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Lie To Me

Up North....

<a href="">Rashad</a> looked out of his bedroom window at the Manhattan skyline and placed his hand on the glass. He dropped his head and looked around his room. He had everything he wanted, he was your typical rich boy. Spoiled by his wealthy parents. You would think he had it all, but he would think otherwise.

Down South...

<a href="">Bryce</a> stood on the balcony of her step mothers apartment and took in the winter air. Bed-Stuy to her was home whether she liked it or not. She turned her head at the sight of red and blue lights and sirens whaling from both directions. Gun shots went off and she slowly stepped into the warmth of the apartment shutting the door. She went to the room and cuddled up next to her step sister and fell asleep. She didn't care for Bed-Stuy much but this was home.



thats wtf im talkin bout bryce, give ha the ass whoopen of a damn life time, i bet that ugly ass bit wont come to bryce again stupid ass hoe. im hupe as f*** oooweeee

run this!!!!

I can't believe Rashad bought her. I mean I know that's his girl but...get over it Bryce. I excused myself from the table where we were taking shots and stumbled my way to the bathroom. I looked in the mirror and blinked a few times. I ran the water over my hands and splashed my face a couple times. I sapped it with a paper towel and shut the light off. I opened the door and was greeted by Renee. She was standing in the door way with a drink in her hand. I chuckled and brushed pass her. 

"f*** is you laughing at?" I heard her say in a high pitched squeak. I turned around and laughed some more.

"Can I help you boo?" I asked her, she smiled and took a sip if her drink. "Are you gonna speak? The f***." she paused and rolled her eyes.

"b**** stay away from my man!" she said stepping to me. I looked at her and fell out laughing.

"Somebody has beer muscles." We had caused a scene by now. A small circle had formed around us. But the music was still loud.

"b**** YOU f***ED MY MAN! You anything ass b****. You're not good enough from him. He comes from silver spoons and range rovers. And you come from plastic ones and bus passes." she laughed.

"b****, we live in the same f***ing neighborhood." I was over this b****.

"Oh, is that what he told you? How cute. Rashad always tries to be ghetto. He lives in manhattan boo. You are beneath him. You were probably just a good f***. And that's it. Nasty ass b****." She was getting on my f***ing nerves. I laughed.

"You don't phase me b****. You and your anything ass boyfriend. You're insecure, full of s***, and I don't have time for it." I walked away.


She pulled me around by my shoulder and pushed me into a wall. I met her jaw with a two-piece and she stumbled backward. She regained her balance and charged at me again I slammed her to the ground and straddled her. With constant fists to her face. I had obviously won. She grabbed my hair and I returned the favor pulling out a handful of blonde tracks.

"Chill out B! You gon kill her!" Mason yelled grabbing me off of her. I saw Rashad come threw the crowd that our fight had created.

"You cool B?" I looked at him in disgust. And slapped the s*** outta him.

"f*** you!" I said before I wiped the tiny bit of blood that had came from my mouth and went to find my girls.

"Bryce, yo wtf!!!!" Lorryne asked me.

"f*** this s*** let's go." I said walking out of the party. 

I'm through with this bulls***.

why is renee even at the party..she prolly shudnt be drinkin all that liquid courage anyway..cuz she gon get too drunk and start poppin off at the mouth then bryce and her girls gon have to handle up on her lol

Rashad why would he bring her dummy
Mason handsome so good they made up friends shouldn't fight
Renee mad rude I don't like her

Runnn it

Awwwww ,glad they're back on good terms !
That was stupid of him to bring Renee tho !

Mannnnn tell that b**** to calm down before she get her ass busted up in there....and yeah should've left her home.....uppity heaux.

I woulda left her ass home



Lmao xD

Renee shoulda stayed her stuck up, loose pussy, deep throat ass at the house if she couldn't handle the party.
Ain't nobody ask her ass to come, why Shad even bring her, he know how she is. Stupid ass ughhhhh.

Bryce and Mason doin good, got they friendship back on track thank ya LAWD. But I'm glad she ignoring his ass. If that was me when he sent that text I woulda walked up to him and said "Thanks for the 'You Look Nice' compliment, but I didn't need it. I already know" then look at his girl and smile. I would say it just to be as c**ky as his ass.

