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Lie To Me

Up North....

<a href="">Rashad</a> looked out of his bedroom window at the Manhattan skyline and placed his hand on the glass. He dropped his head and looked around his room. He had everything he wanted, he was your typical rich boy. Spoiled by his wealthy parents. You would think he had it all, but he would think otherwise.

Down South...

<a href="">Bryce</a> stood on the balcony of her step mothers apartment and took in the winter air. Bed-Stuy to her was home whether she liked it or not. She turned her head at the sight of red and blue lights and sirens whaling from both directions. Gun shots went off and she slowly stepped into the warmth of the apartment shutting the door. She went to the room and cuddled up next to her step sister and fell asleep. She didn't care for Bed-Stuy much but this was home.


Yayy!!! TEAM RYCE!!! lol but looks like Yani shall be a friend rather than foe...good....good.

Aww they are too cute together..and its nice that bryce and yani are getting along..RUN IT!

Awwwwwww The Cupcake Phase:)

All day me and Rashad had been shopping, cracking jokes, eating, and boo loving. I loved the cupcake phase of relationships. Everything was always so cute. We had the movers move everything in and with me and Mason's money or place was looking fly as hell. The movers moved the last bit of stuff into our <a href="">living room</a>. I nodded head in approval before checking everything out in the kitchen. I pushed the stool back under the bar. Before walking into my <a href="">bedroom</a>. I smiled in approval before being tackled to my bed by Rashad. I laughed as he tickled me and we rolled around.

"Stop it baby," I said before he pause and looked at me. I was confused. "What?" 

He smiled, "You called me baby." He kissed me and I laughed, he was so damn corny. I heard the lock on the door turn before Mason and Yani entered.

"You Bryce?! This is dope af!" I smiled and pushed Rashad off of me causing him to fall off the bed.

I died laughing, "sorry baby!" I said between laughs, still running towards Mason. "You like it?" I said as him and Yani marveled at the newly decorated house. 

"How much did you spend?" He asked as he smoothed his hands over the plasma screen hanging on the wall. I shrugged.

"Not much, I know a guy." I laughed as Rashad came out my room walking towards Mason. I backed up and stood close to Yani.

"Do you know how dope 2K would be on this screen my nigga?!" Mason said excitedly while looking at Rashad in awe. 

"Which is why I told her to get it," They both laughed while Yani and I sighed.

"Looks like we'll be spending time together." She joked, I chuckled a bit. "Are you still doing dinner?" I nodded.

"oh yeah that reminds me I have to go pick it up. Wanna come?" She nodded her head yes and We told the boys we'd be back. 

We walked down Lennox until I came to the Thai place where I had ordered from. 

"Oh, do you like thai? I wasn't even thinking to ask you I'm so sorry." I said completely forgetting she was having dinner with us.

"Girl, don't worry about me. I love Thai food." We both laughed and entered the store. I paid for the food and got us a few sodas before leaving the restaurant with our bags of food.

"So how long have you known Mason?" I asked trying to make small talk. She thought back.

"About 4 months, you?" She said while looking at me waiting for my answer.

"Well I've known him since 4th grade but we got really close our freshman year." I said and she nodded, "Look Yani, I don't want you to feel like I'm out for your relationship tryna sabotage it or anything. Mason is my best friend, he's like a brother to me and I would be upset if something happened to my brother. He's a good man do just treat him accordingly." I said wanting to make sure I got the point to her without being rude.

"I totally understand. Me and Mason's relationship is moving but slowly. He even told me that he wanted me to meet you first. I have respect for you and his friendship as long as you have respect for ours. We stay in our own lanes." She said giggling a bit.

"Is that a challenge?" I asked making light of the situation. We both cracked up walking into my building. We made jokes all the way upstairs until we opened the door laughing.

"Looks like you two got to know each other." Mason said pulling us in a group hug. 

"I'm salty I wasn't invited to the hug." Rashad said pouting. I laughed and walked over to him kissing him on the lips.

"Let's eat!" I said excitedly while pulling out the plates, forks, and cups. We sat down and ate and joked making small talk with each other. I smiled as I looked around the table all of us genuinely happy and enjoying each others time. I think moving in with Mason was the best decision I've made since I've been back, oh and getting with Rashad too lol.

yo if cameron was on fire...i wouldnt even spit on his b**** ass.


