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--Gone for awhile...

"Trueeeee". I honestly felt like I was 2 Chainz in the bit. I moved to these parts back in 09, but I didn't stay for long. Long story... But i'm back. I've missed it around these parts. I pray it doesn't take forever and a day for people to warm up to me... My name is <em> Kamden Jaele</em>. I know i'm still the "newbie" on the block. I didn't go to <strong>High School</strong> here, so I can't say I have friends around here... But, there's this one guy... They call him <em> Charlie Brown</em>.. I do know him... But, little big dog is back in town and I think I have a few things to straighten around here... And <strong>no</strong>, Kamden isn't leaving again... Smh, i've been <em>Gone For Awhile</em>

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