked upset.

"Whats wrong?" I asked him.

"He looked up from his phone, "Kaleb over there talking to his 'friend' he invited this weekend." He rolled, "I just know thats the guy he been talking to; cheating on me with."

I looked over in the direction he was looking in, and I just chuckled. I tapped Michael shoulder and told him to look. He just shook his head.

"I mean to get in your business, but I think its best that you dumb your boyfriend. His 'friend' broke my sister,my brother and my baby's heart in one day through people we knew, and chances your boyfriend done already broke yours."

Diallo looked at me for conformation.

I nodded, "I'll tell you about over lunch, but dumb him boo."

He sighed and nodded as we walked off.


Y'all remember who that is?


"Demesha's P.O.V::

Saturday morning Essence and I cooked breakfast. We had to start early since there were 15 people to cook for and then we had to double that because the boys will eat everything.

"Muuufff." I heard Druex whine from the living room.

"Yeeees." I sang while mixing pancake batter.

"Come back!" meaning he wanted me to come lay down with him.

"I'm cooking breakfast, babe."

"Pleeese?!" He whined again.

I didn't reply and continued what I was doing, he'll get the hint. After awhile I heard him get up from the couch and walk down the hall to the kitchen. He spotted and walk over, I felt wrap his arms around me and him burying his face in my neck.

"Good morning."

"Good morning."

"Can I taste it?"

"No, when its time to eat you can have some."

'I wasn't talking about the food.' I heard him say in his head.

We both laughed when I pushed him off of me, "Got get washed for breakfast and wake up my mom and Daisy in my room."

"Aight babe." he tapped on the butt before going upstairs.

"Smelling good in here ladies!" Latrice said coming downstairs.

Essence greeted her, "Good morning momma, and we're just about done. How'd you sleep last night."

"Girl that bed of your is cozy. I got the best sleep, thats why I'm so energized now."

"Well you can thank him for that." Essence said, referring to Michael walking in the kitchen rubbing his stomach.

"Baby is the food ready?" he asked while hugging Latrice and kissing her on the cheek.

"Give us five minutes bae, okay?"

He walk up to her and peck her lips, "Okay, I'm going to get washed up then."

"You know, you he takes Ej with him while he's on tour?" Latrice said, after Michael walked out.

I chuckled, Really? why?"

"He says she's closest thing to Essence he has."

Essence made a pouty face, "Aw my baby. How is Ej doing anyway?"

"She's been good, you can tell she misses you, she sleeps in your bed."

"Oh wow!"

We talk until everyone came downstairs to eat. After breakfast everyone was dressed and ready to leave by ten-thirty. We three cars down to campus, luckily we got some fairly good parking spots.

"So what do y'all want to do?" I asked, "The football game doesn't start until twelve-thirty."

"It looks like they have the whole street block off over there, I think that's where they're tailgating." Keyairra answered.

"Well let's go, it looks fun."


While we were enjoying the festivities, we walked by the basketball players.

"Excuse me would you like to shoot a basket and when a souvenir." One of them asked.

"Sure."I shrugged I told Daisy to hold Druex's hand.

"Brudder can we go over there to the bouncy place." Daisy pointed.

"Yeah, c'mon. We'll be over there bae."

I nodded then took the ball from the player. I had three tried. I missed my first time. I laughed at my akwardness.

"Sorry guys, I'm not a basketball player."

"I know you're a volleyball player right."

I nodded, "Yeah." Not paying attention who was talking to me.

I tried again and missed, "Dang it."

"Its alright shawty, you get one last time." the same voice said.

The third I had stricked, I officially suck at basketball, I thought to myself.

"Its okay shawty, since you cute I'll let you get in ours games for free...If you give your number."

I sighed, I hate from dudes that, clearly he just saw my boyfriend walk away. I finally turned around and looked at him. It was the same guy from the beginning of the school year.

"No thank you." I said about to walk away. I knew Druex was listening from a mile away. That's way I had to leave before he lost his mind.

"Dang JD, freshmeat ain't checking for you." one of the ball players said.