Rashad got his girl back. I just hope their relationship is smooth and not so much rocky.
Yani... I might have to watch her >.>

Run it.

Ok so now it gets worse! He actually hit her?! Now he a b**** ass nigga for that s***! I'm glad she with Rashad and why would she even think twice about gettin back with that Cameron Character? Ugh, Love is REALLY blind.....

Run it

I hopped out the shower and got dressed. I hated living out of boxes. But I made it work. I fixed my bun and walked out to see Rashad putting his s*** on from last night.

"We can go by your house so you can change." He nodded and grabbed his phone off the charger and got up. I grabbed my purse and threw everything I needed in it and we left. 

We got to the busy main street and began walking towards Rashad's house. Our walk was pretty silent until Rashad felt the need to break it.

"Truth time. What's the deal with you and Cameron." He asked looking over at me, the question caught me off guard.

"I don't know," I shrugged. 

"What even happened between y'all?" I sighed, I knew this would come up eventually. I took another deep breath and began.

"Me and Cameron met when I was a freshman he was a junior. Obviously by the beginning of my story you can tell it didn't work out. Well things were cool for us until his ex Viktoria came back into the picture. I might have been dumb but that b**** was so super dumb she did anything for him while I just drew the line on something's. Things between us got really bad we started fighting a lot and eventually the fights starting getting worse. But when I found out that he was cheating with Viktoria and he was leaving to Atlanta I guess all the built up anger exploded. We got into a REALLY bad fight. Fists were thrown, lips were busted, and bones were bruised. Later on throughout my high school career I found out all the different b****es he was with while we were together. And it was a lot of them." I let a few tears fall thinking back to that fight. I whinced in pain thinking of how hard his hits were and how evil he looked. 

"Can I ask you a question?" He said softly while holding my hands and pulling to the side, I nodded. "Why would you ever go back to that?" I cried harder.

"That was the only person that truly, well that I thought actually loved. Both my parents are dead and I hate my step-mother..." I was a boohoo mess by now.

"What about Mason?" I shot my eyes towards Rashad.

"Don't let our friendship fool you. Mason was right up there with Cameron. I just wanted to feel love and I thought that was just his way of showing it." Rashad grabbed my hands and put them on his heart while wiping my tears. 

"Bryce I would never hurt you like that." I have him the yeah right look. "Ok, excluding that one time. But my intentions with you were good I swear. Just let me love you. Let me show you how to be loved the right way." He pleaded with his eyes while his hands were still on my face.

I nodded my head yes and softly said ok, "I swear you won't regret it." I smiled a little through my wet eyes and looked up at him. 

I wrapped my arms around his waist as he looked down at me and passionately kissed me. I felt those butterflies in my stomach. The ones that girls get when they see their crush walk by it talk to them. I use to get them a long time ago. He pulled away and we both smiled. I kissed him again. With him was we're I belonged. I just hope this is the right choice.

I agree...especially with how close Mason and Bryce are.....I hope Yani won't be a problem.

Cameron? Who the f*** is Cameron? Huh B? The only nigga I know is Rashad. Cameron had his turn. He f***ed it up. If he ain't claim you then or treat you right then, what make you think he will this time? Ok, I like Rashad. He might have f***ed up too, but not as bad as Cameron. Lmaoo that was funny how she described "Yani" though.

Run it

I hope there will be no drama with Yani and Bryce seeing how her and Mason are so close Yani may have a problem with that

I fluttered my eyes and felt an arm draped around me. I followed the arm to the body to see Rashad laying there. He looked so cute sleeping. He let out a loud snore and I laughed causing him to wake up.

"Hey," I said watching him squirm around.

"This floor is uncomfortable af." He said rolling over and staring up at the ceiling.

"Well its just carpet. What do you expect." I laughed and stood up. I only had on a T-shirt and some draws. Who cares its my house. I scratched my head and opened my door to see <a href="">her</a>.

I jumped back a bit and analyzed her from head to toe. She had a fat ass, but it didn't look believable. She was tiny maybe about an inch taller than me with heels. Her hair was long down to the top of her butt. Obviously not hers. She looked like she was fresh out the strip club. I cleared my throat causing her to turn around. She smiled. And she has simple piercings? Oh come on.

