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The 6th Sense [upd.03.21.13]

“I’m done; I can’t deal with this anymore.” Angel got up and tried to grab my hand, “Kita, just let me explain—“I pulled away from him. “No, you’re not going to drag me back to you this time.” He looked at me with tears in his eyes. “Don’t give me that look. I’m not falling for the lies. Just let me go.” <a target='_blank' title='ImageShack - Image And Video Hosting' href=''><img src='' border='0'/>I </a>grabbed my iPhone, headphones and keys. I’ve got to go for a run. “Please be gone by the time I get back.” I ran out of the house with tears streaming down my face. I don’t know why I always allow guys to hurt me. What am I doing wrong? Do I have to be a b**** to get respect? I just don’t know what it is. I put on my headphones and I just run.

<a target='_blank' title='ImageShack - Image And Video Hosting' href=''><img src='' border='0'/>I </a>was in the car riding around with my boo, we just left the studio. The entourage wants to go out and party tonight. You know I’m always down to party. “Babe, Seiko wants to know what time we rolling out.” I heard Karrueche talking to me but, my mind was somewhere else. I just saw this shawty pass by. “Bae, what time we rolling out?” She laughed and elbowed me; I laughed back and answered her.

I finished my run and just walked to the gym, some of my girls were over there. They were walking out when I got there. They were talking to me and I could hear words coming out my mouth but I couldn’t make out what I was saying. He just kept staring at me and I was flattered but I am through with men for a while. I was saying bye to the girls and putting in my headphones and I tripped over the curb and fell, before I could catch my balance all I could hear was tires screeching and people screaming.



My mind was still on that girl I saw earlier. I wasn’t paying attention to the road and someone was in the street. I couldn’t swerve, so I hit the brakes as quick as I could. I heard a thud. I put the car in park and hopped out. Karrueche was spazing out. I went to the front of the car and saw a motionless lump. Someone ran up behind me saying they called 911 and the ambulance was on the way.

What the hell is going on? Why is it so cold out? Where am I?

“Kita, It’s going to be alright.”

“Look what this punk did now.”

I could hear everything clear, but I couldn’t move, speak or see. I tried to talk. I tried to move.

“He killed her!”

Oh my Lord, what am I going to do. I don’t know what made me reach out but I did. I pulled her hair back off her face and my pulse sped up. It was her. I touched her face and I felt her move.

I can feel my feet, and my legs. I tried to talk but it came out as a cough. I opened my eyes and even amongst all the chaos all I saw were these beautiful brown eyes and adorable freckles, then I heard the sirens and felt the darkness τακεονεя♥™


That album is great don't judge me is like my fav song anyway

What the goy the connection like the movie Hanc**k lol they can feel each other pain awww
Kae ginna be hurt when she found out what's going on
Zamb zadddyyy is right nigga giving up black cards I need him in my life


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that album is the beessst!! I totally agree :) can't wait to see your next add!

I'm sorry I haven't been writing!! I have been busy with, work, the holiday and FORTUNE and Promo!! The Album is AMAZING! If you don't have it go get it! And if you cant get it now get it when you can!! You wont be disappointed!

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About to update!

I'm ADDICTED already, RUN IT ASAP!!!!

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Updating && Posting More tonight!!

OK just so u know, im HOOOOOOKEDD to this story im soooooo IN LOVE WITH IT.....RUNNNNN ITTT!!!!

Thanks loves! @NicoleRuffin that's a crazy coincidence those songs fit perfectly lol I was thinking of Tequilla being a main character in my next post! lmao #TakeItToTheHead a club/party scene. Something fun and not too serious..To liven things up!!

Awww!! They're just so cute!:D April is cool people.

This is hella random, but when I was reading this Sweetlove, Right By My Side feat. Chris Brown, and Take It To The Head feat. Chris Brown all came on right after another! That's some freaky stuff cuz it always happens!

Awww :)
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I woke up feeling amazing. I don’t know what came over me last night. This man just brings something alive in me. I enjoy being in his company and I just feel high all the time. I ran my fingers through my hair. Chris took out my braid last night and wanted to play in my hair. I shook my head. I’ll never know why men are so fascinated with hair. I put my hand against his face. This boy is knocked out, and he’s comfortable too. He’s got his face in my stomach, arms around my waist and his legs crossed in the back. I heard April’s room door open, she walked out quietly.

“Good Morning Love”
“Good Morning.”
“Oh my God, look at him.”

I looked down at Chris and smiled.

“Uh oh, Kita please tell me you didn’t.”

