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Lie To Me

Up North....

<a href="">Rashad</a> looked out of his bedroom window at the Manhattan skyline and placed his hand on the glass. He dropped his head and looked around his room. He had everything he wanted, he was your typical rich boy. Spoiled by his wealthy parents. You would think he had it all, but he would think otherwise.

Down South...

<a href="">Bryce</a> stood on the balcony of her step mothers apartment and took in the winter air. Bed-Stuy to her was home whether she liked it or not. She turned her head at the sight of red and blue lights and sirens whaling from both directions. Gun shots went off and she slowly stepped into the warmth of the apartment shutting the door. She went to the room and cuddled up next to her step sister and fell asleep. She didn't care for Bed-Stuy much but this was home.


That was a good add I can't wait to see what happens next

<strong>5 months later.</strong>

<a href="">I</a> got off the plane and made my way to baggage claim. It was August now and I was just making my way home. Things went well in California, very well. I met someone named Ryan. He was cool. Nothing happened between me and him. But he was good company. Opened my eyes to a lot of things. He showed me the light at the end of the tunnel. I really appreciated his company.

Mason and I kind of fell off. He was upset when I told him I would be home one weekend and then that one weekend turned into 4 extra months. Lorryne and Carmen were still the same old girls I'd grown to love. They were always skyping me and calling me asking how LA was. What stars I met and what not. So was Cameron. He would call me and tell me how he missed me and that he couldn't wait until I got home.

Fallon also gave me words of wisdom and a nice chunk of change to. Told me to get out of there. I planned to buy myself a new apartment somewhere in New York. She hated that I was leaving but knew I had to get back. 

As for Rashad. I've completely forgotten all about him. After the first few unanswered calls he just left it alone. And so did I never forced anything and just let bygones be bygones. 

I hopped into the first cab I saw and put my luggage in the trunk. I told the driver to take me to the corner of 22nd and H street and he did as he was told. I looked out the window the entire ride and waited to reach my destination. The cab came to a halt and I looked up to see I had reached my destination. I paid the driver and got my things out the car. I walked up to the door and paused before gathering my thoughts. I lifted my hand up to knock on the door and waited for a response. Moments later <a href="*vlUYHyuHt4*HP6pgaOuNZgaDCauo6HzazsGl7g-cd7tF2GBQnRgLy5-Dsz72KuuMlt2*AQ__/Tyga.jpg">he</a> answered the door.

"Did you miss me?" I asked with a questioning smile.

He dropped his head in disbelief and chuckled. "Hell yeah I missed you girl!" He pulled me into a hug and I missed him so much. I walked with my bags and sat on the couch. Taryn and Shay walked around the corner.

"B!!!!" They shouted and tackled me into the couch. I embraced them and kissed their cheeks. "Was LA amazing?!" Shay asked. I nodded with a smile on my face.

"Take me with you next time!!!!" Taryn pleaded.

"Of course honey." They left and I looked at Mason. "Let's move." 

He looked at me like I was crazy, "Move where?" He pulled out his phone and started typing.

"Somewhere, anywhere! Like Time Square or Manhattan. Let's just go!" He looked up at me and chuckled before his face got serious.

"With what money?" He was into it and thinking about it now.

"Fallon hooked me up. Let's move foreal!" He nodded his head at the idea.

"Alright I'm down." He said in agreement.

My eyes widened, "Seriously!?!?" He shook his head yes. "OMG! Mason this is gonna be awesome. We'll look tomorrow!" I stood up and hugged him. "Now on a side note I'm hungry as hell. Hook a sister up!!!"

He laughed and walked to the kitchen I followed behind him before sending Cameron a message.

<strong>I'm backkkkkkk ;)</strong>

It was a beautiful California night and a wonderful time to celebrate my birthday! I took one last look in the <a href="">mirror</a> and laughed at the crown. Fallon insisted that I wore it. We were going to Club Switch and I was pretty excited.

"You ready?" Fallon asked coming out the bathroom and looking up at me. <a href="">she</a> smiled and kissed my cheek. I looked her up and down.

"So this is how y'all dress in Cali?" she laughed and pulled my arm to leave the door. 

We arrived at the club and Fallon gave the security guard a hug. She grabbed my hand and he nodded us to go in. She pulled me back to a VIP section and shrieked in excitement. I looked at the girls she saw and immediately felt under dressed.

"B, these are my best friends <a href="">Shenae</a> and <a href="">Kelly</a>." They stood up and hugged me.

"Awww you are so cute!" Shenae said while looking me up and down.

"I love your style!" Kelly said while spinning me around in the circle. "How long are you staying?" She asked while taking a sip of her mojito and sitting back down.

I sat down too and shrugged. "I'm not sure." 

"Girl, you don't ever need to go back!" Shenae said while kicking her feet up and laughing. 

"Well its her birthday so we gotta do it right!!" Fallon said while putting her arm around my shoulder. "Two bottles of ace of spades please. We turning up tonight!!!!" 

