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The Life of a star sister * PLEASE READ*

Intro: The summer had just begin and Teona had jus got her record deal it was a start to a new beginning she was moveing to miami and she was haven her sister's n cuzn's come wit her for the summer,she had a surpise for them she had moved across from this singer her sister tink was so in love wit at least she thought she was.They made it to teona new place she had them pick there rooms then get ready for dinner what they didnt no was dinner tonite was at Chris house yes im talkn chris brown teona was cool wit chris mom n she font out bout the gurls stayn wit teona for the summer so she wanted to welcome them so she made dinner for them. Teona waited to tell the girls that they wasnt haven dinner at the house until they was dressed.When the girls got to wer they was haven dinner and who it was wit they was so surprised,Teona new sum of the girls was shy but she thought wen they saw Chris they was gone be fan crazy but to her surprise they was cool which was strang to her cus her sister was chris crazy but as the nite went on teona and tink(her sis) noticed Chris was more into there god sister no words was said even when they got back to the house.


more adds to cum wen i get a few replys tell me if i should run it.

(late that night)

Everybody came in and i was still on the phone wit trey wen i saw bow cum in i tryed to tel him that i was gone talk to him wen i got off the phone but he wouldnt even look at me it got me to thinkn.

I saw how bow ignored tink i wonder wats up wit dat i no he like her i see it in his eyes smh bt the thang is i like him alot but i aint gone say nothing until i no i hav a chance wit him.

Vona: hey bow wats up talk to me see u ben down eva seens u came frm the house earlyer and u jus ignored tink.

Bow: vona i no u tryn to help but dont ok damn.

Vona:damn i want ok i was jus tryn to help yo ass out you dont hav to worry bout that nomo wit yo punk ass.

I cant beleave he jus talked to me in that tone of voice wen i aint do nun to him but try to help ugh (crying).

I saw vona off in the corner crying her eyes out my cuzn neva really did that so i needed to no wat was wrong wit her.

kamzy: vona girl wats wrong why u cryn.

by this time tink was ova there wit us and agreed wit me we was worried bout her really lately she havnt ben herself.

Tink: yea vona wats wrong hun.

Vona:(sniff) i saw bow lookn down so i went to see wat was wrong and if i could help he snaped on me so i snaped on him back now im hurt cus i really like him and i dont no wat to do cuz he like u tink.


I cant beleave this o me and bow bout to hav a lil talk.

Tink:um girls ima be rite back i need to go talk to bow.

Couldnt hold much of wat i had to say in much longer so i needed to get to bow soon but be for i could get him here go chris grabn me and pulln me in to a guess room that was down stairs.

Tink: chris wat do u want i aint got time for yo games.

Chris: baby i jus wanted to be along wit you for a lil and to apologize for askn bout that nigga trey its jus i want you so bad i couldnt help my self.

Tink: you no chris you so full of it cause you dont want me you jus dont wont a real nigga to step to me.Trey and I are friends for now and if he play his cards rite he gone win hunny cus you hav fooled on the first try boo.
now if you would excuse me iI need to go talk to bow seems yall got sumn in comn hurt ppl that like you now wonder yall best friends.

Jus as i was bout to walk out iI see my god sis standn at the door wit her face turned up, I started to tell that b**** if i still wanted his ass i could hav him it aint s*** yes i was still mad at my god sis for the s*** she did she new i liked him but we will be back cool but i will neva trust her again and us being cool want be no time soon so i walked passed her ass and bumed her.
As I came to the tv room i saw that bow wasnt there so i asked the guys were he went they told me on the porch.

Tink:bow can i talk to you for a min please.

Bow:naw you cant so leave me the hell alone.

Tink: ok first i would like to say who the hell you think you talkn to like that and ima say and ask wat the f*** i want anyway so tel me,wat the hell is yo problem and why you ignore me wen you came in the house like you aint hear me.

Bow: look tink i dnt want to argue wit you rite now ok damn.

Tink: I dont giv a damn talk to me bow we pose to be friends rite.

Bow:ugh but dats not all i want to be wit you tink dats jus sumn you dont get.


I saw wen tink went i the house she aint look to happy after i saw her wit chris damn I realy like her wat ima do me and chris homies but I cant step back n let him get her s*** i do that all the time to many f***n times jus cus im tryn to be a good friend s*** he aint even want her now i done saw him in the pool all up on her i no wat that mean f*** wat he want im goin for mines.

Bow: hey tink.

Tink: hey bow wats up.

Bow:um i came in here to talk to u but i see you aint in the mood so ima jus leave.