I looked back at April.

“I know that face Kita, He’s Chris Brown. Chris Motherf***ing Brown. Don’t forget it. He likes to love ‘em and leave ‘em.”
“It’s not even like that girl.”
“Okay it’s not, I just don’t want you getting too close and it looks like you already did. Damn girl you’ve only “known” the nigga what a week or so and you already gave him the punani?”

I sighed.

“He gets this s*** on the regular, I’m not trying to block or hate you know that. I just know who’s going to be here mending the broken heart. That’s all I’m saying.”
“I hear you boo.”
“Good, now that I got that out the way, I’m about to go to the gym, then I still had our hair and nail appointments setup.”
“I’ll get ready.”
“Alright, cheer up now, I didn’t say any of that to upset you. You’re my girl and I don’t want you getting dogged like that b**** he’s with now. Karachi, Karoochie whatever the f*** her name is. You aint going down like that while I’m here, f*** the money and all that bulls***.”

April kissed me on my forehead.

“I’ll be back boo, be ready.”

April grabbed her iPhone and left the apartment. I looked back down at Chris, she’s right. Damn it.

“Rise and Shine Hun.”

I bent down and kissed Chris on the forehead. He groaned and turned facing the couch and I just laughed.

I heard that whole little conversation between Nikita and her roommate. Yes, sometimes I do like to love ‘em and leave ‘em. Yes, it’s a well known fact that I can get pussy no problem, but it’s not like that at all with Nikita. This connection is so much stronger than anything I’ve felt with another woman. Yeah, I’m a f***ed up nigga for sleeping around on Karrueche, but that s***’s done. I enjoy her company and she’s convenient, but it’s nothing like what I feel for Nikita. I think what I feel for her is only going to get stronger and it scares the s*** out of me. I respect her roommate for being real though and I’m not going to do anything to mess up this thing we have going on.

Nikita bent down again, but this time she kissed my ear, and nibbled it gently. I groaned again and slipped my head under her shirt and nibbled her stomach, she laughed and lifted her shirt up to look at me.

“Good morning sleepyhead.”
“Good morning beautiful.”

Before that ball busting conversation between Nikita and her roommate I was in such a deep peaceful sleep I didn’t want to get up. I haven’t slept this good in a while. I’ve been so busy and haven’t really had the time to enjoy sleeping. I’m always up at the ass crack of dawn either heading somewhere for a show or in the studio working on music and not just for me. I stretched and looked up at Nikita. I don’t want to leave this spot. I shook my head. I sat up on the couch in a daze. I ran my hand down my face.

“So what do you have planned for today?”
“Got to get my nails done, hair done, everything did.”

Chris smiled at me.

“You are so goofy, what you getting into after that?”
“Not sure yet, are you making plans?”

He bit his lip and I felt butterflies in my stomach.


Chris grabbed his shoes and started putting them on.

“Call me when you’re done getting fancy, we can do something. I’ll probably be at the studio all day anyway.”

“Good! I’m ready for some good music; you know you hurt my feelings when you changed the date.”

“My bad shawty, I just wanted to put out my best for you guys. I cant half step, you guys deserve 110 percent. Naw mean?”


I kissed Nikita on the lips and she opened her mouth just enough for me to slip in. We were in the middle of the kiss when the door opened. I wasn’t about to stop because the door opened, when I had my fill I pulled back and hugged her. Some girl, who I am assuming is Nikita’s roommate walked in the house, was sizing me up and I wanted to know what she was thinking.

“Hey I’m April.”

She made a face.

“I know who you are. As long as you don’t hurt her we’re good.”
“I feel you ma, and I understand where you’re coming from.”
“Good, by the way I took your hat.”

She smiled at me then winked at Nikita. I laughed this girl was spunky, she even had the nerve to bring me a Sharpie and had me sign my own damn hat for her. She cool, we’ll get along just fine. I think my boy Mijo might like her. She put the hat on and said she was taking a pic, I grabbed Nikita and she kissed my cheek while I made a goofy face.

“Thank you very much.”

April put the hat in her room, claimed she found her ID and walked out. It was just Nikita and I. I was trying to think up things to say and do to prolong leaving. I grabbed my wallet out of my sweats and handed Nikita the Black Card. I’ve actually got a couple. I saw her eyes widen. She shook her head and pushed my hand away.

“I can’t take that.”
“You can and you will, go get dolled up for me, go eat lunch with your girls and then come see me later.”

She took the card and put it in her wallet.

"Don't mention it."

Chris whispered something fresh in my ear, I moaned and he sighed in my ear.