Run this

God, I just wanna jump all over Mason!

He is so sexy!!

f***, Renee would be the b**** to f*** up the flow!

Go home Renee!

Stuck up ass b****!

Run it

Aw, i'm glad that her and Mason are getting their friendship back.

That right there is true friends!!

Rashad needs to stop being so c**ky.

If there's one thing, I feel like Bryce will knock him off that damn pedestal that he's sitting on.

Ew Renee, go somewhere with your hoe ass.

Doesn't she have a d*** waiting for her or something.

Run it

"You ready ma?" <a href="">Lorryne</a> said putting her finishing touches of make up on. I nodded.

"You sure you're ok Bryce?" <a href="">Carmen</a> said putting on some lipstick. I nodded.

"Yeah, I'll talk to y'all more when we get home. I just wanna have fun." I put on some lip gloss and looked in the <a href="">mirror</a>. I fixed a few loose pieces of hair and smiled.

"Let's gooooooo!" Lorryne said impatiently we laughed and put our coats on and left Lorryne's house. She only lived 2 blocks from Mason and it wasn't that cold. We walked to his house and stopped to cross the street.

"PRE-GAME!!!" Carmen said pulling a blunt out of her pocket. She lit it and we smoked it. 

We arrived at the party feeling kinda right. But all ready to take shots. We opened the door to the smell of alcohol, And weed. Lorryne and Carmen headed straight to the bar. I spotted Mason and decided to take a few shots first. 

"SHOT SHOT SHOT SHOT SHOT!!!!" Carmen and Lorryne cheered as I downed 4 shots. I grabbed a bottle of water and took a few swigs. 

"Imma go talk to Mason" They nodded and I left. I walked through the crowded living room to find <a href="">Mason</a> bobbing his head in the corner by himself. I stumbled over to him and he smiled.

"Who apologizes first?" He slurred and laughed.

I smiled. "I love you Mason." I wrapped my arm around his neck and hugged him. He hugged back. "Where's le birthday boy." he laughed and pointed at the door.

<a href="">Rashad</a> walked in followed by <a href="">her</a>. I looked at Mason and his eyes got big, he excused himself. I walked over to Angelo and sat down next to him we both laughed and joked until someone tapped Angelo on his shoulder. He turned up to see Rashad and the girl, her face looked familiar tho. 

"Lo, this my girl Renee." I stayed in my phone and nodded my head. It was his girlfriend. I told Angelo I was gonna go find Lorryne and Carmen.

 "Aite B." He said before I got up and walked away. I watched Rashad's eyes follow me.

Why did he bring her?"


"Why you didn't introduce her to Bryce?" Lo said and Renee's eyes got big.

"That's Bryce?! Mmmm she look like anything." Renee said rolling her eyes.

"Chill out shorty, that's my blood." She rolled her eyes. And Lo got up and laughed. "wooooh," he patted my shoulder. "good luck bruh." I laughed.

"Come on baby let's go take shots." she turned up her nose. 

"f*** I look like? This isn't not an environment where I need to get loose. They ratchet." I rolled my eyes.

"You not boutta f*** up my birthday Renee." I said sternly. She looked at me apologetically and said sorry. 

We walked over to get some drinks and I spotted Bryce and her girls. I made sure to keep my distance and got Renee a few shots. I sent Bryce a text.

<em>You look nice :)</em>

I watched her out the corner of my eyes. She picked up her phone, rolled her eyes and sat it back down and continued to laugh. I dropped my head and looked at Renee. She had already took 3 shots and was going for 4 more. I took a few shots myself. I was beginning to regret even bringing her.

It's just weird they had something I don't see how there friends
Rashad is rather c**ky with Renee smh
& his comment bout sharing girls was unnecessary

Runn it

im glas they over that s***. they too good of friends.

i just WANT renee to try some on bryce, I hope bryce beat the livin s*** outta that girl, she aint nun but a hoe. <em>b****es Aint s*** But Hoes And Tricks</em>

run this to the party lol

Yeah...I knew one of them would crack and give in.....It's about to go all the way down at this party....