Tink:o no bow you can talk to me boo wats up wat you want to talk bout.

Bow: wel tink i wanted to talk bout........

Damn jus wen i was bout to tel her smh im bout to jus go back to the pool n chill im piss damn phone hope who eva called her ass is happy now cuz im damn sure aint ugh.

Just as bow was bout to talk to me i got a call i saw the hurt on his face but i dont no why he was all of a suden mad im jus ask him wen i gt off the phone.

Tink: hello.

Trey: Hey sexy wats up wat you been up to.

s*** i was speechless i cant beleave he actully called is this s*** real rite now.

Trey: hello baby you still there.

Tink: um yea srry bout that yea im still here.

Trey: so wats up wit u wat u doin.

Tink: o nothing jus chill at home wit my sis and cuzns wit the guys.

Trey: damn baby you cheatn on me already lol im jus playn but um if you need me to call you back its cool.

Tink: o naw u good i ben waitn to see if u was gn call n now that u hav i aint ready to gt off the phone.

ok n thanks and u prob cnt read sum of it cus wen i realy get in to writen i start shorting my words like im txtn srry lol its a habit

Some parts are hard to understand.. You may need to re-read the post before you post it, and check the spelling with some of it..

You need it to flow together smoothly, add more descriptions.. make it seem real and believable

You`ll get the hang of it, read some of the girls stories on here.. Like Soso's, Brees, Kendras, Abby's, Express, or even mine to see how we like construct an add, and how we do conversations, make it seem real..

Just helping you out, hope you dont take this in a bad way..


(Later on that day)

As im sitten in the pool wit kamzy while every one else was sitten around chat chris gets in the pool n cums up behind me and grabs me i jumped.

Tink: wat the hell u doin chris u scared the s*** out of me.

Chris:o im sorry boo i wasnt tryn to bt um i wanted to no wats up wit u and trey.

Tink: sweety thats nun of ur consern so dont ask me.

Chris: damn y u got to be like dat s*** im consern cus im tryn to get wit u.

Tink: lol,lol,lol wateva chris u was jus all ova my god sis now u sayn u want to get wit me u gt s*** f***ed up.

As tink got out the pool and wnt in to the house i had to wach her that ass jus had my attention bt cant understand y she acted the way she did bt i do no one thing ima gt to the bottom of it n she gone be my girl.

"A chris man y u in a daze and s***"tyga said

Chris: man i was jus thinkn and s*** i jus asked tink wat was up wit her and trey n she wnt off on me.

Tyga: dude y u ask her that s*** for it aint like u tryn to gt on.

Chris:man i asked cus i am tryn to gt on damn man jus cus i been being nice to her god sis dnt mean i dnt want tink.

Tyga:man wateva all i no is yo ass been all ova dat girl and tink been wachn s*** that prob y she walked off last week.

as chris get out the pool he says man wateva and leaves me there wit ty i cant beleve tink would leave me in the pool she new ty was maken me want to do thangs to him now he staren at me and s*** damn s*** f*** it im bout to swim a lap or two to cool my ass off.

no runs for my new add let me no wat yall think



It has ben a cuple days seens i meet trey and he still hasnt called maybe he didnt like me i was think wen kamzy came in and sat wit me.

Kamzy: so wats up why u lookn all down n wat not.

Tink: girl nun its jus i thought he would hav clled by now huh maybe he aint like me really.

Kamzy: girl chill he did like you and he going to call he mit jus be busy dats all.

Tink: yea u rite bt hey f*** it im not bout to mope around if he call he call bt hey wat yall up to i see the guys are ova again.

Man the sit of chris made me want to snach his ass up (bits bottom lip) he jus look so good and every time he look at me he giv me dis look dat gets me hot and make my panties wet damn why he had to have me like dat s*** i was so much in a daze i didnt even hear kamzy wen she said my name.

tink,tink,tink kamzy sayn "huh what, wat u say girl"

Kamzy: i said we aint been doin nun but why u been so distant from us even the guys startn to notice u aint been chilln wit us.

Tink: o girl i havnt realy been filln like getn stared at all day lol s*** eva seens chris and bow seen me wit trey they been starn and given me this look Kamzy and wen they do it, it make me wet.

s*** its bad enuff i aint had nun in almost a month so you no im horny as hell they aint helpn me wit them im stripn u naked looks lol damn why me kamzy smh lol.

Kamzy: lol girl u need to gt it together thats to long to go wit out the d*** bt yea i no wat u mean cus they all lookn nice today bt girl cum on lets go get in the pool s*** we both need to cool off anyway cus um that ty got me wantn to do sum thangs to him lol.