"Hi I'm Yani, you must be B?" she said, her voice high and squeaky.

"It's Bryce. Do you need something?" I asked looking at her trying to figure out why she was even here.

"Oh, I'm waiting for Mason." She said while twirling her synthetic hair and playing on her phone. 

I looked out the corner of my eye and saw Mason walk out of his room fixing his watch. I looked over at him and the at her and then back at him.

"B, I wasn't expecting you up." We heard a creek at the door and turned and looked at Rashad rubbing his eyes and walking out my room.

"Surprise!" He said sleepily not knowing why  everyone was there and looking at him. "Wassup ya, where you been at?" He said walking over to her and hugging her.

"When did.....B?" Mason said looking at me inquisitively. I shrugged it off.

"I ran into him last night." I said walking around the empty living room. "So y'all are dating?" I asked feeling a tad bit awkward in my own house.

"Nahhh, we just cool." Mason said quickly before Yani could answer. "What you doing today B?" I looked over at Mason.

"Probably go shopping for furniture stuff." I looked out onto the busy streets and smiled to myself.

"No girly s***!" He said eye balling me. "Rashad keep an eye on her." We all laughed, now it was Yani that felt uncomfortable. I could see by her body language.

"I don't need a baby sitter!" I laughed before running over to Mason and hugging him good bye. "Everything will be pretty when you come back!" We laughed harder. "Join us for dinner later Yani, say like 9?" 

She nodded, "Sure, well we'll see you later." She said while making her rounds to hug everyone. She got to me and paused until I held my arms out. A small smile grew on her face. 

If this was Mason's new girl I liked her.

Lol after all that ignoring she was doin to rashad now she wanna be nice to him..but hey he ain't complaining ...let's see how this "friendship" works out ..hopefully reeeeal good so we can say bye to cam..RUN IT!..

Oh and rashad this time no.secrets please..don't eff it up!

f*** a Cameron! That nigga had his chance a long time ago and f***ed up. It's Rashad's turn
Run it

Lol @cartersmommy I was thinking the same damn thing
But I'm glad he didn't say no cause I want them to work everything out
RUNNNNN IT. aw and skip Cameron s***!!!!

I agree...Cameron had his turn......Cameron really cares about her and it's his turn now.

Fck Cameron.,Its Rashad's Turn ;)

run this!!!

im glad she took time for herself

Run it

Rashad and I sat in the middle of my bedroom floor on a palate of blankets and pillows that we had created. I took another piece of pizza and sprinkled so crushed peppers on it. I looked up and caught Rashad staring at me.

"What?" I said covering my mouth and smiling.

"I just missed you." He said shaking his head and taking a swig of his soda.

"ahhhhhh shut up!" I said nudging him a bit. "How was everything here?" He looked out the window and turned around to answer question.

"It was cool nothing amazing." He said blandly. "Cali was cool?" I nodded my head.

"Yeah I had a lot of fun. So we have to talk about the big pink elephant eventually." He chuckled a bit and shook his head no.

"Let's not talk about tonight. Just enjoy each other?" I nodded my head. 

"Sounds like a good plan to me." I smiled before taking another bite of my pizza.

"I wanna give us a try." I choked on my pizza a bit before fully processing his statement. 

"Rashad I-"

"Just come on. I mean I messed up but I really wanna try us again. I missed you so much. All I thought about was you. When I lost you that night I didn't know what to do with myself. Let's just try this one more time." See! s*** like this is why I left in the first place.

"Pause, let's work on our friendship first before we talk relationships." I sighed a little glad I didn't make it more than what it was.

"I'll take that." He said balling up his paper towel.

I yawned and laid down staring up Rashad. I'm not even gonna front I would love to give us a shot but I have to see where things are going with Cam and where Rashad's head really is. I felt my eyes getting heavier and heavier until they finally shut. I felt Rashad follow my lead and lay down next to me. I scooted closer while he put his arm around me. I rested my head and hand on his bare chest before he pulled the covers over me. Oh yeah, I could definitely give us a try.

He should've told her a** NO! Go call Cam to come over

"Well I really like this one!" I said looking around the corner and peaking into an empty bedroom. 