“I’m about to go okay? Call Me.”

Chris walked towards the door just to turn back around and kiss me. He groaned.

“Call Me Okay?”

I kissed him again.

“Okay, I will.”

And with that he was gone, once he left I hurriedly showered. I figured the sooner I got ready and went to my appointments, the sooner I would be able to be with him again.


Sorry loves, I had wrote some stuff, but it wasn't right but i'm almost done. Got some inspiration so I'm almost done!

Yay! :)
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I'm going to update soon!!

omg!! That s*** was too intense!
Let's see what happens when they
have to leave each other again...
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Thanks loves!! I'll update more tonight! I don't get to work until 7pm and i'm here until 7am sooo, hit me up!

Awwwe s***. Lol I'm in love with this story


Oh lawd!!!!

That shxt was intense!!!

I love it.

They're obviously meant to be

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yes! she got him! i dnt blame her boot or not i would love all of him. run it

Aw i bet your tired :/ Thanks! About to write more I'll probably update some more later on tonight. I work night shift lol!

She wanted the D anddd she got the D, my girl!!! Lol
I i hope things dont seem diffent between after this and so nobody cars about kaeechue , pickachu, haarchue whatever her name is lol
Run it!!!


As soon as the door opens I could feel it. I felt a weight lift off of me. I turned toward the door as he was locking it. He looked so different since the last time I’d seen him. He looked sick, like he wasn’t eating and losing weight. I was getting a little worried about him. He smiled that beautiful smile and I felt my worries fade. He walked over to me and sat down next to me.

“How’s your leg?”
“My leg’s fine, what’s going on with you? You look horrible. Are you eating? Are you sick?”

“Which question should I answer first?”

He chuckled.I put my hand up to his forehead. I snatched it back, he’s burning up.

“Damn boy, you’re burning up. Give me that hat and the hoodie.”

He took off the hat and the hoodie. He took of his shoes. I folded up his hoodie and placed it on the coffee table along with his hoodie. I got up off the couch.

“Where are you going?”

“To get you a wet wash cloth, lay down.”
“I’m good ma.”
“No you aren’t crazy. Lay down, I’ll be back.”

I put the thermostat on a nice temperature; I grabbed a deep bowl and filled it with cool water. I sat it on the counter. I grabbed a washcloth and a thermometer. I grabbed the bowl off the cabinet and walked back into the living room. I sat the bowl on the table.

“Open your mouth.”

He opened his mouth and I placed the thermometer in his mouth. 100 degrees. I placed the wet washcloth on his forehead.

“I’m going to tell you something, but don’t get the wrong idea.”
“Okay, what is it?”
“Take off your sweatpants. You need to cool down.”


This girl is so amazing, she’s the only one who actually cared enough to not take my s*** and make me get well. She wants me to take off my pants and I had a bad thought and felt my self harden. Oh boy. I hand her the washcloth and she sticks it in the water as I pull my sweatpants down, she looked away to give me privacy. I smiled admiring her “chivalry”. I handed her the sweats and she passed me the cloth. I lay back down and only then did she look at me.


I didn’t want to stare but I couldn’t help myself. He’s so beautiful laying here on my couch looking helpless in a v-neck and some boxer briefs. I blew out a breath and tried to busy my hands. I didn’t want to reach out and touch him. I got up and grabbed him a Gatorade from the fridge.

“You’re welcome.”

I sat down next to him and he scooted his head into my lap. I shook my head, I grabbed the remote and turned the volume up, and One Night Stand came on. This video is my s***, but I was hating on Keri none the less. I felt Chris looking at me.


I smacked my teeth when I saw him on top of her at the beginning. He looked at me again.

“What you smacking your teeth for?”

I gave him a smirk.

“I don’t wanna see all of that.”

He smiled and looked at the TV.

“All of what?”


I feigned ignorance because I wanted to hear her say she was just a little bit jealous. I knew she was. I could feel it, but she already knew that. I felt something else also, but I wasn’t sure what it was. I could feel her breathing getting short.


Damn, watching him in this video always does something to me. I loved him with the blonde hair. It was finally at his part and I couldn’t take it anymore, I ran my finger down his face and stopped at his lips. Oh God, I want him.

--And tell me how it feels, after I take you on this ride.


So, that’s what she was feeling, I could feel her pulse beating and her heart racing. Oh God I want her, like I’ve never wanted another woman. I kissed her finger and licked it with the side of my tongue. I felt her shudder.

--Girl, I didn’t come to tease ya, I just want to please ya. Hold you right here.