The rest of that week was a long depressing blur. Mason doesn't speak, which of course I'm not expecting him to. On top of that I was sick as a dog. I didn't leave my room since I fought with Mason. I just laid there all day everyday. I didn't eat, I barely slept, I just felt like s***. I heard a knock at my door and didn't even acknowledge it. Shay walked in and sat next to me. She rubbed my back. I didn't move.

"Come on B, this isn't healthy. You haven't eaten in days and you look like death. I'm sure Mason is hurting just as bad as you are. Yeah you said something's that y'all probably didn't mean but a friendship isn't a friendship if you don't go through things like that." she continued to rub my back and I continued to ignore her presence. "I hate seeing you like this B, just call him." She kissed my cheek and placed my phone in front of me. I didn't move.

Once I heard the front door shut I fluttered my eyes and squirmed in bed. I picked up my phone and saw missed calls and texts from left and right. I didn't feel like reading them all. I scrolled to see if any of them were from Mason. There was.

<strong>This is dumb. I love you too much to argue over irrelevant s***. Call me.</strong>

I attempted to crack a smile, but my poorly chapped lips wouldn't allow me too. I could never stay mad at Mason for too long. That's mainly why our friendship was strong. Even though it didn't seem like it a couple days back. I decided against calling him. Instead I'd make my presence known tonight at Rashad's birthday party. Tonight was definitely going to be interesting.

"You're gonna have to talk to her eventually" I said to Mason over the phone. 

"For what? I have nothing to say to her." Mason said sternly.

"Y'all were both wrong tho! Wait, why are y'all fighting anyway?" I asked looking over at Renee who was walking around my room trying to find a blanket.

"She came over her at the crack of ass in the morning to tell me that she called her ex." My eyes got big. "That nigga is a straight b****. He played her! He never claimed her, he was messing around, and he acted like she wasn't better than the gum on the bottom of his shoe. I mean i wasn't the best but She deserved someone better." His voice was softer now and I processed everything he said.

"Wait, what you mean you weren't any better?" I know he wasn't saying what the f*** I thought he was saying.

"What? Oh, when we went out? Yeah I mean I wasn't the greatest but I was better than him." He just shrugged it off.

"What?! You went with her and you didn't tell me nigga?" Renee looked at me out the corner of her eye and scrunched up her face. I waved her off.

"I mean that was a minute ago though, so it doesn't really matter." I chuckled a bit and shrugged it off. This wouldn't be the first time we messed with the same girl.

"Look, moms tripping. Imma holla at you later. You like cake?" he asked.

I was caught off guard, "the f*** nigga?" I laughed a bit.

"Nigga answer my question." I laughed and watched Renee seductively walk towards me. I bit my lip.

"Cake." I hung up the phone and grabbed Renee's hand. She straddled me and kissed my neck.

"What you doing baby?" I asked her she knew I didn't like hickies. She looked up at me and gave me that look. I smirked and pushed her lightly on the bed. We were kissing for a minute, which wasn't my deal. I hated kissing, unless it was with the right girl. She flipped me over and was on top of me. My phone vibrated on the night stand. She looked over at it. And picked it up. 

"WHO TF IS BRYCE?! AND WHY TF IS SHE ASKING IF YOU'RE BUSY?!" She yelled. I pushed her off and grabbed my phone.

"First of y'all, why are you in my phone. Second of all, mind your damn business. Third of all, she's a friend." I was irritated now. It was time for her to go.

"Oh," she snatched my phone and jetted across the room. "YOU f***ED THIS b****?! OH HELL NO!!!! SHE GON' BE AT YOUR PARTY? Ohhhh imma definitely be there. All you do is play b****es. I'm over you Rashad. Bye." I laughed as she walked out. "f*** is you laughing at?" I laughed more.

"You'll be back." She flipped her middle finger and slammed my bedroom door. This b**** was something else.

just checked out ya story


it was niceeeeeeeeeeeeee

run this hun!

Dayummmm mason in love with her and s*** but dogged TF outa her smh where is rashawd
Run it

Wow , this seems to surreal for me .. RUN IT !

