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Chris coming to D.C 2morra

Isnt he performing with everybody else on the Rus Parr Back to School Tour 2morra???


his tour need to come to the Dc. Md . Va area

I’m the epitome of this demonstration
I got the remedy
Ya feelin me
So why is you haten my anatomy? :()

Yeah they made him seem like BIG, as if he was going to be on every concert
But he only came to the Richmond show . . I guess because he didn't live far from there LOL

i kno i went..... i thought he wuz gonna b der tho, cuz on tha 93.9 website, they made it seem like he wuz gonna b @ more than 1 show

chec out my myspace page

that was only 4 the richmond show - i wish he would have come but it was b5,plies,young berg,cupid,alliance n sum otha ppl

~*Courtney B*~