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I am wondering

What they is going to do about the people who won the scavenger hunt fortune contest.



FYI - To the Newblets

"Asia Carter" is a fake person that was snapped out in the FanFic section of this board.

Pay no mind to this other fake

omg lol the Cleveland girl you're a newbie okay even Chris will tell you me and Asia carter are his number one fans honey so that's cool that you like him and all but you'll never be on our level of loving him plus I've known Chris for about 3years and he doesn't care about who can share the most tears r any of that bull he just wants dedicated fans that will be there through it all so STOP it's not a f***ing competition boo

When I was in the first row when he came to Ohio. I showed him respect and how do you know who is real lol..

I really like chris brown see think yall his reall fans but listen yall not foreal doe yall really not i am ive been lookat this boy every since i was born i cry wen he cry like this is serious if he every come tew cleveland im not goin g tew jump on him imma show him respect like his a regualr person duhhh