I knew it.....I saw this happening....I knew he had feelings for her....HOWEVER!!...that does NOT give him the authority to talk to her like he what?...YOU CAN'T HELP WHO YOU LOVE.....Mason's trying to say Cam played her...that could be true..but it's definitely not worse than what Bryce said Mason did......and Mason says it's in the past....Okay...what cam did is in the past I'm missing his point here......he was wrong.....dead wrong......and I just hope Bryce has a forgiving soul cause when it hits him that he's wrong...he's gonna be one sick puppy.

Damn, that is some f***ed up s***.

Like their whole friendship was ruined in a matter of seconds.

And all over the topic of what I assume was Came.


Run it

Oh my gosh this same s*** happened to me for real though!!!!

But what the hell!!! Damn mason wasn't playin no damn games, but still they shouldn't let things like that tear them apart, their BESTfriends ughh I'm upset now cause its makin me think of my situation.

I hope they become friends again. BESTfriends!!!

Run this

Wtf Mason???

I sat on Mason's porch waiting for him to come outside. I had text him earlier telling him that we needed to talk. 1:36 am. I looked at the message I had just received.

<em>Lol, same old Bryce huh? You still hanging with Lorryne and Carmen?</em>

<strong>lol yes same old me. And he'll yeah those are my girls!</strong>

I heard the door creak and looked up to see Mason.

"It's cold af. You wanna come in?" He stood halfway out the door contemplating my answer. I shook my head no.

"I don't plan on being long." He nodded and shut the door behind him.

"Aite, so what was sooooo important that you had to talk to me at damn near 2 in the morning. This couldn't wait? Imma see you tomorrow." He began to ramble. I turned my back to him and took a deep breath.

"I called Cam." Everything went silent. It was like time paused. I turned to see what his face was doing. It read nothing. 

"Why?" He asked with a major attitude. I shrugged.

"I guess I just missed him." He laughed.

"Ohhhhhh, you missed him? Right. He miss you too?" He was angry now, you could hear it in his voice.

"Mason please." I rolled my eyes.

"Please what? He doesn't give to f***s about you Bryce! If he did then y'all would still be together. Am I right or am I right?" I looked at him with disbelief written all over my face.

"Mason stop ok?! Sometimes you can't help who you love!" I yelled, but I could feel my voice cracking.

"Who? Who can't help it?! Bryce you always do this s*** you can never leave the past in the past. You always gotta put yourself through unnecessary bulls***! He played you Bryce! But you were to dumb to see it! And now he's gonna waltz back into your life like s*** is kosher and you're going to let him. This is unbelievable. Why don't you let someone that really wants to be in your life be there." His voice went from a yell to a soft tone. I rolled my eyes, I knew EXACTLY were this was going.

"Like who? YOU?!! Mason cut the bulls***! We tried that once before and if I recall correctly you played me too!" his eyes got big. " What you forgot? Well let me refresh your memory, Tiffany, Sandra, Cecilia, Tasha, Olivia. Oh and let's not forget how you tried to get me to 'take one for the team'. So you're a f***ing hypocrite!! You preach one thing but you practice another. So get over yourself. I'm sick of you belittling my actions when you are NO better Mason!" I was mad now, I felt my blood boiling. My face was probably four shades of red by now.

"See throwing up the past again. You can't own up to your s*** either! You're pathetic Bryce!" I walked toward him furiously.

"I'm pathetic?!?!" I didn't want to say something I would regret in the morning. So I stopped mid sentence and threw my hands up. "Whatever Mason, you win." I walked backwards a few steps and turned on my heels. 

"Bryce!" I rolled my eyes and looked at him. "And don't you dare pick up that phone to call me when he breaks your heart...AGAIN." I nodded and walked away. I felt a tear build up and attempt to escape from my eye. I wiped it before it had the chance of falling. 

I just lost my best friend.

lmaooo that nigga wasnt playin no games wit his parents.

busted renee ass out lmaooo ha nasty stuck up ass.

his dad need to stfu bout status because you aint gotta
be rich to do something witcha life.

run it upside his dad head

Thanks for the love everyone!!!!

I really appreciate it!!!!!!!

I'm adding more this evening, and some of your questions should be answered :)

run it

Oh no!.......Is he gonna try to forget about Bryce?......or will Bryce forget about Rashad now that Cam is now in the picture?....So many questions!

Awww , RUN IT !