Tink: lol u crazy ok girl let me go put my suit on.


Tink: so trey why u follow me.

Trey: (smiles) cus u neva gav me yo number so i had to cum get it.

Damn why he had to smile that woulud make any girl giv up the pussy any time of the day or nite s*** even me i wnt to no wat he like in bed wait wat the hell im sayn (snikers).

Tink: who said i was gone giv u my number and anyway u neva asked me for it.

Trey: well can i have yo number please.


Damn i wonder who the cutie is talkn to tink bt my attention is pulled to chris n one of his boys bow wachn tink n the guy the look on there faces telln me they aint filln dude all up on tink like dat.

vona: A kamzy u see that s***.

kamzy: hell yea them niggas mad bt hey at least tink doin her thang a bt wach dis gone head tink get em girl he aint ready lol.

Tink: lol shut up dang (blushs).

Trey: (smiles)naw boo thang is if yo girl is ready for me.

vona/kamzy: damn lol.

I swear im whoop kamzy ass wen he leave lol put me on blast like dat bt he is a cutie doe but now i really got to giv him my number s*** f*** it.

Trey; so can i get it im a nice guy and i said please.

Tink: yea u seem nice n u did say please lol ok u can hav it.

After he left i got some nt so nice looks from the guys surprisingly but i didnt care i went inthe house for the rest of the day i need a nap and i didnt want to see chris n nisha all huged up i hated i still wanted his sexy ass damn he look good today.

Im gtn slpy ima write more tomorrow nite yall....

lol ok i gt it now lol

No edit needed.. Just push ENTER lol.. like leaving a gap

thanks for the atvise i tryed to split it up so it would be like u said bt it aint workn i dnt no wat im doin wrong lol bt its more to cum wit the story

A week had pass seens we had dinner wit Chris and his mom we was setteled now at the house.As we was chilln outside enjoy the sun Chris saw us so him and his boys tyga,sean,and bow came ova, chris says Hey tink,kamzy,nisha,vona and the rest of the guys followed and said hey but as I looked to my left I see my god sis Nisha all ova Chris once again the s*** was startn to piss me off I got tired of wachn them flirt wit each other so I got up and walked off.

kamzy: As tink walked off we all wached her i new why she left jus like vona new to nisha had pushed her to the point were she needed to go cool off s*** the guys wa confused they aint no wat had happn s*** one of the guys liked tink i could tell.

I want to slap the s*** out of nisha for doing that to tink she no tink like him she always want all the attention (damn b**** find sumone else to f*** wit).

Damn why he hav to do that to her she looked real pissed i hope she good but damn kamzy lookn real good rite now im tryn to hit that he bits his bottom lip.

I no the way chris actn to tink gt her mad but hey she jus got to deal wit that he aint lookn for her he checkn for me s*** i dont care cus im getn the attention i wanted.

As im walkn i see this dude staren hard as f*** im thinkn to my self like damn is sumn wrong,is sumn on my face,s*** is my ass shown or sumn but i kept walkn but i couldnt take it i felt him lookn at me so i asked him why u keep look at me do i gt sumn on me or sumn.

M/v: naw bby you good jus wachn sumn i like dats all so wats yo name boo.

Tink: You dnt need to no dat it aint like ima giv u a chance.

M/v: Damn Boo why u being so mean to me u to pretty to being mean i jus asked yo name damn.

Tink: lol(blushs)thank u and im sorry for being rud im jus not havn a good day by the way my name is Tink whats urs.

M/v: O u good ma u aint hurt me dat much lol bt um im trey.

Tink:lol :) well it was nice to meet u trey.

Trey: yea i no cus im a nice guy.

Tink: lol ok wateva bye.

As i start walkn back to the house i notice sumone came out the house that trey was in i saw them say sumn to him then him running to catch up wit me but i was by my sis house all ready so wen he made it to me all eyes was on us.


I wanna know why Chris picked the "good" quiet one lol


Ohh they jealous alright!!

Just a writers tip =) (Not that I`m a pro or anything) ..

When you write your stories, try using paragrahs.. it helps to keep a steady read and not lose where you were reading lol..

Add in some descriptions - I was told once "I know she wants to get out of the room, but I wanna read a page of what the room looked like, what she was doing, and how she felt to want to leave the room" ..

Take your time with the story and not rush into anything "Special" .. Build up emotions and relationships with your characters so your readers feel attached to them and want to experience what the characters are experiencing.

just a tip =).. hopefully it helps, love your story thus far tho!! so keep going!!


sounds good. i wonder
if somebody gonna be

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