'Freshmeat what the f***' I heard Druex say in my head. He was turned around watching Daisy.

'I know right?'

'Pussy niggas' we both said.

"JD you just gone let her diss you man, I thought you didn't get dissed." someone else encouraged.

"You damn right I don't get dissed, I don't know she think she is!"

Then I felt my arm get yanked and I was pulled backward.

"Listen you bit-" he was cut of by Druex punching him in the jaw. He was laid out on the ground.

He looked like he was ready to kick his ass somemore but I grabbed his face and turned it towards me. His face softened, "Baby calm down for me."

He took a deep breath and exhaled out, then over at the other players, "When he wake up, tell this pussy nigga to learn some respect for another man's women."

I smiled and grabbed Druex's hand before he spazzed out again. Before we walk off I heard one of them say, "Where did that nigga come from, I swear he was just over there watching that lil girl."

After walking off we went to go find the others. I could Druex was still mad.

"Baby calm down." I said gently.

"I'm trying babe." he said gripping my hand somemore.

We spotted the crew from at distance, we let Daisy runover to them.

I stopped making him look at me, "You I don't Like it when you're upset." I pouted, making my puppy face he always fell for.

"Muff stop, you know I can resist you when you do that." he whined.

I kept doing it.

"C'mon baby please?!"

I smiled and wrapped my arms around him making him smile finally.

"Can I get some suga now?" he asked.


"Ummm." he mocked me.

"See papi I was going to let you have it all, but now you a lil bit of suga." I said letting my thick spanish accent come out. That made him weak.

He gripped me bringing me closer to him, "Si mami."

aww they are to cute they gonna have fun this weekend ;) run it

Awww Their Sooo Cute...Sorry That I Can't Think Of Any Ideas!!RUN IT:)

awwww that's so sweet! run it

::Keyairra's P.O.V.::

After we got settled it was three o'clock, we decided to visit the campus then go grocery shopping.

While we were walking the campus, I got a text from Chris.

'Baby can we face-time?'


'Right now, I need to see your face! Please?'

'Alright Pooh, calm down.'

I pulled out my head phones then plugged them in. I put one headphone in my ear then tucked the other one in my shirt. Seconds later I see Chris calling me, I accepted.

"There's my BooKey!" he smiles, "Gimme kiss kiss!"


"Mmm, thank you Boo. What are you doing?"

I caught up with Essence and link my arm with hers, "We're just walking around campus trying to familiarize ourselves with it. Freshmen Orientation can only showed us so much."

"Oh okay, you think you're going to like it there?" He asked.

"I hope. As long as I can stay out of drama I'll be fine."

He nodded.

As we talked we walked into the Student Union. We approached a bullitin board that had all the organizations and sports that were available here.

"Look Meme, they have volleyball tryouts next week. You should do it?"

She nodded, "I just might."

"Are you girls going to pledge this year?" Chris asked, but I could only hear him.

"Chris asked if we are going to pledge this year?"

We shook our heads.

"I've decided to start that my sophomore year. I don't want to rush into things just yet."

We decided that we've had enough of touring the campus, so we headed back to the car to go grocery shopping. Plus, there was a lot of dudes staring at us. They looked like they were uperclassmen or maybe athletes. Either way, Essence didn't like it and of course she said something.

"Can I help you?"

"Naw you coo shawty, just checking y'all out." one of the guys said as he licked his lips, "Matter of fact, won't come and talk to us for second." waving us over.

"Pssh, whatever." I rolled my eyes.

"Niggas already trynna holla, huh?" Chris said.

I almost forgot we were face-timing.

"Yeah, glad we stay off campus. I don't wanna deal with any of that. Just go to class, maybe join an organization, and go home."

"You ain't gone party?"

"Maybe one or two, you know I don't like people." I reminded him.

He laughed, "But you love me, right?"

I smiled, "Always."

"Alright Boo, I gotta go. Gotta start rehearsing for these shows. We'll be down there in a few weeks for Family and Friends weekend."

"Okay, I miss you already." I pouted.