I threw the washcloth on the table and sat up on the couch. I grabbed her face and brought it next to mine. She kissed my nose, and inhaled my scent. I grabbed a fistful of her Nightie and felt her suck in a breath.


I could feel his lips on my neck, one hand in my hair, and the other pulling back the elastic on my panties. I moaned and was brought back to reality by his touch.


I had fallen asleep and was in the middle of a very realistic wet dream of Nikita when I heard her moan and almost embarrassed myself. I touched her and she looked at me. The Takeover was still on and One Night Stand came on. I looked at her; she looked at me and jumped up off the couch.

“Did you just, I mean were we just”
“Whoa, that was pretty intense.”


I turned the TV off. I didn’t want him getting me aroused all over again. I sighed, what am I going to do. I need to fill this need. I need him more than I have ever needed anyone. I don’t want to have sex right now looking frumpy in this Nightie and with my boot. Chris sat up on the couch and took off his shirt. Oh God, what is he doing??

“Come here.”

I shook my head. I didn’t want us to go to that place. We barely know each other and I like where things are right now. He told me to get my butt over there and I went. He told me to lie down and close my eyes, so I did.


I wanted to make her feel good, she was so good to me I wanted to return the favor. I ran my hands up her thighs.. I felt her warming up to me. I kissed the insides of her thighs and nibbled. I felt her breathing pick up. I put her right leg over my shoulder and got closer to the prize. I kissed her through her panties and felt all these sensations overwhelming me. I slid her panties to the side and slid in my finger.


I moaned, oh God, yes. He inserted another finger and I jerked forward. He pulled his fingers out and sucked my juices off of them. I needed him then at that moment. I wanted the D.


I know what she wanted but I wasn’t done with her yet. I grabbed her ass and pulled her closer to my face. I kissed her clit softly and licked her flesh back and forth, she started to move with me and I felt myself get hard as a rock. I felt her climax coming and wanted her in my mouth but she called my name.


I almost nutted right there on the spot. I grabbed my sweatpants and took out a condom, I wrapped myself and felt her grab me. Oh God, these sensations felt like nothing I’ve ever felt before. I put my hand on hers and stroked with her. Finally she couldn’t take it anymore..

“I want it, I need you inside of me.”
“I need to feel you too, are you sure?”


I nodded my head and spread my leg for him, he rubbed the tip across my clit and I bit my lip, he brought his lips to mine and kissed me before he slid inside of me. Ahh, he caught my moan in his mouth. These feelings I was feeling was feeling were like no other, with each thrust came a new, stronger sensation.


Oh God it’s getting so intense. I can feel her muscles start to squeeze me, she’s about to climax.

“Ohh, Chriss.”

I start to thrust harder and faster and it felt like my head was about to explode with the wave of sensations that came over me as we rode the wave of ecstasy together. I was about to pull out but she clung to me. I kissed her and she finally let go. I pulled out and sat up on the couch in awe. She pulled the condom off me and threw it in the garbage. We went in the bathroom and washed up in silence. We got back out to the living room and Nikita freshened it up, She cleaned up the washcloth and the bowl and sprayed some lavender vanilla spray on the couch. I sat on the couch with a pillow on my lap. She was staring at me and for once I couldn’t read her. She smiled at me and I smiled back.

“Are you hungry?”
“Oh yeah, didn’t eat enough?”


I watched as his eyes got a mischievous glare and I felt my pulse fasten. He got up and walked over to me. He leaned on the counter.

“I was just getting started, but what are you about to make?”
“Grilled Cheese, they’re my favorite.”
“Sounds good, I’ll have four.”
“Zamn Zaddy!”

We laughed

“I’m a growing boy! Man!”
“I got you playa.”


I don’t know what came over me but I leaned closer to her and kissed her on the lips. She kissed me back and started to laugh.

“You are going to get yourself in trouble if you keep on, Go sit on the couch boy.”

I winked at Nikita then walked and sat on the couch watching her cook.


I don’t know what it is about him but I don’t think having sex was the right thing to do. It was wrong as far as Karrueche goes, but as far as our condition. I hope it doesn’t complicate things.


Damn, I know I f***ed up, but it just felt so right. I feel so different when I’m with Nikita. She’s so chill and I love that. I hope us sleeping together didn’t mess s*** up between us.


Here you go love!

Yay !! Woot woot lol

I'll add more just for you! lol I wanted to add it anyway and get feedback, tell me what you think!

Aww I wonder what will happen next after he opens the door :)
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