We all shrieked in excitement. I was really loving Cali.

After 5 long hours of crying babies, nasty peanuts, rude flight attendants, and an uncomfortable ass seat I had finally arrived in Los Angeles, California. I stepped off the plane and smiled to myself. I held my purse closer to me and made my way to baggage claim. I grabbed my bags and looked around for my sister Fallon. I pulled out my phone to call her.

"Bryce!" I heard a high pitched voice screech. I turned quickly and smiled.

"<a href="">Fallon!</a>," I shouted running towards her. 

"You look lovely!" she said spinning me around and kissing my cheek.

"I've missed you so much!" I said hugging her and looking at her.

"So, your birthday is Friday! 19! b**** we turning up! But first lets get home." I smiled, I missed my sister so much. But since  she moved to California it was so hard to visit her. But when I could I always took the opportunity. 

We linked arms together while rolling my bags. This was just the vacation I needed.


I sat across from Mason in my room throwing down the ace of spades and collecting my 5th book. I looked over at Mason's hand and laughed.

"You are the s***tiest spades player to walk this earth." I took another book from the table and saw Mason looking over at the clock. 2:59 am. 

We aren't losers, we had a kickback that had gotten shut down because that's what they do around here in the Manhattan streets. So we were just kicking it. He pulled out his phone and dialed a number.

"Happy Birthday," he let out a yawn and rubbed his eyes.

"Nothing, just chilling. I wanted to be the first to wish you a happy birthday." he said kicking his feet up on the table and leaning back. "You going out? Oh alright, well text me later B. Love you. Bye." He hung up and kicked his shoes off migrating to the futon I had in my room. "I'm sleepy af." He said I nodded and followed suit getting into my bed. 

I looked over at Mason just staring at the ceiling and shook my head.

"Don't beat yourself up, she's coming back." he just sat there and did nothing. 

This dramatic ass nigga.



Hey, hey, hey!!! New reader!!!

I really like where you went with your story. Rashad needs to get his priorities straight and I love Mason's crazy a$$!!!

Can't wait to see how life goes for Bryce in Cali.... "California, knows how to party!!"

lol, run it run it girlie!!!

Sometimes a fresh start will help, but then old things will come back... somehow o.o . But yeah Rashad, boy smh BYE! Ain't nobody got time for you if you finna be ackin like that. Yup i said ackin and not actin. Ackin is the extreme actin out. Bryce. Good luck to her and always keep positive people around you!!! Run it(:

Sorry guys!!!!

I have terrible writers block but I haven't forgot about this story!!!!

I think I'm gonna just skip ahead a few months because that's all I think about when it comes to this story lol

So I'll have a few adds tonight.

hope she gets herself together!

lol rashad rich ass might pop up


run it!

Run It

yay glad she gets to leave..!

yessss, she needs to work on herself
run it

Awwww , glad she got her trip away . Hope it's productive .

f***! I just want to f*** Mason! Lol

Im glad shes finally taking a break.

This is exactly what she needs.

I hope when she comes back she'll be herself.

Run it


"Please?" I pleaded to my sister Fallon on the phone.

"I can't just get you a ticket. You have school and s***." She was making up excuses.

I sucked my teeth, "Please! I'm already ahead in all my classes and if I tell them it's an emergency then they'll give me all my work. I just need some time." I pleaded.

She sighed, "fine! I'll get you on the next flight here." 

"Thank you!!!!!" I sang in her ear and hung up the phone. I ran lightly back to Cameron's room and began to pack my bag of my clothes that I'd kept there. I would need to go home to get some more things. I pulled some clothes out the drawer before bumping into Cameron. My head met his chest and I stumbled back a little.

"What's going on?" He asked pointing at the bags.

"I'm going to California." I said lightly while walking away from him.

"Why?" He asked a little hurt.

I shrugged, "I just need to get away, that's all." I walked over to him and pecked his lips. "I just need to work on Bryce for a minute." I looked in his eyes and he nodded.

"Alright I understand. You need a ride to the airport?" I nodded yes and he continued to help me pack.


"CALIFORNIA!!" Mason and Shay yelled at the same time. I shrugged.

"Yeah, I need to get away." I said folding up a tshirt and stuffing it into my suitcase. 

"Nooooooo," Mason said dropping to the floor and grabbing my legs dramatically. 

I laughed and he stood up and hugged me.

"Well when will you be back?" I shrugged and he sighed.

"I wanna clear my head and just figure me out for a minute." They both nodded and gave me a hug. I put the last of my belongings into my suitcase and heard a honk outside the front door.

"Are you guys riding with me to the airport?" the both nodded and helped me with my things.

We got into the cab an told him where to go. After about 20 minutes we had arrived to the airport. I checked my bags in and we went through security.

"Now boarding flight 227 servicing to LAX" I heard a flight attendant speak over the intercom. 

I looked over at the two of them. And gave them a big hug. 

"I'm going to miss you guys so much!!!" I pulled away and looked at Mason. "Don't forget about me." I said letting a tear fall. He smiled and wiped the tear.