"Aw Boo, I'll be there before you know. Just focus on school. I love you."

"Love you more."

"aight, babe."

I disconnected with him, just as we got into Demesha's car. She drove to the near-by supermarket and loaded up on groceries. The guys left us more than enough for the whole semester. When we arrived home we put up the groceries and decided to put a pizza in the oven. After we ate the time was 8:30p.m. so we got ready for tomorrow since it would we'd have to get up early to get our books and scheduals.

::Two and A Half Weeks Later::

School is okay for the most part, it isn't too stressful and my classes arent that bad, this sememster. We don't talk to too many people, just classmates about projects and homework assigmnments. We go to the football games to get out the house on weekends. But honestly, we're really missing my family. At least I am. I talk to them almost everyday, I still haven't quite adjusted to the move; however, it is getting easier.

Well today is Wednesday which means the week is half way over and that also so means we're getting visitors this weekend! Friday everyone is coming down for Family and Friends weekend even Jazmine&Omari and Anastacia&Trey this is going to be so much fun! Jazmine and Stacia are coming tomorrow and everyone else arrives the next day.

So now we're getting everything ready for a full house.

"Omg! This is so exciting! Druex is going to be all over me!" she sighs, "I miss him something fierce."

"Girl hush! All of us miss our men." Essence said entering the room, "Now c'mon! We gotta go get these boys some snacks. You know they can eat!"

Thursday night rolled around and we got a knock on our door. We all squealed knowing who it was. We opened the door and we all screamed with excitement! We let them in.

"Damn, y'all wasn't bullsh!ttin when y'all said this was huge." Jazmine said.

"I know right, they tricked us!" I sat down with Anastacia and rubbed on her tummy,"When do you find out what you're having?"

"We could've found the last time we went to the doctor, but Trey wants it to be a surprise." she smiled, "Either way, the name we picked is going to be TJ for obvious reasons if its a boy or Tatzaya (Tah-zay-ah)-Joy if its a girl."

"I like Tatzaya, is that Swahili?"

"Well its actually a spoken language in Africa, one that's not been named. And Tatzaya is a spin off of the Japanese word Tatsuya meaning 'become dragon' basically saying 'accomplished one with wisdom and longevity'. So I just took the African version.

"I like it. Its pretty and different." I said.

We talked the rest of the night. Before we knew Friday afternoon was here. And we're setting up the pool area to have a little family pool party.

"Stacia go sit down! You know Trey will have a fit if he sees you standing." Jazmine said snatching the meat from her, "I know you wanna cook but we got it."

"Well I'm just trying to make myself useful. I feel like I'm being lazy." Stacia whined. She wobbled over to the pool area and sat on one of the lawn chairs.

About an hour later we hear the doorbell rang, Essence helped Anastacia up while the rest of us answered the door.

"Wassup!," Jazmine said sounding ghetto, "Y'all comin to da party?!"

Everyone laughed as they walked in and hugged one another. I just couldn't control my excitement when I saw him walking in the door. I soon as he saw me he bit his lip and opened his arms. I ran over and jump on him wrapping my legs around his waist. We kissed until we were out of breath.

"Aight, babe. I gotta save some for later. I can't eat you up right now."

I laughed and got off him, "I've missed you Pooh." I said like a five year old.

"I've missed you more." he imitating me. He put his forehead against mine and looked into my.

"She's got those eyes, those eyes That'll see right you. When she leaves then I, I wanna leave with her too..." he sang.

I started blushing really hard, so I covered my face. He grabbed my hands and put them around his neck, I tried putting my face down, but he lifted it up.

"Don't ever hide that pretty face from me, especially since I've waited three weeks to see it."

I smiled.

"You know I changed the title of that song."

"Really? To what?" I asked.

"Keyairra's Lullaby"

I blushed again, "Aw! Its fits because I hear it when you sing it and it puts me to sleep."

"You can hear me sing it?"

I nodded.

"Then I made the right choice."


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yay im soo happy this is a second part i love this story already run it

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this is good so far! run it