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The Language some ladies speak a new fanfiction

P.S. This story is for u Breezy mostly and to da fans! This story is about Chris who is the cool kid always anytime and this girl that has a plan hooks up with him and stirrs up trouble. We'll here ya go.

Chris always loved the breeze in the air. He would get on a park bench and lay down on it. He has been so tired of all the work he has done. He drifts off to sleep. A few hours later he wakes up. He sits up and starts thinking about when would he get his big moment rockin out on his stage letting the fans cheer like never before he thought that he would never get the chance to do that he is way to busy but he just kept thinking like how will I arrange this? How will I cheer my fans up? I made a mistake. I couldn't make chiz with what I got planned. Oh well it'll have to wait. So he got up and walked around the streets of town and loved the breeze of a cool summer day. Rochelle the girl that he always liked in high school was standing at the bar a couple steps in front of him she was on her cell phone with her best friend he could overhear their conversation so he stopped and sat down on the curb of the road. He listened. "No, girl you said this ain't chiz and I think it is a big deal. Tiara! Listen my Grandfather just died 2 days ago give me a break! Girl okay just stop talkin and don't you think that I'll answer anymore of your calls. No just make me feel bad about you just said. You know if this gets any worse I'm gonna call the cops. Yeah. Stop!" She hung up her phone so Chris came up to Rochelle and asked her, " what was that about?" He asked "oh nothing just my friend got into a fight with me because I wont stop thinking about my grandpa that died on Wednesday." Rochelle spoke those words to Chris. He stared at her in shock. "Uh I'm sorry bout your grandpa dying. I hope he's swathing you right now and telling you he loves you God loves you too. But why were you fightin over your grandpa?" Chris asked. Rochelle started smiling. "You're Chris Brown! Hey didn't I go to school with you?" She asked. "Uh yeah you did go to school with me you're Rochelle Williams. I remember you the science teacher always pick us as partners in junior high! But why were you fighting over your grandpa?" Chris asked. " Oh well she thinks that I would already be over it by now and I am not and she started trashin me so I threatend to call the cops on her. Now she wont probably ever talk to me again." Rochelle told Chris. "Well I have to go I haven't gotten any sleep for two days" she told Chris. "Ok bye oh you know my number right?" Chris asked. "Uh yeah I'll call you!" She said finally and they parted and walked off.

Chris was laying in his trailer sleeping some more when his phone rang. It was Rochelle.

"Hey Its Chris Brown you know what to do after the ********!" Is was his answering device he didn't wanna answer it.


His phone rang again. "What?" Chris asked. "Well I wanted to talk to you about something and I am just gonna say it will you go-" "Alls I have time for is tomorrow and yes I will go out with you." Chris knew what she was gonna
Ask. But he didn't know that she was a player.

Chris was so happy he would just scream but he didn't he couldn't go back to sleep. But he was so tired that he did.

I will have more updates soon