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CB has Cancer

Just heard this roumor ... If its true ??


Actually.. MELB, WUV - Australia .. lmaooo
I do not b**** about everything lmaooo..
Only stupidity, which you`re more than welcome to join..

FYI this forum section isn't the only one on the website, just the only one with stupid people in it that need correcting.

Do some research before you come at me BRO


Ohh and FYI - I`m not angry or hating lmaoo.. I am merely putting people in there rightful place

#Mad`Angry West District, AKL#
what the F**k is wrong with you???
all you do is Bi**ch about everything
cool down bro...

u guys thx for teaching me How To Fight on Forum in English :D lol
cuz am Indonesian haha ...
lets change the gear !! we should talk about his talent not illness :D
peace (y)



Please correct your spelling and use proper grammar you fuktard!

I pray to god that you die from cancer!!

Not what he said on twitter

Enough :D
Chris told me "Am good Broo!!! i just having a runnynose" :P

oh since chicks got something to say about what I post let me correct myself his current Gf is Karrueche Tran but he gets at Amber when hey hit the studio sometimes there is that better (: TeamBreezy all day nigga

Ok first off he asked me to put it on his blog page second Rhianna and his current GF Amber already know and idk you the f*** you think you are but i'm not the one soo shut the f*** up and stop the hating nigga lol bum ass b****es these days and anyway its skin cancer ya'll so i'm not sure if it's treatable but he'll get through it he is actually doing fine he was shooting videos last night and he took ms seven on a date so he's a strong playa just hang in there until there's more info about it oh and to the lil ugly b**** dissin my go play in NYC traffic lol you have been officially dismissed

THIS hoe is stupid, and yall are too for believing her lmaooo..
If Chris did have cancer and told this b****.. Actually why the f*** would he tell this hoe??

Kae, mama J, EVEN Rhianna ,, lmaooo .. but not her.. FYI if your an actual associate of CB - you wouldn`t put his business on blast..

so shut the f*** up and sit the f*** down

its not a rumor honey i got the info straight from him

I Just say if people believe rumors about Chris or any celeb for that matter does not have an life...


I hope so..

i'm not sure i'll ask him what his doctors are saying

is it treatable?

Made my day, lol

He does have cancer he just hasn't told any of his fans yet i talked to him a few nights ago and he said its stage 5 lymphoma

I don't believe it. If chris didn't say it then its not true :) he does not have cancer :) I love you chris <3

Seriously the only thing i have left to say to the haters is...
f*** UM ALL!!!

this has to be the most nastiest rumor I've ever heard about Chris. You can't play around with a serious disease like that and you DEFINITELY don't toy with chris's fans emotions like that; whoever made that rumor up well...I have no comment

only believe a rumour if Chris tweets it..

he only looks all skinny and that because he smokes too much weed lmaooo jokes...

It's just a rumor. I was looking for it on the internet and it is not true. I wish these tabloid websites would stop spreading these rumors. I personally don't belive anything a tabloid site says at all. The only way I know if it is true or not is if I heard it come from Chris' mouth himself.

OKE " ... :)

he can not have cancer it's impossible not him, it's a rumor

Noooo he can't have it :(
i don't believe it
it has to be a rumour!!!!