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New Story: A Rage in Harlem Starting Today!

Plot: After a deal goes down badly and her gang is presumed dead; Southern beauty Immabelle with a trunk full of stolen gold, very little money in her bag and a pair of heels heads to Harlem in hopes of making a successful exchange and disappearing. No sooner does she arrive Immabelle finds herself in the mixup between a Russian and Chinese gang who want the gold for themselves and her dead. She seeks comfort and shelter with a passive aggressive tattoo artist by the name of King with many problems of his own and a trouble-loving best friend by the name of Jace. But when Immabelle's gang comes to Harlem in search of the gold and Immabelle herself; the streets ring out in gunfire and the gutters begin to spill blood.


Immabelle-Nicki Minaj
Jace-Chris Brown
Slim-Wiz Khalifa
Jodie-Trey Songz
Johnny Yen-Rick Yune
Viktor Chetkov-Gaspard Ulliel
Fang-Ken Leung
Agnia-Natalia Vodianova
Emerald-Rick Ross