"I could never do that B." I smile and hugged him again. I pulled my purse tighter on my shoulder and began to walk away.

"I love you guys." I said before boarding my plane.

 I was luck enough to find a window seat and sat down quickly. I looked out the window and could see Shay and Mason play fighting in the window I laughed and looked down at my phone.

<strong>Have a safe flight. Love you.</strong>

I smiled and replied to Cameron's message. I shut my phone off and buckled my seatbelt. I took a deep breath and  looked out the window.

Good bye New York.

It'll be alrigt Bryce!
She needs to stay away from guys for awhile
Run It!

Thanks readers :)

Got a couple adds coming tomorrow

Run it!

she needs a break from both of them..RUN IT!

Run It


Shes all lost and confused and she just needs serenity.

The perfect place would be the beach or the wilderness.

She needs to find herself and forget about things for a while.

Run it

Wow !!!!
I think she needs a break , also ! RUN IT !

if she gone get away I think it should be away from Cam as well!


I told you Rashad! Shoulda left her ass alone from the start!

She need to get her ass away from Cameron I just don't like him!

She need a vacation.......ALONE! So she can think things over. Get herself together.

Run it

Poor baby......I know it's all overwhelming for her....maybe she does need a break from New York...go down south...or to the west coast.....just get away.

Awwwwww Poor Byrce && Rashad!!!

Cameron had taken me to the movies to see Ted. And then we went to dinner at P.F Chang's. I missed Cameron, his jokes, his smile, his lips. He made me happy and he appreciated me. Well appreciates me now. We enjoyed each others company and just had a wonderful time. We pulled up to the house and I saw <a href="">this</a> sitting on the side by the house. Cameron looked at the car strangely and then at me. I shrugged. He cut the car off and got out the door. And rushed over to my side and opened mine. I steppe out of the car and at the same time so did <a href="">he</em>. I rolled my eyes and ignored him and continued to walk to the door. 

"You know him?" Cameron asked pointing towards Rashad.

"No." I said trying to hurry inside the house.

"Bryce! Wait!" I heard him yell as he started to jog up the drive way.

"Who is that?" Cameron asked hesitant to put the key on the lock. 

"Nobody! Can you just open the door!" I was irritated by both of them now.

"Bryce!" Rashad said a little out of breath. Cameron stopped and turned to face Rashad. "This you?" He asked pointing to Cameron.

"Cameron, can you go inside please?" I asked while rubbing my temples.

"Who are you?" Cameron asked completely disregarding my demand.

"A close friend of Bryce." I shot him a look. The nerve of him.

"You're nothing to me! Cameron please go inside!" I said between my teeth.

"Bryce what is going on!" Cameron shouted a little causing me to jump.

"Ughhhhhh!" I shouted and walked away quickly down the street.

"Bryce!" I heard Rashad and Cameron yell at the same time. 

I turned to see them both running after me. I stopped in my tracks and turned around. Cameron grabbed me and put his arm around my shoulders.

"I think you need to go man." Cameron said while I led him back to the house.

"No! Bryce give me five minutes please." I stopped and excused Cameron.

"You sure?" He asked before walking away. I nodded and he left. I didn't move.

"You know you got some nerve coming to see me." I said my back still turned to him.

"I know Bryce but please talk to me." he pleaded while putting his hands on my shoulders. I dropped my shoulders and moved away.

"That's you?" I said pointing to the black range rover. He nodded.

"I miss you." he said with huge amounts of sadness in his voice.

"Rashad don't. I'm fine with where I am. I'm happy." I said plainly. I didn't even believe it.

"Are you Bryce? Are you really happy? Because this isn't the Bryce I met. You were always smiling and upbeat. Now you're just so blah. What happened." he inched closer and I hadn't even noticed.

"I wonder why?!?! I've been lied to too many time over the past 3 months and I barely even know you! I've grown to care about someone that I don't even know! And then you show up unannounced wanting to 'talk' Rashad please." I could feel the tears welling up and my voice beginning to crack.

"Bryce please, one more time please. I won't disappoint." his eyes were just as glossy as mine were. I shook my head.

"Rashad its not that---" I breathed deeply as he planted a kiss on my lips. I felt myself give in until I realized who it was. I scrunched up my nose.

"Stop!" I shouted as I pushed him off. "You don't always get what you want Rashad! I don't know what world you live in but that shot is unrealistic. Please leave me alone." I took off towards the door and ignored his shouts after me.

I bursted threw the door and slammed it shut. I caught myself reminiscing over Rashad's kiss. I covered my mouth and slid down the door way letting the tears fall. I was crying to much lately. I bedded to get away. Just away from everything. 

Maybe I just needed a break from New York all together.

mason was goin crazy! glad she let him kno that she was ok..ehh cam dnt really have any feelings abt him yet..jus kno he betta not screw up a second time!..and rashad man idk if its a good idea to go see her..RUN IT!!