"I mean it's cool. But that bedroom is to big for you. Give it to me." He said turning and looking into the room I was in. 

"Uhhhh no!" I pushed him out of the room as we began to play fight. We both laid on the floor and stated at the ceiling.

"So this is really our place huh?" I said leaning on one elbow while looking at him. He nodded his head yes.

"Alright but foreal about this room!" He said looking over at the room again. I really didn't want it but I would never tell him that just because.

"Rock, paper, scissors?" I said sitting Indian style on the empty hardwood floor. He nodded his head and we played. "Ha! It's mine!" He rolled his eyes. 

"Whatever. I'm stealing a closet tho. And imma put all my s*** in the bathroom." He said a little salty.

"Ahahaha you were gonna do that anyway." I laughed and stood up to look out the window. "You know Cam will be over every now and again." I said while he walked up to me. I rested my head on his shoulder.

"Rashad's helping me move my s***. Consider us even." He said while shrugging.

"What did Mommy say about you leaving?" I asked while staring at the sunset.

"Bout time you got out my damn house. Love you." I laughed at the way he imitated his mothers voice. "What about you?" 

I shrugged, "She doesn't really care. You know. She never really paid attention to whether I was there or not." I felt Mason's phone buzz in his pocket and he picked it up quickly.

"Hey bae," I turned up my nose. Who the hell is he calling bae? "Nothing at my new like 10?....alright cool. See you there." He hung up the phone and looked over at me. "I gotta go. I'll be back later," he kissed my cheek and left. 

Who the hell was that?


I decided to get to know my surroundings. So I grabbed my keys and locked my apartment door. I walked towards the elevator and pushed the button. It took a little while to get from the 6th floor to the lobby but I didn't complain. I walked out into the humid air and looked around at all the busy streets and people. 

"So this is what Manhattan is like?" I said to myself before roaming around.

I looked at the random stores and decided to pop into one. It was a vintage kind of store. I thought it was cute. I looked through the racks.

"Excuse me." I heard a make voice say after bumping into me. I sighed and rolled my eyes a bit.

"It's cool." I said while continuing to look through the clothes. He did it again. "Learn how to walk!" I said while turning around and coming face to face with <a href="">him</a>. My whole body froze.

"Bryce? What you doing out here?" He said with a slight smirk. 

"I live out here." I said shyly. His eyes grew.

"Where at?" He said excitedly.

"39th and Lennox." I walked over to another rack and began sifting through clothes.

"Oh, well I was just looking around I'll see you later." He said beginning to walk away. 

"Wanna come over?" I asked while quickly turning around.

He looked at me and nodded, "sure." 

"Alright cool. Let's just stop by target so I can get some sheets and s***. Maybe get a pizza?" He nodded in agreement and we walked out the store.

I knew getting away would do her some justice...and Cali with her sister was just what the doctor ordered......I think moving out is a great thing too....moving in with Mason....maybe not such a good idea...but hey......who am I to be judgmental?

Spending time in Cali was good for her (: She got some good things out of her stay.

Moving in with Mason? Cool beans. Lol.

Cameron? Hmm... I'm not really feeling him toooo much.

Rashad man like, what happened tho?

Great adds!! Run It!!!!

I want Mason and Bryce to get together.
And I feel like them moving in together that it might happen.

Does she know that if she moves in with Mason,
Rashad might wanna come visit.

She needs to let go of Cameron, I just don't like him.
He gives me a bad vibe. Like just aint no good.

Her sister is cool af though.

Run it

Ayeee , glad the vacation turned out nice and she enjoyed her birthday !

Damn five months out in Cali was a long time!!

But then again Cali is a great place, shoot I live out here! Lol

Her and Mason are moving in together?!?!?
I totally want to see how this will play out.
I love how he's down for whatever tho.
Like he does it because he's down for Bryce.

Can she please just forget about Cameron?
He's just so sketchy.
I feel like he will bring the unwanted drama that she tried to get away from.
What happened to Rashad?

Run it


moving in together, wonder where this will lead for them mhmmm. And I still want to know the back story to Mr.Cameron cus I don't like him. he did her dirty once and will do it again. where Rashad at?? *new new voice* lls

run it