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≤Murder ßizness¬

"911, what is your problem?"
"<a href=""> I</a>..I stabbed m-my big brother.."
" Ok, sir, what is your name? And how old is your brother?"
"Fi-fifteen.. My name is Ch-christopher.."
" And how old are you?"
"I'm 10.."
" Ok, were sending someone right now.. Is he breathing?"
" (Sobbing) Nooo."
" Ok, stay on the phone with me until you hear sirens. Don't do anything,
stay put."
" (Crying) I'm sorryy Christiaann, I didn't mean too!! Nooo! Wake uppp!!"
"I- I hear the sirens"
"Ok, don't go anywhere..You're going to be okay.."
{The door busts open and two police men walk in seeing the bloody scene.}
" Who did this son?"
"I diddd,I'm sorry Mr! (Crying)
" Joseph, grab him."
{The police officer grabs the boy and escorts him outside while the other
officer calls an ambulence.}
{Christopher Brown was sentenced 5 Years in Prison and 8 years in Juvie.
With 6 years of probation.}


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